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  1. Parasites fleas
  2. Coughing Choking - a concern?
  3. Medications preventive medicines
  4. Scratching Do I need round two of Ivermectin?
  5. Sick My lil piggy
  6. Vet Nearby vets in Connecticut?
  7. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection possible UTI?
  8. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Have an appointment tomorrow...
  9. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery Eyes?
  10. Hair Loss New Girl Losing Hair
  11. Urine White spots on bedding?
  12. Vet Trip to the Vet
  13. Feet Question about nails
  14. Skin Problems Dandruff
  15. Not Eating Long term syringe feeding.
  16. Skin Problems Peeling nose
  17. Scratching Is this product safe?
  18. Sick I think Starburst is dead/dying
  19. Vet How far do you drive & how soon does your vet see your piggies?
  20. Neutering/Spaying Neutering A Pigger
  21. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Question about URI
  22. Eyes/Non-crusty Question about eyes... Concerned.
  23. Vet Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians
  24. Skin Problems i need help
  25. Parasites Advantage
  26. Vet Manhattan exotic vet
  27. Mites Do these symptoms sound like mites?
  28. Sick New Piggy question
  29. Conditions My Piggie is paralyzed
  30. Parasites Something weird came out of my piggy
  31. Vet Cavy Savvy Vet in/near Jacksonville, FL
  32. Diarrhea Should I give this to my piggies to cure their watery stool?
  33. Vet Looking for feedback on 2nd vet visit please
  34. Scratching Could this be mites - how to treat?
  35. Scratching Itchy Piggy?
  36. Injury Guinea Pig Taking Out Staples
  37. Neutering/Spaying Risks associated with neutering a two yr old boar?
  38. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Mineralized Lung Tissue
  39. Mites Need Some Input Please!
  40. Infection Rabbits and Guinea Pigs a NO NO
  41. Injury Leg Surgery Tomorrow 05/29/09!
  42. Sick Looking for advice while waiting for call back from et
  43. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Persistent Respiratory Symptoms
  44. Neutering/Spaying A few questions.
  45. Mites Places to Buy Ivermectin and Weight Scale ?
  46. Neutering/Spaying Baby Male Guinea Pig Neutering Question?
  47. Conditions advice on girl babies gp
  48. Eyes/Non-crusty Leaky eyes
  49. Crusty Eyes new guinea pig owner with some issues
  50. Teeth syringe feeding
  51. Stones Piggy probably has stones, what to do now?
  52. Neutering/Spaying My little Elvis is comming home today!
  53. Coughing Gag/Cough type noise
  54. Ovarian Cysts Newly diagnosed with cysts
  55. Weight Loss More weight loss
  56. Vet How do I make my piggie comfortable for her first vet visit?
  57. Neutering/Spaying Sebastian is home after his neuter.
  58. Neutering/Spaying Is he supposed to be this way?
  59. Hair Loss Clumps of hair falling out - what's going on?
  60. Conditions Quarantine
  61. Abscess Pus pouring out of abcess
  62. Vet Pigs ate fungus, need help
  63. Vet Is this a good piggy vet?
  64. Skin Problems Scabs...Need help!
  65. Vet Is a vet check-up in order?
  66. Injury I'm such a bad Mommy!
  67. Parasites How to get off lice eggs?
  68. Conditions Tiny sore near ear
  69. Vet Find Vet Henry County Georgia
  70. Sick piggie dragging legs
  71. Eyes/Non-crusty My New Guinea Pig's Eye...Isn't Normal
  72. Conditions osteocare
  73. Vet Spaying/Neutering Questions
  74. Feet Balding Toes?
  75. Vet Need opinion on this vet please.
  76. Vet Anyone in San Diego go here?
  77. Sneezing Need advice on Guinea pig colds please :(
  78. Weight Loss Should I be worried?
  79. Sneezing what should I do if my piggy is sneezing?
  80. Diarrhea URGENT - is there anything more I can do?
  81. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I am so worried about Nim :(
  82. Conditions Bladder Sludge
  83. Advantage fat pig vs skinny pig
  84. Ovarian Cysts Spay or not to spay?
  85. Hair Loss Lice!! Please Help!!
  86. Impaction Big Poo
  87. Conditions Genitic Conditions in Pigs
  88. Ivermectin Not allowed on piggies under 16 weeks?
  89. Urine Coloring
  90. Urine too much pee
  91. Conditions Scratching piggies
  92. Cyst Advice or experience with cyst?
  93. Teeth Problems with not eating
  94. Conditions Being precautious:mites/mange
  95. Medications first aid
  96. Skin Problems Scabs and Bald Spot
  97. Conditions weight of a guinea pig
  98. Medications Metacam regarding dosage : Urgent
  99. Sick Worried about my little guy
  100. Eyes/Non-crusty Adopting Blind Guinea Pig
  101. Injury Teeth loose need advice...
  102. Lump Please help me figure out why my piggle died.
  103. Feet Friends nails REALLY long!
  104. Neutering/Spaying He's popcorning again!
  105. Conditions Shelia is losing fur! = (
  106. Injury I'm so worried about Elliot's nose.
  107. Teeth Thank-you!!
  108. Teeth Cinnamon lost his two front teeth!
  109. Teeth Cinnamon lost his two front teeth!
  110. Teeth Plastic on teeth?
  111. Sick Pneumonia
  112. Medications Need advice on feeding pigs medicine.
  113. Conditions Waxy substance on Fleece
  114. Vet Cavy Savvy vet search?
  115. Vet vet question
  116. Neutering/Spaying help with pus
  117. Vet In Oklahoma
  118. Injury My piggy has a herniated disk
  119. Sick Piggy Diarrhea!
  120. Skin Problems Skin condition/scratching
  121. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI/Vet
  122. Hair Loss Sudden Noticeable Hair Loss - Environment Change?
  123. Teeth Help! I don't know what to do!
  124. Conditions heimliec manouver
  125. Sick 9-year-old guinea pig dying
  126. Weight Loss Guinea pig sitting in corner of cage, not moving
  127. Weight Loss Ill Guinea Pig! Recent Drastic Weight Loss!
  128. Vet What to expect at vet's office
  129. Lump Found a large lump in my piggies throat
  130. Injury Dropped guinea pig. Please help!!!
  131. Vet Costs Vet costs in the UK
  132. Sick Acting a little off.
  133. Injury Poppy has something on her belly. Help Please!
  134. Skin Problems White stuff
  135. Not Eating What can I do?
  136. Eyes/Non-crusty One small eye?
  137. Injury Help, two boars fought, now 1 is injured
  138. Hair Loss Hair loss on tip of nose?
  139. Urine Blood in Urine, possible UTI?
  140. Urine Stains in Chubes
  141. Bloated Miley's Bloated
  142. Conditions Help
  143. Diarrhea Loose Stool
  144. Skin Problems Anti-fungal Cream Question...
  145. Eyes/Non-crusty Cloudy eye
  146. Skin Problems Scab?
  147. Stones Bladder Stones Removal?
  148. Hair Loss Scabs, Skin Loss and Seizures
  149. Weight Loss How much is a good intentional weight loss?
  150. Vet Costs Spay/Neutering?
  151. Parasites Ivermection and Advantage questions
  152. Impaction Just adopted 4 year old males, one was impacted badly.
  153. Conditions How can I be not allergic?
  154. Teeth Missing two top incisors!
  155. Eyes/Non-crusty eye problem - 10 wk. old new guinea pig
  156. Sick Possible respiratory infections?
  157. Sick Help guinea pig eye ~~
  158. Weight Loss Mudbud eats and eats---
  159. Conditions Seizure?
  160. Vet Costs How much does it cost to get a pig check-up?
  161. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection recurring infections
  162. Boars and Impaction - Questions
  163. Sneezing How often do Piggies just sneeze?
  164. Conditions Guinea pig acting odd...
  165. Hair Loss losing hair after teeth burring
  166. Genitals Trouble pooping??
  167. Weight Loss Eating but losing weight
  168. Sick Pooping blood? Diarrhea? We're not sure.
  169. Conditions Diet changes to help constipation
  170. Mites is it fur mites?
  171. Vet Loosing more weight Help!!
  172. Injury My boy got bit
  173. Weight Loss Is something wrong? Please help!
  174. Weight Loss Does this weight loss sound okay?
  175. Teeth Grinding teeth
  176. Bloated Hairloss and Bloat- please help
  177. Parasites Read the thread on worms got a question.
  178. Tumor Tumor?
  179. Parasites New Pig Is Here!
  180. Injury bright pink ear
  181. Conditions Breath Sounds For Pigs?
  182. Vet Dilemma on WHO to go to...
  183. Sick Reasons for sudden death?
  184. Neutering/Spaying Neutering my boy
  185. Hair Loss how can I tell barbering from mites?
  186. Conditions Worried for Guinea Pig
  187. Sick I think my pig is sick.
  188. Skin Problems High-pitched chirping noise and waxy mass on fur
  189. Sick Help, quick, please
  190. Medications I need tips on administering antibiotics
  191. Urine Dark Urine Stains
  192. Teeth Cracked tooth
  193. Scratching Guinea pig shaking self/scratching, and slightly crusty ear.
  194. Injury Harvey has a cut
  195. Teeth Importance of chewing
  196. Feet My vet it not cavy savy at all!
  197. Sick I need help now! Please!!
  198. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Does this sound like a URI
  199. Sick Help - Guinea pigs ate Vitamins!
  200. Sneezing Possible URI have to take her to a non-piggie savy vet
  201. Parasites How are baby guinea pigs treated for lice?
  202. Piggy Medicine Cabinet
  203. Weight Loss Guinea pig weight gain inconsistent
  204. Sick Guinea pig passed away
  205. Hair Loss Multiple hairs coming out
  206. Sick My Piggy Died Suddenly
  207. Mouth Broken Wheek Box?
  208. Parasites Is this lice?
  209. Mouth Choking?
  210. Skin Problems Black dots don't know if its mites/fleas/lices
  211. Weight Loss Lost 1.4 ounces over 3 weeks
  212. Weight Loss How to determine a healthy weight?
  213. Teeth Really Need Your Opinions
  214. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Are there foods that can cause sludge?
  215. Mouth Lopsided mouth help!
  216. Sick Very underweight pig - cystitis/diarrhea/URI symptoms - help!!
  217. Feet Question about feet
  218. Infection Are pigeon diseases dangerous to guinea pigs?
  219. Conditions My Piggies Ate Plastic!!
  220. Tumor Possible Mammary Tumors
  221. Genitals Should I neuter my pig?
  222. Sick Guinea pig rocking back and forth
  223. Sick HELP!! eye is a little watery and has some pus around it!
  224. Conditions Trouble with Hind Legs during and after Pregnancy
  225. Injury Guinea Pig Ear Bit In Half
  226. Sick Maybe URI,.. or Pneumonia? Help pls T.T
  227. Conditions Overgrown Teeth
  228. Weight Loss Change from pet store food to KM pellets
  229. Feet Is his foot normal?
  230. Crusty Eyes theres somthing white in my piggies eye
  231. Parasites Lice/Mites
  232. Skin Problems I think my guinea pig has ringworm? Can I use human anti fungal creams?
  233. Neutering/Spaying 2 girls 17 weeks spayed today
  234. Feet Piggy's paw pad...
  235. Crusty Eyes Doc is going to the vet today at 5:00
  236. Diarrhea Changes in consistency of poop - will Probiocin help?
  237. Feet Foot spur?
  238. Medications Ivermectin Application, help?
  239. Conditions Inner Ear Infection (long)
  240. Conditions Sad Story
  241. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Taking Rusty to vet today
  242. Advantage Is there a difference between dog and cat advantage?
  243. Conditions C-section for my piggie...
  244. Urine Wet bottom
  245. Mouth Black lump on lip.
  246. Crusty Eyes One of my piggies has watery and crusty eyes?
  247. Bloated Clover appears to have gas
  248. Medications Lost Pain Meds
  249. Eyes/Non-crusty White...Cloud?
  250. Sick Possible URI and Baytril