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  1. Sick Young pig, possible stroke
  2. Lump Scab over lump/bump?
  3. Lump Help! Not sure what to do for my moms piggie!!!!
  4. Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread
  5. Hair Loss What could be causing him to lose/eat fur?
  6. Scratching Very small, brown, bugs on guinea pig. Lice? Fleas? Treatment? Help!
  7. Sick Guinea pig just passed suddenly, worried about the other one?
  8. Sick Starved... while eating?
  9. Injury One Eye Injury Advice Needed
  10. Not Eating New Piggy Not Eating - Health Issues or Settling In?
  11. Conditions Is my guinea pig sick? Soft chewing/whistling sound when breathing?
  12. Sick piggy maybe depressed? plz advise if he needs vet
  13. Eyes/Non-crusty Injury to left eye
  14. Skin Problems U.S 50 cent sized scab like thing on Guinea pigs back, is it fungal or something else
  15. Skin Problems How badly infectious is ringworm?
  16. Bloated Bloat and hay?
  17. Sick 4 year old male, so many problems
  18. Infection Ringworm or Mites HELP
  19. Teeth Bean is eating thread
  20. Injury Still about the thread
  21. Lethargy GI Stasis, Won't Eat Hay, Cannot Determine Cause of Pain
  22. Injury My Guinea's eye keeps closing
  23. Skin Problems Young guinea pig approximately 2 month bald spot on head.
  24. Skin Problems Itchy lower back, doesn't appear to be mites - advice appreciated.
  25. Feet Biting feet?
  26. Skin Problems Brown splodges and a black mole thing on guinea pigs
  27. Diarrhea Essy's Medical Thread
  28. Sick Advice for blood in urine, sludge, a lower calcium diet
  29. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI but Baytril Gone Wrong! Already been to Vets Twice! New Memember!
  30. Skin Problems Is it ringworm or mites?
  31. Just found out my piggies is a male
  32. Injury Keeps reopening wound on foot
  33. Ovarian Cysts Just started squeaking when pooping 2 weeks after cyst spay
  34. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Chronically Ill Pig
  35. Sick What to do after Scurvy?
  36. Conditions Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)
  37. Bloated Guinea pig bloat mystery
  38. Sick Guinea Pig URI Emergency-Advice Needed
  39. Infection Will my unwell guinea pigs infect the rabbits?
  40. Conditions Female with swollen bottom
  41. Weight Loss Guinea pig weights erratic?
  42. Coughing Advice for coughing piggy?
  43. Lethargy Our Piggy is Letharic and went some HUGE poop.
  44. Infection One of my recent additions has an infected bite wound.
  45. Urine Should I be concerned?
  46. Vet Costs Does anyone have experience with pet insurance? (aka my first vet visit)
  47. Weight Loss How to help a guinea pig gain weight?
  48. Injury Paralysed hind legs & embolism - Any Hail Mary's?
  49. Mouth Help!! One of Patches baby guinea pig Piglet got a brown bump appear on her mouth and
  50. Sick Guinea Pig Violent Coughing help?
  51. Congested What are these sounds?
  52. Mites New piggies breeder and vet say bite what do you guys think?
  53. Sick Guinea pig producing soft stools, stomach making noises, heard her pass gas once..?
  54. Weight Loss begging and eating, but losing weight
  55. Sick Guinea pig fur under chin becoming wet and yellow, happening every day?
  56. Injury New owner here, should I be concerned with scab?
  57. Injury Chunk taken from guinea pigs ear? help
  58. Eyes/Non-crusty Spots on my piggie's eyes
  59. Sick Red Urine?
  60. Skin Problems Hair Loss on Nose
  61. Vet UK Immigration with Pigs?
  62. Injury Hay Poke Gone Wrong
  63. Lethargy Ideas needed advice please
  64. Infection Oreo has this huge black thing on his lip
  65. Feet Bumblefoot scab coming off
  66. Eyes/Non-crusty White Liquid - Eye Problem
  67. Ovarian Cysts Fudgie's Medical thread (ovarian cysts?)
  68. Feet Caught Early Bumblefoot?
  69. Sick Possible scurvy not getting better after treatment
  70. Vet Rescued piggy seems... off?
  71. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Antibiotics hadnt worked, Vet says should euthanise
  72. Weight Loss Was there more I could've done to save my pig?
  73. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye is half-closed, no obvious injury or distress, but something's definitely wrong
  74. Medications Warning about new formulation of bactrim (smz-tmp, septra, and others)
  75. Impaction Poops change after pairing two males?
  76. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI, Need help until Vet visit
  77. Injury Rash or cut?
  78. Eyes/Non-crusty I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my pig's eyes.
  79. Stones Calcium Stone
  80. Hair Loss Piggie Is Losing Hair On His Hand
  81. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Shaking and breathing soundly
  82. Injury Red wounds on hindlegs
  83. Sick Strange Stools-GI Imbalance
  84. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI and possible pneumonia , scared to inject medicine !
  85. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Subcue injection .. With water ?
  86. Infection Ear Infection - Head Tilt - Turning in a Circle - Questions for Group
  87. Sick Can my piggie catch my cold/flu
  88. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Trixie is Coughing
  89. Neutering/Spaying Ranger's Getting Neutered
  90. Impaction New to Piggies Blood and poop have photos
  91. Ivermectin Ear Problem on baby guinea pig
  92. Tumor Is this a tumor ?
  93. Impaction Possible impatction/double poops
  94. Coughing Possible Aspiration
  95. Injury Guinea Pig fell and now dragging back legs
  96. Tumor Willow6 Medical Advice needed
  97. Sneezing Guinea Pigs allergic to something in our apartment?
  98. Conditions Signs of Shock?
  99. Tumor Female guinea pig has tumor in lower abdomen, vet says surgery is only option, help
  100. Urine Elevated Protein/Calcium Deposits, Vet Unsure
  101. Skin Problems Help identifyin this possible symptom?
  102. Stones General question re: stone prevention
  103. Neutering/Spaying I lost my JuJu after spay no one knows why
  104. Mites Mites & Ringworm (officially worried)
  105. Sick Little Piper is in critical condition tonight. Could I ask for a candle(s) lit?
  106. Injury URGENT: Left Rear Leg, not moving....
  107. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Good probiotics for baytril?
  108. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Marilyn(5-6 year old female)with UTI?
  109. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Passing URI onto new piggy?
  110. Conditions hyperthyroid piggie, need food suggestions
  111. Conditions Head tilt and cage loft
  112. Heart Issues Bitters' Medical Thread
  113. Injury PET MOUSE INJURY - Any Ideas?
  114. Crusty Eyes Emily Medical Thread- possible eye injury or URI
  115. Ovarian Cysts Suprelorin hormone implant treatment
  116. Ivermectin Female Guinea Pigs with Lice and Mange Mites!
  117. Skin Problems Bald patch at one nipple/underbelly
  118. Neutering/Spaying when can I put my piggy back with the females?
  119. Lump New lump and hair loss on guinea pig
  120. Neutering/Spaying Only removing ovaries...
  121. Skin Problems Dark spot under nose and bald spot on stomach
  122. Heart Issues Heart failure ? Has anyone had experience with this?
  123. Sick Supected URI
  124. Weight Loss Senior boar weight loss
  125. Hair Loss Hair loss on male guinea pig, no redness or itchy!
  126. Bloated Syringe feeding
  127. Eyes/Non-crusty Xander's Medical Thread
  128. Conditions Critical Care
  129. Skin Problems Sebastion/Chopper health smalleye & dry skin
  130. Injury Guina pig fight with blood, what should I do?
  131. Sick Guinea pig unusual
  132. Sick Best way to give guinea pig liquid medication?
  133. Feet Guinea pig's foot and ear look odd
  134. Mites Important question about mites!
  135. Infection White protruding ball on guinea pig's neck
  136. Conditions New piggies: general questions/clarifications (laying down, head shakes, etc)
  137. Infection Possible Fungal Infection, Need Suggestions and Advice
  138. Sick What's happening??
  139. Skin Problems Bold spot/black dry skin on top of baby Guinea Pig head
  140. Conditions keeping paralyzed GP Clean
  141. Sneezing URI treatment advice
  142. Parasites Inky has lice !!! :(
  143. Skin Problems Guinea pig with red sore on testicles
  144. Feet hard growth on foot
  145. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I'm so confused as why didn't the vet do more ?
  146. Vet Young Guinea pig has a URI
  147. Conditions Twitching
  148. Mites Mites or Ringworm? (Cocoa Puffs medical thread)
  149. Medications Help! Medication overdose??
  150. Sick He had jelly on his genital area
  151. Hair Loss 3 week old losing hair!
  152. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Whistling while sniffing! Normal or concern? Video hopefully attached.
  153. Wheezing 8 month old guinea pig breathing weird
  154. Injury Black spot on her skin
  155. Diarrhea Is euthanasia the best option?
  156. Sick My Pig Looks Sick
  157. Heart Issues Can I give infant gas drops with heart medications?
  158. Urine Pushing boar glue out? Seems painful
  159. Abscess Strange growth/bump
  160. Bloated Bloat and GI Stasis
  161. Skin Problems Please help- Skin Issues on Stomach- Raw
  162. Parasites Can guinea pigs get worms from indoor grown grass?
  163. Hair Loss Rico's Medical Thread
  164. Crusty Eyes Guinea pig suddenly acting sick and then getting better, up and down moods
  165. Injury Hay Was Stuck In Eye
  166. Sneezing Guniea Pig Sneezed 4 times within 10min then stopped-Is he sick?
  167. Mites Still scratching after revolution?
  168. Lethals Are all white, red eyed pigs lethals?
  169. Sneezing guinea pig constantly sneezing
  170. Urine Confused, stone pig
  171. Skin Problems Dry skin with some red spots
  172. Sick Is this head tilt or normal?
  173. Conditions Guinea Pig's nipples are enlarged
  174. Weight Loss Normal weight fluctuation?
  175. Parasites Coco-Larva in Ear!
  176. Abscess Rhina's Medical Thread
  177. Sick Micky snaged a picea of candy cane from my dog, will she be alright?
  178. Sick Poop Smells Sour
  179. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Upper Respiratory Infection
  180. Teeth Sly's Medical Thread
  181. Conditions Walking strange after illness
  182. Conditions My GP Donald
  183. Sick Lost guinea pig this morning – unknown cause, concerned about other piggies
  184. Sick Sneezing Guinea Pig
  185. Sick Lost my Guinness during the night.. Unknown Cause???
  186. Teeth How To Help a Guinea Pig With Broken Teeth?
  187. Scratching Piggy scratches A LOT!
  188. Skin Problems Harper's Medical Thread- So Much Fungus
  189. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Anything more I can do for my guinea?
  190. Vet First Aid Kit
  191. Sick 2 piggies with lumps/tumours, one died, need help with other
  192. Injury New Guinea Pig Injured During Introduction Phase
  193. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Not Getting Better?
  194. Conditions Head Tilt (Worth a second opinion?)
  195. Stones Urethral stone :(
  196. Lump LARGE LUMP FOUND UNDER MY GUINEAPIGS CHIN Please tell me what could be wrong
  197. Urine Possible blood in pee…
  198. Conditions Adopted new pig
  199. Not Eating Stubborn pig won't eat critical care
  200. Crusty Eyes (PICS) Slight crust in the corner if guinea pig's eye?
  201. Skin Problems White spot on guinea pigs ear
  202. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Piggie separation
  203. Mites Clarification on Treating Mites? (Kiwi)
  204. Skin Problems Scab on lower lip
  205. Parasites Mites/Lice and loss of appetite
  206. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Caramel - URI won't go away
  207. Sick Not sure he is going to make it - sick pig
  208. Wheezing Cocoa's Breathing
  209. Lethargy Passed away suddenly. what do do for other pigs!?!?!
  210. Impaction Wilbur Medical Thread: Soft clustered poops?
  211. Hair Loss HELP! Cocoa is losing her shiny fur!
  212. Congested Lily breathing loudly
  213. Skin Problems Treating with ivermectin
  214. Feet Victoria's Thread - Funny walk?
  215. Sick Berlioz' Medical Thread
  216. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Still Sneezing After 10 Days of Bactrim
  217. Mites abyssinian guinea pig keeps getting mites?
  218. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Correct Doxycycline Dosage???
  219. Infection Should I change from fleece?
  220. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Chauncey: reintro to other pigs?
  221. Injury Lip cut
  222. Ovarian Cysts Superlorin implant - 7yr old pig showing signs of ovarian cysts
  223. Injury Foot cut
  224. Medications Bean has medication and is acting strange
  225. Sneezing Allergies or URI?
  226. Sneezing Piglette's Medical Thread
  227. Sick Piggy has uri help
  228. Wheezing URI Help! Vets will not help
  229. Sick Pigs eating bedding?
  230. Vet In Need Of A Reliable Exotics Vet??
  231. Sneezing No Vit C Drops?? Cavy hates veggies?! Sneezing?
  232. Weight Loss 5yrs old and loosing weight
  233. Sick URI, Wobbles, Blue Eyes
  234. Vet Unexpected pregnancy- when will she give birth. Pups are here!
  235. Not Eating My guinea pig stopped eating after emergency vet hospitalization.
  236. Eyes/Non-crusty Cloudy eye/Can't close eye
  237. Teeth Worried About Teeth
  238. Not Eating POST DENTAL MOLAR SURGERY..Help please
  239. Sick I think my guinea pigs sick
  240. Genitals Guinea pigs penis sticking out, not going back in!
  241. Bloated gi stasis
  242. Tumor Opinion: Euthanasia or "making her comfortable"
  243. Not Eating Vet says he cant do any more... doesnt know whats wrong
  244. Not Eating Handfeeding a guinea pig
  245. Skin Problems Bloody scab?
  246. Sick Guinea pig head tilting
  247. Neutering/Spaying Adding a friend, before or after spaying current cavy
  248. Conditions Skinny pig seizure or popcorning?
  249. Conditions Hyperthyroidism - Freaking Out
  250. Stones Crystals in Urine