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  1. Piggie wheeking, and hair loss!
  2. Skin Problems Dry Skin Treatment?
  3. Feet Dry Feet
  4. Lump Lumps on Tummy?
  5. Skin Problems Yeast, Dandruf or??
  6. Feet Dry flaky foot (nails area)
  7. Conditions Guinea Pig has gotten "stiff" and rolled over...
  8. Eyes/Non-crusty Question about Eyes
  9. Mites Best Treatment for Mites
  10. Conditions Third nipple???
  11. Lethargy worried about my piggie
  12. Conditions My Guinea pig is indifferent and refuses to be petted
  13. Mites Please help me prevent mite reinfestation!
  14. Crusty Eyes Crusty eyes
  15. Medications Holistics
  16. Conditions Symptoms of Intestinal Block?
  17. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Urgent.. Think Diego has a UTI
  18. Eyes/Non-crusty Vision Loss
  19. Feet What do NORMAL guinea-pig feet look like?
  20. Conditions GP problem! Help!!!
  21. Conditions Back pain
  22. Medications Need Help Fast Vet Has poisoned my Guinea Pig
  23. Diarrhea Bad case of Diarrhia, HELP!
  24. Injury Maybe broken leg???
  25. Impaction constipation
  26. Mites Mites
  27. Weight Loss Weight loss
  28. Conditions my male has lost his vioce?
  29. Urine Blood in Urine
  30. Impaction Impaction
  31. Conditions Newbie Question Maybe...
  32. Teeth Do they need a teeth check?
  33. Urine Possible problem
  34. Guinea Pig Insurance
  35. Neutering/Spaying My little boy is going crazy!
  36. Medications Baytril
  37. Urine just adopted gp, need help
  38. Sick Very Sick PetCo Piggy
  39. Vet Decided to take them to the vet
  40. Bloated Guniea pig hasn't pooped after giving her a banana
  41. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Vet found nothing
  42. Mites urgent need help
  43. Hair Loss hair loss
  44. Ivermectin Iver-on (Ivermectin)
  45. Conditions quick question...
  46. Parasites lice
  47. Conditions And now the bad news
  48. Conditions Hot Wheels
  49. Feet feet colour
  50. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI question
  51. Bloated panda has loose stool and bloat
  52. Neutering/Spaying Opinions on neutering boar so he can join sis and mom
  53. Conditions One of my cavies's abdomen feels different than the other's...
  54. Conditions Prolapsed uterus
  55. Ivermectin Ivermectin injection; where
  56. Scratching Itchy Piggy?
  57. Ivermectin Buying Ivermectin
  58. Ivermectin Ivermetcin Question
  59. Lump Lump on foot?
  60. Conditions Can guinea pigs have epilepsy?
  61. Conditions Squeaks when pooping?
  62. Hair Loss hair loss...please read
  63. Lethals Question on lethals?
  64. Lethals Another question on lethals
  65. Parasites ring worm? eye thing...
  66. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Blood?!
  67. Genitals Grease Glands
  68. Guinea pig first aid kit?
  69. Injury guinea pig leg injury?
  70. Teeth Is This An Emergency????
  71. Stones Possible Stones - Not improving
  72. Conditions Seizures
  73. Feet Itching Guinea Pig? Biting toenails?
  74. Eyes/Non-crusty Well, I had an inkling that this would happen but I was dreading it...
  75. Skin Problems White Line up Nose on Piggy
  76. Genitals Male scrotum question!
  77. Sneezing Sneezing - what is normal?
  78. Crusty Eyes One crusty eye
  79. Neutering/Spaying Getting a piggie "fixed"
  80. Heart Issues Heart problem?
  81. Neutering/Spaying Neutering 2 year old boars - worth the risk?
  82. Ovarian Cysts Ovarian cyst in 6yo piggy
  83. Crusty Eyes Worried about Ziggy
  84. Conditions Flu
  85. Urine what does urine look like?
  86. Teeth Piggie can't swallow!?
  87. Mites I think my guinea pig may have mites or lice?
  88. Mouth A mouth sore? A pimple? Other?
  89. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI and Baytril
  90. Ivermectin 2 Questions
  91. Genitals Grease Glands!?!
  92. Feet Foot Spurs
  93. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI Question
  94. Coughing Frankie coughed?
  95. Neutering/Spaying Glue or Stitches?
  96. Crusty Eyes Does his eye look crusty to you?
  97. Genitals Poops
  98. Congested Rattling sound in breathing
  99. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Are URI's contagious?
  100. Conditions Interstitial Cystitis
  101. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Pale pink urine in young pig.
  102. Urine white spots
  103. Medications Pro-biotics ? for piggy on med for diarrhea
  104. Hair Loss Hair loss
  105. Teeth HELP Broken Teeth!!
  106. Parasites Tiny white bugs...
  107. Urine Probable Problem with Bladder?
  108. Eyes/Non-crusty Has a hair in her eye, advise on how to safely remove it?
  109. Mites had to bathe even knowing that makes it worse, suggestions?
  110. Advantage Using Advantage on a baby
  111. Genitals Hair in Penis
  112. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Over a month
  113. Neutering/Spaying Fixing a female?
  114. Urine White/Milky Urine??
  115. Abscess Enlarged Penis. HELP! Impaction? Tumor? (pictures)
  116. Teeth Does it mean anything if your pig is always losing teeth?
  117. Ivermectin Applying dilluted Ivermectin
  118. Infection Bum infection
  119. Crusty Eyes please help piggy
  120. Coughing Coughing?
  121. Urine Dipping her hips.
  122. Feet A Boo Boo?
  123. Sick Please help
  124. Teeth Please help! Fell and lost a tooth
  125. Sick is our baby sick?
  126. Parasites Flea repellent for guinea pigs?
  127. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nasal Congestion: Is this a URI?
  128. Neutering/Spaying Boogers Big Day! Some Questions.
  129. Genitals Penis stuck out?
  130. Lump lump under arm?
  131. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Contagious for how long?
  132. Eyes/Non-crusty How to tell if guinea pig has blindness?
  133. Eyes/Non-crusty Cataracts
  134. Wheezing Wheezing
  135. Scratching How much itch is too much itch?
  136. Medications Revolution
  137. Sick Help!!
  138. Vet Costs Costs of vet visit
  139. Infection My piggie is not getting better
  140. Mites Thank you all
  141. Wheezing Help - wheezing! what do I do?
  142. Eyes/Non-crusty Please help Pictures of eye included
  143. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Possible UTI
  144. Conditions What do you do for satins if they develop OD?
  145. Conditions how do you know what your piggie's temperature is?
  146. Not Eating Post-op piggy not eating, Any advice?
  147. Sick My sick little boy.
  148. Genitals What is this?
  149. Ivermectin how to use Sheep Drench
  150. Vet Having trouble finding a Cavy Savy vet.
  151. Parasites Cute new babys, with not so cute lice....
  152. Feet 4th Toe
  153. Feet Is this Bumblefoot? Help! ((PICS))
  154. Teeth Silly Guinea Pig or Serious Problem?
  155. Not Eating piggy not eating?
  156. Conditions Strained wheeking when pooping/urinating
  157. Wheezing My Guinea Pig is breathing heavy after floortime
  158. Conditions Common Illnesses
  159. Vet Has anybody used SMZ TMP for URI's?
  160. Conditions Very little poop
  161. Eyes/Non-crusty Swollen and possibly blind eye?? plz help
  162. Vet First trip to the vet
  163. Teeth Discoloured teeth
  164. Urine Blood in Urine? (Picture!)
  165. Conditions light colored poop?
  166. Crusty Eyes My brand new guinea pig's eye is crsuty, what does that mean?
  167. Vet Questions I should ask at the Vets
  168. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery Eye
  169. Sick Fact or lie?
  170. Parasites Ringworm?
  171. Sneezing Piggie sneezing alot since I moved his Carefresh to replace his pigloo
  172. Injury Injured boys
  173. Eyes/Non-crusty Blocked tear duct
  174. Eyes/Non-crusty Blocked tear duct
  175. Parasites Mites or Ringworm
  176. Sick need advice on these symptoms
  177. Neutering/Spaying Spay??
  178. Neutering/Spaying Buster Collars
  179. Urine I dont know what this is
  180. Mites Painful Squeals
  181. Urine Worried about his urine
  182. Vet Best Vet in Town!!!
  183. Mites Mite Symptoms
  184. Sick breathless guinea pig
  185. Skin Problems Found a Scab on His Hip
  186. Vet Wellness Plans or Small Animal Health Plans in NC
  187. Genitals I found three small spots of blood in my newly cleaned cage
  188. Bloated I think my cavy is gassy
  189. Medications Should I try Monistat?
  190. Conditions Pneumonia? Could this be why he died?
  191. Parasites Guinea pig has ringworm!!!
  192. Sick bigger poops
  193. Medications Okay to try Monistat?
  194. Impaction Huge piece of soft poo? Sick?
  195. Scratching Is my Guinea Pig sick?
  196. Medications cefadroxil (cefa-drops)
  197. Teeth Worrying teeth issues.
  198. Urine Wet belly and urine color
  199. Conditions Hopping
  200. Crusty Eyes Wet eyes and nose?????
  201. Medications Baytril help! needed asap.
  202. Mites How long does it take?
  203. Sneezing Is he sick?!
  204. Sick Gritty Urine and Sneezing
  205. Eyes/Non-crusty Pea Eye
  206. Sick loose stool and not drinking water right
  207. Sick listless, sleeping alot
  208. Injury Prescribed Sulfatrim for injury
  209. Vet Costs What does your average vet visit cost you?
  210. Conditions Your opinion needed.. ovarian cyst or hernia?
  211. Hair Loss hair loss
  212. Sick Is my cavie sick? She's not moving much or her usual self.
  213. Tumor Tumor in Chest Cavity: Eutanasia Only Option?
  214. Medications First Aid Questions!
  215. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection correct dosage help
  216. Vet How do I find a cavy savy vet near me?
  217. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Uri???
  218. Teeth It's new to me! Teeth!
  219. Conditions Cataracts
  220. Impaction Confused-Impacted, Bloat, What??
  221. Medications What meds and supplies should I always keep in my cabinet??
  222. Weight Loss Average Weight
  223. Ivermectin Mites and bedding
  224. Crusty Eyes Does he have a URI?
  225. Skin Problems white crusty on momma's ears
  226. Vet Head Tilt
  227. Hair Loss No hair behind ears.
  228. Conditions Fat under the chin?
  229. Not Eating Dying piggy?
  230. Teeth Loose?
  231. Vet Costs Eye Removal?
  232. Genitals ? Infected genitals boar
  233. Sneezing My Guinea Pig seems to sneeze while cleaning himself.
  234. Injury Medicine for a boo boo?
  235. Skin Problems Rough Dry Ears
  236. Impaction Does Impaction always occur?
  237. Sick Skittles is very sick, please pray for him
  238. Parasites Ringworm in piggies
  239. Weight Loss New Pig Losing Weight
  240. Skin Problems Dry Skin???
  241. Conditions pain when passing stool
  242. Parasites Please help! I am so scared!
  243. Parasites What are some good ways to tell if my guineas have mites or lice?
  244. Eyes/Non-crusty New Puppies Blind eye question?
  245. Infection Infected/Dangerous hay? Quarantine?
  246. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nasal Something
  247. Abscess What to expect
  248. Feet Lost a nail
  249. Injury Amputated Leg, care?
  250. Genitals Bathing after neutering?