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  1. Teeth Problems with eating
  2. Sick Possibly sick piggie
  3. Diarrhea On and Off Very Smelly Soft Poops, Gassy
  4. Conditions Rare guinea pig sound, have no clue what this is...
  5. Sick pneumonia problems
  6. Sick Pneumonia, or something else?
  7. Coughing Loud breathing that ends with a cough
  8. Sick New piggie possibly sick with URI
  9. Diarrhea Henri might be sick. Any advice?
  10. Infection Head Tilting?
  11. Genitals Constipation/anal sack cleaning?
  12. Coughing possible URI- new pig next vet appoinment [email protected]
  13. Urine possible blood in urine
  14. Not Eating Guinea pig not eating after stone surgery
  15. Genitals Anal Sac Cleaning
  16. Conditions 7 Year Old Pig with Arthritis and Bumblefoot
  17. Skin Problems Dry, Flaky Skin
  18. What are these sores?
  19. Sneezing Sneeze Attack - but just once a day!
  20. Feet Limping
  21. Diarrhea Mushy Poop, Constipated, bloat (?) - (Sporadic Episodes)
  22. Bella and Lilly Possible Ringworm
  23. Medications Guinea Pigs and Antibiotics
  24. Conditions New piggy seems to have fungal infection? Or mites?dried skin on the back
  25. Conditions Guinea pig poop is pinched in the middle? Image inside...
  26. Conditions Guinea pig not pooping as much as usual
  27. Hair Loss Stomach hair loss
  28. Congested Snickers squeaking got deeper
  29. Crusty Eyes Red and Crusty Guinea pig eyes?!?! lack of vitamin c?
  30. Not Eating Miki is constipated
  31. Hair Loss Bald spot on the head
  32. Vet Enlarged ovary and uterus
  33. Mites Vera doesn't like to be touched...mites?
  34. Skin Problems is dandruff a sign of bugs or something else?
  35. Genitals Help determin sex of guinea pig.
  36. Impaction Vibration to loosen impaction
  37. Sick Surgery or no surgery for a 1.5 year old piggie?
  38. Infection Respiratory Infection Advice Please
  39. Genitals Swollen Balls
  40. Scratching Fungal infection on ear?
  41. Vet NYC's Only dedicated Exotics only vet suffered tragedy
  42. Feet Rough patch of skin on guinea pig's hind foot
  43. Skin Problems Skin issues - what does this look like on his back?
  44. Eye removed due to abcess
  45. Urine Possible discolored urine
  46. Scratching Momo shrieks, then itches her belly
  47. Sneezing Parsley's medical thread
  48. Skin Problems Dry Patch no fur on nose - Fungus ???
  49. Stones Possibility of Stones/UTI
  50. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Piggie Gurgling while Breathing. Emergency?
  51. Congested Congested Guinea Pig for a month and a half. Need advice!
  52. Sick Vet has no idea what's wrong. coughing-no fluid in lungs, otherwise healhty
  53. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in eye
  54. Mites Possible Mites? or just ticklish?
  55. Skin Problems White dot on my guinea's abdomen
  56. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Lung infection treatment tips!
  57. Hair Loss Does cedar bedding cause hair loss?
  58. Mites Possible mites w/o Hair Loss?
  59. Bloated Penny has a belly ache
  60. Lump Help my baby girl reese has this thing on her
  61. Diarrhea saved two baby guinea pigs from a reptile expo one is really sick
  62. Sick Sick? Or normal age-related issues?
  63. Vet Vet recommendation Fort Myers FL
  64. Crusty Eyes Fungal Infection? Treatment time?
  65. Marlin the Guinea Pig
  66. Sick Potentially sick but not sure
  67. Sick Can my stomach flu pass to my pigs?
  68. Not Eating Depressed pig = decreased appetite. What to do?
  69. Sick What happened?
  70. Hair Loss Unexplained Fur Loss ?!
  71. Sick Funny breathing sound
  72. Scratching My Guinea Pig Always Scratches
  73. Conditions lump/swelling/lack of substantial weight gain
  74. Skin Problems Old cavy's ears darker on margins and missing a small piece
  75. Injury Eye isn't wanting to stay open.
  76. Vet How often
  77. Lump Drained A Cyst, What Caused It?
  78. Urine Oxbow urinary support?
  79. Vet Need Advice on Meds
  80. Conditions Information About Choking
  81. Medications Is there is a non-prescription source of Baytril and flagyl
  82. Sick Can it be diarrhea?
  83. Urine Dark Urine - please help !
  84. Infection Why wasn't I more careful?
  85. Sneezing URI? Vet costs?? Need advice for my babies!!
  86. Skin Problems Do you think this is a fungal infection, dry skin, or something else?
  87. Injury I got bit... by the pig
  88. Sick Pedialyte?
  89. Genitals Grape seed oil for anal sac cleaning???
  90. Skin Problems Winter dry skin blues
  91. Infection Piggy with URI, antibiotics not working
  92. Ivermectin Some help with Ivermectin
  93. Genitals Guinea pig miscairrage
  94. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Quarantine period
  95. Conditions Brining Coacoa back to Health! Crusty ear and eye with photos
  96. Injury Pappy fell, seems ok. What to watch for?
  97. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Baytril- side effects?
  98. Injury Scabby bump?
  99. Mites Ivermectin for Guinea Pigs
  100. Conditions Rectal Bleeding--cures easy, but then comes back
  101. Infection Scabs and lump on piggies face
  102. Not Eating Weight/Eating problems with the rescues!
  103. Weight Loss At what point should I worry?
  104. Not Eating My guinea pig has gotten skinny
  105. Sick Pig w URI not eating
  106. Sick Birdie Wintersnicks - runny nose help
  107. Eyes/Non-crusty Oscar and Petey, Two Store-Bought Piggies...Possible URI Concern
  108. Infection Ear infection! please help
  109. Hair Loss Bald Patch Under Mouth?
  110. Vet Looking for vet in Kansas City, Kansas.
  111. Conditions My pig has a tail?!? Weird fat folds?? diet and health questions!
  112. Ivermectin Ivermectin Injection, used orally?
  113. Sick Lethargic pig
  114. Urine How dark does urine dry? Brown is normal? New to fleece..
  115. Conditions Butt Walking???
  116. Vet Date with Dr Gina...
  117. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI... The human kind?
  118. Skin Problems Does this look like ringworm?
  119. Urine Guinea Pig Bladder Stones
  120. Infection Question for those with ear infection experience
  121. Conditions Clear gooey butt slime
  122. Cyst Possible cyst or lump on back
  123. Medications Piggy burrito help
  124. Not Eating Soggy Pellets (problem he didn't have much before)
  125. Vet Help me find a vet?
  126. Stones Guinea Pig Bladder Stone, Surgery?
  127. Sick what is the best way to administer critical care?
  128. Sick Piggy not Eating
  129. Medications Baytril- safe way to help taste?
  130. Not Eating Piggie eating hay but not pellets/veggies/fruit
  131. Sick best place to buy critical care in BC, Canada?
  132. Urine blood in urine or normal young guinea pig urine?
  133. Urine Pinkish red urine after strawberries?
  134. Hair Loss Bald patch under neck?
  135. Genitals Guinea pig's penis is red
  136. Skin Problems Two scabs on my cavy's booty
  137. Crusty Eyes New Guinea Pig in used cage.
  138. Genitals milky color discharge
  139. Infection Abscess follow up care
  140. Medications Can Align brand probiotic be used?
  141. Sneezing Sneezing piggy with no other symptoms
  142. Abscess Lump
  143. Teeth Trouble Eating?
  144. Vet Costs Neuter Questions
  145. Vet Epileptic seizure,itchy. Whats this? PHOTO
  146. Skin Problems Dry Flaky Skin on Ear
  147. Genitals Possible Impaction? What's wrong with Archie's Butt? (caution: graphic)
  148. Conditions Guinea pigs stomach gurgling?
  149. Cyst Lump/Cyst developed around chest area: very hard like bone
  150. Vet Possible Injury?
  151. Crusty Eyes Crust around the eye - picture
  152. Heart Issues This is turning into a nightmare. :(
  153. Genitals My GP had a white sac removed from her vagina??
  154. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection More of a Runny nose
  155. Urine Strange colored pee?
  156. Sick Mouse is not eating - need advice
  157. Teeth Keeping teeth from overgrowing
  158. Conditions Princess' Medical Issues, starting with hind legs...loss of use
  159. Neutering/Spaying worried
  160. Not Eating She won't move, Eat, Drink, nor blink!
  161. Sneezing New piggy sneezes a bit and one crusty eye
  162. Skin Problems Dry skin behind guinea pigs ears?
  163. Conditions Weak "Crying" What could it be???
  164. Sick dont know if piggie will make it
  165. Lethals bald spot on newborn
  166. Parasites Bathe whith lice
  167. Skin Problems Fungus of mites?
  168. Vet rat vet for guinea pigs?
  169. Urine Blood in urine
  170. Sick guinea pig loss of balance??
  171. Sick Tonka's Health Challenges
  172. Conditions need advice
  173. Scratching Constant itching, already treated for mites.
  174. Injury Millie has cuts on her back paws
  175. Conditions New baby. One eye smaller than the other, possibly blind.
  176. Injury I think my guinea pig had a stroke!**Emergency
  177. Skin Problems Dry Ear -New Piggy from Petsmart
  178. Coughing Is something wrong with Truffles?
  179. Feet Rescue Piggy Sore Foot
  180. Itchy ears
  181. Sick Ferb's eye (injured)
  182. Lump Lump on Left of Spine near Rear End
  183. Sick Possible URI or is he fine?
  184. Neutering/Spaying I think my guinea pig might have cysts. Don't know what to do.
  185. Vet Grieving or Sick?
  186. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Wheezing or Coughing?
  187. Injury Possible Injury or Cyst?
  188. Vet Concerned about Autumn's Surgery, any advice please?
  189. Conditions PREVENTION: Is the Synergy Veterinary Solutions Dry Shampoo for Small Animals safe?
  190. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery eye
  191. Chewing on their tablecloth
  192. Neutering/Spaying Scheduled Pappy's neuter
  193. Urine Intermittent pink urine
  194. Not Eating End of life care
  195. Revolution Lice!!!!!!! Help!
  196. Sick Sudden Death of our betty
  197. Conditions Continued soft stool
  198. Conditions HELP! URGENT! Scab near my guinea pig's mouth/lip
  199. Hair Loss Bald Spot Suddenly on my Abby
  200. Feet Inner toe is bent to the side? Looks no different.
  201. Hair Loss Skin Infection? Peanut has scabs/hair loss behind eat, top of head, side of stomach
  202. Sick Goopy cloudy eye
  203. Skin Problems patch of dry skin on lower back of piggy
  204. Skin Problems Dandruff...lice...mites.... Or what?!
  205. Neutering/Spaying Confused/Worried/Scared of Neuter
  206. Sick Soft poop, wheeking while pooing, eating fleece?
  207. Conditions My 5 month old guinea pig has a droopy and watery eye?
  208. Injury Paralyzed piggie
  209. Parasites Ants Near/Possibly Inside Cage, Need Advice
  210. Heart Issues Strange Guinea pig noises
  211. Eyes/Non-crusty White liquid in eye
  212. Scratching Mites
  213. Conditions Cavian Leukaemia and Lymphoma
  214. Vet Good Piggy Vet in Mississippi or Tennessee?
  215. Sick Flaky skin, hairloss, eating dry poop, crusty lip
  216. Genitals White discharge on bottom, female.
  217. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Maleficent - Update Thread
  218. Hair Loss Guinea pig bald spot under chin
  219. Ivermectin Should I finish my hay before treating pigs for lice?
  220. Sick bladder stones, not eating - what to do?
  221. What are the symptom of mites?
  222. Skin Problems Is this just a bald spot or something to worry about?
  223. Genitals My male guinea pig licking his genitals?!
  224. Skin Problems Mystery Sore and Vitamin E dilution rate
  225. Conditions Wondering if anyone else has delt with toenail issues (fungus??)
  226. Urine How much gritty urine is cause for concern?
  227. Sneezing Sneezing?
  228. Genitals Help!! :(
  229. Infection What type of skin infection is this?
  230. Conditions Guinea pig not pooing on his own!!!!!!
  231. Feet Weird Nail Like Thing On Front Feet
  232. Lethargy Roxie's acting funny!
  233. Vet 10 week old gaining 100g in one week?
  234. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection My piggie died this morning, not sure why?
  235. Eyes/Non-crusty Corneal Ulcer - Reggie's Thread
  236. Skin Problems Unknown sore
  237. Wheezing My guinea pig woke me up with this sound at 3 am
  238. Conditions Possible mites but vet says no? What skin condition does my piggy have? Thanks
  239. Infection Adopted a guinea pig that used to have an ear infection
  240. Conditions Male Guinea Pig Smells Horrid
  241. Sick Can pig catch cold/when pregnant?
  242. Conditions favoring left side and walking in circles
  243. Eyes/Non-crusty Guinea pig with possible eye problem
  244. Skin Problems red feet
  245. Vet Costs Pig with Bladder Stone (urgent)...
  246. Urine Diarrhea or pee?
  247. Conditions Are there natural healing books or websites?
  248. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Difficulty Treating URI
  249. Infection Emergency - Need Urgent help
  250. Sick Chloe seems a bit "off" to me