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  1. Sick Chloe seems a bit "off" to me
  2. Mouth brown-green thing on guinea pig's lips!
  3. Medications Triple ophthalmologic antibiotic ointment for small animals
  4. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection possible URI... should I take him to the vet???
  5. Crusty Eyes One Crusty Eye
  6. Sick URGENT: PROBLEMS AFTER VET VISIT! (Friend's piggy)
  7. Sick Snotty breathing. Please help!
  8. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection New Piggies with suspected URIS. A few days of Antibiotics Later, and I'm worried.
  9. Sick Has anyone tried Vibactra?
  10. Feet The odd toes of Agnes
  11. Stones Stones and Surgery
  12. Urine Sniffing air when peeing??
  13. Congested Pooping issue?!
  14. Skin Problems Flo: is this mites or?
  15. Urine Unusual colour of pee!
  16. Conditions Slight wetness on butt
  17. Conditions Why are Ruby Mae's poops suddenly flat?
  18. Urine Calcium issues?
  19. Conditions Guinea Pig That Had His Teeth Clipped
  20. Teeth Worried about guinea pig after teeth clipping
  21. Mouth Slobbering/Drooling while eating
  22. Vet Deciding on Vet
  23. Sick Possible stomach tumour on 4 year old male
  24. Scratching Best shampoo for an itchy pig?
  25. Hair Loss Tufts of hair coming out and flaky skin
  26. Eyes/Non-crusty Furrybottom's Medical Thread - eye problem?
  27. Stones Bladder stone surgery
  28. Sick Something is wrong with my pig
  29. Injury Guinea pig got bit by ants!
  30. Eyes/Non-crusty Is his eye okay?
  31. Feet Overgrown spurs on my guinea pig
  32. Neutering/Spaying How long untill I can cuddle my piggie? *DE-SEXED 4 DAYS AGO*
  33. Neutering/Spaying How long should they be separated after surgery?
  34. Injury Lots of small wounds?
  35. Tumor advice on treatment of tumor
  36. Diarrhea What is this brown stuff and why does it look like feces?!
  37. Mites Ear Mites and Fleece Cleaning
  38. Feet Poo stuck in toe nails
  39. Infection Ringworm: When to reintroduce to the herd?
  40. Injury Guinea pig attacked by dog
  41. Feet Pink bulge appeared on foot
  42. Lethals Cause of death on pregnant sow
  43. Urine A bit white on urine
  44. Not Eating Nausea?!
  45. Hair Loss Hair loss: side effect of Ivermectin?
  46. Vet May someone help me find a vet?
  47. Neutering/Spaying Ikarus home from getting altered!
  48. Crusty Eyes Guinea pig eye problems
  49. Diarrhea 3 week old Piggie started having diarrhea today, HELP
  50. Lethargy Please help.. Lethargic guinea pig..
  51. Urine Calcium sludge
  52. Sick Possible bloat, loss of appetite on meds
  53. Sick Very concerned about my 7 year old baby girl :/
  54. Impaction Female guinea pig impaction... Please help!
  55. Not Eating Strange behavior from Colonel
  56. Scratching 2 quick questions from new owner
  57. Skin Problems Black spot and "dandruff"
  58. Conditions Soft Poop
  59. Skin Problems Wound. hair loss and possible bumble feet
  60. Urine Penny - wet behind
  61. Conditions Head Tilt
  62. Diarrhea crumbley poop?
  63. Conditions Question about obesity and scratching
  64. Wheezing Snot on the nose
  65. Seperate, and get new companions, or what? (Long post/explaination)
  66. Conditions Sneezing and unable to wheek
  67. Sick Pigsitting guinea pig with possibly fatal disease?!
  68. Medications How exact do timings for antibiotics have to be?
  69. Scratching Safe flea treatment for guinea pigs
  70. Genitals What is sticking out of his "area"? (Photo)
  71. Injury My cavy is in pain
  72. Conditions Loss of hair, now scabbing
  73. Genitals two girls or boy and girl?
  74. Genitals Wood shavings up piggies bum
  75. Urine White powder??
  76. Conditions Silkie pig chewing hair?
  77. Genitals White nodules on boar's penis (pictures)
  78. Feet Paralysis/stiffness in one leg, disturbing curvature/contortion in another
  79. Lump HUGE Tennis-Ball sized lump on under belly..
  80. Crusty Eyes What is wrong with his eye?
  81. Wheezing One Pig Suddenly Died- The other now sick?
  82. Teeth Just how much chewing do pigs need to do keep their teeth from overgrowing?
  83. Vet EMERGENCY! I need a guinea pig vet in Raleigh, NC!
  84. Skin Problems Redness on back and hair loss
  85. Sick There is a *tumor* on my guinea pig's best friend, bunny.
  86. Stones Some qts about bladder stones, surgery, recurrence
  87. Lump Recently altered male with possible seroma? or is it scar tissue?
  88. Hair Loss Excessive shedding: Diet or heat related?
  89. Neutering/Spaying Is it worth the risk to neuter a male piggy?
  90. Not Eating His pills- Hershy (foster)
  91. Feet Fungal infection?
  92. Feet Cracked Toe
  93. Infection Guinea Pig has Ear Infection
  94. Teeth Malocclusion?
  95. Injury Piggie's head got crushed under knee
  96. Sick Is something wrong with this poop? (Picture)
  97. Conditions Please Help! Possible Neglect :(
  98. Genitals I need help determining my guinea pigs gender!!
  99. Skin Problems Dandruff on babies rump, is he old enough to bathe?
  100. Scratching Cavy has some sort of sore...?
  101. Feet Bumblefoot
  102. Coughing Guinea pig COUGH while eating
  103. Neutering/Spaying Consensus? Young females should be spayed to eliminate risks common to old age Y/N ?
  104. Impaction HELP! Guinea pig fell on wood floor!!!
  105. Parasites very tiny black bugs on guinea pig
  106. Hair Loss is my guinea out loosing hair?
  107. Not Eating But then he did eat?
  108. Conditions New Guinea Pig 45 days ago, just realized shes pregnant. What now?
  109. Conditions Pig Struggling to Walk
  110. Teeth Toro- 1 bottom tooth
  111. Skin Problems Hard, hairless lump on guinea pig - hair loss throughout chest
  112. Conditions Small scabs on guinea pigs backside
  113. Not Eating My girl isn't eating.
  114. Skin Problems Boar appears to have dry skin on his ear?
  115. Infection MITES! how long for oral ivomectin to be effective?
  116. Neutering/Spaying Stop all food 12hrs before taking him to the vet??
  117. Vet Costs Guinea Pig Vet Prices
  118. Eyes/Non-crusty eye
  119. Teeth Malocclusion and losing weight
  120. Eyes/Non-crusty Pea Eye
  121. Sick 3 month old guinea pig not eating
  122. Infection How do I avoid Ear or Eye Infections for them?
  123. Sick End of Life Care, and when is it time?
  124. Mites Tea tree oil for lice?
  125. Poorly mr
  126. Injury Bacon's Eye: Swelling, cut!
  127. Conditions Under what circumstances do eyes need to be removed?
  128. Sick 3 year old GP moving weirdly, in ICU now
  129. Neutering/Spaying Consensus: neutering young males reduces/eliminates the incidence of impaction?
  130. Scratching Scratching
  131. Eyes/Non-crusty White Globby Stuff on my Pigs Eye/Help Me Find a Vet
  132. Sick Piggies maybe ate silicone!!!!!
  133. Crusty Eyes MoMo and Pretzel's Med Thread ( Update July 30 )
  134. Injury Guinea Pig with a healing eye won't eat hay
  135. Sick My guinea gave a weird cough the other day while squeeking as i was bringing water..
  136. Impaction Did your pig have trouble pooping around age six.
  137. Parasites Alfie and Peter might have ringworm!
  138. Skin Problems Human lice on guinea pigs?
  139. Conditions Crusty Right Nostril
  140. Conditions Something happened to my piggies! Not sure what!
  141. Genitals Bear has (had) a ball off grossness in his (what I think is) anal sack
  142. Congested Possible URI or allergy
  143. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Doing better while on antibiotics, gets sick again as soon as treatment stops (URI)
  144. Sick Just needed to have a place to talk, bladder issues for Lemon
  145. Abscess Alternatives to surgery?
  146. Conditions Pigs have mites, trying to treat. Can I use Ivermectin topically?
  147. Sick My guinea pig (Jeb) is loosing weight but still eating normal
  148. Guinea pig with URI
  149. Conditions Organ failure
  150. Sick Aubrey still has URI and we don't know why
  151. Medications Gassy piggy recovering from ear infection, awaiting dental procedure.
  152. Hair Loss Lost Belly Fur
  153. Sick I am sick
  154. Conditions Shivering
  155. Hair Loss Caddy's Hairloss
  156. Not Eating Piggy is not eating after dental work :( please help me.
  157. Medications Amount of mere
  158. Injury Piggy bitten on nose, what can I do?
  159. Teeth Malocclusion, force feeding and prognosis
  160. Heart Issues Hooting sound?
  161. Sick Crusty Nose
  162. Wheezing Loud breathing and lack of appetite
  163. Diarrhea Is diarrhea after Baytril normal?
  164. Sick Bleeding with urine?
  165. Urine Light red color in urine (?)
  166. Vet Vets in the Bay Area?
  167. Abscess How to clean an abscess? PLEASE HELP. Vet left me no instruction.
  168. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Colonel is squeaking when he pees
  169. Urine Excess calcium?
  170. Skin Problems Skin tag/nipple on... EAR?!!
  171. Lump Small lump on my pigs back
  172. Sick Piggy with URI and tips on increasing weight for other pigs?
  173. Injury My bonded male pigs have started fighting (more than usual) and blood was shed!
  174. Injury Eye Injury
  175. Eyes/Non-crusty Will they go blind if
  176. Scratching New piggie is scratching periodically!
  177. Injury My piggies foot was bleeding?
  178. Mites Do they have mites? HELP
  179. Vet What are these...
  180. Mites I think my guinea pig has mites.
  181. Eyes/Non-crusty Dexter's Medical Thread
  182. Skin Problems Possible ear mites or infection?
  183. Mites Cinnamon's Medical Thread
  184. Parasites HELP. does Dakota have parasites?and what to do about it?
  185. Skin Problems My guinea pig has scabs all over him under his fur.
  186. Weight Loss Acute weight loss, stomach cramps/spasms & vomiting.
  187. Urine Calcium in young boars urine
  188. Sneezing Sneezing and running nose?
  189. Injury Hay in eye
  190. Teeth Malocclusion - treat?
  191. Vet Excellent Vet for Guinea Pigs in Vancouver, Canada
  192. Vet Good vets near Muscadine, Alabama?
  193. Skin Problems Red, hot ears with white scales, should I take him to the vet?
  194. Injury Doesnt like back rubs?
  195. Skin Problems I think my piggies have mites!!!!!
  196. Parasites Quick relief for lice!
  197. Conditions Enlarged Nips
  198. Conditions can't reply to my piggies' thread
  199. Lethals Mysterious Guinea Pig Deaths
  200. Scratching Do my piggies have mites?
  201. Weight Loss Lost 3 oz. in 2 weeks and has stinky butt and head tilt
  202. Diarrhea Saige Has Mushy Poop
  203. Stones Stone stuck in urethra. Piggy in hospital. Need some information
  204. Not Eating eats everything but hay
  205. Wheezing Help! - pneumonia, trouble breathing
  206. Medications Calendula
  207. Vet What to ask vet during first visit/call?
  208. Scratching Allergy brainstorm
  209. Sick Young male making a 'popping' noise
  210. Feet Kali: Messed up nails need advice!
  211. Infection Hair Loss on Face and Chest
  212. Vet uneven sides on 2 year old piggy
  213. Hair Loss Losing hair, no idea why...
  214. Feet Droppings stuck to toe
  215. Conditions Can't get rid of poop on nails
  216. Diarrhea Soft Poop?
  217. Skin Problems how did my pigs get lice?!
  218. Conditions Why is my guinea pig bald on his belly?
  219. Weight Loss Guinea pig loosing weight
  220. Neutering/Spaying Neutered male not pooping?
  221. Not Eating Been to the vet, now force feeding, now what?
  222. Sick funny piggy noise?
  223. Infection my guinea pig has blood coming out of her ear
  224. Urine My guinea pig has brown urine and i'm not sure if she's drinking
  225. Sneezing Weird sound
  226. Injury URGENT! I accidently dropped Castiel and I have NO clue what to do!!
  227. Ivermectin Fleas. Need advice
  228. Injury What to expect: adopt a cavy with head tilt?
  229. Weight Loss Bird's medical thread- weight loss, difficulty defecating
  230. Teeth Malocclusion and elongated roots.
  231. Wheezing Strange breathing - intermittently
  232. Sick Going for an X-ray - what to expect?
  233. Skin Problems I think my guinea pig may have mites
  234. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Word of Warning re: URIs
  235. Wheezing Guinea pig wheezing?
  236. Sick Edema everywhere- grossly swollen piggie.
  237. Diarrhea Alert? Very different poop
  238. Sick Chipper's Medical Thread
  239. Injury Guinea pig in dogs mouth!
  240. Sick Dry Nose?: Is She Sick?
  241. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Bleeding guinea pig
  242. Neutering/Spaying Problems after neutering..
  243. Hair Loss Hair loss. Hope some body can give me an idea.
  244. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI antibiotics given without urinalysis. Anyone familiar with these medicines?
  245. Crusty Eyes One of Latte's eyes became small and ?crusty?.
  246. Sick Guinea pigs and sicknesses ):
  247. Sick Anyone know what this funny noise is she is making
  248. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Consistent URI's, advice please!
  249. Wheezing RIP.
  250. Genitals Help please boy or girl