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  1. Sick Please help!! Is he sick??
  2. Not Eating My Cavy will not eat or move much.
  3. Vet I don't know what to do.
  4. Scratching Should I cover this "scab?"
  5. Eyes/Non-crusty Grass on his EYE!?
  6. Eyes/Non-crusty White Milky Substance
  7. Coughing Normal or Not?
  8. Injury Teeth problem/Separation
  9. Mites Is a skin scraping necessary?
  10. Skin Problems I think Jasper might have mites or..?
  11. Vet bad news
  12. Not Eating not eating veggies
  13. Stones Post vacation blues
  14. Neutering/Spaying Neutered today, Not moving or eating.
  15. Conditions Probably TMI but really worried...
  16. Parasites Pregnant Sows With Lice
  17. Eyes/Non-crusty ruptured eye
  18. Vet Vet mistake?
  19. Sick Mice & Piggies: Should I be worried?
  20. Teeth Ethel was diagnosed with malocclusion today
  21. Teeth Is malocclusion fatal?
  22. Lump Theres a lump on Midnight.
  23. Weight Loss Senior pig needs to gain weight-- I need ideas
  24. Eyes/Non-crusty blind?
  25. Vet A Cavy savvy vet in north NJ?
  26. Stones Bladder stone post-op worries
  27. Hair Loss Confused!!!!
  28. Lump Foster Pigs with some issues!!!
  29. Skin Problems skin irritation
  30. Sneezing Allergic?!
  31. Conditions FAR TOO HOT!!! Help?!
  32. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI?
  33. Eyes/Non-crusty Blocked Tear Duct
  34. Conditions Odd sleep-like behavior--not sure what it might be?
  35. Hair Loss Rescue with mites? HELP
  36. Lethals Could my cavy possibly be lethal?
  37. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI/Antibiotics-Probotics Question
  38. Sick Advice Needed, Please
  39. Wheezing Regular wheezing grunt?
  40. Infection Common diseases?
  41. Urine Why is Chloe doing this?
  42. Not Eating Brownie isn't Eating . . .
  43. Hair Loss Piggie Going Bald, GI issues - Complicated
  44. Sick Waiting for signs of improvement.
  45. Neutering/Spaying Neutering my pig?
  46. Impaction Is there a way to prevent it?
  47. Mites What do I use?
  48. Vet Ernie and Barnaby off to the vet.
  49. Neutering/Spaying Male or Female? Which has the least risks?
  50. Teeth Abscessed tooth
  51. Not Eating Serious?
  52. Mites Mite advice (10oz. piggie)
  53. Sick New pig, don't know if he is sick
  54. Scratching Help required
  55. Parasites Parasites! Can not Identify!
  56. Injury Help! What should I do?
  57. Injury Found a Scab on Mocha
  58. Injury Found a red sore/scab under Artie's eye.
  59. Skin Problems Guinea pig with mites?
  60. Diarrhea Orange urine and Diarrhea?!
  61. Sick Brown stuff in nose??
  62. Not Eating Is he telling me it's his time????
  63. Parasites Revolution, Ivermectin, or Advantage?
  64. Genitals Sore
  65. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection 2 week old baby girl with UTI?
  66. Diarrhea Diarrhea
  67. Congested Congestion?
  68. Urine oxidation
  69. Parasites Scared and Sad.
  70. Diarrhea Soft poops
  71. Neutering/Spaying Got questions about neutering, Calgary
  72. Conditions Help! I can't find there grease glands!
  73. Conditions lump behind left ear
  74. Mites After reading almost every post on here about mites...
  75. Injury I feel horrible! It is all my fault!
  76. Sick baby guinea pig dragging his hind end
  77. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How long?
  78. Sneezing Sneezing?
  79. Medications Frontline
  80. Vet Costs I am so happy
  81. Scratching Cortisone
  82. Vet Costs I have a question.
  83. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I think Scott has URI, HELP!
  84. Skin Problems Bald spot, sticky hair! Help!
  85. Wheezing "Lost Voice"
  86. Medications What to keep in your piggies First Aid kit?
  87. Skin Problems Scabs on ears
  88. Ivermectin Too early?
  89. Skin Problems little bald spot
  90. Urine Wet bottom, mucas looking uring ?!?!
  91. Lethargy noticing altered behavior
  92. Neutering/Spaying neutering question
  93. Skin Problems EMERGENCY! I'm scared!
  94. Vet Should I take my pigs to the Vet? Or an alternative?
  95. Infection Is this really a bald spot or am I just being paranoid?
  96. Neutering/Spaying Post-neuter weight?
  97. Vet First time vet visit.. thoughts?
  98. Weight Loss Older pig losing weight, odd symptoms
  99. Mites Could be, maybe mites?
  100. Weight Loss weighing your guinea pig
  101. Sick New Piggie Questions
  102. Sick Olaf is very sick
  103. Neutering/Spaying Should boars be neutered?
  104. Sick She ate a silly band?
  105. Sick diarrhea and not acting right
  106. Parasites Running lice
  107. Infection Guinea Pig Eye Problems ?
  108. Sick Contagious?
  109. Ivermectin I just gave my third/final dose of Ivermectin for mites today...
  110. Feet Dora broke a nail
  111. Lump Ron's op
  112. Sick I would like some advice please.
  113. Conditions Tear drop poop?
  114. Sick Possible disease exposure
  115. Lump Warble
  116. Injury Both piggies with a cut/split on the ear
  117. Neutering/Spaying To spay or not to spay that is the question...
  118. Vet Questions for the first vet appointment?
  119. Vet bad vet??
  120. Not Eating Could grief be causing this??
  121. Sick Sneezing and runny nose? Help?
  122. Teeth After getting teeth done, won't eat...
  123. Urine My guinea pig's urine had blood..
  124. Not Eating Not eating pellets..Reason to be concerned?!
  125. Diarrhea Frequent soft poops
  126. Teeth Dental Insanity
  127. Vet Northern New Jersey recommendation
  128. Injury Barnabys Scratch
  129. Conditions Stuffed up nose?
  130. Crusty Eyes Sick guinea pig
  131. Not Eating Jerome won't eat breakfast.
  132. Conditions Is anything wrong with my cavy?
  133. Heart Issues Violet's Medical Thread (probably way too long)
  134. Vet Website to find a cavy savvy vet?
  135. Weight Loss Old piggy - age signs?
  136. Eyes/Non-crusty Large Thorn/Stem in his eye!!!
  137. Sick Wet Nostril
  138. Feet Dry skin on foot ?
  139. Mouth Her face is swollen.
  140. Conditions overweight piggy
  141. Scratching Scratching and shaking head alot?
  142. Conditions help! guinea pig seizures
  143. Not Eating Benny is not eating or drinking
  144. Skin Problems I found a scab on Simon
  145. Mites Mites?
  146. Sick Vitamin C Defficiency?
  147. Hair Loss Olivias hair
  148. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Simon making a weird noise
  149. Coughing Coughing after giving Critical Care
  150. Urine Red Urine?
  151. Conditions Seriously overweight pig
  152. Skin Problems Itchy pigs! What could it be?
  153. Scratching teodoro has lices
  154. Lump What are these lumps under her chin?
  155. Conditions Pregnant or not??
  156. Impaction Severely impacted pig - need help!
  157. Impaction Need some information to help him feel better!
  158. Teeth Please Help!!! Pig's top tooth poking completly out of mouth!
  159. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Instant UTI, then it disappeared?
  160. Hair Loss PLEASE HELP! My piggie is loosing hair on her back side
  161. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Home remedy?
  162. Sneezing Brindy is sick again...
  163. Neutering/Spaying Post-Neuter Swollen Parts
  164. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sick piggy
  165. Ivermectin Info?
  166. Mites few Quoestions about my 2 piggies and mites(please HELP!)
  167. Conditions Tufty is in Intensive Care!
  168. Feet Elmer has bumblefoot!
  169. Tumor Carcinoma in a dog
  170. Vet Olivia's vet visit
  171. Genitals Mucus Plug?
  172. Sick When Baytril doesn't work...
  173. Ivermectin Type of Ivermectin?
  174. Conditions Misshapen Poops
  175. Crusty Eyes Just a tiny bit of crust
  176. Injury Bleeding ears and hair loss
  177. Injury Spikey and Cappuccino fight
  178. Hair Loss sir william has a sore
  179. Teeth Pierre with malocclusion
  180. Conditions tear drop poop?
  181. Vet I need to find a Cavy Savvy vet?
  182. Parasites Worms?
  183. Sick Listless pig :(
  184. Sick Squeaksalot in Intensive Care
  185. Heart Issues Hooting?
  186. Sick Can my pigs get my cat's URI?
  187. Teeth the teeth turn yellow
  188. Injury Ernies Leg
  189. Sick URI? Pigs may be sick
  190. Vet NJ Vet
  191. Sick I think my new guinea pig needs to go to the vet. He has a few problems.
  192. Teeth Buddy has broken an upper tooth!
  193. Eyes/Non-crusty Tumor...blind??
  194. Injury Swollen foot and has been laying on his side
  195. Sick Sick piggy? URI/Ear mites
  196. Hair Loss Bald spot
  197. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection blood on bedding
  198. Feet HELP! Spur??
  199. Genitals Proper cleaning of Males?
  200. Medications Worming Guinea Pigs?
  201. Scratching Treated for Mites... Now What?
  202. Vet A trip to da vet caused...
  203. Neutering/Spaying Sniper just got Snipped.
  204. Impaction Boar Bum
  205. Medications Bene-Bac
  206. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI symptoms, or just a paranoid mommy?
  207. Vet Costs Tiny amount of blood found on bedding.
  208. Parasites flystrike
  209. Weight Loss Is this too much?
  210. Conditions 1st seild for fleas on a piggy?
  211. Weight Loss male on the lower end of "adverage guinea pig weight", is he okay?
  212. Diarrhea Continuous problems with soft stool
  213. Parasites Roomate brought fleas into the house!
  214. Infection Conjunctivitis infectious from human to pigs?
  215. Sick Crusty nose?
  216. Teeth Tooth fell out!
  217. Conditions White Stuff on the end of a Cozy Sak?
  218. Diarrhea runny discharge from anus, smelly poo
  219. Medications Are Homeopathics Safe For Piggies?
  220. Conditions Obese or possible medical problem?
  221. Heart Issues Is This a Sign of a Heart Pig?
  222. Not Eating Help! Very Worried!
  223. Mouth Chelitis?
  224. Injury HELP! ASAP! My guinea pigs got in a fight! Bleeding!
  225. Lethals Do I have a lethal pig?
  226. Feet Peeling Feet and Scabbing question
  227. Genitals Crusty "things"?
  228. Urine Odd Coloring of Urine; L&A Cranberry Juice?
  229. Teeth problems with hand feeding
  230. Injury Nipped eye
  231. Vet First time vet visit - what are good things to ask?
  232. Lethals Ate some pothos leaf, help!
  233. Urine Weird poo's and blood in urine?
  234. Neutering/Spaying I need help! Anyone in Mt. View, ca area?
  235. Coughing Allergies?
  236. Sick Scared of cage - please help!!
  237. Conditions Always Wet Butt? What is This?
  238. Parasites Can fleas transfer to guinea pigs?
  239. Not Eating anesthesia on an old pig
  240. Vet Vet in Southern California
  241. Eyes/Non-crusty The babies have arrived!! Have some questions.
  242. Teeth staining teeth!!!
  243. Teeth Slanted Teeth.
  244. Conditions Choking?
  245. Infection URI? Improving off and on. Advice. Lengthy ;/
  246. Sick Leo has strep, + virus infection+ hyperesthesia
  247. Parasites Visible black jumping bug?
  248. Medications How long can Baytril sit out?
  249. Conditions Loss of pigment in hair
  250. Lump Grease gland issues...maybe...