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  1. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Possible UTI??
  2. Conditions Silicone smells and guinea pigs. Important.
  3. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Tulip's Medical Thread
  4. Vet Vet too rough with my guinea pig?
  5. Weight Loss Force Feeding my Underweight Guinea Pig w/ eyedropper
  6. Conditions Arthritis in Right Knee, trauma, don't know why
  7. Conditions Fungus, sore or Ringworm?
  8. Hair Loss Peeling skin? Hair loss? Help!
  9. Parasites Fleas or Fur mites?
  10. Conditions Is Sun Seed Vita Prima Guinea Pig Formula Food good for guinea pigs?
  11. Sick guinea pig doesnt eat healthy
  12. Mites Possible mites on 5 year old pig
  13. Hair Loss Possible fungal infection
  14. Not Eating Tilt and balance
  15. Urine Red Urine versus Dark Urine [Bladder Stone, Kidney Issues or both?]
  16. Injury Please help: Black line at the corner of the eye
  17. Feet Bella's nails
  18. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Does my piggy have an URI?
  19. Feet Tips for nail clipping
  20. Sick Already lost 1 guinea pig and now the other is sick
  21. Hair Loss Old Piggy Rapid Hair Loss Problem
  22. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possibly sick piggy
  23. Injury Guinea Pig laceration
  24. Skin Problems flaky scabby patches of skin?
  25. Sick New pig mom: is my pig going to die tonight from this bladder stone?
  26. Mouth Something stuck in Guinea Pigs mouth
  27. Conditions Help! Very pregnant piggie!
  28. Injury Carbon - Zipping around the cage only to find an odd cut on her back?
  29. Skin Problems Hair loss and skin patch
  30. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection 12 week old pig with suspected URI
  31. Feet FRONT PAW INJURY: Favoring one front paw over other
  32. Tumor Diagnosed with cancer
  33. Diarrhea Chronic diarrhoea diarrhea cure after coccidiosis in guinea pigs
  34. Conditions Candida Yeast Infection in Guinea Pigs and Itrafungol
  35. Conditions Coccidia ( coccidiosis) in Guinea Pigs and Panacur
  36. Sick Poop dry with conical shape
  37. Genitals Boar acting strange * quick reply plz *
  38. Sick Lethargic pig with red crusty eyes and head tilted to left? Is the vet right?
  39. Heart Issues Piggy diagnosed with a heart murmur today - still worried
  40. Sick Sneezing a lot and bloody/ pink runny nose!
  41. Bloated Smores- Shes oddly shaped?
  42. Eyes/Non-crusty Guinea Pig with Bloody Eye
  43. Spots' Medical Thread, was Piggy of 1 year old biting me
  44. Sick Tevvy's Medical Thread
  45. Bloated Nunu's Medical Thread
  46. Conditions Possible Seizure (weird twitching) in GP with Cancer
  47. Sick Sick Pig, Lethargic and Puffed up, Got her a week ago
  48. Lump Reddish Lump under chin
  49. Genitals Does anyone know what this is??!
  50. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye blue and cloudy with small amount of blood
  51. Genitals Fertility check for male guinea pigs
  52. Sneezing Occasionally Sneezing, Is this normal?
  53. Vet Costs 6 yr old with tumor
  54. Parasites String of health problems,ites, seizures...and now there's maggots in their cage?!
  55. Conditions Advice on breathing with squeaking (& also hair loss)
  56. Skin Problems Black dots on fur.
  57. Vet Should I Bring a Piggy Companion to the Vet?
  58. Injury Open wound on face?
  59. Sick Weird Unexplained Sort of Breathy Hissing Noise?
  60. Skin Problems Skin prob. Reaction to revolution?
  61. Injury Guinea Pig Scab Bleeding!! And losing fur.
  62. Not Eating Wont take force-fed foods?
  63. Conditions New Guinea pig-bloat
  64. Not Eating Not eating like normal and acting different - help! Is my guinea baby ok?
  65. Sick New Cavy Mom - Possible Sick Piggy & Bullying
  66. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI (?) - took antibiotics, problem is back
  67. Skin Problems My pig has red-scab like marks? Can't tell what they are.
  68. Urine Two Piggies with Intermittently Orange Tinged Urine
  69. Feet New nail growing?
  70. Injury Dog Attack!!
  71. Genitals Crust on female genitals
  72. Hair Loss is it mites?
  73. Ovarian Cysts Does this sound like an ovarian cyst?
  74. Sick Breathing weird
  75. Sick Female Guinea Pig making deep grumbling noises?
  76. Hair Loss Losing hair on backside & mild wheezing in older boar
  77. Teeth Can a GP grind down their molars themselves after they've overgrown?
  78. Skin Problems Guinea pig with ringworm is lonely
  79. Medications Feeding syringes - need long term suggestions
  80. Not Eating Sugar forgot how to drink from his water bottle?
  81. Crusty Eyes Crusty eyes? Or caused from new bedding?
  82. Skin Problems So stressed out - Ringworm or mites? Help!
  83. Conditions Artista's Bella Rose Medical Thread
  84. Lethals my sisters Teddy/Abyssinian/crested/american cross is having sight and teeth issues
  85. Injury Hurt Leg
  86. Not Eating Nolan eats at a slower pace but otherwise seems fine?
  87. Urine Blood in urine? UTI?
  88. Genitals Something coming out of my 4 month old sow's vagina...
  89. Mites Ivermectin dosage for mites?
  90. Medications Simethicone Dose, is 0.5ml too high?
  91. Injury Hay in guinea pigs eye
  92. Conditions Sounds of annoyance while going to the bathroom?
  93. Bloated Bloated piggy peeing a lot
  94. Infection Swollen nipple in male guinea pig
  95. Skin Problems Guinea pig won't be picked up but still enjoys being petted?
  96. Impaction Female piggy with clumpy poops?
  97. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nougat's Medical Thread
  98. Hair Loss Luna's Medical Thread
  99. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI test strips
  100. Lump Large mass/crust on boar's grease gland
  101. Scratching Guinea pig scratching in ears
  102. Coughing How to catch a pig who is coughing? Can't figure out which one it is!
  103. Infection Harri has a chest infection. Quarantine required?
  104. Not Eating Vet prohibited pellets, what can I feed my inappetent pig?
  105. Sick Bleeding from nose
  106. Eyes/Non-crusty Michael's Medical Thread
  107. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI - Contagious? _ how to disinfect cage
  108. Teeth Malocclusion/ongoing dental problems
  109. Bloated GI Stasis - Is there hope?
  110. Mites My babies have mites!
  111. Lethargy Guinea Pig lost his friend 2 nights ago, and he doesn't eat or move that much.
  112. Medications Older girl with Arthritis, metacam?
  113. Medications guinea pig arthritis question!
  114. Teeth Piggy not eating hay but eating Veggies
  115. Tumor Tumor - Caring for a dying piggy
  116. Hair Loss Hair falling from pig's foot
  117. Vet Advice for first vet visit
  118. Urine Short hair Guinea has wet bottom all the sudden?
  119. Parasites Fleas in apt carpet, flea eggs on fur, and fleas in c&c cage OMG!!!!
  120. Skin Problems Guinea Pig with alopecia?
  121. Teeth Charlie's Medical Thread - Incisor Issues
  122. Ginger, my walking vet bill
  123. Not Eating Not eating and less energy.
  124. Sick Suddenly not drinking, eye discharge
  125. Injury Bleeding from bottom
  126. Conditions So my little guy is taking probiotics and antibiotics and I just have a question.
  127. Genitals Need help gendering guinea pigs
  128. Feet First post and new piggy mom is this bumblefoot?? *PICS*
  129. Conditions 5yo. Female with loose, inconsistent stool
  130. Parasites One of my guinea pigs has lice
  131. Not Eating New piggie not eating: veggies new to her or stress?
  132. Crusty Eyes Crusty eyes and limping, please help.
  133. Vet Sick or allergies?
  134. Crusty Eyes New Piggie with Crusted Eye
  135. Impaction Elderly pig, anal sac issues/impaction - how much discomfort is too much?
  136. Skin Problems Weird dry spot on my guinea pig's skin
  137. Diarrhea Hazel's Medical Thread
  138. Hair Loss My guinea pig had bald spots
  139. Eyes/Non-crusty Cloudy eyes
  140. Revolution No luck with Revolution for mange mites?
  141. Conditions Loosing their voice with old age? General older guinea pig advice appreciated
  142. Urine Boar Drinking a lot and urinating a lot
  143. Skin Problems DESPERATE for help! Piggy fur loss!
  144. Sick Is hooting an emergency?
  145. Feet Can electric nail trimmers (for pets) damage nails?
  146. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection On and off strange breathing
  147. Mouth Malocclusion in only one guinea pig?
  148. Sad sad Guinea Pig and new owner
  149. Sick Wet Bum?
  150. Sick GP not eating - lethargic
  151. Not Eating Guinea pigs on antibiotics questions!
  152. Conditions Upper respiratory infection questions
  153. Urine Blood in urine; no stones, no infections.
  154. Urine Orange Urine Spots
  155. Conditions Painting in my house
  156. Not Eating Guinea pig acting strangely
  157. Urine Reoccurring blood in urine (Bladder Sludge Piggie)
  158. Eyes/Non-crusty White mark on eye
  159. Hair Loss Sudden Hair Loss
  160. Infection elderly guinea pig has bumblefoot (or urine scald?)
  161. Weight Loss Stomach gurgling - bloated? Still has huge appetite
  162. Mites My pigs are scratching, possible mites
  163. Sneezing guinea pig sneezing and congested
  164. Sick High pitched squeak every so often?
  165. Conditions How can you tell if a guinea pig is in pain?
  166. Teeth Dental surgery 3 hours away, will it be ok?
  167. Eyes/Non-crusty Red stuff in corner of guinea pig's eye
  168. Sick Weight gain, crusty eye, saliva dripping from mouth
  169. Infection Wrapping paw ?
  170. Injury crazy gansta pig bit my sweet muffin
  171. Hair Loss Mother and 3 week old pups, mum has hair loss, safe to treat for mites?
  172. Neutering/Spaying Better to spay female or neuter male? Can't do both
  173. Infection Fungal infection or excessive grooming?
  174. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Antibiotic Question
  175. Genitals She's pregnant and her bum is wet?
  176. Skin Problems What is this skin problem
  177. Teeth Momo's Dental Journey; it all started with slowed eating...
  178. Ovarian Cysts Cyst or just round?
  179. Skin Problems Ringworm
  180. Not Eating Can Guinea Pigs Get Too Used To Critical Care?
  181. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea Pig URI not doing good
  182. Mites Possible mites and not drinking as frequently
  183. Sick Lethargic Piggy with Weight Loss--Tonks Med Question
  184. Teeth Does he need a chin sling or not?
  185. Feet Possible Bumblefoot ?
  186. Stones Male Piggie Straining to pee- Interstitial Cystitis
  187. Stones Pig not eating/Drinking after bladder stone removal
  188. Feet Possible bumblefoot?
  189. Sick My gp is making crackling sounds.
  190. Genitals New Guinea pig rescue mom-Need help asap sexing pigs
  191. Teeth Rescue pig buldgey eyes?
  192. Not Eating New pig only taking water and pellets from syringe.
  193. Stones Blood in Urine/Still Squeaking after bladder stone removal
  194. Genitals Stool blockage and blood in urine?
  195. Skin Problems Ringworm or Mites?
  196. Feet Cookie's Medical Thread
  197. Urine Why is there blood in my cage?
  198. Urine Spa for Kristoff
  199. Heart Issues Almost sudden heartbeat/breathing?
  200. Lump (graphic) how to know whether this is malignant?
  201. Not Eating Young guinea not eating properly and related concerns
  202. Teeth Alfie's Dental Issues - Split and Discoloured Upper Incisor
  203. Urine White Urine
  204. Conditions Not Eating following URI and dry poop
  205. Injury Not sure if itís a bite from cage mate or ring worm??
  206. Weight Loss Guinea Pig Not Gaining Weight
  207. Conditions Possible seizure? Confused
  208. Tumor Anyone has experience with exploratory surgery?
  209. Injury Guinea pig fight and injury
  210. Neutering/Spaying 14 week old boy neutered today
  211. Feet Baby dragging a foot
  212. Sick Too Thin?
  213. Skin Problems Does my Guinea Pig have mites or ringworm?
  214. Skin Problems New Guinea pig found skin spots
  215. Diarrhea Glindaís Thread: Diarrhea and now a bit of blood
  216. Skin Problems Dry patch of skin
  217. Infection crusty yellow line and bald spot?
  218. Scratching Scratching increased after 3 treatments of Ivermectin
  219. Skin Problems Mites or fungal?
  220. Sick Treating URI?
  221. Scratching Scratching, biting, and balding?
  222. Teeth Will his teeth come back?
  223. Sick Olly: I accidentally exposed my piggy to chills! :( When will the URI show up?
  224. Vet Amazing Small animal vet in Hamilton/Ancaster Ontario Canada
  225. Not Eating GI stasis- what is normal during recovery?
  226. Skin Problems Is Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream Safe for Guinea Pigs?
  227. Sick Ongoing urinary problems, vet not helpful
  228. Injury Eye puncture and blood in urine
  229. Medications Usnea for Guinea pigs? gurgling noises
  230. Congested Stuff in nose ??
  231. Crusty Eyes Grenn's Medical Thread
  232. Congested Unsure if congestion with no other symptoms calls for a vet visit?
  233. Injury Body covered in Scabs and Wounds
  234. Sick Anyone know what is wrong with my pig
  235. Feet Ate her foot
  236. Injury Hair not growing back after injury
  237. Jin's Medical Thread
  238. Jin's Medical Thread
  239. Lump There is something in Eminem's chest
  240. Heart Issues Enlarged Heart: Medication Question
  241. Conditions Mammary Tumor Advice
  242. Mites Mite eggs and ivermectin
  243. Sick Bad News for Piggy
  244. Skin Problems Possible ringworm
  245. Weight Loss Maple losing weight.
  246. Bloated Is this bloat?
  247. Sick Pneumonia with no signs of improvement.
  248. Abscess Teddy's Abscess won't go away!
  249. Feet Bella Rose a little red and dry paws and feet
  250. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection HELP! Baby GP with pneumonia