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  1. Vet Costs Neutering Boars- $50??!
  2. Conditions How to make pig comfy with ear pain
  3. Lethargy Lethargic Behavior
  4. Urine Possibly pregnant guinea pig pee and poo
  5. Vet Costs Two for the price of one
  6. Medications My piggies allergies
  7. Hair Loss Fungal/Mites IDK? Need Professional help
  8. Sick URI, not eating, larthic.... new pig rescued today...
  9. Vet Is this an exotic vet?
  10. Mites Ivermectin
  11. Conditions Is this normal for Guinea Pigs? Or an emergency?
  12. Parasites LICE!!!!
  13. Mites What brand of horse paste should I use
  14. Mites Mite spray bottle
  15. Genitals Girl?? Forgive pic quality...
  16. Feet Black, swollen nail??
  17. Parasites lice help
  18. Infection Possible URI, Sick Piggie
  19. Hair Loss Hair loss in her face :o
  20. Conditions Slightly runny nose
  21. Feet Peeling Feet by Pads
  22. Conditions boar with multiple health problems, suggestions please
  23. Skin Problems Mites or bites?
  24. Infection Persistent staph infection - alternatives to Baytril?
  25. Lump Advice Needed Please!!
  26. Sick Breathing Heavy/Less Active
  27. Parasites LICE - Ivermectin - Newbie - HELP PLEASE!!
  28. Not Eating Or drinking and losing weight -- New Piggy, Darla
  29. Sick Guinea Pig Ate Tape
  30. Eyes/Non-crusty Guinea pig eyes are...
  31. Neutering/Spaying Neutering good or bad help please
  32. Conditions Great pics - exotic pet vet site
  33. Diarrhea Mushy poop
  34. Mouth normal guinea pig eye color question
  35. Mouth Infection growing by her mouth
  36. Senior Guinea Pig Losing Weight
  37. Coughing URGENT- choking after antibiotics
  38. Hai:) can someone help me here ?
  39. Teeth Our piggie lost his front bottom teeth???
  40. Parasites Intestinal Parasites.
  41. Hair Loss Is this normal?
  42. Congested Congested pig!!!!!
  43. Conditions Kraizy house medical thread
  44. Weight Loss Skinny rescue sow
  45. Feet My guinea pig's back feet are black?
  46. Conditions Theres something on Humphrey's nose, what is it?
  47. Diarrhea Diarrhea and weird thing about his tush
  48. Conditions not sure of his behavior
  49. Skin Problems Ideas on treating skinny/teddy baby guinea pig skin
  50. Sick Polka's Medical Thread
  51. Urine How often do guinea pigs pee?
  52. Hair Loss Is it an infection? mites? or is the other one eating his hair?
  53. Infection What is this crusty stuff on my female guinea pigs private parts ?
  54. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Cranimals
  55. Hair Loss Bald spots getting bigger and spreading...hair coming off in clumps
  56. Vet Lump on piggies face
  57. Eyes/Non-crusty Experiences with Corneal Ulcer? Will my pet lose his sight permanently?
  58. Genitals Penis question
  59. Eyes/Non-crusty Chubbs has a squinty cloudy eye!
  60. Medications Is mineral oil the same as paraffin oil?
  61. Mites Please Confirm my Mite Treatment Plan
  62. Weight Loss 2YO male pig weight loss but eating/drinking ravenously
  63. Diarrhea Loose Stool in New Baby
  64. Skin Problems Small, white, wart-like bumps on right ear
  65. Not Eating Abscess treated with Baytril. Now Piggy won't eat or drink
  66. Injury Jumped to the floor - could he get injured ?
  67. Conditions Partial sight, partial hearing (possible lethal?) - advice
  68. Medications Has any of your vets tried this on ovarian cysts?
  69. Ivermectin Ivermectin 1%
  70. Sick G.I Issues-Unknown Cause-Symptoms: Mushy poop, then constipation, then mushy poop,etc
  71. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Weight loss?
  72. Eyes/Non-crusty Sheldon's Eyes - ulcerated cornea
  73. Mouth Heaving and eating droppings
  74. Conditions yellow looking poop??
  75. Stones Pig passed a stone PLEASE HELP
  76. Skin Problems Are these healing wonds or something more serious
  77. Scratching Still itchy one week after using Revolution
  78. Ovarian Cysts What sorts of things will I need after Kohaku's spay?
  79. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Poorly piggy, what vet to use and insurance UK
  80. Urine Urine and poo??
  81. Mouth Abcess
  82. Eyes/Non-crusty Willow Is Sick....
  83. Conditions Small bump on nose and maybe more?
  84. Infection Bacterial Infection
  85. Infection Abscess gone down flat but still open
  86. Neutering/Spaying Spay post-op help for Kohaku
  87. Tumor mammory tumor
  88. Sick Penny stopped pooping
  89. Sick Pear shaped piggy!!! Fat or Sick?
  90. Neutering/Spaying Got Cuddles spayed last week, just have a couple of questions
  91. Medications Antibiotic overdose, help!
  92. Parasites Parasite Protection
  93. Sick Possible URI?
  94. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI/Baytril
  95. Medications Are these medications safe? (Infacol vs. Ovol; Probiotic Acidophilus - Life Brand)
  96. Conditions Help with possible pregnancy in store bought guinea pig who was purchased with a Uri
  97. Sneezing Is sneezing always related to a URI?
  98. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI in new piggy
  99. Not Eating Piggies eating less and drinking more.. please help :(
  100. Feet Why does she hate her tummy being touched?
  101. Conditions Odd popcorning... Possible seizures?
  102. Hair Loss Hairloss and Redness All Over
  103. Mites How do I seperate pigs with Mites
  104. Vet Light pink urine
  105. Genitals It was male... and we already have a female!!
  106. Injury Paw is bugging her?
  107. Conditions Foster boy with multiple problems
  108. Skin Problems Hairloss
  109. Impaction Guinea pig liquid bloat
  110. Parasites Guinea Pigs and Ticks
  111. Lump lump just behind front paw
  112. Feet Are Pinkish Red Paws Normal?
  113. Feet Minor Bumblefoot, Is Vet Needed? (Money issues)
  114. Genitals I need help sexing two rescue guinea pigs
  115. Vet Finding a Cavy Savvie vet in my area
  116. Urine Orange urine
  117. Parasites Bugs found near cage?
  118. Sick Teeth issues, possible vitamin c issues, not wanting veg...many issues
  119. Coughing Allergy advice
  120. Sick Acting Strange?
  121. Skin Problems Red and bald spot. what do I do?
  122. Infection Possible Blockage/Infection
  123. Not Eating PediaSure vs. Pedialite vs. Ensure
  124. Stones Older Guinea Pig with Bladder Stones Needs Surgery
  125. Genitals Please give me your opinion on my pups sexes
  126. Coughing Recent choking... How can i help?
  127. Hair Loss scratching and balding
  128. Conditions The vet couldn't help, please help me!
  129. Lump Ball on my young cuy's neck
  130. Wheezing Moody Pig - Wheezing slightly, hiding all day
  131. Injury Scratches on nose: if/when should I worry?
  132. Teeth Dagny's broken tooth is not growing back
  133. Vet how much should i save for future vet costs?
  134. Sick Abscess draining & vet recommended fasting times?
  135. Stones Guinea pig has painful kidney stone.
  136. Infection URI being treated with Baytril for 10 days at 10ml
  137. Sick My Sow hurt her leg need advice
  138. Tumor Ovarian Cysts and Mammary Tumor
  139. Sick Ideas about what's wrong?
  140. Lump Large lump starting to turn black/red
  141. Urine Peeing for 3 seconds
  142. Sick Ringworm! Need opinions and advice!!
  143. Sneezing Should I be worried about a couple sneezes?
  144. Conditions Ringworm Treatment
  145. Sick My guinea pig is acting weird.
  146. Injury Is this a Hay Poke?
  147. Neutering/Spaying Male neutering
  148. Not Eating Guinea pig having trouble eating due to unknown tooth problem?! What do I do?
  149. Sick Crusty/swollen nipples. Something to be concerned about? Or nothing?
  150. Not Eating Can mites cause a lack of appetite?
  151. Weight Loss Thin pig (not about weight loss so much as plateauing at a low weight)
  152. Neutering/Spaying Neutering - Will it help end the stink?
  153. Sick Guinea Pig Sneezing
  154. Feet My piggy's feet Could Be hurting him but I don't know how to tell!!
  155. Conditions Skin tag on the back of my male guinea pig should i go to vet he eats normally
  156. Sick Worried
  157. Mites Static mites or something else? Pics included
  158. Sick Frustrated and Sad....Lost our new guinea pig today to ringworm treatment
  159. Sick Convulsing, not moving much, and seizures? Advice on what to do
  160. Hair Loss Hair Loss Around Eye
  161. Medications Aerosoled antibiotics
  162. Scratching Me again....sigh. Worried the other piggy has something?!
  163. Conditions Strange skin condition on new adoptee
  164. Lump Hair loss and lump
  165. Weight Loss Guinea pig not eating
  166. Medications Batril dosage question
  167. Crusty Eyes One eye
  168. Not Eating 4 year old male pig not eating veggies
  169. Skin Problems Scab on boy guinea pig near genitals
  170. Conditions Appetite for poop?
  171. Mites A skinny male, with mites left in a box
  172. Sick Is wet tail contagious to guinea pigs ? Can wood toys be sterilized?
  173. Hair Loss Tolnaftate cream for Ringworm
  174. Injury What do I need to use for my injured piggy's ear from a fight with another male?
  175. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Strange Noise - possible UTI? - help identifying the sound
  176. Mites itchy guinea pig and a new owner!
  177. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI Treatmet Concerns
  178. Neutering/Spaying Is it worth it?: your opinions and stories
  179. Sick Newbie! I think one of them is sick....
  180. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Patches Battles Against Respiratory Infection
  181. Vet Toronto cavy vets?
  182. Sick Lethargic piggy
  183. Eyes/Non-crusty Something wrong with my piggie's eye
  184. Conditions Newbie Owner: Is this normal behavior?
  185. Mites Ear Mites?
  186. Parasites Fleas and ticks
  187. Infection New pig owner. Something is wrong when her eye.
  188. Sick Allergies? Or sick
  189. Abscess Piggy died after taking her home from the vet
  190. Feet Troublesome toes!
  191. Injury New pig limping
  192. Sneezing Possible URI
  193. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nose crusty/URI or?
  194. Teeth Temporarily down a pair
  195. Sick Looking for Advice - Vet is stumped by Guinness' Symptoms
  196. Sick Problem with Pooping?
  197. Feet Broken toe nails
  198. Skin Problems Flaky/Dry skin on a Skinny Pig
  199. Conditions head tilt?
  200. Eyes/Non-crusty White spot on eye? Please help!
  201. Medications Question on Reglan dosage
  202. Injury Is this a scratch or mites?
  203. Vet Exotic Pet Vet
  204. Parasites Mites or lice....?
  205. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Bladder Sludge/Stones
  206. Medications No chill Baytril
  207. Sick Magics Vet Thread
  208. Skin Problems Black spots on skin?
  209. Sick Can wipes replace bathing for Cavys?
  210. Genitals Gender help plz
  211. Infection Head tilt- possible ear infection
  212. Conditions Will she always be small?
  213. Vet Going to vet for the first time
  214. Coughing Coughing/ Wheezing after/ during feeding, possible voice problems?
  215. Vet I really can't find a vet
  216. Infection Symptoms of an Ear Infection?
  217. Feet How can i tell it's bumble foot?
  218. Feet homemade remedy for bumble foot
  219. Conditions Afraid Pig will get stroke, having trouble where to put cage in summer.
  220. Weight Loss Strange weight pattern
  221. Injury An unfortunate boar glue incident or something worse?
  222. Urine Orange or Bloody
  223. Injury How long will it take to heal?
  224. Vet How often?
  225. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sick Piggy and the Vet is Closed!
  226. Lump Help, abscess? dewlap?
  227. Impaction Chronic impaction - how bad is it?
  228. Any ideas what is wrong with my piggy?
  229. Injury Wound On Top Of Front Foot
  230. Sick My guinea pig died a disturbing death - is that typical?
  231. Sick Nose appears runny - should I be concerned?
  232. Sick Piggy still sick after medication
  233. Urine Strange White Pools/Patches??
  234. Injury Jipsy hurt her back legs
  235. Feet new born guinea pig born with hanging toes? idk what to do
  236. Parasites How to cure lice fast?
  237. Injury My guinea pig's Eye injury Need feed back/ advice for my guinea pig please!
  238. Eyes/Non-crusty Can I use Chloramphenicol eye drops on piggies?
  239. Injury I clipped the quick!
  240. Skin Problems sensitive patch of skin?
  241. Conditions Dry scaly ears
  242. Sick A few worrisome issues with my poor Piggers.
  243. Eyes/Non-crusty Slight pink thing under eye
  244. Teeth Looks like just one, incredibly long tooth!
  245. Injury possible back injury
  246. Genitals virgin coconut oil for cleaning anal sac?
  247. Teeth Guinea pig keeps losing bottom teeth. Why is this?
  248. Ovarian Cysts Baby Pig with Ovarian Cysts?
  249. Skin Problems Weird Flaky and Scabbed Skin...
  250. Mouth Shelter is helping with medical care