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  1. Genitals New adopted male pig...
  2. Injury Broken Leg?
  3. Conditions Not sure if piggy is sick.
  4. Medications Probiotics
  5. 3 boar cavies from Pets at Home
  6. Teeth Eating Problems
  7. Urine White Urine
  8. Conditions Can piggies be allergic to timothy hay?
  9. Conditions Bee stings in cavies/rabbits
  10. Parasites Scratching and Spasming
  11. Injury Piggie foot bleeding? Bumble foot or puncture? How to clean?
  12. Sick My girl is going bald HELP HELP!!!!!
  13. Sick 7 year-old piggy sick -- should I take her to te vet?
  14. Mites Ear mites?
  15. Sneezing Sneezing quite a bit?
  16. Hair Loss Mom is losing hair.
  17. Genitals Anal sac question
  18. Impaction Does my guinea pig have impaction or something else?
  19. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Bunny Hazardous to GP
  20. Infection Parasites vs Fungal
  21. Urine What does urine sludge look like?
  22. Conditions Seizures in Guinea Pigs?
  23. Infection Cyclospora Outbreak
  24. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Seemingly spreading to all pigs? What am I doing wrong?
  25. Conditions Help odd guinea pig behavior!!!
  26. Eyes/Non-crusty Blind guinea pig?
  27. Lump Flower has a lump on her side.
  28. Urine Bad News Update :/
  29. Bloated Massaging stomach.
  30. Mites Mites or Lice? Two tan "Moving things" by her eyes
  31. Sick Is this guinea pig going to die?
  32. Weight Loss Lost 80 grams in 3 weeks. Normal?
  33. Eyes/Non-crusty blind guinea pig ?
  34. Conditions Possibly hurt
  35. Urine Dark Urine
  36. Cyst HELP!! Ovarian Cysts!!!!
  37. Vet Pig getting vet visit!!!!! :)
  38. Hair Loss Uhm.. Baldness on a Cat?..Ehe..
  39. Vet weird squeaking noise
  40. Injury Chip's Leg/Foot X-rays
  41. Neutering/Spaying Should I consider it?
  42. Conditions Mites or possible wounds from introductions
  43. Conditions Chewy has head tilt!
  44. Not Eating Please help!!! Piggy so sick after surgery
  45. Infection Herd's vet trip!
  46. My dear Moo died after neuter
  47. Crusty Eyes small crusties?
  48. Eyes/Non-crusty Baby guinea pig eye issue
  49. Injury Toe nail almost torn off
  50. Lethals Out of 3 GP's, 1 has died, 1 is showing similar symptoms and 1 is fine. Please help.
  51. Mites Help my guinea pig has mites!
  52. Injury Did she sprain/break her foot? Please help!
  53. Sick Not injured, but not using back legs!! Any ideas, what's wrong??
  54. Mites Does my pig have mites?
  55. Sick Malnourished guinea pig?
  56. Conditions Bleeding... any ideas???
  57. Sneezing How much sneezing is too much sneezing?
  58. Eyes/Non-crusty Is this the normal eye mucus?
  59. Stones Cupcake has stones
  60. Genitals GENDER: Need help figuring out if male or female.
  61. Neutering/Spaying Neutering - After Operation Care
  62. Sick Moe, possible URI (choronic?)
  63. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye injury from hay. Emergency vet or can it wait?
  64. Sneezing Starting to sneeze...
  65. Not Eating Won't Swallow Critical Care
  66. Sick The Fury of Dave and The Fury is so dreadfully ill, I really need some advice
  67. Hair Loss What could this be?
  68. Hair Loss Cause for loss of hair and treatment for it?
  69. Conditions A slightly watery nose? Serious condition or just paranoid?
  70. Sneezing Does my Timothy have a URI?
  71. Sneezing Does this look like a runny nose?
  72. Conditions Moe health thread
  73. Conditions Young Pig with Head Tilt
  74. Crusty Eyes What do think it is?
  75. Impaction Single poops getting stuck in perineal sac, is this impaction?
  76. Vet Rapid weight gain
  77. Injury toenail broken off
  78. Vet Azithromycin?
  79. Urine Urine - Whitish powder left on the Chloroplast
  80. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI, should I seperate the piggies?
  81. Infection Does my guinea pig have worms?
  82. Medications Clindamycin induced enterotoxemia
  83. Sick Is he sick? Coughing, dandruff and a weird deformity
  84. Eyes/Non-crusty Signs of A Blind Guinea Pig?
  85. Eyes/Non-crusty Squinty, irritated eye?
  86. Medications Dosage of ivermectin
  87. Eyes/Non-crusty Possible bulgy eyes
  88. Teeth Guinea's teeth issues
  89. Conditions guinea pig can barely walk, has a mammary cyst/tumor and hairloss
  90. Vet Please send good thoughts Lemon's way
  91. Conditions Taco's health thread
  92. Sick Squeak is ill, advice please.
  93. Skin Problems Scab, bite mark??
  94. Eyes/Non-crusty Shifty and his watery eye
  95. Neutering/Spaying Flank spay vs. abdominal spay
  96. Mouth Maligned Jaws and Abcesses
  97. Mites Can I have the vet shave off my boar's hair?
  98. Conditions Question regarding Pregnant Guinea pig
  99. Infection Green scales?
  100. Sick Possible URI, vet tomorrow -- what can I do in the meantime?
  101. Hair Loss Miss Piggy still losing hair after being treated for mites.
  102. Sick I have a cold, should I be worried about my pigs?
  103. Ivermectin my pigs have LICE!
  104. Sick Charlie's Medical Thread
  105. Injury One piggy accidentally on top of the other: Could he be hurt?
  106. Eyes/Non-crusty Mooshy just blinked her left eye and
  107. Injury Maybe injuryo r somethign else? Help
  108. Wheezing guinea pig wheezing for a year
  109. Conditions UNDERWEIGHT? Weight and age of a young guinea pig.
  110. Sick Making strange wheezing sound
  111. Conditions Possible problem with ears
  112. Conditions Specks on Fur
  113. Sneezing Sneezing but no other symptoms - but we're worried
  114. Sick her breathing
  115. Diarrhea Can giardia cause decrease in appetite?
  116. Sneezing Hay Dust or Something Else?
  117. Cyst skin tag? what is this?
  118. Sick Head tilting. Why?
  119. Eyes/Non-crusty Has anyones pig gotten bullied when they were losing their vision?
  120. Eyes/Non-crusty My boar's eye looks strange? Please help.
  121. Conditions Possible scurvy?
  122. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI/Wet Nose
  123. Injury Scabs on the upper lips?
  124. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sick pig or hay dust?
  125. Injury Flower limping
  126. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Should I visit the vets or hold tight for a little while?
  127. Eyes/Non-crusty Worried about Spuds' eye
  128. Teeth Teeth to long? blood on lip
  129. Injury One Cloudy Eye :(
  130. Abscess Gizmo's Neuter abscess: Baytril OR Bactrim?
  131. Sick Allergies or URI?
  132. Injury Broken Neck?
  133. Vet Good vet in the Polk County area if Florida?
  134. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection How do you prevent UTIs and how can you tell if your pig has one?
  135. Eyes/Non-crusty whitish dishcharge under eye and greenish poop
  136. Infection Ear Infection?
  137. Conditions Reoccuring nasal discharge, clear color and no other issues?
  138. Injury Pregnant or Not? Also Limping
  139. Injury Bite Mark from other piggie or worse
  140. Vet Calling all you Louisiana folks
  141. Sick Baytril -- who has used it in young piggies? Worried about Max.
  142. Conditions Not a Cough, Not a Sneeze, Sounds like a Quack
  143. Urine Struggling to urinate
  144. Weight Loss Piggy weight loss program??
  145. Neutering/Spaying To neuter or not to neuter....?
  146. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Bladder Problems
  147. Ivermectin New adoptees not getting better
  148. Vet Baytril dose maybe too high?
  149. Injury Swollen leg and paw!
  150. Hello. I'm new
  151. Sick my pig was raised with cedar bedding, could she still have symptoms?
  152. Mites Pour on Ivermectin
  153. Infection Young guinea pig has possible ear infection...
  154. Conditions Is it stinky poops or something else?
  155. Teeth Issues Eating, won't bite down with any force.
  156. Lump Found a lump
  157. Conditions Wheeking in pain while pooping
  158. Sneezing Sneezing with mucous, URI?
  159. Medications orbax?
  160. Infection Inconclusive Vet Visit
  161. Ivermectin Getting new guinea pig! It's my first piggy, please help!
  162. Conditions Underweight Pig
  163. Parasites Black Bugs On Coro and Bedding
  164. Impaction White 'stuff' in 6 year old male guinea pig's bottom?!
  165. Urine ALOT of white in young guinea pigs urine
  166. Sneezing occasional "dry" sneezing - first time guinea pig might be sick, please help!
  167. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Guinea pig with chronic UTI, advice please?
  168. Hair Loss Ringworm or something else
  169. Urine UTI?
  170. Conditions Does ringworm cause pain
  171. Mites Can ivermectin be given as a precautionary method?
  172. Crusty Eyes Lethal white? Conjunctivitis? 3 day old boy. Given to us to care for
  173. Weight Loss Weight Loss, no other symptoms?
  174. Neutering/Spaying My over 9 month old guinea pig may have gotten pregnant PLEASE HELP
  175. Injury Niko's health thread
  176. Neutering/Spaying Mable's spay surgery is next Tuesday
  177. Mites Possible Mites? Moody Pig
  178. Coughing worried a bit bout my boys
  179. Injury Is my piggy blind in one eye?
  180. Impaction Impaction, i think my 1 year old has anal impaction (male)
  181. Skin Problems Fungal Infection: What if guinea pig ingest fungal cream?
  182. Sick Baby in surgery
  183. Medications Life Line- Wonderful supplement that not everyone knows of!
  184. Weight Loss Doodle's med thread
  185. Not Eating not eating or drinking well and sufferd loss with new piggie
  186. Teeth Rodney's MISSING front teeth?!
  187. Not Eating Osteodystrophy or something else? Looking for some advice :(
  188. Conditions Freaks out when I touch her side
  189. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Loud breathing and weird noises
  190. Sick How do I know if a guinea pig has URI
  191. Conditions Theodore's health thread
  192. Feet Red, flaky back feet. PICTURES
  193. Tumor Guinea Pig Tumour - oppinions
  194. Conditions Strange sounds
  195. Urine Blood in Urine. Vet says NO UTI or Stones. Any idea?
  196. Lump Lump, possible abscess, formed on shoulder
  197. Medications Baytril Dosage
  198. Skin Problems Guinea pig with skin problems & question about medicine
  199. Feet Sharp nails!
  200. Sick Brown Nasal Discharge & Shallow Breathing
  201. Not Eating How much critical care and water?
  202. Medications Baytril that was prescribed 26/06/13
  203. Ovarian Cysts Hair loss and ovarian cysts
  204. Diarrhea Diarrhea too long!!!!
  205. Conditions Tilted head
  206. Hair Loss Uri and bald spot by mouth
  207. Vet Anyone Take Their Pigs to Banfield?
  208. Infection Possible Infection/UTI
  209. Sick Arthur is having seizures
  210. Hair Loss cavie has visible lice and started losing hair
  211. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI?!
  212. Conditions Cleaning ears
  213. Injury Amputation?
  214. Sneezing Signs of a URI?
  215. Sick I think the vet made a mistake, need advice please
  216. Sick Sick baby, advice on what to do.
  217. Skin Problems Two Questions... fur and ears
  218. Not Eating My guinea pig isn't eating!
  219. Sick Sick Guinea Pig - Not sure what is wrong. Help!
  220. Sick am i allergic?
  221. Teeth about maloclusion
  222. Sick Guinea pigs making strange sounds while breathing
  223. Hair Loss Hair Loss and not sure if vet is right??
  224. Bloated Gassy Pig
  225. Mouth mouth smacking?
  226. Need advice/help, blood found on towel
  227. Teeth Misaligned Teeth
  228. Hair Loss Cuddles fur thinning
  229. Tumor Bladder Tumor
  230. Lethargy New guinea pig isn't running away when we try to get him out
  231. Conditions Fleas?
  232. Sick Painter's Health thread
  233. Weight Loss My group is a bit to big and one of the guineas isn't eating
  234. Sick bad breath/not eating
  235. Clarabel's med thread
  236. Wheezing Making weird noise: sounds like wheezing/labored breathing. VIDEO
  237. Mites How do I know which type of mites we've got?
  238. Revolution Great first aid kit!
  239. Injury New Guinea pig not using back legs
  240. Feet i'm going to rescue a pig with a bad foot...
  241. Diarrhea Pedialyte
  242. Conditions Newbie here, please help and advice needed on my piggy
  243. Eyes/Non-crusty Red lump around eye (Pictures included)
  244. Injury Piggy lifts his foot and licks it.
  245. Not Eating Critical care?
  246. Hair Loss My girl is losing hair around her head
  247. Feet Guineapig has orange dry back feet
  248. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI?
  249. Vet Quarantine Questions
  250. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sick for over 3 months!