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  1. Mites Bugs appeared on dead piggy a day later--normal??
  2. Lump Metcam and SMZ TMP for cyst or tumor
  3. Conditions New Piggy Today- Tummy feels swollen and seems depressed
  4. Urine Urine is Orange??
  5. Weight Loss Still eating but losing some weight
  6. Infection Hair loss and white crust around eye
  7. Sick Crumbs' medical thread
  8. Mites Piggie won't stop scratching from mites even after 4 treatments of ivermectin?
  9. Stones Environmental Factors for Stones?
  10. Vet Could my sweet Rainbow be pregnant?
  11. Sneezing Nearly constant sneezing
  12. Sick New 3 month very skinny, possible diarrhea, eye crust
  13. Sick Pig displaying abnormal behaviour to her companion pig
  14. Diarrhea Soft & Long Poop
  15. Mites Suspected mites...what should I do?
  16. Injury Chunks of ear missing?
  17. Conditions Ymir's Medical Thread
  18. Conditions Anaemia in old piggy
  19. Mouth Food/gunk stuck in mouth
  20. Scratching Not mites, not lice, not ringworm... so what is it?
  21. Impaction Is my piggy constipated?
  22. Sick Guineapig squeeling in pain when being picked up and not eating
  23. Skin Problems Scab, blood, dry skin around and on pigs ear.
  24. Genitals Calcium build up under foreskin
  25. Sick Baby not Moving
  26. Bloated Guinea pig poop questions
  27. Medications Senior Guinea Pig, new medications and decreased appetite
  28. Injury Piggy Limping
  29. Crusty Eyes Ringworm?
  30. Urine Dark Red Dried Urine
  31. Sneezing 3-Month-Old Guinea Pig Coughing and Sneezing?
  32. Neutering/Spaying adopted 2 "males" but think one of them is pregnant -- pups are here
  33. Sick Small red dots on face crusty eye odd wound on back
  34. Sick Causes of strange noise [Difficulty breathing or congested?]
  35. Infection What to look for for toenail infection
  36. Conditions Big poo
  37. Sick Please Medical Advice needed
  38. Teeth Guinea pig dental surgery advice needed! Bad news from vet, what to do next...
  39. Skin Problems bald patch
  40. Sneezing Is sneezing normal?
  41. Skin Problems Crusty ear
  42. Teeth piggie cant tear food with front teeth
  43. Sick Balding and mites?
  44. Sick I need help for my sick pig!!!
  45. Wheezing HELP!! Is Charlie okay?
  46. Skin Problems Guinea Pig Dandruff and Scabs
  47. Teeth 3rd tooth growing in???
  48. Sick Guinea Pig squaking while pooping?
  49. Hair Loss Guinea pig has been losing hair for months
  50. Mites Guinea Pig acting strange, possibly mites?
  51. Impaction why isn't Charlie pooping?
  52. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Need advice-cavy not eating and blood from rear
  53. Not Eating Guinea pig rarely eats
  54. Weight Loss 4 year old guinea lost weight while I was on vacation... correlation?
  55. Sick URI help
  56. Sick Battling pneumonia/URI -- Need some help and advice
  57. Sneezing Cupko sneezing with some nasal discharge
  58. Not Eating Not eating after surgery
  59. Lethargy Worried About A Possibly Depressed and
  60. Sick How to help a guinea pig with Mushy/Smelly Poops?(please read des)
  61. Hair Loss New Piggy has hair loss please help!
  62. Urine There was a white paste surrounding female guinea pigs poop/pee area.(Picture)???
  63. Stones Urinary stone: Ruusu's story - no surgery, Chanca Piedra alternative treatment
  64. Impaction white impacted poop
  65. Eyes/Non-crusty Newborn With red eyes Has blood under Eye
  66. Skin Problems Ctenocephalides felis
  67. Sick Medical: Wilbur- Disoriented/cold
  68. Impaction canít poop
  69. Infection Middle ear infection
  70. Skin Problems Skin Problem and Nails
  71. Lethals Is she a lethal?
  72. Bloated Guinea pig poop issues
  73. Eyes/Non-crusty Swollen eye?
  74. Sick Sick or not?
  75. Crusty Eyes Crusty Eyes and Wet Bottom
  76. Wheezing Crackling noise, no other symptoms?
  77. Stones Piggie Looking In Pain
  78. Not Eating Pig is still not eating, after almost week after dental surgery
  79. Injury Squealing
  80. Sick 4 month old baby dies unexpectedly
  81. Medications Urgent might be a metacam overdose
  82. Sick Stress Sneezing??
  83. Tumor Ovarian Tumors 6 year old pig
  84. Vet Lump in throat
  85. Hair Loss Is this mites?
  86. Conditions I need help identifying this clump on my guinea pig please!
  87. Sick Very sick Guinea Pig, vomiting through nose, advice needed
  88. Not Eating Eldest Piggie Acting Weird Yesterday
  89. Injury Guinea pig sore and black nipple
  90. Stones Kodi's Medical Thread
  91. Sick Snickers passing blood
  92. Conditions acting weird
  93. Feet URGENT! bleeding piggy nail
  94. Sick 1 year old Guniea pig suddenly died
  95. Conditions Guinea pig choking or angry to the other one
  96. Mouth Drooling with Allergies?
  97. Sick Waiting for vet appointment
  98. Coughing Coughing after antibiotics?
  99. Not Eating Critical Care Tricks
  100. Mites Nips in Ear with dry skin
  101. Eyes/Non-crusty Buldging eyes?! :(
  102. Stones Bladder stone removal on 8 year old guinea pig
  103. Injury URGENT Skin wound
  104. Infection Ring worm?
  105. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection I have a question about force feeding sick piggie
  106. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Bene Bac Alternatives - ProBiotics
  107. Urine Blood in urine
  108. Skin Problems Breaking out in a rash guinea pig related? Please help!?
  109. Sick Female piggy acting normal but not pooping
  110. Skin Problems Can anyone tell me if this pig looks healthy?
  111. Teeth 2 week old guinea pigs teeth! Genetic condition?? ADVICE PLEASE
  112. Conditions Soft poos with weight gain
  113. Lump Lump-When to head to the vet
  114. Not Eating Losing hair and won't eat hay?
  115. Hair Loss Hair breaking or chewed off?
  116. Sick Do I need to go to the Vet? Hooting that stopped
  117. Medications Loxicam for dogs, is it safe?
  118. Mites We've got Mites!
  119. Sick Blood in cage and on rear of older sow - rushed to after hours vet
  120. Cyst is surgery worth it?
  121. Medications Can Baytril and Revolution be taken together?
  122. Coughing Guinea Pig Coughing and Sneezing
  123. Injury My guinea pigs blue cloudy eye
  124. Weight Loss Possible Hyperthyroid Case in 4-Year-Old Male, Seeking Advice
  125. Feet Questions About Jasmine's Toenail
  126. Diarrhea Odd poop
  127. Weight Loss Skinny pig weights.
  128. Hair Loss scabs and flaky skin
  129. Sneezing Help! Sneezing guinea but no URI?
  130. Genitals Mocha's pregnant and ready to give birth
  131. Sick Lost 3 1.5 week old orphans the 4th is on the way out.
  132. Sick Lily's Medical Thread
  133. Sick Having trouble breathing & not eating?
  134. Medications intolerant to antibiotics/ stopped antibiotics/ advice most appreciated
  135. Infection ?Hole? on guinea pig face
  136. Sick Guinea pig symptoms? Help!
  137. Wheezing Wheezing while breathing, meds not helping so far?
  138. Conditions Newly adopted 6 mo old seems thin
  139. Conditions Short wheezing sound
  140. Conditions Question about Posey's teeth
  141. Impaction Possible Impaction - Boar not pooing normally
  142. Injury Corneal Ulcer from hay poke or scratching
  143. Eyes/Non-crusty Possible Eye Infection & What to do?
  144. Sick Possible stone or uti or impaction?
  145. Skin Problems Skin problems (looks like dandruff, hair loss) persistent for months
  146. Sick Hooked Teeth, Terrible Weight Loss, Op tomorrow
  147. Not Eating Can I store mixed Critical Care in the fridge?
  148. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery eye
  149. Hair Loss New young female with hair falling off nose.
  150. Not Eating One pig died now my last pig is not doing very well
  151. Not Eating Comforting an Ill Piggy
  152. Lump Lump under site of abscess
  153. Injury First injury, help ASAP.
  154. Weight Loss Weight loss
  155. Genitals White gooey discharge ?
  156. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Small Blood Spots In Cage of Female Guinea Pig
  157. Sick Administering meds
  158. Sick My Guinea Pig may be dying
  159. Sick Interested in information and stories about URI?s
  160. Conditions Sick Pig. Abdominal Swelling - Sow
  161. Injury Help Fighting brothers and 1 injured
  162. Vet Dental Care
  163. Sick Bleeding from vaginal area
  164. Crusty Eyes ONE Crusty and watery eye, should I worry?
  165. Conditions Ringworm?
  166. Skin Problems Losing Fur, Open sores
  167. Lump Octavia - lump on nose
  168. Injury Not eating after traumatic event
  169. Skin Problems URGENT! What is wrong with my poor pig?
  170. Vet My 5 year old guinea pig keeps crying
  171. Injury Teeth Separated and Loose
  172. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery eye? Always means an injury?
  173. Infection Treating pig for fungal, worried she might have developed URI too?
  174. Skin Problems New pig has bald patch/sore on hip
  175. Skin Problems Crusty skin above nose?
  176. Diarrhea Help, smelly poop
  177. Sick Guinea pig losing fur
  178. Eyes/Non-crusty Changes in shape of eye/ protruding eye
  179. Not Eating Guinea Pig Won't Eat Her Hay
  180. Injury Advil & Zyrtec's Medical Thread
  181. Conditions New Addition: Elderly Harry
  182. Urine (please help) Worried about dried blood or dried pee
  183. Urine Blood on fleece? PLEASE HELP
  184. Hair Loss Fungus or mites?
  185. Conditions Balance is off, Some wieght loss, been to the Vet
  186. Not Eating Guinea Pig Won't Eat any Hard Veggies!!
  187. Hair Loss Abyssinian baby guinea with bald spot on forehead(unsure if normal or abnormal)
  188. Sick Light color poop and small white crust on only one eye
  189. Skin Problems Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring
  190. Sick On hand medicines
  191. Lump Chubby Monroe - lump in bum
  192. Crusty Eyes 2 baby guinea pigs have 1 crusty eye
  193. Skin Problems HELP! Sore on back, vet says it's NOT mites
  194. Cyst Advice about sebaceous cyst
  195. Not Eating How can I encourage my piggie to eat hay?
  196. Diarrhea older boar having stool issues
  197. Sneezing Sneezing piggy
  198. Conditions Peanut - Claustrophobia and Anxiety
  199. Medications Dosage Help? Sulfamethoxazole
  200. Injury Trying to figure out what's wrong with my piggies skin
  201. Genitals Young male looks chaffed.
  202. Infection Small poops on baytril
  203. Sick Sick guinea pig. Won't eat or do anything!
  204. Infection Mites and Fungal Patches
  205. Injury Guinea pig back leg super swollen and won't use
  206. Sick Infection
  207. Lump Help I found a lump on my piggies belly.
  208. Sick Rash under eye?! PLEASE HELP
  209. Conditions Piggie with an extra toe
  210. Sick my guinea pig limping
  211. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Sow marking? UTI?
  212. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Excited Breathing Problems?
  213. Neutering/Spaying what is the risk of death from neutering
  214. Skin Problems Dry skin on one ear
  215. Medications Which critical care to get?
  216. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Advice on caring for a sick piggy?
  217. Conditions Crusty Nipple? Icky brown stuff around nipple...
  218. Sick Squeaking while pooping
  219. Sick Sick guinea pig!! possible URI ~ Any advice appreciated
  220. Stones Possible bladder stones
  221. Sick I think my guinea pig has my flu!
  222. Injury Dead or Dying toe?
  223. Infection Crusty ear
  224. Infection UTI and possible bladder stones. just need positivity right now.
  225. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Contagious with a URI
  226. Sick Piggie may have URI!
  227. Conditions 16-days postpartum / soft stool / feels really slim
  228. Neutering/Spaying Post neuter questions: probiotic, incision cleaning
  229. Infection Dry ear,hair loss and dry skin
  230. Conditions Possible foot fungus or spurs
  231. Crusty Eyes Crusty eye
  232. Skin Problems Missing Patch of Fur!
  233. Bloated "Broken" poops?
  234. Injury My guinea pig is dragging her legs
  235. Infection Update on crusty eye
  236. Skin Problems lice? mites?
  237. Mouth Young guinea pig overweight what should I do?
  238. Feet Possible feet problems?
  239. Crusty Eyes Eye crust even after vet visit??
  240. Diarrhea Older boar with soft & smelly feces
  241. Genitals Wilbur- genitals wont retract?
  242. Sick Is this how normal and healthy female nipples look?
  243. Injury Guinea pig missing a chunk of ear help!!!
  244. Sick orange gunk found in cage! Vomit or diahrea?
  245. Not Eating Is this another bladder stone?
  246. Neutering/Spaying Neutering and spaying costs
  247. Injury In Need Of Major HELP!!
  248. Hair Loss My young guinea pig is loosing hair in places and I am worried for her life!
  249. Teeth Overgrown Molars
  250. Mites Mites treatment