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  1. Vet Anyone know of any Cavy Savvy vets in Oklahoma?
  2. Scratching Tico's battle with Mites
  3. Conditions Lice=(
  4. Feet Dry Skin
  5. Lump Update on Shadow's cyst
  6. Skin Problems Very dry Pig?
  7. Advantage How long does it take for Advantage to work?
  8. Conditions HELP Mysterious Guinea Pig Leg problems
  9. Scratching Allergies
  10. Conditions Gimli has a heart murmur?
  11. Wheezing Help me please!
  12. Conditions Help Me please!
  13. Sneezing Sneezing vs Coughing
  14. Vet Seeking small animal vet in Utah ASAP
  15. Medications Correct Ivermectin paste?
  16. Neutering/Spaying Would it help?
  17. Vet Piggy Vet Recommendations in Triad Area, NC?
  18. Neutering/Spaying Questions about neutering my boar.
  19. Eyes/Non-crusty Is Terramycin safe?
  20. Conditions Rabies?
  21. Mouth Does he have a mouth sore? Scab?
  22. Vet Competent Cavy Vets
  23. Diarrhea Umm.. What do I do?
  24. Hair Loss A small bald (perhaps) spot on Scooter.
  25. Parasites Is this normal?
  26. Mites Vasoline/BagBalm to soothe itchy skin ???
  27. Conditions What could this be?
  28. Mites Is this mites/fleas or nothing? *pictures*
  29. Sick Piggy ate some plastic bag
  30. Conditions Teeth Filing
  31. Conditions Pointy poo?
  32. Conditions my pig is crying
  33. Vet Vets in upstate NY?
  34. Diarrhea Gimli's Poo
  35. Impaction Possible impacted male ?
  36. Injury Bleeding butt
  37. Parasites could it be them? flees
  38. Coughing Wheezing, sneezing, coughing
  39. Genitals Small poop
  40. Mites Mites painful ??
  41. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI drug question.
  42. Crusty Eyes Is this something to worry about?
  43. Teeth Cleaning/Brushing? Take to Vet?
  44. Medications Critical Care - What's the secret to feeding it?
  45. Weight Loss Losing a little weight.
  46. Eyes/Non-crusty baby pigs eye
  47. Impaction Early Signs of Impaction
  48. Skin Problems Funny looking... bubble?
  49. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Can some one tell me...
  50. Injury Help with Piggy eye milked over
  51. Conditions Shadow's ongoing vet visits
  52. Medications Medicine question...
  53. Skin Problems I need to know it's going to be OK!
  54. Skin Problems So frustrated, I want to scream
  55. Neutering/Spaying Where to go!?
  56. Sick Pig been ill for a while, bloating, cysts etc
  57. Vet Looking for a vet in DE
  58. Diarrhea Soft poop!? I am worried!
  59. Urine Bright red urine
  60. Medications To much probiotic?!
  61. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Eye Crust and Sneezing
  62. Stones How to prevent Bladder Stones?
  63. Neutering/Spaying Mr. Buddy is getting neutered today
  64. Coughing Help needed: how much coughing is normal?
  65. Injury Piggy ate my hair
  66. Infection Very sick piggy with unusual symptoms
  67. Mites Ivermectin- Oral vs. topical vs. injection
  68. Injury Blood (?!) on Food Dish
  69. Sick Is he sick?
  70. Genitals Cecum ball?
  71. Stones Help with what to do...bladder stones
  72. Abscess Both of my boys had their abscesses taken care of yesterday [Pictures]
  73. Sneezing Occasional
  74. Urine Sticky thing with poop?
  75. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Whistling
  76. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nose
  77. Tumor salivary gland tumor
  78. Eyes/Non-crusty Is there a way to tell if a piggy is blind?
  79. Lump Is this normal?
  80. Sick Hair loss, Pain on his back side, flaking No itching
  81. Sick Wound
  82. Hair Loss How much is too much?
  83. Genitals White Milky stuff?
  84. Conditions Recent fatal illness: question about containment and new piggy
  85. Mites Ick! What do I do!?
  86. Mites What is mites?
  87. Conditions Help!!! Please!!!
  88. Teeth Chipped Tooth!
  89. Mites Ivermectin
  90. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Is this a problem?
  91. Teeth Misaligned teeth!
  92. Injury Fighting and Self-Inflicted Injuries
  93. Mites Is this mites or not?
  94. Conditions My Bella HAS mites
  95. Vet Need to find
  96. Neutering/Spaying Should all boars be neutured
  97. Scratching Lice from guinea pigs?
  98. Conditions Baby under 12 oz having mites! Help!!!
  99. Ivermectin Urgent! Please Help!
  100. Vet Cavy Savy Vet in Cape Coral
  101. Feet Serious or Not?
  102. Conditions hurting
  103. Vet Yearly Exams?
  104. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Clean cage after having a URI?
  105. Urine Wall-e!-someone please help!
  106. Eyes/Non-crusty What is wrong!?
  107. Conditions SUPER long nails. any tips?
  108. Teeth Cinomon went to the vet
  109. Feet What am I supposed to do about it?
  110. Skin Problems ????Help
  111. Feet They are dry, I think.
  112. Scratching habit scratching???
  113. Eyes/Non-crusty Nystagmus aka eye darting
  114. Tumor Lump on Birdie's Rump
  115. Infection Oreo's Eye
  116. Hair Loss Messed up!
  117. Tumor Miss Fanny had her surgery today - WARNING Graphic photos
  118. Vet I took Thunder to the vet yesterday
  119. Diarrhea Mushy poop
  120. Feet Potencial Bumble Foot?
  121. Sick Low voice?
  122. Conditions Greasy Face?
  123. Stones Can a pig pass a bladder stone on his own?
  124. Teeth What do I do?
  125. Injury Guinea pig's nose? Injury or something else?
  126. Conditions Ringworm treatment?
  127. Skin Problems ear cleaning?
  128. Sick Poopoo?
  129. Lump tiny bump on nose
  130. Medications I need help with treating mites
  131. Impaction blocked behind
  132. Diarrhea Can intrducing hay cause loose poop?
  133. Parasites lice!!!!
  134. Urine White urine?
  135. Injury Anus leaking blood
  136. Conditions Blood In The Cage
  137. Conditions Epilepsy
  138. Infection Built-up in both my girls ears
  139. Lethals Is my boy a Lethal?
  140. Neutering/Spaying Darwins Neuter TODAY!
  141. Medications Advantage
  142. Mites mite infestation suspected--who to treat?
  143. Conditions Strange brown/red spots found in cage
  144. Not Eating Critical Care
  145. Diarrhea What to do until I get her into the vet?
  146. Feet Extra Toe? Mite treatment?
  147. Hair Loss Help! One of my pigs shedding more than the others
  148. Mites Drama with mites
  149. Hair Loss Long Haired piggy now has short hair....what happened?!?
  150. Sick Pig is bleeding AGAIN.. Off to vet AGAIN
  151. Sick New babies - waltzing disease?
  152. Sick Breathing rate?
  153. Conditions Sneezing, Coughing, Wheezing...URI?
  154. Sick Not sure if my poppy is sick ?
  155. Conditions Possible Pasteurella exposure
  156. Conditions Help! My sows won't eat some of their veggies
  157. Teeth Jessie's Medical thread
  158. Advantage make sure I'm right
  159. Crusty Eyes My baby may be blind.
  160. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Urgent Question About My Ill Guinea Pig
  161. Conditions Worried now!
  162. Bloated Pikka hasn't poop at all
  163. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection only eating leafy veg
  164. Parasites mites or ringworms? HELP!
  165. Revolution Use of Revolution
  166. Injury Guinea pig cut his ear?
  167. Mouth Eyes and mouth new born guinea pig!?
  168. Mites New Pig and Suspected Mites
  169. Mites New cage=mites?
  170. Injury Limping last night, but not now
  171. Crusty Eyes Does she look healthy to you?
  172. Sick Can piggies catch human viruses?
  173. Sick 'Out of it'
  174. Sick Not Pooping
  175. Coughing Guinea Pig Sneezing/Wheezing???
  176. Impaction Hard lump found while cleaning boar
  177. Eyes/Non-crusty Milky liquid from eyes
  178. Genitals Swollen vaginal opening?
  179. Infection Nails
  180. Sick my little guys are sick and i need help figuring out what it is
  181. Eyes/Non-crusty Is human Pink Eye contagious to guinea pigs (or cats)?
  182. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection New baby has a URI
  183. Sick HELP, rolling, wheeking, in pain
  184. Advantage Huh???
  185. Parasites Treat baby pig for parasites??
  186. Conditions Lice/Mites Shampoo Question
  187. Conditions how can stress affect a piggy?
  188. Vet VeterinaryPartner.com
  189. Mites A little worried.
  190. Urine Orange urine??
  191. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Is URI contageous??
  192. Eyes/Non-crusty Confirm: This isn't normal, right?
  193. Conditions A Stroke?
  194. Injury Bleeding Foot
  195. Stones It's a stone after all...
  196. Sick Sudden problems
  197. Eyes/Non-crusty Cloudy, irritated eye following Injury-- can I use saline solution?
  198. Sick Possible ear infection
  199. Skin Problems Open wound from scratching won't heal
  200. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Could it be another one?
  201. Neutering/Spaying Male and Female + Other options
  202. Vet Wait for an experienced vet?
  203. Impaction Not as much poop...
  204. Lethargy New Mommy need HELP!!
  205. Injury Tico had a bad fall
  206. Urine Off-color, creamy urine
  207. Sneezing Wheezing, sneezing and crusty eyes.
  208. Teeth Please give me some advice. I'm so upset...my poor little guy.
  209. Feet Lost a nail
  210. Injury Back Pain?!
  211. Ovarian Cysts May need to spay for ovarian cysts
  212. Vet Costs Whats the price??
  213. Vet Costs Pet insurance
  214. Wheezing Snorting
  215. Feet Polydactyly?
  216. Parasites Lice gone? just eggs left?
  217. Skin Problems Two Scabs on my piggie
  218. Sick Possible sickness? Boredom?
  219. Eyes/Non-crusty Blue/Blue-ish eye?
  220. Eyes/Non-crusty Is this normal?
  221. Infection Please help educate me about Pyometra
  222. Ivermectin after three rounds, still have lice
  223. Medications I just got a new piggy and need help with his medications.
  224. Neutering/Spaying Trying to make the big decision
  225. Impaction HELP! New pig, impacted?
  226. Crusty Eyes Help! Babies have crusty eyes. :(
  227. Impaction Shape of poops
  228. Parasites I think my piggies have bugs?
  229. Ivermectin Dosage?
  230. Lump Tumor returned??
  231. Injury Teeth Problems
  232. Vet When to schedule?
  233. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI question
  234. Sick Please help me. Guinea pig head tilt.
  235. Skin Problems scratches
  236. Mites Ways to treat mites on my own?
  237. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Changes in diet while on antibiotics? Possible allergies?
  238. Revolution Revolution Dosing
  239. Neutering/Spaying I've decided to neuter my male, PLEASE help!
  240. Urine Can Ivermectin make urine or poop smell?
  241. Eyes/Non-crusty One eye smaller than another?
  242. Injury Help needed! Scab on guinea pigs back!
  243. Impaction Is Snoop impacted?
  244. Mouth Is it safe?
  245. Neutering/Spaying Anwser fast please.. Has it been long enough?
  246. Vet Baby's first vet visit?
  247. Lethargy Lethargic or Hot?
  248. Conditions Choking?
  249. Urine Is this normal?
  250. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Whooping Cough