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  1. Stones Crystals in Urine
  2. Genitals Abnormal Genitals?: Trying to sex a new baby guinea pig!
  3. Sick Piggy diagnosed w/ URI; anything I can do in between antibiotics?
  4. Injury What is wrong with my skinny pig? :(
  5. Sneezing Sneezing with mucus and heavy breathing?
  6. Sick Sick Guinea pig?
  7. Medications Ingested ear drops - dangerous?
  8. Neutering/Spaying Bloodwork - Necessary for Spay/Neuter?
  9. Sick Thoughts on what could be wrong with my boy
  10. Sick Poop Issue (It comes out in two "perfect" pieces ...)
  11. Genitals Checking/Cleaning Anal Sac
  12. Conditions Little use of back legs
  13. Sneezing Temperature Changes causing Sneezing?
  14. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Vet prescribed Baytril 1st for a UTI?
  15. Conditions Guinea pig's sides sunken in, tends to lay down a lot
  16. Conditions Piggy with runny nose
  17. Hair Loss Hair loss/ dandruff type condition
  18. Conditions small pointed poops
  19. Sick Guineapig Hairloss, Heavy Breathing, Barely Eating and Trouble Walking
  20. Ivermectin Ivermectin and human kid question
  21. Sick elderly piggy with lump on head + having body spasms
  22. Ovarian Cysts Recurring Ovarian Cyst Symptoms
  23. Skin Problems Can't tell what this is? Fungus? Or just an injury?
  24. Sick Luigi's Stuffy Nose
  25. Urine Urine and squeaking
  26. Sneezing Possible URI?
  27. Parasites Are these Fleas?
  28. Mites Guinea pig with mites: soothing skin before vet?
  29. Crusty Eyes Vetropolycin HC?
  30. Conditions New guinea pig skin condition. Could it be ringworm? He's also making strange sounds.
  31. Diarrhea Bubbles/Bumps on feces
  32. Conditions Squeaking when peeing after UTI treatment?
  33. Infection Little wound in guinea pig's nose
  34. Sneezing Baby Mocha might be ill
  35. Conditions Watery Eyes - History of injury before
  36. Skin Problems Wondering what I can do for my guunea pig
  37. Sick I'm not sure if my piggie is sick or not
  38. Lethargy Lost a member of the family today, I dont know what happened
  39. Genitals White Crust on Genital Area on 11 week old female
  40. Injury Guinea Pig Ate Wire?
  41. Urine Male guinea pig wet bum
  42. Conditions I don't know what's wrong with my piggie, I need help ASAP
  43. Sick What to do with fungal infection
  44. Sick Stuffy nose, weird breathing noises..
  45. Injury I woke up and saw my guinea pigs eyelid looking torn.
  46. Lump Lump in guinea pig's ear.
  47. Sick Palliative care advice needed please...
  48. Conditions seizures
  49. Conditions Mo has a red nose and hair missing, what's wrong?
  50. Impaction Routine cleaning for boars?
  51. Feet Irritation on paws
  52. Mites Pumpkin's thread
  53. Scratching Dry Skin or Mites?
  54. Eyes/Non-crusty One squinted eye but no crust
  55. Hair Loss Barbering?
  56. Not Eating Depression in Guiena Pig after new buddies being introduced?
  57. Conditions Female pig with a persisting dirty bum
  58. Teeth Grinding Teeth
  59. Lump weird lump on Nubbin's side
  60. Sick Stuffy sounding guinea pig
  61. Neutering/Spaying Toulouse's Medical Thread
  62. Medications Doxycycline - Is it Safe?
  63. Mouth Cut with blood on guinea's nose!
  64. Skin Problems Just noticed a white scabby looking spot on my guinea pigs head
  65. Stones Dakota's Medical Thread
  66. Mites MANGE MITES OR FUNGAS? Please help!
  67. Lump Split lump on guinea pig lower belly?!
  68. Eyes/Non-crusty Fatty Eye Tissue - When to see vet?
  69. Genitals Odeta's Medical Thread
  70. Stones Do pigs get stones so often?
  71. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Saw something white/creamy
  72. Lump Dime-Sized Lump Found on the Side of Male Guinea Pig's Stomach, Suggestions Please
  73. Stones in Pigs
  74. Stones Help For Guinea Pigs With Bladder Stones! Medication to Control Stones
  75. Congested Guinea pig with allergies
  76. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Charlie - Baytril & Some questions
  77. Conditions Light bulb body
  78. Sick Heat Stroke
  79. Sick Sisters Exhibiting Symptoms: Crusty Eyes, Lethargy, Not Eating
  80. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection SMZ for a UTI?
  81. Injury Pig bit on lip and nose?
  82. Sick How long on critical care
  83. Feet Sores on feet?
  84. Infection Blood on fleece. Infection?
  85. Impaction Impaction, or just a poop in progress? Also Vitamin C question.
  86. Conditions Experience with aging piggies
  87. Sick Bleeding from rectum? HELP PLEASE
  88. Skin Problems Skinny Pig's Skin - Coconut oil allergy? Mites?
  89. Sick Head tilt/twitching to one side
  90. Crusty Eyes Guinea Pig Eye Issue!!!!!
  91. Lethargy Craigslist pig blues
  92. Conditions What is in her ears??
  93. Sick Help eyes
  94. Sick URI and I can't get to the vet
  95. Eyes/Non-crusty Monistat for the eye?
  96. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea pig with URI waiting to get to vet
  97. Feet Nails
  98. Injury Limping
  99. Impaction Guinea pig seems down today maybe has constipation Please help :(
  100. Medications CBD oil for the elderly pigs
  101. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye Problem?
  102. Conditions Guinea pig acting funny - Loud wheeking and wobbly
  103. Teeth Dental Piggy Recovery
  104. Lethargy 4 week old piggie died - seizure? :(
  105. Ovarian Cysts Treatment Options for a 6 year old
  106. Teeth Missing Premolar Tooth
  107. Mites New Pig Incubation Period
  108. Vet Minor predicament - to use antibiotic or not
  109. Mouth Possible Tooth Problem
  110. Crusty Eyes eye discharge and loosing weight
  111. Feet Feet?
  112. Sick Help! Newborn is dying...
  113. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI contagious?
  114. Medications Just got back from vet with Skittles and have a question
  115. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI
  116. Weight Loss Rescued a sickly 3.5 month old boar weighing 270 grams
  117. Skin Problems Flaky skin, Dandruff?
  118. Teeth My pig broke his tooth
  119. Not Eating Is this grieving behaviour?
  120. Sick Kids have Hand, foot and Mouth. Can they handle the pigs
  121. Ivermectin Xeno 450 - correct dosage for guinea pigs?
  122. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection New Guinea Pig - Possible URI
  123. Parasites Guinea Pig With Lice
  124. Urine Hocus has a bladder stone
  125. Urine cloudy and confused
  126. Genitals Difficulty with Poop
  127. Sick Ginea pig ear infections
  128. Conditions Ginea pig with dry skin or rash
  129. Parasites Does she have mites/lice?
  130. Crusty Eyes Crusty eyes?
  131. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection When is snot something to worry about- URI
  132. Not Eating Guinea pig acting strange and possibly had a seizure(?)
  133. Teeth Malocclusion Issues for Past 15 months, over 12 surgeries with sedatitive
  134. Weight Loss Dayo thread
  135. Infection Piggy With Bad Eye Infection-Need Help!
  136. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possibility of getting a URI?
  137. Injury Cut on lip from fall
  138. Ovarian Cysts Senior Pig Has Ovarian Cysts
  139. Hair Loss Scurvy?
  140. Eyes/Non-crusty Milky white discharge from eyes
  141. Conditions One testicle smaller than the other, is that normal?
  142. Conditions Lethal White Decisions
  143. Mites Best way to treat mites/lice?
  144. Tumor Mavis Medical Thread - Skin Tumor
  145. Sick separate cages while pig heals from bumblefoot?
  146. Skin Problems Fungal infection or mites?
  147. Conditions New, first time GP owner - very worried
  148. Sick Leaking guinea pig!
  149. Not Eating Princess Willow's weight thread
  150. Eyes/Non-crusty Pig has a stye in his eye?
  151. Impaction I found an abnormal, wet fecal-like clump in Gimli's cage, and cannot identify it.
  152. Not Eating Can I trust my vet??
  153. Conditions Sam is Squeaking while Pooping
  154. Sick Not sure if I should trust what my vet diagnosed...
  155. Infection Possible MRSA
  156. Sick Guinea pig cold
  157. Genitals Bladder Stones or too much gunk in the anal sack?
  158. Conditions My guinea pig has dry fur.
  159. Medications Baytril Side Effects?
  160. Scratching One pig started itching a bunch -- allergies?
  161. Infection Can I treat this myself?
  162. Conditions Hunters Medical Thread
  163. Wheezing I think my poor piglet might be sick - wheezing/watery eyes
  164. Sick cysts and tumors
  165. Skin Problems Hard dry skin on male pigs lower back
  166. Sneezing Occasional sneezing and a bit of clear discharge from one nostril
  167. Skin Problems Something looks off with this nose, please any one have an idea?
  168. Skin Problems Is this a Fungal Infection or Mites? Ongoing Issue and Just Need Advice.
  169. Sick I am too paranoid to tell if he is actually sick
  170. Conditions Underweight pig?
  171. Not Eating New pig will not eat... Am I just paranoid?
  172. Parasites ringworm or mites?
  173. Sick Strange Sneezing/Gagging/Coughing Noise
  174. Infection Red wound in guinea pig's back
  175. Crusty Eyes Fungal or something else? Crusty and hair loss around eye
  176. Feet feet problems other than bumblefoot
  177. Vet Going to the vet...water?
  178. Genitals Cleaning grease glands for female
  179. Skin Problems Miso's Medical Thread- mole? or lump on stomach?
  180. Sick Pig refuses to eat and has many confusing symptoms.
  181. Eyes/Non-crusty Spot on Eye
  182. Skin Problems Scab treatment/relief?
  183. Eyes/Non-crusty Swelling Eye?
  184. Stones Izzy's Medical Thread, Need recommendations (Ovarian Cysts + Stones)
  185. Ivermectin Tractor Supply Help : Which Ivermectin do I buy?
  186. Mouth Is this chelitis?
  187. Conditions (may be in the wrong area??) Found abandoned pig - now what?
  188. Feet Purple Feet
  189. Conditions Voice Cracking When Wheeking
  190. Genitals Bleeding from rear, then stopped
  191. Tumor Malignant tumor on guinea pig belly
  192. Injury Swollen/Red Eye, Sad Pig!
  193. Injury A Limping Piggy! :(
  194. Conditions Foot turning black?
  195. Skin Problems Strange warty like thing on GP's nose
  196. Medications Baytril & Metacam how long is safe?
  197. Sick Known symptoms of sickness
  198. Conditions Medicine cabnite
  199. Mites Could this be lice? Something else?
  200. Sick eats cardboard
  201. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Would euthanizing be justified?
  202. Sneezing My piggy won't stop sneezing
  203. Bloated Possible bloat, please help!
  204. Vet Help? Guess I Didn't Buy 2 Males After All!
  205. Injury Blue and bloody eyeball?
  206. Not Eating My Piggie won't/ can't eat!!
  207. Injury Sore on side of neck
  208. Teeth Butterscotch's medical thread
  209. Injury Eye Injury and treatment
  210. Urine White residue on pee
  211. Sick Cleaning the ears
  212. Conditions Crusty eyes and fur loss
  213. Conditions What is this thing on my girl Lovely
  214. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Need opinions regarding surgery for 'pre-stones'
  215. Medications Tramadol causing wet slushy poo
  216. Skin Problems Bald area on back thigh..
  217. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea Pig URI treatment at home?
  218. Sick Bumblefoot
  219. Sick New piggy and i need help
  220. Vet RARE CONDITION: Looking for references/treatments for elongated soft palate
  221. Injury Suddenly my boars are not getting along
  222. Impaction New impaction I need advice please
  223. Injury Guinea pig held too tight
  224. Ovarian Cysts What age do ovarian cysts start?
  225. Skin Problems Mites?
  226. Vet Experiences / uncertainties with Vet, am I just overprotective?
  227. Weight Loss Guinea Pig Losing Weight but Still Eating
  228. Sick URI vs. Depression (How to Help Newly Single Pig)
  229. Lethals Sudden death of 9 month old skinny pig?? Any ideas
  230. Conditions HELP! Poop in half with tail, color is not solid
  231. Lethals Long white hairs in a solid short coat
  232. Conditions What do you think of Domino's prescription?
  233. Parasites Bingham Pigs (5) Medical Thread
  234. Sick Guinea pig freaking out in cage
  235. Skin Problems Edge of Ears Hard/Dry like potato chips??
  236. Abscess My guinea pig has an abscess??
  237. Weight Loss Healthy Appetite but still losing weight
  238. Sick Fleas?!?!
  239. Skin Problems Black marking on the skin of a PEW.
  240. Mouth Issue with mouth, could be cheilitis or sores from acidic foods
  241. Parasites A unique problem
  242. Genitals Mucus Plug?
  243. Skin Problems Dandruff/scabbing! Mites? Fighting? (And nail clipping help?)
  244. Sick My guinea pig is having seizure after seizure
  245. Skin Problems Red bald patch on back!!
  246. Crusty Eyes Very watery and crusty eye please advise
  247. Injury Laying funny + potentioal leg probloms?
  248. Bloated Bloated piggie !
  249. Scratching I think they have lice
  250. Sneezing Possible URI?