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  1. Sick stuffy nose - doctors don't consider it as anything wrong
  2. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How does a URI piggy's nose looks like?
  3. Impaction Piggy can't poop?
  4. Sick clicking sounds
  5. Heart Issues !*!* Did Sherbet just have a seizure? !*!*!*
  6. Urine Blood in Pee alot please help!
  7. Stones Passing Away from Bladder Stone Surgery Complications and Cage mate Advice
  8. Weight Loss Jellybean Medical Thread
  9. Lump Lump Removal Surgery Questions
  10. Bloated Still eating and urinating but only pooping a very small amount?
  11. Sick Sick Guinea Pig and don't know much about them...need advice. Thinking URI?
  12. Oreo's medical thread
  13. Eyes/Non-crusty Piggie's left eye very suddenly cloudy and white?
  14. Hair Loss New Baby Pigs Hair Loss Issue
  15. Urine Brown Spots Near/On White Urine Spots
  16. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection 4 and a half year old boy keeps getting Rattle noise...
  17. Vet Costs Do pigs get sick easily? And URI question?
  18. Parasites Need help with skin condition
  19. Medications Oxbow Urinary Support Tablets-Thoughts?
  20. Mites Mites keep coming back to my pig
  21. Heart Issues New piggy has heart failure
  22. Diarrhea poorly piggy
  23. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Is 'Chloramphenicol Palmitate' safe for guinea pig with corynebacterium renale?
  24. Diarrhea Unknown discharge- Diarrhea??
  25. Diarrhea Unknown discharge- Diarrhea??
  26. Skin Problems Flea Treatment
  27. Hair Loss New pig losing hair all of a sudden
  28. Ovarian Cysts Pig with possible ovarian cysts, spaying?
  29. Neutering/Spaying Infected Spay Wound *Slightly Graphic*.
  30. new piggy gives birth
  31. Weight Loss Bert - Weight Loss, concerned & needing advice!
  32. Medications Revolution: Should i use it?
  33. Lump Lump in throat
  34. Sick sick or am I just paranoid?!
  35. Parasites Advice/Opinions needed
  36. Sick Got into trash
  37. Eyes/Non-crusty Corneal Dystrophy and a blocked duct
  38. Eyes/Non-crusty Pink/Cloudy... Help!
  39. Sick Guinea's Teeth and Stomach Issues
  40. Wheezing Strange Sound Coming from Pig (with video!)
  41. Infection Infection in neck - possibly from a bite
  42. Congested Steaming my guinea pig?
  43. Ivermectin I need help with the doseage please.
  44. Sick 1 Sick 1 Lonely
  45. Scratching Scratching/Nibbling/Sneezing?
  46. Sick My guineapig ate some fluff will she be ok?
  47. Bloated How can you tell if your pig is bloated?
  48. Conditions Poop smelling and big poops and farting
  49. Vet Olive just seems "off"? Instinct or something actually wrong? How to tell?
  50. Eyes/Non-crusty Swollen eye lid
  51. Not Eating Eating Some Veggies but No Pellets
  52. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Lice and UTIs- Advice
  53. Injury Scabs on New Piggy
  54. Sick Female guinea bleeding from bottom?
  55. Ralphie--Misaligned Teeth
  56. Sick URI from me?
  57. Conditions How to keep pigs warm
  58. Neutering/Spaying I feel like this is all my fault
  59. Sick Guinea pig is not pooping like usual, worried
  60. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Never look a gift horse, they say....
  61. Neutering/Spaying How much food post-op, quiet-ness, and possible post-op symptoms
  62. Neutering/Spaying Wondering about Neutering
  63. Sick Should I get critical care?
  64. Ivermectin Where to get ivermectin in PERTH WA
  65. Urine Is this normal or what?
  66. Mouth Crusty lips!?!?!?
  67. Impaction chewed the puppy pad-when can I stop worrying?
  68. Conditions Guinea pig with possible heart problems (started Hooting when eating breakfast).
  69. Weight Loss help me help my guinea pig to lose weight
  70. Genitals Male or Female?
  71. Perky's Medical Thread
  72. Conditions Seizure? I need help identifying soon
  73. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery eyes(like Tears) and Lies down a lot
  74. The absence of noise
  75. Conditions Possible mites?
  76. Sick Should I take my little girl to the emergency vet?
  77. Ovarian Cysts Ovarian cysts, or something else?
  78. Sick Kenzi's Medical Thread
  79. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Help guinea pig getting worse
  80. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay stuck
  81. Malocclusion
  82. Scaly Feet!!!
  83. Urine Thick pee?
  84. Sick Tiny poo, not really moving
  85. Sick Nose crusty?
  86. Not Eating How to hand feed?
  87. Lethargy Guinea Pig behavior after surgery?
  88. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection SOS I need tips to helping my guinea pig breathe
  89. Crusty Eyes Old sheltie with one crusty eye
  90. Scratching Guinea pig itchier than usual around face area?
  91. Genitals Shriveled/limp genitilia
  92. Ovarian Cysts Lupron shot versus Surgery - 7 year old guinea
  93. Scratching Itchy flakey skin!
  94. Ivermectin Question about Ivermectin
  95. Mites Bad case of mites
  96. Bloated Gurgling stomach
  97. Genitals Boar Anatomy
  98. Sick Help! Vomiting
  99. Conditions Ringworm UGH!
  100. Hair Loss Hair loss and scabs around eye
  101. Genitals Is my guinea pig a boy??
  102. Mites What kind of mites?
  103. Conditions mucus on poop?
  104. Sick Sudden Death, No Apparent Cause
  105. Skin Problems Abyssinian Shedding and Lots of Dandruff
  106. Feet May have Polydactyly???
  107. Not Eating Possible tooth problems?
  108. Mites Is it mites or ???
  109. Conditions New rescued pig, ?neuro problems
  110. Revolution Revolution otc or ivermectin
  111. Revolution Been treated..does hair look worse before better?
  112. Hair Loss Old guinea pig
  113. Vet Costs Help Save Patches!
  114. Neutering/Spaying Neutering my (newfound) boar?
  115. Sick sneezing which antibodies didn't help & now he is either trying to roll over/rub ears
  116. Injury She got bitten by a rat
  117. Parasites Small black spots in fur
  118. Sick What's the best way to give antibiotics?
  119. Feet What should feet look like?
  120. Urine slightly yellow and cloudy, is it normal?
  121. Weight Loss Weight loss and picky eating
  122. Skin Problems Suddenly biting and sensitive?
  123. Sick My guinea pig might have a cold and the vet clinic is closed!!!
  124. Sick HELP! Guinea pig isn't pooping.
  125. Neutering/Spaying Should i neuter my boy?
  126. Teeth NO bottom teeth, Top teeth curl
  127. Sneezing Guinea pigs acting normal aside from sneezing?
  128. Feet Growth on nail
  129. Urine Pink urine while in heat
  130. Urine Blood in Urine - what to do before getting to vets?
  131. Genitals Should I have my second female fixed, adding to cage with another female
  132. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection should i do probiotics while on antibiotics?
  133. Conditions White liquid and possible bleeding through genitals
  134. Injury Small scratch under eye
  135. Impaction Impaction in a youngish boar and should I get him neutered?
  136. Scratching Guinea Pig Scratching More Than Usual...What Should I Do?! Mites?
  137. Sick My guinea pig is sick and vet has no idea, can you help me?
  138. Bloated Vet dosen't say gas is bloat??
  139. Neutering/Spaying pregnancy in guinea pigs
  140. Skin Problems Flower has a red ring behind her ear. What is it?
  141. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Stuffy nose?
  142. Heart Issues Congestive heart failure? Please help, we're so worried
  143. Skin Problems New guinea pigs, worried about ones rash (pictures in text)
  144. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye 'goop'?????
  145. Not Eating on Baytril and very decreased appetite
  146. Infection Lumps under jaw - vet says it's food stuck in cheek pouch
  147. Weight Loss Losing weight
  148. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Do I need to take piggy back to vet if already on Baytril
  149. Urine Dark Brown Urine
  150. Conditions Crust on nipples
  151. Teeth Teeth growing too long - when should I start worrying about a visit to the vet?
  152. Lump Is it normal?
  153. Eyes/Non-crusty Gunk around 1 eye. Could not open it.
  154. Coughing Concerned about coughing
  155. Conditions new guinea lots of issues
  156. Conditions Daisys health thread
  157. Conditions Could this be cataracts?
  158. Skin Problems My Long haired guinea pig has flakey , crusty ear currently treating with Nizoral
  159. Urine: blood, sludge or what?
  160. Feet Foot turning black
  161. Injury White patchon ear? Possiable fight injury?
  162. Weight Loss Low in weight.
  163. Double Ear Infection & Upper Respiratory Infection URGENT...LONG!
  164. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery eye
  165. Abscess Post-neuter abscess: when to stop flushing it out?
  166. Conditions Small, soft, dark droppings.
  167. Injury how do I protect small sore?
  168. Skin Problems Possible genital infection on male guinea pig?
  169. Scratching Mites?
  170. Diarrhea Pregnant guinea pig with soft stool
  171. Pregnant piggie
  172. Not Eating My guinea pig is done fighting, But im not
  173. Sick Pregnant cavy experiencing seizures.
  174. Injury Is this bumble foot??
  175. Conditions Lice and dandruff question..
  176. Infection Fungal Nose Stripe?
  177. Eyes/Non-crusty Partially Blind?
  178. Medications Need Advice on how to use Selamectin
  179. Sick My Gp is willing to eat but can't bite or chew, HELP.
  180. Ivermectin how many doses? + preventative?
  181. Conditions Slight Head tilt and Twitchy Ear
  182. Mouth Quiet Guinae!
  183. Skin Problems Scab on nose
  184. Conditions Rubber band
  185. Abscess Ferb's open sore
  186. Not Eating my nibbles is sick
  187. Crusty Eyes Crusty eye and sneezing
  188. Sick Is my piggy okay?
  189. Teeth Broken teeth
  190. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection When is a URI no longer contagious
  191. Vet Can Guinea Pigs Eat Carnations?
  192. Conditions Ben's Feet
  193. Injury Hay in the eye
  194. Sneezing My guinea has a slightly runny nose and is kinda sneezing what could it be?
  195. Tumor Mammary gland removal in female guinea pig - prognosis?
  196. Skin Problems Which should i treat for first? Dry Skin or Fungal Infection?
  197. Sick Help with fire pig
  198. Abscess another pig with an abscess, i could just cry
  199. Conditions Dillie medical thread
  200. Conditions Lower body contracts when having bowel movement?
  201. Injury My Pookie got bit in the leg!
  202. Vet Looking for a vet, what type of info can I get about the Dr. without an appointment
  203. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea pig breathing heavy? URI?
  204. Medications A question regarding Fluconazole
  205. Sneezing Guinea Pig Sneezing?
  206. Vet Vets for Guinea pigs Philippines?
  207. Lump Lump near scent gland
  208. Infection Infection, or markings?
  209. Injury Swollen toes from cut on toe
  210. Conditions Can humans contract pink eye from guinea pigs?! Because...uh-oh!
  211. Vet Back from the vet, got some info but really not impressed
  212. Weight Loss How much should a female pig weigh
  213. Feet Foot Bleeding - possible bumblefoot?
  214. Lump Lymph nodes swollen?
  215. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Pinkish color pee
  216. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Bene-Bac?
  217. Skin Problems Bite/Scratch from new pig or rash?
  218. Genitals New pigs! Can anal sac cleaning wait for the vet?
  219. Mouth Does my boar have cheilitis?? And pooping out of...TWO holes??? Help
  220. Lethals Please give advice on a possible lethal.
  221. Sick To euthanize or not to euthanize...
  222. Feet Serious Nail Problems
  223. Feet help. bad nails, weird feet pads, and gross ears. just rescued.
  224. Feet Baby's leg looks weird
  225. Injury 2 Pigs. One with a foot wound. One with impaction. Bad Day.
  226. Neutering/Spaying Getting piggy neutered tomorrow, tips?
  227. Injury Injured leg/hip? And pimple on other leg? Or abcess?
  228. Coughing Thump,Cough. Now he's fine?
  229. Sick possible piggy seizures.
  230. Congested deviated septum / breathing problem not URI in new pet
  231. Not Eating Critical Care Types
  232. Eyes/Non-crusty Grey-eyed guinea pig? Normal?
  233. Eyes/Non-crusty Milky White Eye Fluid
  234. Sick Bloating
  235. Medications Critical Care - is the normal one or fine grind best?
  236. Urine Bloody Urine, help!
  237. Conditions 3 year female died randomly. why :(
  238. Sick Can guinea pigs catch flu virus?
  239. Abscess Abscess in cheek plus infection leads to surgery
  240. Urine White calcium in urine
  241. Impaction Is an Impaction in Our Future?
  242. Skin Problems Red back paw- What to do?
  243. Vet New piggies from a rescue, they still go get a well visit right away correct?
  244. Teeth Guinea pig Teeth?
  245. Sick Young guinea pig acting very lethargic and not eating much
  246. Teeth guinea pig with no bottom incisors
  247. Impaction Anal sacs
  248. Crusty Eyes Help please!!
  249. Eyes/Non-crusty Concerned about seeing the white around her eye
  250. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye infection/Possible URI