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  1. Feet Recently adopted pig, nails in horrible condition
  2. Sick Advice on my guinea pig with dental problems?! Please Help!
  3. Lump Gizmo has a third nipple!!!
  4. Scratching is it normal?
  5. Skin Problems Dry and scabbed skin on baby pig - fungus? Pics
  6. Lethals Is this a Lethal?
  7. Diarrhea Lots of poop??
  8. Weight Loss Who's There is losing so fast
  9. Neutering/Spaying How long after spaying - reintroduced?
  10. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection What do to for an UTI for the time being?
  11. Sick Cat might have an eye infection. Piggy at risk :/
  12. Not Eating Worried about Oliver
  13. Sick Sad Bosley's Pet Store Experience
  14. Not Eating Off of Pellets and Hay
  15. Scratching Brand new guinea pig. itching quite a bit
  16. Not Eating Critical Care
  17. Not Eating New pig not eating veggies, tooth issue?
  18. Urine Red/brown colored urine?
  19. Conditions Swollen Testicle Neutered
  20. Conditions My Guinea pig's weight!!!
  21. Ovarian Cysts How long should I wait?
  22. Conditions Baby pig is squealing constantly the past few days
  23. Teeth Devastated after vet visit
  24. Conditions Pip my two year old boar
  25. Sick Heavy breathing off and on for months
  26. Neutering/Spaying I need some vet help!
  27. Scratching Could it be mites? And the kind of invemecton to get?
  28. Conditions Roy isn't drinking water!
  29. Sick Franks first vet experience... Stress!
  30. Mouth Orange Saliva and Drooling
  31. Conditions Gas and degestive.
  32. Sick My Guinea pig seems to be having seizures. Help!
  33. Eyes/Non-crusty Piece of bedding in eye
  34. Parasites I use fleece and my guinea pig has lice? Advice?
  35. Not Eating Need help for piggy post operative care
  36. Genitals Male guinea pig???
  37. Not Eating Oliver and his hunger strike
  38. Sneezing How much is too much?
  39. Scratching Ivermectin
  40. Sick HELP! Sneezing a lot
  41. Please help me :-( Scratching guinea pigs
  42. Stones Could too many pellets before 6 weeks cause bladder stones?
  43. Urine Possible causes of crystals and bacteria found in urine ...
  44. Mouth Carmie ate YARN!
  45. Teeth Are her teeth okay?
  46. Genitals Puberty in males?
  47. Conditions Pneumonia...Once recovered how long before it's safe to put back with others
  48. Scratching Lice or just dry skin?
  49. Genitals Sexing????
  50. Wheezing Please help, my guinea pig's breathing is strange!
  51. Vet Finding a Knowledgeable Exotics Vet
  52. Neutering/Spaying Testicles
  53. Conditions Possible head-tilt
  54. Not Eating Scared for Twix, unsure what happened
  55. Injury Guinea pig bit on top of nose..... (pictures included)
  56. Abscess Yucky scab, help needed!
  57. Teeth Penny's teeth - lump on jaw
  58. Abscess Abscess help?!
  59. Wheezing My guinea pig has trouble breathing!
  60. Crusty Eyes Guinea has one crusty eye
  61. Injury Bumps on me
  62. Injury Bleeding toenail -- not from trimming
  63. Weight Loss Sow losing weight 2 weeks after birth
  64. Vet Costs Veterinary Needs and Costs
  65. Vet Costs CareCredit Account
  66. Wheezing What does wheezing sound like exactly?
  67. Vet Guinea Pig First Aid Kit
  68. Sneezing Allergies?!
  69. Skin Problems Mites, fleas, lice?
  70. Injury Advice for a new guinea pig
  71. Conditions Inch-long white squishy thing?
  72. Genitals Need **URGENT** help-- Burst testicle and weight loss????
  73. Infection Is my pigs cut infected? Picture included
  74. Conditions Normally Calm Guinea Pig Freaking out when Touched
  75. Infection Flys !!!
  76. Sick Is this fine?
  77. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Daisy has a UTI! :( How can I help her?
  78. Injury Wakka Jumped!
  79. Sick enlarged heart, possible pneumonia, low heart rate, chest congestion
  80. Urine Is my guinea pig's urine normal? Pictures included!
  81. Weight Loss Normal Weight Gain?
  82. Sick Cause of death?
  83. Conditions Piggie rocking back and forth?
  84. Sick Sleeping or seizure?
  85. Genitals Neuter Incision Swollen
  86. Urine Guinea pig urinating frequently!
  87. Conditions Any tips for long road trip?
  88. Sick Is my guinea sick or not?
  89. Mouth are Henry's teeth too long?
  90. Revolution Revolution myths!
  91. Skin Problems Ringworm / do I have to throw all of their toys away?
  92. Genitals Yellow-ish Creamy Discharge!!!(*Picture Included*)
  93. Sick Guinea Pig Acting Suddenly Sick?
  94. Conditions Dry Heaves
  95. Neutering/Spaying Recovering from neuter...
  96. What is wrong with my Piggy?
  97. Mites wood toys after mites
  98. Conditions Vestibular disease
  99. Ivermectin Ivermectin question
  100. Eyes/Non-crusty One bulging eye , one normal eye
  101. Weight Loss Advice for guinea pig with weight loss, eating issues
  102. Mouth My piggies chewed on a trash bag!!
  103. Weight Loss Piggy lost a lot of weight!
  104. Mouth Odd noise?
  105. Urine Blood in pigs urine and leaking from butt
  106. Conditions Twitching and Screaming Guinea Pig
  107. Infection Hair Loss
  108. Vet Great new vet!
  109. Advantage Should you be able to feel a guinea pigs ribs?
  110. Weight Loss Weight loss with no other symptoms.
  111. Conditions Too much weight gain?
  112. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea pig making rattling noises when squeaking
  113. Revolution Dosing help, please!
  114. Injury Recovering from eye ulcer: What is normal and what is cause for concern?
  115. Genitals Brown stuff coming out my Guinea Pig's vagina?
  116. Skin Problems Ugh, ringworm!
  117. Injury Broken tooth advice!
  118. Parasites underside lost fur!!! URGENT!
  119. Conditions Fourth time taking my pig to the vet...
  120. Skin Problems Dandruff and massive amounts of shedding!
  121. Scratching My piggies are scratching a lot! is this mites?
  122. Eyes/Non-crusty Losing Fur around one eye - no other symptoms
  123. Urine Cloudy pee
  124. Ivermectin Mites on new pig, old pig treated recently
  125. Conditions strange breathing noises from Wilbur :(
  126. Conditions Hooting one day, nothing the next
  127. Feet Back legs dragging.
  128. Parasites A question about lice
  129. Conditions sad, depressed, whats wrong?
  130. Injury guinea pig appears to have cut on cheek
  131. Infection Do anitbiotics make piggies poop more than usual?
  132. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Is this a URI?
  133. Feet Guinea pig foot problem?
  134. Diarrhea New piggy with mushy poop?
  135. Sick guinea pig head twitch advise any info
  136. Mouth Moo has the slobbers..
  137. Not Eating Ginny isn't eating; worried piggy parent.
  138. Sick I think he is sick!
  139. Scratching I believe my guinea pigs have mites
  140. Diarrhea Tear drop poops
  141. Diarrhea Advice on causes of Diarrhea
  142. Wheezing Guinea pig allergies?
  143. Infection Infected anal sac, please help us out!
  144. Lump Pictures of encapsulated abscess removal
  145. Lethals what it's this guy?
  146. Impaction Saved from impaction
  147. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How do I get my little homie to take his medicine?
  148. Bloated Think Chicken has bloat
  149. Hair Loss Lily is losing some hair
  150. Eyes/Non-crusty My little buddy has a strange growth on his eye!
  151. Diarrhea Diarrhea, but acting fine?
  152. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Snorting noises from guinea pig?
  153. Eyes/Non-crusty White mark on eye?
  154. Injury Cloudy eye caused by hay what to do?
  155. Conditions Mabel is very small
  156. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI?
  157. Conditions HELP! Baby Guinea Pig struggling like stroke
  158. Sick Poop problem?
  159. Not Eating Advice needed on SubQ injections and oral medication
  160. Lump Bumps on my Guinea that I'm unsure of
  161. Conditions Can't eat hay or hard stems
  162. Infection Infection or something worse? New piggy mama and I'm worried.
  163. Sick Unknown infection or neurological
  164. Conditions Bum Rash
  165. Sick Salt's Medical Thread
  166. Sick Grunting and lost apetite - weired case
  167. Injury How to address a substantial wound
  168. Neutering/Spaying Can't tell if my guinea pig is Neutered....
  169. Conditions Ferb Cheilitis? Fungus? Other?
  170. Skin Problems How bad does his ears look?
  171. Vet Went To The Vet Today..2nd opinions?
  172. Mouth Wet chin, no signs of drooling
  173. Injury Is hopping normal? (Not popcorning)
  174. Cyst Is this a sebaceous cyst on my 4 yo boar's scrotum? (pic included)
  175. Sick Sick Pig: Bring One or Both?
  176. Sneezing My piggies are sneezing
  177. Eyes/Non-crusty something wrong with snow's left eye
  178. Genitals Neutered?
  179. Bloated Daily farts
  180. Conditions Baby born with 2 extra legs
  181. Mites How exactly are ear mites contracted?
  182. Vet grease gland
  183. Antibiotics not working
  184. Sick Wheezing? Recurrent URI?
  185. Bloated Stomach gurgling?
  186. Congested trouble breathing; airway sounds blocked by mucus
  187. Not Eating Guinea Pig Decreased Appetite
  188. Sick Help! my guinea pigs have have eaten weed killer!
  189. Conditions I can feel her bones.
  190. Infection Fungal problems
  191. Hair Loss Crusty bald patch
  192. Mites Tipsy Pig/ Itchy Pig
  193. Stones Drinking excess water with history of bladder stones
  194. Eyes/Non-crusty what do watery eyes mean?
  195. Scratching Baby Guinea, Excessive Scratching
  196. Genitals Bleeding from genitals
  197. Lump on my guinea pig
  198. Conditions New guinea pig had 1 baby...help!
  199. Not Eating Force Feeding
  200. Sick New Member with Serious Questions
  201. Teeth Rocky's Incisors
  202. Feet Spurs/Dead skin
  203. Lump Moveable lump on underside!
  204. Skin Problems Sticky patch under chin
  205. Genitals Anal Sack constantly out
  206. Skin Problems Pig is losing hair
  207. Mites Possible mites???
  208. Wheezing Possible URI in new pig
  209. Infection Is Conjunctivitis Zoonotic (human-animal,animal-human contagious)?
  210. Ovarian Cysts Post ovarian cyst surgery care.
  211. Sick Unusual noises, not as enthusiastic when being given food...
  212. Cyst Healing Scar picture & question.
  213. Crusty Eyes Nala's Eye- Fungus?
  214. Ovarian Cysts Symptoms of ovarian cysts returning...AFTER spaying?
  215. Eyes/Non-crusty Guinea pig eye shut
  216. Mites Treating a two week old baby for mites
  217. Conditions Sexing my baby
  218. Infection Blood in the urine
  219. Diarrhea Not sure if this is actual diarrhea or not.
  220. Vet Costs Suggestions for an emergency fund?
  221. Not Eating HELP... Guinea pig on the verge of being put to sleep
  222. Genitals Colonel Mustards penis
  223. Conditions Newbie owner: my adopted girl shook off blackish liquid droplets
  224. Sneezing Lots of Sneezing!
  225. Injury Newton is limping! (warning: +rant)
  226. Injury Guinea pig bite
  227. Sick Piggy lost front top left teeth/weight lost/wet bum
  228. Sneezing Baby Guinea Pig Sneezing and Crusty Eyes!?
  229. Ovarian Cysts Margaret's Medical Thread - Possible Ovarian Cysts
  230. Eyes/Non-crusty How can you tell if your guinea pig is blind?
  231. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I'm sick and so is my pig. Can I hold him?
  232. Feet Should I be concerned about her foot?
  233. Teeth My guinea pig Zelda's tooth is broken, what should I do?
  234. Sneezing possible allergies??
  235. Ovarian Cysts Eating after surgery but is it enough??
  236. Mites Dosing questions
  237. Vet First visit a success!
  238. Medications Treat after Meds
  239. Coughing Guinea Pig drinks water Fast then Coughs a little
  240. Skin Problems Scabs on guinea pig- bites or mites?
  241. Ovarian Cysts How much to give critical care, guinea pig not eating after surgery
  242. Feet Forever extending quick
  243. Sneezing How much sneezing is ok?
  244. Skin Problems Is Lotrimin safe to use on guinea pigs?
  245. Diarrhea Good poo or bad poo?
  246. Skin Problems Bald patch near nose - could it be ringworm? Picture included.
  247. Urine Brown urine - UTI?
  248. Injury Genital Injury
  249. Crusty Eyes Baby pig with crusty eyes
  250. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Please help i cant tell if my piggie is sick!