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  1. Vet Looking for a vet
  2. Coughing Coughing. Is it bad?
  3. Sick giving pig medication
  4. Teeth Indra needs a floss?
  5. Injury URGENT Spinal cord injury
  6. Conditions EARS! pink to white :O
  7. Lethargy Comforting a lonely piggie
  8. Not Eating Constipation?
  9. Cyst Sebaceous Cyst
  10. Conditions Can Deafness be responsible for Aggression?
  11. Conditions Young guinea pig going gray
  12. Injury Nick on his nose? PLEASE HELP!
  13. Impaction signs of aging piggy?
  14. Conditions Stress Related To Nail Trimming
  15. Sick General warning signs?
  16. Conditions My boys are dieing!
  17. Sick White stuff in butt?!
  18. Neutering/Spaying Benefits of neutering?
  19. Heart Issues One of our piggies has died...
  20. Sick Will they be okay?
  21. Not Eating Eating Less and Shivering
  22. Sick Scurvy? What to do...
  23. Conditions Couple of concerns - Not wheeking, cage gnawing, unsure about social needs
  24. Hair Loss Bald Spot by Ears
  25. Medications Ring worm? Nizoral?
  26. Feet Red feet?
  27. Neutering/Spaying Prices of neutering
  28. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI & Poor housing conditions - related?
  29. Skin Problems Redness from Playing with Hay Basket?
  30. Feet Flat Shiny Foot Bottoms
  31. Scratching How much is normal?
  32. Mites Couple questions, to be on the safe side.
  33. Lump Enlarged Lymphnodes or abscess?
  34. Injury guinea pig with broken front leg
  35. Vet HELP! Guinea pig could have lice?
  36. Feet Paws pads
  37. Neutering/Spaying Introduction Male to Female after neutering
  38. Injury Small nick
  39. Sick Need Help!
  40. Sick What are the sicknesses?
  41. Genitals "loose" anus, testicles larger?
  42. Conditions Odd Behaviour?
  43. Sick Seizure then she just died in my arms.
  44. Sick my guinea pigs' poops are dry. HELP!
  45. Conditions Guinea pigs having trouble pooping
  46. Coughing Help...Urgent...Please
  47. Stones Another stone
  48. Weight Loss (Urgent!)Severely starved pig,unwilling to eat.
  49. Sick Help - sudden problems.
  50. Injury Hurt Neck
  51. Not Eating Additional C while not eating
  52. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI and Bordetella diagnosis
  53. Conditions Can a guinea pig catch a human's cold?
  54. Sneezing My Guinea Pig is Sneezing, Thin and has Raspy Breathing. Help!
  55. Conditions Mange Mites?
  56. Genitals Discharge?
  57. Genitals What is this?
  58. Mouth Carrot stuck on teeth?
  59. Coughing Dry heaving?
  60. Skin Problems Brown spot on belly
  61. Sick Upper Resp Infection
  62. Teeth Hyperextended molar roots
  63. Sick Antibiotic Costs + Update on Carmella.
  64. Sick squishy white thing?
  65. Hair Loss Bald patches and Hair loss
  66. Sick URI symptoms not going away! Mystery illness?
  67. Feet Black Spot on Front Foot
  68. Feet Red foot?
  69. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I think my piggies are sick! Is there anything I can do?
  70. Sneezing Repeated Sneezing
  71. Sick something coming out of anus?
  72. Mites Mites
  73. Urine Calcium spots
  74. Sneezing Guinea Pig sneezing/coughing
  75. Medications Routine Dri Tail (Neomycin) for Cavies?
  76. Skin Problems My Guinea Pig has Scab like Crusts, Is this Normal?
  77. Injury Bite on nose???
  78. Feet Red Heels
  79. Abscess cervical lymphadenitis
  80. Hair Loss A bald patch on my piggies head :(
  81. Genitals Largeish White Lump !! :(
  82. Mites How to clean for piggies with mites?
  83. Mites Spot on face
  84. Impaction Young boar beginning to become impacted?
  85. Vet Costs Does anyone know of a pet insurance that is good???
  86. Eyes/Non-crusty Larger, Bluish Eye
  87. Skin Problems Plz help my pet has bald spot is bleeding
  88. Scratching Itching, dry skin (i think)
  89. Conditions Ate orchid leaf
  90. Parasites Not Sure
  91. Eyes/Non-crusty Mello's left eye... Need Help Please
  92. Teeth Not Sure What To Do About Teeth Grinding
  93. Vet no need to clean anal sac?
  94. Not Eating Hand feeding after tyraumatic delivery-no poop!
  95. Hair Loss What's this?
  96. Conditions How concerned should I be? Any reassurance?
  97. Infection Small cut, major infection (picture)
  98. Cyst Does this look like a cyst?
  99. Conditions HELP!, New Pig With Scabs
  100. Conditions Shivering, but it's not cold...
  101. Conditions Blind piggy Kato
  102. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I think he has a URI? ):
  103. Ivermectin Dreaded Itchy Red Bump Disease
  104. Genitals When my guinea pig poos blood comes out. HELP!!!!
  105. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Pneumonia that is now Granulomas
  106. Hair Loss Dry skin and bald patches?
  107. Conditions Ringworm?
  108. Eyes/Non-crusty One brown and one pink ear?
  109. Wheezing Wheezing or snoring?
  110. Sick 2 new young piggies, somethings wrong with both of them
  111. Sneezing How much is normal?
  112. Parasites Maggots in hay! PLLEASE HELP!
  113. Sick Choking maybe? What happened?
  114. Injury Piggie Dominance
  115. Vet Vern Has Lice ..Medicine Question!!!!
  116. Urine Bright Yellow/Orange Urine?
  117. Infection Snowed In w/ Possible Ear Infection
  118. Hair Loss Rescued a piggie in terrible condition
  119. Sick HELP! What's happening to him? W/ VIDEO
  120. Sick Bloat/Mites question
  121. Medications Baytril & Reglan
  122. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection sneezing, coughing?
  123. Urine Dark Brown Urine
  124. Skin Problems Can piggies get dandruff?
  125. Ovarian Cysts Spaying fears, will my piggie survive?
  126. Injury Make a small cut heal faster?
  127. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection New piggy with runny nose
  128. Skin Problems misssing hair?
  129. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Recurring? Sick again? Help!
  130. Feet [?] Guinea sort of limping.
  131. Impaction Rocky: Time to Say Goodbye?
  132. Sick Not Sure??? Please Help!
  133. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Can piggies catch colds from us ?
  134. Infection "we have ringworm"
  135. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How long before it is safe for new pigs?
  136. Coughing Coughing when eating
  137. Sick What to expect after surgery ?
  138. Diarrhea soft stool
  139. Sick New Cavy Owner
  140. Mites They’re Back
  141. Teeth Teeth Trimming?
  142. Vet Finding a Cavy Savvy Vet
  143. Sick What is wrong???
  144. Vet Costs What is an average cost for a vet visit??
  145. Vet Neutering
  146. Medications Critical Care by Oxbow... my pigs hate it!
  147. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection piggie water intake
  148. Conditions Diabetes
  149. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Gentocin
  150. Diarrhea cold
  151. Scratching Is my guinea pig sick?
  152. Coughing Guinea Pigs still coughing/sneezing after 2 wks of antibiotics... ideas?
  153. Genitals Need help sexing my baby guinea pig!
  154. Ovarian Cysts life-long treatment with hormones
  155. Eyes/Non-crusty Is my piggy sick?
  156. Sick Red/brown discharge
  157. Ivermectin Paste 1.87%
  158. Diarrhea Soft Poo with watery substance around it?
  159. Mites What are the side effects of Ivermectin?
  160. Sneezing Is My Cadbury Sick?
  161. Weight Loss Sudden weight GAIN
  162. Ivermectin A few (slightly urgent) questions
  163. Heart Issues Please Help Me!!
  164. Neutering/Spaying spayed: 14days later
  165. Neutering/Spaying Post Neuter Intros
  166. Infection Swollen Face
  167. Conditions Dragging Butt- Not Impaction
  168. Conditions Bug problem!
  169. Mouth Little white dot on lower lip
  170. Medications Won't take medication (Baytril)?
  171. Mouth Swallon Lip,Nose Discharge and Quarrels
  172. Injury cracked foot
  173. Skin Problems Ringworm
  174. Sick hand feeding issues
  175. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection My poor old man...
  176. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Crying when pooping and peeing
  177. Sick Sleep issues
  178. Injury Swollen Cheek and Scratch Under Right Eye
  179. Not Eating Not Eatting Pellets/Hay, Acting Sleepy
  180. Genitals Male or Female?
  181. Diarrhea Unexplained Diarrhea Problems
  182. Hair Loss Patch of Hair Balding
  183. Sick Advice needed asap please!
  184. Medications Has anyone used Douxo Spot on ?
  185. Tumor Fatty tumor in my 7+ year old
  186. Urine Urine dried brown
  187. Ivermectin Complete turnaround with appetites
  188. Sick Odd Poop, Mucous? (Natalie)
  189. Tumor cancer
  190. Sick Showing slight signs of illness.
  191. Injury Serious injury
  192. Lethargy Guinea Pigs Not Moving Much and Keep Hiding
  193. Teeth 6 Weeks After Teeth Op - Still Not Eating Right
  194. Sick Post-op help
  195. Genitals Swollen genitals on female guinea
  196. Sick Dried white thing?
  197. Mites Mites or Lice... not sure which, but help please!
  198. Injury Ear nibbles
  199. Lethals Help us figure out if he is?
  200. Impaction senior pig
  201. Infection Enlarged penis/discoulored?
  202. Genitals Is this normal?
  203. Skin Problems Dry, itchy, swollen skin
  204. Sneezing sneezing/coughing + eye infection help!
  205. Guinea pig has limp paw???
  206. Skin Problems Piggy dandruff?
  207. Neutering/Spaying How Much?
  208. Mites selsum blue
  209. Coughing Piggy Cough
  210. Scratching Can I use vinegar to eliminate lices?
  211. Skin Problems New Rescue May Have Skin Issues
  212. Infection Nose rash, Hair loss, help?
  213. Injury A friend's piggie needs help
  214. Neutering/Spaying My hearts breaking.
  215. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nasal Discharge
  216. Injury Torn Ear and Broken Tooth
  217. Hair Loss Could This be fungus infection on nose?
  218. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Tryin to treat a URI...
  219. Parasites I'm freaking right out!
  220. Eyes/Non-crusty eyes
  221. Skin Problems fungal infections?
  222. Infection My Mowgli Is Sick!
  223. Skin Problems Dandruff? Best way to treat it?
  224. Vet Suspected mites? How long can I wait?
  225. Injury Swollen foot!!! :'(
  226. Sick Wheezing Piggy
  227. Hair Loss Losing hair on nose
  228. Weight Loss loaing alot of weight...hip bones showing and sunken sides
  229. Diarrhea Too Many Veggies?
  230. Conditions older pig not acting right
  231. Impaction Oils
  232. Injury Stumbling?
  233. Injury Stumbling?
  234. Sick One sick little piggie :(
  235. Teeth Possible Overgrowth
  236. Infection Swollen eye lids and sneezing
  237. Eyes/Non-crusty Is this normal?
  238. Conditions Air Quality / Second Hand Smoke
  239. Feet Question about her hind foot
  240. Skin Problems Scabs and some hair loss
  241. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection white crusty stuff around her private part??
  242. Injury Help piggies foot is bleeding
  243. Conditions Weight Difference
  244. Mites Ear mites?
  245. Hair Loss I am at a loss.
  246. Injury Help
  247. Sick Devastating Diagnosis
  248. Abscess not eating or pooping.
  249. Conditions How do you know when it's time?
  250. Eyes/Non-crusty 1 week old babies in trouble?