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  1. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI antibiotics given without urinalysis. Anyone familiar with these medicines?
  2. Crusty Eyes One of Latte's eyes became small and ?crusty?.
  3. Sick Guinea pigs and sicknesses ):
  4. Sick Anyone know what this funny noise is she is making
  5. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Consistent URI's, advice please!
  6. Wheezing RIP.
  7. Genitals Help please boy or girl
  8. Vet I dont trust the medicine given by my vet
  9. Eyes/Non-crusty Care For Blind Guinea Pig
  10. Sick Possible URI???
  11. Injury Light toe
  12. Hair Loss My Piggie Lost Some Hair on His Nose
  13. Conditions Olives medical thread
  14. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Meet Jackson
  15. Conditions Coughing? Choking? O
  16. Parasites Brown-ish black dots on my guinea pig's fur?
  17. Sneezing New pig owner, sneezing?
  18. Tumor I suspect my piggy has a tumor :(
  19. Vet Bullying behavior? Blood in anus after mounting
  20. Weight Loss Gradual weight loss w/ no other symptoms
  21. Not Eating Help with critical care
  22. Urine Red color pee. noticed after changing bedding
  23. Lethals Guinea pig death
  24. Weight Loss Hot weather and weight loss?
  25. Sick Ralphie's Acting weird; lethargic, puffed up fur, mucus
  26. Urine Too Much Urine!! & Kidney Issues
  27. Neutering/Spaying will it help boys get along better? (New Jersey area vets?)
  28. Injury My guinea pig at some string
  29. Genitals Vaginal swelling... grayish bumps protruding?
  30. Sick new guinea pig, has weird mark
  31. Teeth Teeth Cutting Advice - Feeding my guinea pig
  32. Infection Our guinea pig got dry skin, loss of hair and looks like dried blood
  33. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI Need some advice on medication
  34. Stones Kidney Stone Causes
  35. Conditions Kidney Disease Causes
  36. Conditions Trouble with walking and balance.
  37. Conditions Looking for Advice on Teeth Issue
  38. Eyes/Non-crusty My guinea pig has one cloudy eye:(
  39. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye Injury from Bite: How Bad is It?
  40. Sick My piggy has pneumonia -- I need your advice.
  41. Lump Abscess or Cyst? What to do? Large Bump Under Guinea Pig's Jaw w/ Pictures
  42. Sick help!! my guineqa pig seems to be gasping
  43. Conditions Ringworm question
  44. Medications Ferb medical - growth in ear
  45. Injury Paralysis?! Won't move back legs.
  46. Impaction Help needed!! I think my piggy is severely impacted!
  47. Mites Maybe mites maybe more
  48. Sick Can Guinea Pigs Catch the human cold/flu virus?
  49. Conditions Nose with pus and dried spots, what is it? Help!
  50. Mites Found this for treating mites
  51. Genitals Coconut oil for boar cleaning
  52. Mites Mites passed to other animals and people?
  53. Diarrhea I need Help!!
  54. Skin Problems Skin tags?
  55. Injury Nervous pig
  56. Sick Still sick after a few courses of antibiotics and vets don't know what to do
  57. Tumor Older female has a tumor
  58. Wheezing My guinea pig makes weird noises.
  59. Conditions Can Guinea pig toes curl under?
  60. Abscess Tumblr Cyst/Abcess Guide- Thoughts?
  61. Sick Twitching guinea pig after feeding (not popcorning)
  62. Feet Clover’s Medical Thread
  63. Genitals Help Sexing my babies please
  64. Crusty Eyes My Piggy's Right Eye Seems Irritated!
  65. Hair Loss Pudge has fungus. I have a few questions.
  66. Abscess Help for Huckleberry
  67. Feet Guinea pig eating fur off feet?
  68. Sick Sick and not eating or drinking with teeth broken
  69. Skin Problems What's going on??
  70. Conditions New guinea
  71. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Need advice for URI in baby piggie
  72. Injury How to treat a suspected abscess which has burst?
  73. Mites Second dose of Medicine
  74. Sick Impaction in sow?!
  75. Sick Poorly Piggy? Seems uncomfortable when resting but eating and drinking!
  76. Stones I suspect my piggies have bladder stones or URI
  77. Mouth Odeta ate a bit of plastic wrapper
  78. Genitals Male Guinea Pig Hidden Penis Problem
  79. Urine Fuery, possible stones or UTI
  80. Mites Skipping one day
  81. Sneezing When is sneezing something to worry about?
  82. Skin Problems Does my piggy have mites? HELP
  83. Teeth Possible injury to teeth/gums - how urgent to see vet?
  84. Skin Problems Strange Peeling Fur/Skin?
  85. Conditions Embers Medical Thread
  86. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection My Guinea pig went up my heater
  87. Conditions Guinea pig and Stroke
  88. Neutering/Spaying Spaying
  89. Lump Lump Above Grease Gland on Rump Split??
  90. Sick Sick piggy :( not eating much & weight loss
  91. Sick Suddenly really sick - not eating :(
  92. Hair Loss Mites to Fungus?
  93. Conditions orange pee
  94. Conditions Moechi's Medical Thread
  95. Injury 6 month old flips around when pet (not popcorning)
  96. Lump Guinea pig lump
  97. Eyes/Non-crusty Possible Eye Injury
  98. Bloated Possible tumor and bloat. Advice needed.
  99. Crusty Eyes My guinea's eye is crusty and cloudyb
  100. Skin Problems Roland's Medical Thread - Injury on nose or fungus? Hair loss?
  101. Infection Please HELP with possible UTI / wet butt / dragging legs. Cant find a good vet
  102. Mites Static Lice
  103. Sick Is Henry sick?
  104. Conditions Strange skin abscess
  105. Sick Not eating or drinking, lethargic
  106. Ivermectin Possible mites, need help with ivermectin dosage
  107. Teeth Wobbly top incisor after fall
  108. Weight Loss Gretchen - Medical Thread
  109. Injury Nami Medical Thread - HAY POKE
  110. Lump Whiskers - Bump on nose
  111. Sick Help guinea pig emergency!
  112. Skin Problems New Guinea from PetSmart - Crusty Ear?
  113. Conditions Painful peeing/pooing; self-barbering: hormonal? she had temporary response to Lupron
  114. Hair Loss hair loss now left with a small scab?
  115. Vet Costs Pet Insurance
  116. Conditions Guinea pig's hind legs bend outward completely! Assistance needed!
  117. Conditions Weird Goo Found in Crate ??
  118. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nebulizing help needed
  119. Sick Nugget passed away last night, worried about others.
  120. Genitals Dry patches on guinea pig's penis
  121. Injury Guinea pig twitching and squeaking
  122. Urine Incontinence
  123. Injury Possible bites on ear and dry ear
  124. Not Eating Duchess not eating enough
  125. Medications Probiotic Advice during Antibiotic Treatment
  126. Sick Nellie's Medical Posts!
  127. Medications Ferb -has anyone used Booster Concentrate?
  128. Crusty Eyes Weepy eyes
  129. Skin Problems Can anyone tell what this might be? Fungus or Mites?
  130. Cyst Wound believed to be ruptured cyst draining profusely after expression
  131. Hair Loss Soda loss fur patch
  132. Lethargy Rocky's Medical Thread
  133. Conditions Adopted a satin pig - health problems?
  134. Skin Problems Dry, flaky, hard front corner of ear
  135. Sick Can sick people play with Guinea pigs?
  136. Eyes/Non-crusty My Widgey has an eye issue
  137. Mites Ivermectin Paste?
  138. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Help!
  139. Sick Stopped eating syringe food
  140. Feet Favoring Back Foot
  141. Teeth How did his teeth get overgrown??
  142. Genitals Female Guinea Pig with swollen bottom
  143. Infection Head Tilt
  144. Sick GI stasis tips and causes
  145. Sneezing Very sneezy piggy! Need advice!
  146. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Can I give Baytril early?
  147. Conditions Piggie ate memory foam!
  148. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Baytril, probiotic, critical care questions
  149. Sick Worried
  150. Sick Mouse's Health Thread part two
  151. Conditions Aurora -- a special pig
  152. Sick Eczema
  153. Sick Anyone
  154. Conditions Bump on lip and black nostrils.
  155. Urine Is my guinea pig dehydrated? Poop/urine photos
  156. Injury Two injured pigs
  157. Weight Loss Slow but steady weight loss after surgery
  158. Teeth Can I clip teeth myself or does the vet need to do it?
  159. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Medical Thread ~ Pumpkin
  160. Urine how much water is too much?
  161. Conditions No clue of my Guinea pig is pregnant or fat.
  162. Ivermectin Dosage Help
  163. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay poke or cataracts?
  164. Mites Not Sure if it's Mites or a Bite or just a Sore?
  165. Eyes/Non-crusty White Eye on Right Side
  166. Stones White powdery/sometimes gritty deposits on fleece
  167. Heart Issues Heart piggy on medication but still hooting
  168. Sick Tips for giving medication requested ..
  169. Ivermectin Ivermectin Dosage
  170. Vet Costs Neutering A Skinny Pig
  171. Injury Squealing, twitching and running off when touched in certain places..
  172. Sick Slight Breathing Irregularities
  173. Sick Head tilt & balance issues
  174. Conditions I think my Guinea pig is pregnant but i cant tell! Please Help!
  175. Conditions Females sniffing butts normal??
  176. Wheezing Deep/pig noises from 8 month female cavy
  177. Sick Head wobble and tilt. How to offer relief until vet can see her???
  178. Feet Nails: how often?
  179. Tumor Ruby getting scanned for cancer tomorrow
  180. Sick Common Cold Teary/Crusty Eyes
  181. Vet Frisk's Medical Thread
  182. Sick 8 year old piggie with bleeding tumor :(
  183. Hair Loss Minnie's medical thread
  184. Lump Daisy's under-the-skin lump thread.
  185. Lump Nikki has a lump
  186. New pig with dry skin on her ear?
  187. Diarrhea Not diarrhea but soft stools
  188. Sick Coughing and breathing heavily
  189. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea pig with lump and coughing
  190. Sick Coughing
  191. Hair Loss New Guinea Pig Losing Hair
  192. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection "Diet Sugar-free" Cranberry Juice Okay for Pigs?
  193. Sick I need advice please, one of my piggies had a stroke, now trouble eating.
  194. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea Pig Therapy
  195. Neutering/Spaying Is it worth it?
  196. Stones Possible painful stone...a Actigall® (Ursodiol) to help?
  197. Sick HELP!
  198. Neutering/Spaying She's Not A He (Maybe!?!)
  199. Sick Looking for answers...
  200. Sick Small, dry poops
  201. Not Eating Pig sick about 2 weeks, had multiple vet visits and tests
  202. Infection Crusty and irritating ear...?
  203. Tumor The Vet Found a Tumor
  204. Feet Bumblefoot or just spurs?
  205. Conditions Leo Sawyer
  206. Sick Dole Salad Mix
  207. Lump 6-week-olds all with black scab in the same place - bellybutton?
  208. Weight Loss Think my piggy has diabetes!
  209. Vet Costs Guinea Pig Vet Costs?
  210. Genitals My pregnant guinea pig is bleeding
  211. Injury Birthed pup covered in blood found in cage
  212. Impaction Help im a wreck my guinea pig fell in the floor
  213. Urine Unsure about white-ish urine on no veggies
  214. Conditions Behavior-2 girls confirmed by vet!!
  215. Urine Brown/reddish sticky stuff in my Piggie's cage
  216. Weight Loss Labored breathing and very skinny
  217. Sneezing Frequent sneezing (after antibiotics)
  218. Sick Nose bleed
  219. Sick GP with scurvy
  220. Conditions New piggie's medical thread
  221. Stones Should I consider euthanasia?
  222. Sick UTI? Major guina pig blood problem
  223. Feet Nails Falling Out?
  224. Eyes/Non-crusty Small red spot at the bottom of my Guinea pigs eye.
  225. Teeth Guinea unable to bite into carrot, struggling to eat other food
  226. Lethargy Lethargic piggy?
  227. Eyes/Non-crusty Brown spot in both eyes
  228. Not Eating Strange Behavior
  229. Infection Ring worms?
  230. Sick Ferb ate tulip leaf - help
  231. Ivermectin How to treat for mites and lice?
  232. Impaction Pain while Pooping
  233. Injury Scratch in the skin around eye - separate boars?
  234. Ovarian Cysts Piggy has a taut belly
  235. Wheezing Wheezy Wheeking
  236. Vet In need of a carrier for my Piggies!
  237. Sick I'm so scared ... What are these red cucumber slice looking things in her cage ..
  238. Ovarian Cysts Bleeding post spay
  239. Skin Problems Lice. Ivermectin or Adavntage?
  240. Feet black foot
  241. Coughing Maya coughing??
  242. Sneezing Multiple times
  243. Not Eating right side of face seems slightly swollen and eye is irritated looking with white pus
  244. Vet Regular Vet Visits?
  245. Infection Pig being treated for ringworm has cloudy
  246. Skin Problems Little brown growth on pigs tummy
  247. Weight Loss Guinea pig is losing weight, not acting himself, etc!
  248. Genitals Calcium Crust On Privates?
  249. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Where do I get probiotic?
  250. Sick Grunting and gagging