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  1. Diarrhea From critical care or antibiotics?
  2. Abscess Facial abscess rupturing after "successful" surgery?
  3. Genitals Is my piggie a girl or boy??
  4. Sick Baby Piggies - Sneezing, Crusty Eyes, NO VET
  5. Sick 7 yr old piggie - lethargic, lurching, watery eyes, but no idea what is wrong...
  6. Feet Swollen Foot
  7. Conditions Black mark on foot
  8. Diarrhea Sudden Diarreah guinea pig not eating hay
  9. Conditions How to tell if my Guinea pig has gas/bloat!!!!
  10. Mites Bronny and Elroy: probable mites, and side-questions
  11. Conditions Please give advice
  12. Lethals Ate ground ivy
  13. Crusty Eyes Snickers' Medical Thread
  14. Feet Broken Toenail Treatment?
  15. Mites Could this be mites?
  16. Neutering/Spaying Preparing for almost 8 month male getting neutered
  17. Sick Found Abandoned Guinea Pig, Breathing Heavily, No Food Appetite After Vet Visit
  18. Parasites I think we've got fleas - precautions?
  19. Sick Sudden Sickness in one guinea pig not sure of the cause
  20. Injury My guinea pig ate a piece of avocado skin. Will there be any issues?
  21. Sick Swollen Tumor in Chest Probably cancer
  22. Sick Guinea pig sudden lethargy/not eating + shaking death anyone else experience this?
  23. Conditions Moving Cross Country, Pig Status Declining
  24. Conditions How to tell if Guinea pig babies are fully weaned?
  25. Injury Sore(?) on top of piggy's foot
  26. Conditions odd behavior and bum thumping against ground
  27. Bloated New to owning a guinea pig: Possible start of bloating?
  28. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection WHAT HAPPENED?? How to avoid for other GPs??
  29. Ovarian Cysts Cured from Ovarian Cysts??
  30. Urine Pinkish Blush color in pee
  31. Injury Cat might have scratched guinea pig
  32. Abscess Drained abscess
  33. Injury Blue and red eye, on guinea pig
  34. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI that won’t go away
  35. Sneezing Can sneezing alone mean URI?
  36. Sick Elevated liver enzymes
  37. Urine Different coloured wee?! Is it normal?
  38. Conditions Wide spread toes on feet?
  39. Skin Problems Skin/scratching Issues. What to treat for?
  40. Urine Red Urine
  41. Vet I found a STONE in their cage?!?!
  42. Medications Medicine dosages for UTI (Bene Bac)
  43. Lethals Baby sow Lethal?
  44. Not Eating Not eating for 5 weeks, had 2 dentals
  45. Lump Cancer?
  46. Genitals Discharge that doesn't leave sow's vaginal opening, urine smell.
  47. Skin Problems Bumpy brownish skin patch
  48. Lump Post eye removal swelling
  49. Conditions *URGENT* new guinea pig being aggressive
  50. Impaction possible passed impaction on his own?
  51. Sick What can I do for my piggie until his vet appointment?
  52. Bloated Bloated or Just Saggy?
  53. Sick Sudden weight loss
  54. Conditions Bacon’s Medical Thread
  55. Scratching Scratching until bleeding
  56. Scratching Scratching until bleeding
  57. Lump New Bump & Scracth on guinea pig HELP
  58. Crusty Eyes Left Eye Getting Worse
  59. Sick Sick Guinea Pig not doing well
  60. Infection eye infection?
  61. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Some URI concerns
  62. Lethargy Sick pig! Pig acting slow, trembling, does not want to eat
  63. Skin Problems Scratching without hair loss and possible belly button?
  64. Injury I Dropped My Guinea Pig
  65. Neutering/Spaying Recovery after surgery
  66. Genitals JellyBean - 8 wk female not cleaning her bottom/genitals?
  67. Infection Is this a cold? Sound clip included
  68. Conditions Grieving guinea pig.... will he be okay alone?
  69. Eyes/Non-crusty Loss of fur near eye
  70. Ovarian Cysts Getting second opinion
  71. Conditions Balding spot on new piggie?
  72. Hair Loss Bald spot on butt
  73. Vet Injured eye
  74. Not Eating Punkin's medical thread
  75. Lethargy 7 or 8 year old guinea pig eating and drinking, but puffed up in a corner and weak
  76. Teeth Tips about GP's with Malocclusion
  77. Weight Loss When to be alarmed
  78. Sick Long Term Bloating and Diarrhea - advice?
  79. Sneezing Sneezing Multiple Times Throughout Day
  80. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Blood dot in Urine and Whimpering
  81. Conditions Does she look a little big to y’all?
  82. Conditions guineapigs left with little food for about 24 hours
  83. Ovarian Cysts 2019 Bella Rose Medical Thread
  84. Conditions This is Ginger, these are Gingers bald spots
  85. Conditions Ruffled and uneven fur on my long haired guinea pig
  86. Vet Annual exam needed?
  87. Not Eating Urgent!! MY PIG IS HOOTING!! Not eating, drinking, moving much.
  88. Vet Boar Cleaning Vet in NYC?
  89. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection What can I do while I wait to get into a vet!
  90. Feet Foot Peeling?
  91. Sick Help with my Axel please -Diarrhea and pain intermittent
  92. Not Eating Scooter's medical thread
  93. Stones What was your experience with bladder stones and your guinea pigs?
  94. Conditions Helppp!!
  95. Injury Mysterious multiple red wounds on back.
  96. Not Eating Sudden Guinea Pig Death
  97. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Just returned from vet -- questions
  98. Conditions Pregnant guinea?
  99. Conditions Guinea pigs poop longer / farting
  100. Vet RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)
  101. Urine Collecting a Urine Sample
  102. Genitals Vet says it may be cancer! (Graphic photo warning!!)
  103. Tumor Experiences with Senior Guinea Pig Surgery?
  104. Injury White/ cloudy eye
  105. Sick Trixie’s Medical Thread
  106. Mouth Issues related to tooth operation—very complicated medical history
  107. Sick Liquid Vitamin C dosage-Scurvy
  108. Injury Skinny pig has a cut!
  109. Genitals Blood on vulva, been to vet multiple times
  110. Mites fleas? or mites? maybe both!
  111. Ovarian Cysts I think my pig has ovarian cysts - how long to wait for vet appt
  112. Sick Sick Little Piggy (Need Advice)
  113. Not Eating Paralyzed Guinea Pig, Won't Eat
  114. Weight Loss Guinea pig eating but losing weight.
  115. Medications Bene Bac questions.
  116. Conditions What is going on with my piggie's butt?
  117. Lump Weird lump on boar male nipple
  118. Wheezing Loud Wheezing Noise
  119. Cyst Cleaning Cyst Spot
  120. Not Eating Bumblefeet + Possible bladder stone : not drinking, Eating less but no visible pain
  121. Teeth Weaning off of Critical care...advice?
  122. Medications Have some questions about invermectin really need help.
  123. Not Eating Not eating after URI treatment (possibly because of Batryil? Antibiotic Intolerance?)
  124. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Will Cedar Wood in the closets cause respiratory infection?
  125. Teeth Help! Advice for weaning off critical care
  126. Genitals Second Opinion: Trouble Sexing Guinea Pig
  127. Injury Snagged nail
  128. Conditions Pig Not Pooping?
  129. Sick Diarrhea caused by antibiotics, how to treat?
  130. Genitals Help Sexing 4 week old guinea pigs!
  131. Skin Problems Guinea pig dry skin?
  132. Not Eating Bella Rose hasn't eaten much at all
  133. Injury 2-year-old male piggy has red lump growing from bottom eyelid.
  134. Sick Pneumonia
  135. Cyst Separate recovering guinea pig
  136. Conditions I have a male skinny
  137. Skin Problems What is this bump on my guinea pig? Please offer your expertise.
  138. Genitals 2nd opinion on sexing GP for possible adoption
  139. Sick What should I do?
  140. Skin Problems New Guinea Pig Has Scratches
  141. Lump Checkers lump on foot
  142. Skin Problems skinny pig with irritated skin bumpy red rash
  143. Skin Problems Guinea pig loosing hair on one side of body and around eyes; watery eyes
  144. Sick Potential ingestion of silica gel pearls?
  145. Conditions Guinea pig Lymph Node Abscess
  146. Conditions Eye issue
  147. Impaction I honestly am not quite sure what to call this
  148. Crusty Eyes New guinea pig has crusty eyes
  149. Feet Nail trim
  150. Guinea pig with cough
  151. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI, done with antibiotics, now not eating and tilting head, loss of balance
  152. Genitals Watching and waiting to see if she’s preggers
  153. Conditions Is my skinny pig okay?
  154. Genitals Is a white, smelly paste in a scrotal sac normal?
  155. Infection skin infection? Mites? Fungal?
  156. Weight Loss Guinea pig losing weight; eating normally..
  157. Sneezing Allergies?
  158. Injury Help! New GP owners
  159. Stones Prazosin To Treat Bladder Stones? Vet Recommendation In Lieu Of Surgery
  160. Medications Light colored poos after using Critical Care?
  161. Conditions Possible neurological problem
  162. Conditions Flaky, Crusty Ear
  163. Mites 3 weeks baby guinea pigs with mange
  164. Skin Problems Flaky, hard, bloody skin.
  165. Hair Loss bald patches on new pig, no scratching
  166. Feet Been treating this as bumblefoot, but possibility of ringworm? Any ideas?
  167. Injury Guinea Pig Jumped Out of Hand and Isn't Acting Normally
  168. Hair Loss V shaped bald spot on back normal skin underneath
  169. Tumor Growth in Ear
  170. Weight Loss Ongoing Teeth Issues & Weight Loss
  171. Skin Problems Unknown Skin Condition
  172. Coughing Hiccups/coughing
  173. Conditions Casper's Medical Thread: lesion on testicle
  174. Conditions Concerned about my guinea pigs behavior
  175. Sick Guinea pig is making a strange voice
  176. Infection ??? think my guineas have bumblefoot but not sure!!! PLEASE HELP
  177. Injury Clipping nails - nail literally fell apart!
  178. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection VetRX for URI treatment?
  179. Injury Right paw seems hurt
  180. Coughing Odeta's Medical Thread (again)
  181. Parasites A Cautionary Tale: Bed Bugs and Hideaways
  182. Sick Unexpected illness/death - concerned about other pigs
  183. Teeth Crooked front teeth
  184. Sick Gunea pig with sore bottom and soft stool?
  185. Mites Suspect Mites: where to find ivermectin in Canada
  186. Conditions Guinea Pig has weird fits where she starts headbutting everything and squeaking?
  187. Sick Help! drinking LOTS of water, burying her food, and digging
  188. Teeth Piggie teeth keep overgrowing
  189. Hair Loss Nugget's Medical Thread
  190. Genitals Help determining gender of piggie
  191. Not Eating Leo's medical thread
  192. Skin Problems Ringworm — do cage mates have to be separated?
  193. Skin Problems Bald spot
  194. Sick Mumbly and Nouget med thread
  195. Conditions Took my piggies for a check up on ringworm....but
  196. Injury Guinea Pig hit her head on the dresser after squirming out of my hands
  197. Ovarian Cysts Treatment
  198. Feet New here! Am I overreacting?
  199. Ivermectin Still Scratching
  200. Skin Problems Werewolf skinny pig scratch treatment
  201. Sick Maple sneezing etc
  202. Sick Sick Pig, URI?
  203. Medications Robert Stark: Fungus
  204. Conditions Rocco's medical thread
  205. Teeth Guinea not eating one week post teeth trimming/surgery
  206. Sick Stroke
  207. Neutering/Spaying One guinea pig spayed, the other isn’t, will behavior change?
  208. Teeth Eating troubles
  209. Injury Guinea pig broke his tooth and can’t eat: Cartier
  210. Skin Problems Piggy has white spots on his ear
  211. Genitals Need help sexing
  212. Not Eating Don’t see him eating, but not loosing weight
  213. Diarrhea Poop problems/ Diarrhea?
  214. Crusty Eyes Eye problem. Opaque, crusty. What’s going on here?
  215. Abscess Poptart's MedicalThread: Abcess under chin
  216. Lethargy Guinea pig with arthritis, loss of appetite and play mate
  217. Sick Help !!!!!!
  218. Lump small bump on guinea pig back leg
  219. Guiny's Medical Thread
  220. Injury Sprained hind leg
  221. Conditions Dominating roles after illness
  222. Infection Possible mites?
  223. Genitals Uncomfortable When Using Bathroom?
  224. Sick Possible health problems with Prince
  225. Abscess GUINEA PIG ABSCESS DRIED UP! He's acting weird!
  226. Injury My guinea has a bald spot behind her ear help PLEASE
  227. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI?? Hair loss under eye, runny nose etc.
  228. Skin Problems Possible Ear Ringworm/other fungus on skin.
  229. Eyes/Non-crusty Question about guinea pig eye
  230. Parasites Need Help Identifying Skin Problem and Advice
  231. Sick Help with guinea
  232. Eyes/Non-crusty One Watery/Slightly Closed Eye, No Vet Access ATM
  233. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection One of my pigs appears to have a URI and we cannot take her to the vet
  234. Injury Lump Inside Guinea Pig's Ear
  235. Hair Loss Hair loss by neck and limping
  236. Urine Guinea pigs pee is dark orange/red....already being treated for UTI
  237. Injury Puncture holes?
  238. Feet Possible ringworm?
  239. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection My Guinea pig has a URI and her medication did not work.
  240. Feet Bumblefoot help!
  241. Sick I think my young pig might have a URI....not sure tho
  242. Lump Lump on the back
  243. Hair Loss Hair loss on the “chest”
  244. Skin Problems Small white lump on side - picture
  245. Teeth My guinea pig, Clovers, top teeth are clear at the ends. (Picture attached)
  246. Not Eating Guinea pig won’t eat critical care
  247. Feet Foot spur?? :-(
  248. Sick Sick pig with UTI & Bladder Stone advice please
  249. Genitals Carmals medical thread
  250. Conditions Guinea pig vibrates when I hold him?