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  1. Conditions Clubbed
  2. Lump Massive lump! What do I do?!?!
  3. Lump black lump in the thighs
  4. Urine Experience with Polycitra-K?
  5. Injury Guinea Pig Injury, Help!
  6. Sneezing Sneezing, dry air?
  7. Conditions Piggie fight help!
  8. Injury Eye Injury
  9. Vet Are humidifiers safe and roamine better?
  10. Neutering/Spaying Neutering soon
  11. Parasites Running lice treatments?
  12. Injury I Dropped My Guinea Pig
  13. Urine Has been treated for UTI, but still blood in urine on day 9. Is this typical?
  14. Infection Is this a fungal infection? Please help!!
  15. Injury loss of back leg use. :(
  16. Bloated Poop Issues!
  17. Conditions Can dogs get URI from guinea pigs?
  18. Weight Loss No weight gain this week?
  19. Urine Is this blood??????
  20. Crusty Eyes Hay stuck in eye
  21. Skin Problems Small skin tag/bald spot
  22. Skin Problems Dandruff, Crusty skin, Weak brittle nails
  23. Injury Is My Guinea Pig Injured? Crusty Nose! *Picture*
  24. Congested Help! Odd breathing noises
  25. Conditions Do my pigs have parasites that are biting me?
  26. Sick Life saving advice-vet mistakes-syringe feeding
  27. Neutering/Spaying Char's wicked post-spay mohawk
  28. Infection Anyone have experience with piggie ringworm?!
  29. Coughing Guinea pig coughing
  30. Conditions Greasy fur in boars
  31. Sick Pig has stringy, mucousy poop after bladder stone surgery
  32. Urine Harry's Medical Thread
  33. Mites New pigs, see bugs in fur, please help.
  34. Eyes/Non-crusty One Eye Is Getting Cloudy
  35. Parasites Lice/mites on a pig from a rescue
  36. Urine Is this pee normal?
  37. Weight Loss my 5 year old sow is experiencing weight loss!! :(
  38. Injury Uncertain Injury or Illness
  39. Feet Sore back feet on piggie
  40. Impaction Is Walnut Litter Safe or is it too risky?
  41. Vet [Anthony] Yellow/off-white lump on tear ducts.
  42. Vet PROS or CONS of neutering males?
  43. Skin Problems Mysterious Ear Crusts!! Please Help!
  44. Lump Pig has a lump that scabed off and has blackening ears
  45. Infection HELP. My Boar get Mastitis
  46. Injury Grizzly's Medical Thread
  47. Infection Piggy mom has strep, should pigs go to the vet?
  48. Medications Ferb - metacam dosage question
  49. Medications Antibiotics Question: Arthur's pneumonia thread
  50. Eyes/Non-crusty HELP! Guinea pig has weird cloudy tears on his eye!
  51. Not Eating Not eating
  52. Skin Problems Bump thing on guinea pig's nose
  53. Genitals Is baby oil safe for piggies??
  54. Conditions Newly adopted guinea pig possibly pregnant
  55. Conditions Newly adopted guinea pig possibly pregnant
  56. Sick Lymphoma
  57. Teeth This is how fast a guinea pig's teeth grow!
  58. Sick Anna might be sick?? Help
  59. Vet Found something on my guinea pig
  60. Impaction Impaction / soft stool in young neutered boar
  61. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI
  62. Teeth One incisor wobbly, possibly broken
  63. Injury I Cut My Cavy To The Quick! Questions...
  64. Hair Loss Under One Eye
  65. Sick Jumping , not popcorning, twitching.. I don't know what it is
  66. Scratching Mites or fleas?
  67. Vet Three hours, 1 vet, 1 oxygen tank, and six medications later
  68. Revolution Dosing
  69. Skin Problems Does this sound like a fungal infection?
  70. Sick Crusty nose
  71. Sick Extreme popcorning and scratching
  72. Neutering/Spaying Healing time after neutering
  73. Sick Strange poops?
  74. Eyes/Non-crusty New growth on outer corner of eye
  75. Sick Guinea pig has weird poop
  76. Injury Nasty face wound after introductions
  77. Skin Problems Ringworm: Does this look like its healing?
  78. Lethargy Chinchilla problem
  79. Weight Loss PAPRIKA : Losing Weight and Energy?
  80. Sick Please help asap
  81. Skin Problems foot fungus
  82. Neutering/Spaying First time caring for a post-op piggy
  83. Bloated Guinea pig died of bloat
  84. Sick My new piggie might be sick help!
  85. Eyes/Non-crusty Strange Eye Problem With Iris ?
  86. Urine How do I tell which of my pigs is leaving white spots on the fleece?
  87. Diarrhea Crumbly Poo to Diarrhea after being treated for Giardia
  88. Sick Whimpering and shivering.
  89. Congested Pneumonia
  90. Injury Help i dont know whats wrong!
  91. Conditions Red spot behind ear
  92. Not Eating After dental work pig not eating
  93. Feet Is this bumblefoot?
  94. Sick a stroke and goodbyes
  95. Urine White Urine, Young Pigs
  96. Sick Why did my piggy suddenly pass?
  97. Conditions Help guinea pig making weird noises
  98. Not Eating Pigs off their Pellets?
  99. Stones What do I need to know about bladder stone surgery?
  100. Vet Good vets near Wichita, KS
  101. Skin Problems Losing hair, or growing hair of a different color?
  102. Conditions Was she born like that?
  103. Sick Heavy Breathing, Heavy Shedding
  104. Injury Limping; front paw
  105. Teeth Broken top incisor
  106. Vet Anyone here from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, for a vet recommendation?
  107. Feet Black Feet?
  108. Sick Does anyone know what this is? It was in my guinea pig's cage...
  109. Wheezing Piggy Wheezing Sneezing seems to have a cold
  110. Parasites Running Lice treatment question
  111. Diarrhea Guinea pig with awful diarrhea
  112. Mouth Mark on Guinea pigs face
  113. Sick URI or allergies?
  114. Sick Help! Possibly sick.
  115. Skin Problems Fungal Infection
  116. Conditions Wood varnish
  117. Injury red/black nipple on one of my boars
  118. Feet Does my guinea pig have bumblefoot?
  119. Urine Green urine???
  120. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea pig sneezing w/ discharge?
  121. Urine BJ has faint blood in her urine
  122. Sick Found Guinea Pig on mountain. What is wrong with her?
  123. Injury Guinea Pig Leg Injury
  124. Sick Large, soft unformed poops. Uninterested in pellets tonight and sitting in corner
  125. Hair Loss Bald patch on throat
  126. Lump Large Nasty Mass
  127. Diarrhea New Guinea pig: Coccidia and roundworm. How contagious is it?
  128. Eyes/Non-crusty One eye seems smaller than the other
  129. Urine Bloody Urine, No Vet Available
  130. Mouth So Luna ate some thread...
  131. Genitals Boar: Anal Sac Cleaning Question
  132. Conditions Momo and Muffin's Medical Thread
  133. Skin Problems Is it a rash???
  134. Diarrhea Strange poop, pointy one end flat other end
  135. Sick GI Stasis/Mystery Illness!
  136. Urine Possible Urinary Tract Infection
  137. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye issue??
  138. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Poor Paisley breathing hard
  139. Hair Loss Goldie's legs
  140. Hair Loss Brownie's ear
  141. Crusty Eyes Eye issue?? Is my piggy okay?
  142. Feet Is this a spur?
  143. Vet Looking for Vet
  144. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay poke infection and her friend
  145. Congested Weird nose sounds, like congested nose
  146. Sick Guinea pig has runny nose and isn't eating!!
  147. Mouth Bump on lip after kissing my piggie
  148. Crusty Eyes Crusty Eye: URI or Injury
  149. Sick Navi's sick...maybe?
  150. Tumor Domino has bump! Possible tumor!?
  151. Conditions Schizophrenia Pig!?
  152. Diarrhea Diarrhea after eating placenta
  153. Sick My Guinea Pig Stops Eating and Drinking for a Week
  154. Not Eating Signs of malocclusion but teeth are fine - Not eating
  155. Sick Guinea pig suddenly limping, not eating, not passing normal motion, hardly urinating
  156. Hair Loss Female year old piggy with hair loss and flaky patches by her eye
  157. Genitals Swollen, blue and crusty genitals! Help! :(
  158. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI, Guinea pig is on heavy meds, is it safe?
  159. Abscess Abcess and update
  160. Sick Crust and Can't Wheek
  161. Hair Loss Bald spot on Back
  162. Conditions Guinea pig poop is white?
  163. Sick Weight loss, slight change in energy/eating habits. Vet is not sure what it is.
  164. Sick Guinea Pig laying on side, possibly having seizures??
  165. Not Eating Dental Surgery but still has existing symptoms
  166. Vet Costs How much does a molar trimming usually cost? I think my vet is over charging me!
  167. Sick Fast and short breathing! Worried!
  168. Conditions New Guinea Pig has an issue..?
  169. Genitals Boar penis cleaning issues
  170. Wheezing He's making a very weird sound while breathing
  171. Tumor Help I think my Guinea pig has a tumor
  172. Parasites Dark specks and hair loss in Guinea pig: what pest?
  173. Coughing Kirby makes coughing up hairball noise while being pet
  174. Bloated my Guinea pig has a big hard stomach
  175. Weight Loss Overweight Guinea Pig?
  176. Sick Very lethargic Guinea pig, not making any noises.
  177. Vet Blood in urine after first check up
  178. Wheezing Strange noise while breathing
  179. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Piggy diagnosed with a URI and started on bactrim but think dose may be off?
  180. Lethargy Out of ideas on what could be wrong...
  181. Urine Is this blood?
  182. Urine Is this blood?
  183. Vet Cigarette smoke
  184. Vet Need help finding Vet! Nebraska
  185. Injury Wound underneath chin
  186. Sick Sick Guinea Pigs-Going on Vacation
  187. Conditions Jamie [ my guinea pig] is shaking all time, what to do?
  188. Medications Antibiotic Issue (Flagyl and Baytril)
  189. Coughing Coughing when they eat
  190. Skin Problems Concerning patch of skin on his head!
  191. Sick What could be wrong with my Guinea Pig?
  192. Mites What other treatment can use to help Ninja
  193. Vet LSP's medical thread
  194. Sick My Duke is so sick and isn't getting better. - URI, ANOREXIA, ANTIBIOTIC INTOLERANCE?
  195. Sick I think my senior pig is sick
  196. Skin Problems Dandruff and itching
  197. Not Eating Cavie eating less, still active. Had one white mucus like discharge from vagina.
  198. Injury Please look at my newest girl (Brownie)
  199. Injury Penny's Toe
  200. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Possible UTI, what can I expect at the vet?
  201. Skin Problems Felix and Izzy: hair loss, scabs, unhelpful vet
  202. Mouth Pig having problems chewing, any ideas?
  203. Not Eating Is Muggle sick?
  204. Injury Skinny has a leg injury! Other one has soft stool!
  205. Sick Guinea Pig Isn't Chewing His Food Properly and Pooping Less
  206. Injury Weird Looking "Hole" Right in front of Guinea Pig's Hind Legs
  207. Sick My Guinea Pig has Biting Lice
  208. Parasites Strange fleas?
  209. Abscess Another pig, another abscess...
  210. Genitals Losing hair on butt- also seems a little swollen
  211. Injury Bottom of foot is red?
  212. Stones Mini's medical thread - recurring stones
  213. Conditions Open sore/bleeding tumour
  214. Feet What is this? A foot problem?
  215. Tumor Doc says my piggy has tumor, might be cancerous. I need some insight.
  216. Sick Weight Loss, Change in Activity
  217. Vet Costs $500 for a neuter?
  218. Mites Mites/lice treatment diary - my experience
  219. Not Eating Worried! Stopped eating pellets, but eating veggies? Teeth issue?
  220. Parasites Ringworm
  221. Skin Problems Brown Spots on Ear
  222. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How to make sure my other guinea pigs STAY healthy after this infection?!?
  223. Weight Loss Poop still different, 4 month after antibiotics stopped
  224. Vet Carrier Suggestions For Vet Visit?
  225. Sick Crackling Noises!! Guinea pig Boar!!
  226. Scratching Itchy Piggies
  227. Parasites Lice and Spot on treatment
  228. Urine new pig mom, first illness, bloody urine PLEASE ADVISE
  229. Vet no guinea pig vet near me
  230. Conditions Is my guinea pig pregnant or is it something else?
  231. Teeth Molar issues
  232. Sick Young piggy with mild uri on baytril
  233. Skin Problems HELP!!! Flaky and scabby ear! :(
  234. Skin Problems Bare Patches Around Eye
  235. Medications OTC baytril?
  236. Weight Loss Elderly Piggie: Weight loss, hot ears, diaphragmatic breathing?
  237. Revolution Safe to use Revolution while on antibiotics?
  238. Skin Problems Fungal or something else?
  239. Lump Lump under jaw
  240. Urine +rne stuck to fur, is this normal with a long haired guinea pig?
  241. Mites Ivermectin for ear mites
  242. Crusty Eyes Severe Eye Crust in One Eye
  243. Lump Poison Ivy or Spider Bite or Mites?
  244. Eyes/Non-crusty Swollen eye overnight???
  245. Lump Lump On Right Side?!
  246. Sick Pig Sick! Fluffy-ness, loss of interest in food, etc!
  247. Congested Weird, almost rattly, noisy breathing?
  248. Teeth 3 year old piggie with arthritis, tooth issues
  249. Lump Lump on Throat of Guinea Pig <1yr old
  250. Genitals Protruding penis issue