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  1. Skin Problems 5 Month old guinea pig with a huge scab.
  2. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Piggie Not Getting Better and Another Question on Coughing
  3. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Ann has a UTI. Advice needed.
  4. Teeth Advice for a loose tooth please
  5. Conditions white spots on xray
  6. Sneezing Can I use Duramycin-10 (tetracycline)?
  7. Injury Help Guinea Pig Limping
  8. Weight Loss How much is cause for concern?
  9. Skin Problems Thinning hair with scabs
  10. Injury Injury from fight or mites?
  11. Stones Do stones caused long, thin poops?
  12. Vet Todays Vet Visit + Some Some Questions.
  13. Injury My piggy is limping with no apparent cause
  14. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection What Can Be Done to Prevent Them?
  15. Mites How do guinea pigs get mites?
  16. Skin Problems Feet Inquiry
  17. Injury How to keep my pig from biting his scab?
  18. Conditions Very overweight piggy needs help
  19. Sick My Guinea Pig Is Hot To The Touch
  20. Parasites Not really sure...black flecks on piggie's fur
  21. Medications SMZ Fluid.
  22. Lump Lump Found on Elderly Pig
  23. Conditions Sticky Gel Like Substance on Droppings
  24. Hair Loss Big Bald Spot
  25. Mites How do you know if you're guinea pig has mites?
  26. Genitals Have a HUGE sexing problem!
  27. Lump Hard lump on rear end, soft lump on neck, soft stool/diarrhea
  28. Skin Problems Can guinea pigs have dandruff/dry skin?
  29. Impaction Do you really have to clean it?
  30. Sick A different kind of squeal
  31. Diarrhea Gus has Diarrhea
  32. Neutering/Spaying Boar Glue
  33. Teeth How do we know the teeth are too long and need to be trim??
  34. Pregnant piggy....who's the daddy?
  35. Diarrhea Soft stools
  36. Conditions GP is not pooping. Please help.
  37. Weight Loss Healthy Weight Loss?
  38. Feet Limping?
  39. Hair Loss Mice Issue
  40. Infection scab on nose
  41. Infection Open cuts
  42. Injury Scratch by nose?
  43. Urine White milky substance?
  44. Mites I think my little guy has mites.
  45. Lump Lump!!!
  46. Vet Took my Abbi to the vets
  47. Vet Best age to Neuter a Boar
  48. Revolution Completely confused on dosing for lice??
  49. Mites The vet thinks jasmine has mites.
  50. Infection Piggy eye infection?
  51. Parasites I think my 2 girls have lice!!
  52. Eyes/Non-crusty Is this an injury? With pictures
  53. Parasites Fleas & hay...& bedding
  54. Infection good God...I have a dilemma (Updated 10-14)
  55. Conditions I'm Allergic to my Guinea Pig
  56. Genitals Bald Spot on Boar
  57. Hair Loss Mites or Fungus?
  58. Vet To neuter or not to neuter
  59. Diarrhea Bene-Bac (how much?)
  60. Teeth Urgent guinea pig help needed.
  61. Vet Do you know of a great vet near Glendale, CA?
  62. Lump Lump + nipple discharge
  63. Hair Loss V-shaped bald spot
  64. Sick my weird sick pig
  65. Vet Anybody know of a good exotic vet in South Florida?
  66. Skin Problems Wendell Needs Your help...
  67. Advantage Help w/ which...cat or dog??
  68. Medications New Baytril
  69. Skin Problems Skinny pig skin
  70. Advantage How do you measure??
  71. Impaction odd shaped poo, partial impation?
  72. Vet Guinea pigs and anesthetic
  73. Infection Abscess and malocclusion- Tooth removal?
  74. Parasites Bathing with lice?
  75. Urine Blood
  76. Vet Considering a new vet in MN; suggestions?
  77. Weight Loss Healthy adult female weights?
  78. Parasites Found tiny red eggs attached to skin...what are they???
  79. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection elderly female piggie spot bleeding
  80. Hair Loss Possible mites? (scabish things on skin too.)
  81. Skin Problems Contagious to humans? General Questions...
  82. Lethargy Patches is dying?
  83. Sick Can humans transmit illness to piggies?
  84. Skin Problems Fungus Infection?
  85. Diarrhea Should I be worried?
  86. Injury Battle Scars
  87. Vet Finding cavy-savvy vet in New Haven, CT?
  88. Feet skeptic Powder Alternative?
  89. Injury Please help
  90. Mites Mites Transfered to other Pets?/ Revolution?
  91. Sick abnormal wheezing? help!
  92. Sick abnormal wheezing? help!
  93. Impaction Impaction in male piggies
  94. Crusty Eyes Question about GP's eyes
  95. Skin Problems Use of vinegar?
  96. Urine Orange/red pee
  97. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sebastian is going to the Vet today.
  98. Sick 5yo Male stumbling around after eating pine needles
  99. Weight Loss Doc is now too svelt!
  100. Coughing How often is coughing normal?
  101. Ivermectin Just want to make sure
  102. Teeth Cold water
  103. Weight Loss Can changing from alfafa to oxbow pellets cause quick weight loss?
  104. Wheezing Strange noises! Please help
  105. Skin Problems Possible Ringworm?
  106. Conditions Everyitng and Above
  107. Teeth So many things... HELP!
  108. Infection Ring Worm can't get rid of it
  109. Vet Milo and Pepper's First Appointment is today!
  110. Mites Could it be mites?
  111. Advantage Where to find Advantage?
  112. Eyes/Non-crusty Discharge - picture included
  113. Conditions Maybe mites + seizure?
  114. Mites possible mites how long after treatment did you notice a differnce
  115. Ivermectin What to buy for lice?
  116. Injury Applying neosporin to bite wound?
  117. Vet Vet visit
  118. Hair Loss red bald spot near gwens bum?
  119. Skin Problems Skinny Causing Scratches
  120. Skin Problems Fitzroy! Ugh! Ears!
  121. Diarrhea Diarrhea came back after antibiotic
  122. Feet bumblefoot caused by new bedding
  123. Eyes/Non-crusty My poor baby
  124. Crusty Eyes Eye infection! help!
  125. Infection What happens to toys after infection?
  126. Sick Off to the vet again
  127. Hair Loss Hair loss after giving birth
  128. Mites Help!
  129. Sick Passing human illness to pigs?
  130. Conditions Smaller poop?
  131. Medications Liquid Vitamin C
  132. Not Eating Worried about Gus
  133. Sick Vet says 100% but I worry!
  134. Congested Nasal Obstruction
  135. Feet Just picked up rescued pigs. Growth on foot.
  136. Genitals Sniffing bottom
  137. Mites What brand Names?
  138. Vet Has the site assembled a list of recommended vets?
  139. Genitals What is this stuff on the pup's privates??
  140. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Is this a URI?
  141. Congested Snoring Pig?
  142. Feet Spurs
  143. Vet Going for a check up
  144. Conditions Sable getting pudgy....
  145. Feet Piggy paws
  146. Lump question re:contents of cyst
  147. Coughing Healthy, but coughing, piggies??
  148. Sick Help with piggy i think hes sick
  149. Medications Revolution + still itching!
  150. Wheezing Random hooting/whimpering at night...
  151. Scratching Agri-mectin
  152. Ivermectin Pour-on Ivermectin 5mg/mL
  153. Medications Which kind of Styptic to use?
  154. Sneezing Sneezing Boar
  155. Genitals Yeast Infection?
  156. Diarrhea My pig has diarrhea, what do I do?
  157. Wheezing Weezing and slight coughing
  158. Conditions I have no idea what happened...please help.
  159. Ivermectin Treating For Lice. Dosage Help Please?
  160. Parasites bugs
  161. Infection Tips needed for using syringe
  162. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sneezing
  163. Impaction Not eatting
  164. Injury Open Wound
  165. Sick New Petco piggy not doing so well
  166. Vet Taking my girls to the vet
  167. Teeth Broken top tooth
  168. Coughing Choking - possibly?
  169. Weight Loss Syringe feeding
  170. Skin Problems what are these? with picture from cavyspirit
  171. Injury Beta dine help!
  172. Weight Loss Galahad is anorexic
  173. Conditions Possible mites, would this be acceptable treatment?
  174. Not Eating Pigs not moving.
  175. Crusty Eyes Crusty/irritated/sensitive eye but no other symptoms except dry sneezing
  176. Vet Any cavy vets in London you could suggest?
  177. Genitals blood coming out of males penis
  178. Conditions She still has lice...
  179. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection What should I do
  180. Crusty Eyes crusty left eye?
  181. Parasites Pesky flies and diatomoceous earth
  182. Impaction where do you find your mineral oil?
  183. Medications SMZ-TMP doses traumatizing Sebby
  184. Weight Loss Weight loss-a good thing?
  185. Vet Vets in Tracy,CA
  186. Feet My Fitzroy Doesn't Sit Right
  187. Genitals White junk on boar's butt
  188. Neutering/Spaying How does it work?
  189. Scratching Scratching one ear and shaking head?
  190. Lump Dark lump between nose and mouth
  191. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How much Baytril solution?
  192. Weight Loss Underweight guinea pigs?
  193. Bloated Over feeding: visit the vet?
  194. Injury Lips injury?
  195. Vet Jake is going to the vet.
  196. Weight Loss Please help -
  197. Medications taking new guys to vet, other set is on antibiotics already
  198. Medications Licking nizoral shampoo, is it safe?
  199. Mites How to keep new piggie from getting mites?
  200. Conditions Split-end whiskers
  201. Conditions Light colored poop
  202. Conditions Fishy Breath!
  203. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery/Runny eye? Help!
  204. Conditions Too much weight gain and soft poop?
  205. Injury Checking out a pig
  206. Sneezing Sneezing and wet nose?
  207. Vet My pig won't move
  208. Mites Can ivermectin mixed using vegetable oil be used at a later date?
  209. Congested Coughing?
  210. Wheezing Wheezing at Night
  211. Vet Buckwheat and Steelix off to the vet today
  212. Not Eating Wesley often will not touch his veges, but will eat them if we hand feed
  213. Skin Problems Is it me or him?
  214. Vet Couchon's Vet Visit
  215. Parasites Lice???
  216. Sick Sick piggie advice
  217. Bloated (Post-Vet Treatment) Really need advice for Sebastian
  218. Cyst Scarlet's experience
  219. Diarrhea Pregnant sow with diarrhea
  220. Sick Peruvian guinea pig problem?
  221. Conditions Green Pig!
  222. Skin Problems Dry Patch on Foot?
  223. Skin Problems from strange to stranger
  224. Hair Loss Shedding??
  225. Skin Problems scratching with bald spots
  226. Conditions ER trip today - possible neurological/spinal issues
  227. Infection My Piggy Waldo is having some problems. Help?
  228. Sick oh no...somthing has gone terribly wrong
  229. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Probiotics?
  230. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Which antibiotic And what dose? Please.. :(
  231. Conditions Can human head lice be transmitted to cavies?
  232. Scratching How often should
  233. Ivermectin What do you use to measure oral Ivermectin?
  234. Skin Problems Bag Balm?
  235. Injury Guinea pig head tilt.
  236. Mouth Cheilitis
  237. Coughing Is coughing somtimes normal?
  238. Parasites Ahhh!
  239. Urine Hot urine?
  240. Conditions Piggy bums.
  241. Mites Can you use frontline for mites?
  242. Skin Problems Guinea pig anatomy?
  243. Lethargy Can the heat be the cause?
  244. Sick Swine
  245. Conditions Suitable temperatures
  246. Neutering/Spaying Just got Wesley neutered today
  247. Sick Eye Twitching - Nystagmus
  248. Skin Problems little bald spot, slight crust?
  249. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I'm Worried About My New Piggy
  250. Injury Laceration from Fighting