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  1. Sick Young guinea pig acting very lethargic and not eating much
  2. Teeth guinea pig with no bottom incisors
  3. Impaction Anal sacs
  4. Crusty Eyes Help please!!
  5. Eyes/Non-crusty Concerned about seeing the white around her eye
  6. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye infection/Possible URI
  7. Medications Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
  8. Feet My piggies poor paws.
  9. Mites Invermectin Dilution
  10. Stones trying to clear up sludge, need low/no calcium pellet suggestions
  11. Eyes/Non-crusty Pink around eye?
  12. Sick Paralysis after Giving Birth, No known Injuries...
  13. Teeth Space/Gap between top front teeth?
  14. Sick Unusual soft droppings
  15. Teeth malocclusion and veterinary cost
  16. Diarrhea Mushy irregular shaped pig poop.
  17. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Strange breathing.
  18. Sick Might have eaten something they shouldn't. Assistance please
  19. Sick Very runny diarrhea,not sure what causes this?
  20. Eyes/Non-crusty Red lump on inner eye
  21. Vet Looking for a vet in Philadelphia pa. Area.
  22. Conditions Soft poop could it be antibiotics?
  23. Feet nail trimming
  24. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Peeing blood, please help!
  25. Impaction Possible Impaction?
  26. Feet Possible bumblefoot-- advice please!
  27. Injury Came home to find a scratch on his nose?
  28. Conditions I Have A Guinea Pig In Quarantine. What Should I Look Out For?
  29. Infection Cut the quick accidentally
  30. Ovarian Cysts Ovarian Cysts in Two-Year-Old
  31. Vet Finally taking Chewy to the vet, but questions?
  32. Mites Has anyone tried this for mites?
  33. Mites Ear mites?
  34. Parasites Mange Mites - Herbie
  35. Conditions sleeping on back. is that normal?
  36. Vet Vet opinions for the Tennessee, Virgina, and Kentucky area.
  37. Conditions Crusty Nose (Bogeys?)
  38. Parasites Mites or Lice?
  39. Injury Weird Head Tilt Thing?
  40. Feet Clotting in nail after clipping, is this normal?
  41. Teeth Crooked teeth causing drooling?
  42. Conditions Weight questions
  43. Neutering/Spaying I'm considering getting my boar fixed
  44. Sick Update on Tobi
  45. Teeth Have you had dental problems with your pig?
  46. Coughing I think I'm going to have to run my Chai to the vet tomorrow :/
  47. Hair Loss New piggie! Pee matted bottom.
  48. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in eye, help and suggestions
  49. Conditions Rainbow making weird noise,
  50. new please help need some advice about bladder stones.
  51. Injury This is my first post with a couple questions
  52. Feet What is this??
  53. Feet Boar glue stuck to foot...
  54. Genitals What kind of oil?
  55. Skin Problems Black behind ears and a little bit on paw
  56. Sick Help! :( guinea pig hair loss and twitchiness!!!
  57. Ovarian Cysts Possible Ovarian Cysts - Darla
  58. Sneezing Suddenly sneezing. Just the cold? Or something more?
  59. Sick guinea pig is sick and im not there
  60. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Pneumonia Information
  61. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI in four month old guinea pig?
  62. Vet Blog commenter claims sick piggy and no vets nearby - advice for her?
  63. Vet Costs Possible heart problems
  64. Mites Cleaning Cage With Mites
  65. Conditions Ear Wax Cleaning Help
  66. Conditions Missing whiskers?
  67. Injury HELP!!! Dragging back legs!!!
  68. Heart Issues New to Pigs and a Tragedy from the get go.
  69. Lump lump near waist of my 4.5 year old cavy
  70. Parasites Black Crust on Left Ear
  71. Sick Sick piggy 3 vets and nobody really sure yet what is wrong with him
  72. Sick Phoenix is sick
  73. Teeth Luna Bell... Eating and teeth
  74. Sick Can't poop, won't eat pellets or hay or drink, she is eating veggies! Help!
  75. Lump My guinea pig's penis is protruding and he has a lump on his tummy
  76. Conditions A few possible medical problems?
  77. Weight Loss Losing weight but eating and seems happy!
  78. Sick Another sick piggy... possible pneumonia this time
  79. Eyes/Non-crusty Cataract in right eye and excessive drinking
  80. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in Eye - How Do I Get it Out?
  81. Impaction Boar glue in the anal sac?
  82. Not Eating force feeding through syringe
  83. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Baytril administration
  84. Eyes/Non-crusty Little Dobby and his little eye
  85. Feet Where to get coconut oil?
  86. Sick Guinea pig sick urgent!!!
  87. Skin Problems HELP. 3 piggies with ringworm, daughter got it from them
  88. Parasites Do Guinea Pigs need a flea prevenative?
  89. Sneezing Sneezing and Sniffling...What to Do???
  90. Not Eating My piggy not eating any vegetables
  91. Eyes/Non-crusty Lady's Eye
  92. Sick Weight Gain....
  93. Conditions Shedding fur need help
  94. Infection fungal infection treatment
  95. Skin Problems Am I making him mean?!?
  96. Skin Problems When is ringworm healed
  97. Sick Itching, losing fur and possibly other issues HELP!!!
  98. Conditions need help what to buy meds
  99. Feet red feet treatment
  100. Conditions nystatin or monistat help
  101. Vet Angry at VET after neutering
  102. Infection Meds Help pls
  103. Not Eating Not Eating His Veggies
  104. Feet Bloody Nail
  105. Vet Temecula, CA
  106. Not Eating Won't eat his hay
  107. Conditions New baby isn't using his back legs
  108. Bloated Please Help! Piggie Bloated, Mommy Scared!!
  109. Not Eating Guinea Pig Behaving Oddly
  110. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Pneumonia, wet chin, already been to vet
  111. Conditions Soft poop caused by milk excretion?
  112. Not Eating Possible neuro issue?
  113. Conditions Kitchen smoke around piggies?! Help!
  114. Conditions birth defects... where to go from here?
  115. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI already been to vet, urine still dark
  116. Hair Loss Possable mites
  117. Conditions Adopted Guinea Pig (Possible Pregnancy)
  118. Sick A sick piggie please help
  119. Mites Getting worse
  120. Mites Has anyone ever tried this product?
  121. Injury My piggy hit his head!!! TWICE! D:
  122. Genitals Swollen genitals, wet scabs, discoloration
  123. Sick Popcorning...?
  124. Neutering/Spaying Should I spay my girls?
  125. Ovarian Cysts Blood Clot, and Newly Diagnosed with cysts, advice?
  126. Skin Problems Open wound and hair loss - possible ringworm?
  127. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in her eye??
  128. Injury eye poke and boar glue question
  129. Injury He Hurt His Leg!
  130. Skin Problems Rough Skin Spot appeared on back
  131. Lethargy At the ER
  132. Eyes/Non-crusty Squinty eye?
  133. Bloated Something is wrong with Chewy :(
  134. Urine One of my pigs peeing blood?
  135. Stones Star's medical thread
  136. Skin Problems Red by nose with a few scabs
  137. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI's can cause Ear infections?
  138. Crusty Eyes Crusty eyes, boogers in nose
  139. Vet Cool thing I found out about the guinea pigs new vets office
  140. Eyes/Non-crusty fatty eye
  141. Coughing She keeps choking!!
  142. Stones Stones forming?
  143. Urine Gritty, white calcium deposits!
  144. Eyes/Non-crusty Help!!
  145. Urine Thick Orange Pee
  146. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Cat to guinea pig infection??
  147. Conditions What could be wrong with this guinea pig
  148. Urine Red/brown pee
  149. Skin Problems What is this bald patch?
  150. Conditions could a wild rat hurt guinea pigs?
  151. Medications happy wheeking piggie...with painful pooping:(
  152. Revolution Has anyone tried Revolution?
  153. Not Eating Not eating enough hay imo
  154. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery Eye
  155. Not Eating Had to separated my two piggies and now Willma will NOT EAT anything!
  156. Vet First vet appt.
  157. Conditions LCMV and Guinea pigs?
  158. Skin Problems Ringworm-Antifungal shampoo?
  159. Sick What is the best way to transport your piggy to the vet comfortably?
  160. Sick Guinea pig with smelly discharge from nose
  161. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection nasal discharge, possibly URI???
  162. Sick My poor pig has a URI :(
  163. Conditions Adopting a blind pig
  164. Crusty Eyes Not eating drinking with runny nose
  165. Mites Mites on fleece - Need help please?
  166. Medications Probiotics for my Guinea Pig?
  167. Sick Cloudy eyes, Pneumonia, Scabs (close to bumblefoot) and many more...
  168. Conditions Reeses' turn to be sick and act odd
  169. Vet Do guinea pigs need a yearly check-up?
  170. Conditions Mushy poops, some in small pieces
  171. Hair Loss Loosing hair what do I do?
  172. Infection Giz has made a recovery!
  173. Urine Should I be worried about how this urine (?) looks?
  174. Impaction Noticed a few stuck poos
  175. Vet help finding future vet? moving
  176. Sick Wheezing
  177. Gizmo's medical thread
  178. Coughing Choking on water?
  179. Eyes/Non-crusty Red at bottom of eye?
  180. Teeth Possibly broken incisors
  181. Crusty Eyes Crusty, maroon, swollen, only one eye
  182. Conditions Bene-Bac
  183. Infection Bed Bugs and Guinea Pigs
  184. Skin Problems Sarcoptic Mange- Cookie's experience
  185. Skin Problems Piper acts like she's in pain when I touch her!?
  186. Eyes/Non-crusty Vets in Maryland?
  187. Mouth Found big lump of boar glue IN mouth
  188. Lethals Two possible lethal white borns today
  189. Infection Is it normal or infection?
  190. Injury My guinea pig ate some string?
  191. Coughing Dry heaving?
  192. Vet Boys getting a vet call
  193. Feet Cutting nails, and one nail bled a little...No Styptic Powder...
  194. Vet Exotic vets in Iowa!
  195. Injury Piggys ate scooter handle - pink foam rubber?
  196. Conditions Deformed pup..what do I do?
  197. Weight Loss Buns, losing weight :(
  198. Skin Problems White crusty stuff on belly
  199. Medications How long should my pig be on antibiotics?
  200. Sick wet patch on guinea pig face
  201. Ivermectin Lice AND Mites??
  202. Urine Incredibly unlucky piggie, blood in pee
  203. Conditions Can guinea pigs have seperation anxiety issues
  204. Conditions Recovered from Vitamin C deficiency. Can it cause any future issues?
  205. Lump Concerned about a growth found under chin...
  206. Urine White Urine
  207. Teeth Grinding teeth?
  208. Abscess Elliott - Abscess?
  209. Skin Problems Grease gland/not sure/problem (warning: Gross picture)
  210. Conditions Strange Noise when Breathing?
  211. Sick Ear Infection (We think)
  212. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection is it URI?
  213. Vet myrtle beach, south carolina vets?
  214. Sick Another illness in the house
  215. Conditions Moo's medical thread.
  216. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye looks weird
  217. Conditions 2 new moms - baby and family advice?
  218. Injury Injury or Possible mites
  219. Vet Oy what a "well-check"!
  220. Sick Can I pass a sore throat to my piggies.
  221. Feet Strange growth on bottom of piggie's foot
  222. Sick need advice piggy is in distress when he poops.
  223. Hair Loss not sure what this is help!
  224. Weight gain
  225. Conditions Guinea pig eaten plastic bag - what to do ?
  226. Lump Anyone know what this is?..
  227. Sick red urine, need advice
  228. Conditions Um... what is happening with my guinea pig's poop?
  229. Sick breathing different, hooting, crackling, gurgling
  230. Sick My Snuggles passed away, and I am afraid it is my fault...
  231. Infection Is this bumbblefoot and question on Fungal Infection treament
  232. Conditions Now what? Breathing problems and ovarian cysts.
  233. Sick OMG! Guinea Pig #3 also died! WTH am I doing wrong? (Long, sorry)
  234. Neutering/Spaying Is a guinea pig okay with this long of a fast time?
  235. Teeth Overgrown Teeth??
  236. Genitals Please help sexing new rescue
  237. Medications Acidophilus with milk?
  238. Conditions Abdominal pain in Active, Eating, Drinking pig
  239. Conditions He ate my hair! :S
  240. Sick OMG, Dora and Olivia are very sick
  241. Genitals Boar Grease Gland Clogged
  242. Infection How to tell ig your GP is cured?
  243. Injury *HELP* Guinea pig chipped teeth.
  244. Weight Loss How Can I Help My Guinea Pig To Gain A Bit Of Weight?
  245. Heart Issues Morning Hooting?
  246. Hair Loss Bald spots?
  247. Conditions Combo mushy poops and dry poops mostly small
  248. Urine Red urine..
  249. Conditions white milky urin
  250. Conditions Paranoid about pregnancy...