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  1. Vet Convince my dad to go to a vet.
  2. Lump post operation - looking for advice
  3. Conditions kills first litter
  4. Sick Pain Management and Vit C
  5. Conditions Dragging his butt?
  6. Skin Problems Skin Problems & URI
  7. Teeth Am I Making the Right Decision?
  8. Vet Looking for a vet in WV
  9. Injury Cinnamons foot all red from her C&c cage ?
  10. Weight Loss separated male baby losing weight
  11. Skin Problems Slightly Raised red circle on Piggy's back
  12. Teeth Vet Reference
  13. Lump pea-sized lump
  14. Feet Crooked Nails
  15. Injury Nose bleed at introduction
  16. Mites skin problems
  17. Injury Sore In Ear
  18. Skin Problems Beyond Mad
  19. Injury Their Fight Drew Blood
  20. Conditions light redish/pinkish goo
  21. Feet bumblefoot?
  22. Teeth I know lethal pigs are white but..
  23. Sick HELP - GP w/ head tilt & darting eyes- Updated
  24. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Transporting possible URI cavy in winter?
  25. Hair Loss Odd bald spot
  26. Vet How often should I feed critical care?
  27. Lethals Lethal Litter?
  28. Lump Piggy has brown lump under his chin?
  29. Ivermectin Help
  30. Sick Found a lump
  31. Teeth How long should it take after dental surgery for pig to start eating again?
  32. Conditions Diarrhea, Anorexia, & Spasm
  33. Hair Loss Bald spot, parting or illness?
  34. Injury broken nail?
  35. Feet I'm worried to death about Delroy's feet
  36. Feet Bumble foot treatment?
  37. Hair Loss Bald and oily spot on the buns...
  38. Parasites I rescued a pig from a snake owner- possible parasite problem?
  39. Ovarian Cysts Crusty Nipples
  40. Parasites Fleas!
  41. Hair Loss Revisit vet? as hair growing
  42. Urine Can a Pig Urine Too Much?
  43. Feet Birth Defect?
  44. Stones Could she have bladder stones?
  45. Skin Problems Rat bite marks or skin problem?
  46. Neutering/Spaying To neuter or not to neuter?
  47. Hair Loss Mites?
  48. Sneezing Sneezing Guinea pig
  49. Injury How serious is this?
  50. Weight Loss About weight gain/loss
  51. Vet Rugby's going under the knife...
  52. Injury Piggy jumped off table, what to watch for?
  53. Skin Problems dry skin
  54. Infection Guinea Pigs and Rabbits (infection)
  55. Lump Lump on side of "male"
  56. Scratching Could it be from the hay?
  57. Diarrhea Well Pig Except Diarrhea
  58. Neutering/Spaying Spaying possibly pregnant roan to roan mating
  59. Hair Loss Hair Loss in Just One Spot
  60. Sick Help!!!
  61. Sick Not pooping
  62. Eyes/Non-crusty Weird eye colour
  63. Abscess Does this sound like an absess to you?
  64. Sick Death of my pigs
  65. Skin Problems 2 things I noticed Today
  66. Feet Limping and no idea why
  67. Feet Nail curved under
  68. Revolution Mites again/still
  69. Sick I am sick with a cold - are my piggies in danger?
  70. Injury White crust after wound recovered?
  71. Hair Loss area on piggers back
  72. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection I think Bodie has ANOTHER one!
  73. Mites Is a little bit of scratching normal?
  74. Skin Problems oh no - the vet!
  75. Eyes/Non-crusty Theres Something wrong with my guinea pigs eye!!
  76. Vet Update on visit
  77. Mouth my guinea pig's mouth is bleeding and not in it's place
  78. Coughing Coughing Piggy
  79. Diarrhea how can i know if my guinea pig have diarrhea?
  80. Coughing My Guinea Pig has a really wierd cough?
  81. Injury Scratches on ears!
  82. Lump Lump on pig behind left front leg.
  83. Weight Loss Weight Issues
  84. Feet bluish/black spots on pigs feet
  85. Feet dry feet?
  86. Eyes/Non-crusty Dry, Crusty skin around the eyes
  87. Vet Seizure? Please help.
  88. Vet Need a vet reference in Waco, TX area
  89. Sneezing My piggy sneezes
  90. Sick JellyBean
  91. Injury Possible Injury or Possibley Deformed
  92. Urine how dark is urine?
  93. Weight Loss Worrisome weights
  94. Sick Drinking excessively?
  95. Vet Searching for Cavy Vet in Amarillo, TX
  96. Conditions Passed strange object
  97. Genitals Boar glue(?) stuck in fur
  98. Skin Problems black dry scab on elderly pig
  99. Injury Piggie jumped out of arms
  100. Sick Worried about my piggie...
  101. Sick Is she too cold?
  102. Ivermectin Best type of dosage: oral or topical
  103. Genitals Cleaning anal sacs and grease glands
  104. Mites Mites & Treatment
  105. Tumor Fatty like tumor opened up
  106. Impaction Is this the start of impaction?
  107. Mites Where did they come from?
  108. Urine First meet & all of a sudden blood in urin???
  109. Injury Battle scars or infection?
  110. Sneezing Sneezing More Than Normal - Is this serious?
  111. Conditions Skin condition
  112. Vet Cavyy Savvy Vet's in MN?
  113. Medications Administering pills
  114. Vet Shots?
  115. Conditions Cavy experts please help
  116. Vet Need help finding a new Vet.
  117. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI Help
  118. Conditions Broken Tooth and a URI... diet questions
  119. Feet Spurs on my guinea pig!
  120. Vet Petsmart/Petco
  121. Conditions No hair behind ear?
  122. Neutering/Spaying Which would be easier?
  123. Medications What to clean a guinea pigs ear with?
  124. Lump Guinea Pig has a Lump!!!
  125. Lump HELP Guinea Pig has a Lump!!!
  126. Conditions Doesn't want to walk
  127. Lethals Is it normal for pigs to have blue eyes
  128. Teeth Broken teeth!!
  129. Sneezing My piggy has a cold
  130. Crusty Eyes Crusty And Watery
  131. Eyes/Non-crusty pig with eye problem, missed diagnosed
  132. Sick Sick Piggy
  133. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI, and I had no idea!
  134. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Day 7 of Baytril and eyes are slightly crusty again, help!
  135. Sick Wobbles and scratching
  136. Skin Problems flumethasone ok?
  137. Conditions Coprophagy question
  138. Vet Annual Check-up
  139. Skin Problems black spots on skin?? Long Post
  140. Mites Anything more I should do?
  141. Urine Sorry if this is a silly question, but is this blood in urine?
  142. Teeth Molars Need Urgent help!
  143. Urine Semi emergency!! Dont know what to do!!????
  144. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection *hoping its really just a UTI*
  145. Conditions New Guinea Pig Questions (first one)
  146. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection What causes UTI?
  147. Skin Problems What's wrong with his fur?
  148. Skin Problems Scab?
  149. Medications Is Zithromax dangerous for a guinea pig?
  150. Conditions two of my pigs have head tilts
  151. Not Eating If it comes to the point of not eating-
  152. Stones My Momo has a kidney stone
  153. Vet My Wonderful Visit!
  154. Vet Cavy vets in northern Philadelphia, PA area?
  155. Congested Stuffy nosed piggie?
  156. Weight Loss When to go to the vet?
  157. Conditions Hair problems/weird bone
  158. Mites Just wondering if it's possible
  159. Lump Leonidas' Lump
  160. Abscess Abscess, boar glue, what??
  161. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Blood in cage?
  162. Sick Is he sick or just a runt?
  163. Urine Orange colored urine?
  164. Injury Bad fight! Lip bleeding!
  165. Ovarian Cysts Possible cyst: what would you do?
  166. Conditions Mite fear...
  167. Skin Problems Has Anyone Ever Tired These Skin Products From Here?
  168. Injury Lil' Fella has a torn nail
  169. Injury Blood on fleece
  170. Weight Loss Is my pig overweight?
  171. Medications Pig now 'looks' unwell
  172. Conditions Does my guinea pig have dandruff?
  173. Sick Runny nose won't go away
  174. Conditions Green poop?
  175. Sick !! URGENT !! Our love have respiratory and strange problems with legs ! PLEASE HELP !
  176. Conditions Pixie lost both of his upper teeth..what should I do?
  177. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sneezing
  178. Stones Signs of Bladder Stones?
  179. Conditions Bumblefoot
  180. Abscess Fluidy Phil
  181. Conditions Dry Feet?
  182. Hair Loss One hairless spot?
  183. Sick Pig breathing?
  184. Lump Help identifying lump(s)
  185. Conditions Diagnosing Figlet - An Overview of Hyperthyroidism in Guinea Pigs
  186. Skin Problems Small scab on back.
  187. Sneezing Just getting a second opinion
  188. Feet I Survived the First Nail Clipping!
  189. Conditions leg limp
  190. Injury I need help. I think my vet killed my guinea pig
  191. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Need advice urgently - Possible URI
  192. Skin Problems Help! Guinea pig is so sick all of a sudden?
  193. Skin Problems Dandruff?
  194. Conditions Losing his wheeking-voice
  195. Lump Lump blocking ear canal?
  196. Hair Loss Are they losing too much hair?
  197. Urine oxidizing
  198. Urine When is enough enough?
  199. Injury Bloody Ear
  200. Skin Problems Fungus Not Improving with Medical Treatment
  201. Sick weird brown/red liquid
  202. Conditions Sudden Death
  203. Crusty Eyes Eye Infection?
  204. Sick Do guineas choking sound weird?
  205. Conditions Skin Troubles
  206. Urine Pink pee from piggy in heat?
  207. Skin Problems Dry, scaly ear?
  208. Conditions Sudden, unexpected death in young pig
  209. Injury Tender spot on side.
  210. Skin Problems itchy piggie, etc.
  211. Urine What's wrong?
  212. Genitals A very strange question
  213. Sick Sick piggies?
  214. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Natutral or Homeopathic Remedies
  215. Lethargy Foaming at mouth/lethargic
  216. Vet Vet in/near San Antonio, Texas?
  217. Urine Crying
  218. Vet Costs New petstore pig: Needs checkup?
  219. Conditions Ivermectin
  220. Mouth My guinea pig ate a piece of plastic wrap.
  221. Urine red urine, but still active and eating. need vet
  222. Scratching How much is normal?
  223. Tumor Can anyone help Nibbles?
  224. Neutering/Spaying Neuter my boys?
  225. Conditions Unusual behind
  226. Urine White spots on fleece?
  227. Lump Pebbles has a lump
  228. Genitals 99.9% sure it's a male but have testical questions
  229. Medications Probiotics can't cause mushy poos... can they?
  230. Skin Problems Hard lump on ears
  231. Tumor Surgical preparations/recovery?
  232. Advantage Treating URI and lice simultaneously. Safe?
  233. Medications Probiotics: what are they & why are they needed?
  234. Medications Oh no! Is it wasted?
  235. Conditions Uhm, help!? =(
  236. Sick What is happening to my poor piggy?
  237. Feet Gorgeous Guineas and red feet
  238. Crusty Eyes 3 Pigs are unwell, please help!
  239. Sick Sick guinea . . . .
  240. Ivermectin How Many Treatments?
  241. Sick Help me please! I am so scared!
  242. Sick so sad, I'm hoping its not the end
  243. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Cranberry juice ok for all piggies?
  244. Not Eating Scurvy - vitamin C deficiency please help
  245. Stones Bodie Has Kidney Stones
  246. Genitals Sexing Rowshe.
  247. Neutering/Spaying To Neuter or Not??
  248. Weight Loss Weight loss, only picking at food
  249. Mites Could it be mites or lice?
  250. Lump on piggie's cheek