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  1. Vet Vet trip today(second check up)
  2. Vet Looking for vets in Maine or New Hampshire
  3. Teeth Is pine okay?
  4. Sick Guinea Pig Sneezing Still after a 10 day treatment for URI
  5. Sick Lice AND Fleas
  6. Lump Is this a tumor? Do I need to be worried?
  7. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I think my piggy is having a bad reaction to antibiotics
  8. Sick What is wrong with my guinea? Squeaking as if in pain...
  9. Teeth Problems eating
  10. Injury Trouble with back legs
  11. Weight Loss When weight loss is healthy?
  12. Sneezing Sneezing with no other uri symptoms?
  13. Teeth Weight loss and trouble eating
  14. Sick Can URI cause lasting damage?
  15. Hair Loss treating for possible mites with Ivermectin - need help
  16. Injury Bear's thread- Arthritis or...?
  17. Teeth HELP!
  18. Medications Vitamin E capsules
  19. Sick Puffed up fur?
  20. Mites Updates!! (plus a quick question)
  21. Injury Bottom lip
  22. Eyes/Non-crusty Entropion - 8 week old
  23. Feet Possible Bumblefoot?
  24. Urine Pee--milky colored?
  25. Sick How to prevent my piggie from getting sick
  26. Vet Looking for vets somewhere around Rockford Illinois
  27. Sick Head tilting a sign of infection?
  28. Stones Exactly How Common are Bladder Stones?
  29. Sick Iso Advice, Sick Boar w/ possible Stones
  30. Lethargy Possible bloat or ovarian cyst
  31. Infection Potential fungal infection?
  32. Lethals Is Harry deaf?
  33. Medications Baytril
  34. Conditions Boar has long nesting material from his genitals, no idea what to do.
  35. Wheezing Guinea pig wheezing?
  36. Conditions Bumblefoot?
  37. Vet Questions to ask a vet
  38. Sick Health Concerns
  39. Sick pig
  40. Neutering/Spaying Postoperative caution
  41. Conditions Most likely IVDD (intervertebral disk disease)
  42. Conditions Tilted head?
  43. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I'm worried Peanut Butter has a URI
  44. Conditions Cold temperatures, what happens?
  45. Heart Issues How to treat an arrhythmia...
  46. Sick Head twitching up and down
  47. Conditions Possible mastitis in non-nursing sow
  48. Conditions Soft poop but otherwise normal piggie (3.5 year old female)
  49. Not Eating Not drinking much at all
  50. Skin Problems Sore/wound (?)
  51. Mites my suspicion my new pig may have mites
  52. Genitals Anal sack???? or sent gland?
  53. Ovarian Cysts Ovarian Cysts, Kidney Cysts, and Enlarged Adrenal Gland
  54. Vet Costs Was I over charged or nay?
  55. Sick Lethargic guinea pig!
  56. Tumor Does my guinea pig have a tumor?
  57. Mouth What is this lump?! Abscess?
  58. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI transmission from items in cage?
  59. Sick Doesn't seem sick but squealing like in pain.
  60. Feet Hard brown things stuck to/growing on guinea's claws...?
  61. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in eye...TWICE...salvageable?
  62. Ovarian Cysts My piggie has ovarian cysts!
  63. Conditions Guinea pig ate a nibble of a puppy pee pad
  64. Diarrhea Diarrhea??
  65. Skin Problems Bag Balm/Vet Balm for skin conditions?
  66. Teeth Long, curved front incisors.
  67. Neutering/Spaying Better to Neuter/Spay a Male or Female?
  68. Hair Loss & Weight Loss in 1/3 pigs?
  69. Feet Nail filing?
  70. Parasites Lice
  71. Conditions Possible Neurological Issues!
  72. Lump Cyst/Tumor
  73. Conditions Chattering at blind pig!!!
  74. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Vet closed. Waiting until tomorrow.
  75. Ovarian Cysts Need info about Lupron, specifics
  76. Sneezing Sneezing, grunting sound when breathing...possible allergies?
  77. Hair Loss BALD SPOT on guinea pig. No itching or spots anywhere else
  78. Conditions Strange deformed ears on newly adopted pig
  79. Teeth Guinea pig teeth problems? not eating?
  80. Feet Feet sores?!?!?!?
  81. Skin Problems Crusty looking ears?
  82. Genitals Help me sex my guinea pigs please!?
  83. Crusty Eyes Fungal infection around eyes and on head
  84. Sick Guinea Pig Prone to Illness
  85. Conditions Hyperthyroidism and ? Need Others Input
  86. Eyes/Non-crusty Possible Eye removal
  87. Vet Looking for a vet in Oakland, CA
  88. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Piggy on Baytril - Need advice
  89. My guinea pig has phlegm please help!
  90. Sick Wheezing and Coughing at night
  91. Lethargy Lethargic guinea pig - can they get ammonia poisoning?
  92. Urine White urine??? 4 week old
  93. Urine Blood in Urine for a YEAR now
  94. Heart Issues Convulsions last night, chirping sound this morning
  95. Infection teardrop poo
  96. Sick First time quarantine questions
  97. Eyes/Non-crusty Is my baby pig blind in one eye? Normal weight gain?
  98. Skin Problems Losing hair around nose, looks irritated. PICTURES ATTACHED !
  99. Sick Dying Piggie- Moral dilemma- need advice-support
  100. Urine Is this a possible bladder stone/UTI?
  101. Infection crackly sounds...is it a viral infection?
  102. Feet First time dealing with foot spurs
  103. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Help! Piggy dying from URI?
  104. Not Eating Jumping up, scared and not eating as much
  105. Mouth They ate louis!
  106. Conditions Dry skin or fungal infection?
  107. Urine Guinea pig Pee milky white?
  108. Mouth Pip has a bloody nose?
  109. Conditions How long doe it usually take for piggies to react to Relgan/Metoclopramide?
  110. Hair Loss Small Hair Clumps with Skin Flakes
  111. Conditions Special Needs Pigs, Weight Loss- Quinn and Parker
  112. Teeth Chronic molar problems now
  113. Vet Cavy friendly vets in Kern/San Bernardino County CA?
  114. Neutering/Spaying Risks of neuter surgery with head tilt?
  115. Mites walking dandruff!
  116. Injury Blood and bleeding!!
  117. Sick When it Rains It Pours
  118. Mouth Piggy Ate Plastic?!?!?!
  119. Genitals Hermaphrodite guinea pig?
  120. Conditions Guinea pig not breathing right?
  121. Conditions What body parts/conditions don't require an exotic vet to treat?
  122. Conditions House Plants?
  123. Conditions cysts in piggies how normal and what concerns should i have
  124. Skin Problems Dandruff & Shedding
  125. Sick Did my guinea have a stroke????
  126. Urine Is this ok?
  127. Weight Loss Old underweight guinea pig
  128. Sick Eating everything else BUT hay?
  129. Urine Why is her butt constantly wet all of a sudden??
  130. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in her eye
  131. Wheezing Guinea Pig wheezing, not eating and lethargic
  132. Scratching Scratching and shedding, but no hair loss patches or other symptoms?
  133. Sick Pig with wet nose and cold feet. Caught a cold from me?
  134. Genitals gender of a 2 month guinea pig
  135. Injury Help! Fighting leads to ear torn in half - what to do?
  136. Impaction possible impaction?
  137. Teeth Cannot tell if teeth problem or impaction, not eating as much, barely pooping!
  138. Infection Infected Cut
  139. Hair Loss Bald patches, itchiness, sore skin on one of three pigs
  140. Injury Anyone Have Experience with an Arthritic Guinea Pig?
  141. Mites Yikes... My pigs have mites!!
  142. Conditions Possible UTI or Behavioral Issue?
  143. Conditions How long to treat for ringworm?
  144. Advantage Hale's Medical Thread
  145. Sneezing Piggy sneezing
  146. Lump 7 year old going into surgery for a huge lump
  147. Eyes/Non-crusty Paisley has something in her eye
  148. Conditions Foaming Discharge? Name that Illness
  149. Conditions Chewing plastic - harmful? how to stop?
  150. Injury Temporary paralysis - may or may not be from a fall
  151. Hair Loss my guinea pig has some hair loss around her mouth
  152. Injury Tooth injury need advice. Long post please read I don't think she has much time left
  153. Conditions Abnormally large, moist, and weirdly shaped poops
  154. Skin Problems possible fungal issue but unsue
  155. Urine Wet Tail????
  156. Not Eating Rescued guinea pig won't eat.
  157. Lump Swollen leg -- support, basically
  158. Injury suddenly cannot use back leg; diagnosis is arthritis
  159. Sick Possible System Failure, Any hope?
  160. Feet Bumblefoot or arthritis??
  161. Ringworm?
  162. Conditions Christmas Eve babies
  163. Infection Please help diagnose skin condition
  164. Skin Problems big sore on his armpit
  165. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Noisy Breathing - URI?
  166. Conditions flu hit household, how to best help my surviving pig?
  167. Hair Loss baby pig issue
  168. Crusty Eyes Crusty eyes, grunting
  169. Vet Looking for a piggie vet
  170. Diarrhea Mucus in poop - otherwise normal piggy
  171. Feet Toenail has turned black, and skin of toe looks dry and crusty
  172. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Raspy Breathing?
  173. Hair Loss Hair Loss on back
  174. Hair Loss bald spot on guinea pigs leg!
  175. Conditions Crust on guinea pigs back?
  176. Genitals Red small bald spot near genitals ;(
  177. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection My mom sprayed Febreeze in my room!
  178. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in the eye
  179. Infection Head tilt
  180. Congested Possible URI? What symptoms should i look for?
  181. Guinea Pig Sick
  182. Skin Problems Possible ringworm. Vet? Treat at home?
  183. Eyes/Non-crusty Early stages of pink eye, just irritated, or something else?
  184. Conditions Puffed
  185. Skin Problems Ringworm? Nothing at all? Opinions needed, please!
  186. Sick Newborn guinea pig, signs of Upper Respiratory Infection- very weak! what to do?
  187. Sick Guinea pig doesn't eat much or move much / saw vet few weeks ago
  188. Urine Guinea's Medical Thread
  189. Sick My Lucy and a Lump
  190. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Dosage of antibiotics?
  191. Stones Possible Bladder Stones?
  192. Sick Intermittent Head Tilt and Nodding- Is It Something?
  193. Weight Loss When to be concerned....
  194. Skin Problems Odd Bump
  195. Congested Male Guinea Pig making crackling sound
  196. Skin Problems Could it be Mites
  197. Conditions What to do for young guinea pig (~3 mo) with suspected mite condition?
  198. Neutering/Spaying Poll: to neuter or add a male cage mate?
  199. Stones need advice whats it like when they pass a stone?
  200. Sick Drinking A LOT
  201. Sick I'm sick; help with piggies!
  202. Not Eating Not Eating Hay or Water?
  203. Mocha's medical thread
  204. Medications Probiotics
  205. Skin Problems Darwynn has a fungus
  206. Parasites Ivermectin + Dosage Help?
  207. Lethargy Tips for Helping a Pig Heal After Loss of a Partner
  208. Conditions Orbax
  209. Sick Young piggy suffering uri - with antibiotics
  210. Not Eating And Poos Look Strange
  211. Abscess Sanitizing after possible CL?
  212. Skin Problems Scabs with hair loss
  213. Eyes/Non-crusty Red, swollen eyelid?
  214. Weight Loss First time weight loss - should I be worried?
  215. Sick Bloat??
  216. Vet What do you think?
  217. Impaction Question about poop
  218. Skin Problems Fungus Treatments?
  219. Teeth How quickly can malocclusion happen?
  220. Vet blood in urine, and a lump!
  221. Eyes/Non-crusty New Piggy Eyes. Entropion? Pictures Included
  222. Vet Can you help me pick which vet to use?
  223. Eyes/Non-crusty Is this normal?
  224. Tumor Deciding if surgery is the right choice
  225. Stones My guinea pig has either a UTI or some type of a stone
  226. Bloated Weight loss/ bloating/ difficulty defecating
  227. Stones A Stone Question
  228. Teeth My guinea pig has a bad tooth!
  229. Infection Upper Respiratory Infection...ugh
  230. Skin Problems Skin lesions in the neck region
  231. Genitals Swollen/hard testicle?
  232. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Do guinea pigs sigh or is this uri sign?
  233. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Old guinea pig with Pneumonia
  234. Injury Prayers for my piggie :( fell and is limping
  235. Mites Mites or fungus? Advice Pls!
  236. Conditions Guinea Pig not drinking water
  237. Infection Inflamed eye
  238. Teeth Stranger-than-normal igloo chewing
  239. Lump Hard lump on piggy's side
  240. Conditions Vitamin C Disorder?
  241. Teeth Guinea Pig lost teeth
  242. Urine White Pee (Possible calcium deposit?)
  243. Skin Problems How long does it take for mites to go away (with treatment)?
  244. Hair Loss Baffled by unexplained hair loss?!
  245. Not Eating My Tubbeles
  246. Conditions Strange behavior, possibly a seizure?
  247. Eyes/Non-crusty eye condition
  248. Hair Loss Bite Scabs or something else?
  249. Injury Just got back from the vet
  250. Infection Guinea pig with skin ascesses