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  1. Lump Small lump under right ear?
  2. Skin Problems Is it fungus??
  3. Sick Sick pig?
  4. Impaction Poop size, Impaction?
  5. Conditions Just a random question
  6. need help -- pig with mammary tumor?
  7. Infection swollen mammary gland
  8. Conditions weird substance on fur / diet questions.
  9. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Fast breathing... or is it?
  10. Conditions Barbering and Weight Loss
  11. Injury Might not be an injury
  12. Parasites Just a quick question:)
  13. Mouth Strange white stuff
  14. Feet hard white growth on the side of piggy's toe
  15. Sick Possible URI? :/
  16. Parasites Ivermectin dosage
  17. Weight Loss Should I worry? Too much weight loss?
  18. Sick Frustrated with URI-like symptoms. Please help!
  19. Diarrhea Vladimir has diarrhea
  20. Revolution After treatments- When can they be with other piggies??
  21. Parasites My guineas have lice
  22. Lump "Balloons" on sides of abdomen?
  23. Sick need help soon!
  24. Not Eating 4 week olds not gaining weight
  25. Conditions Rigby's medical thread
  26. Sick Swollen Teste?
  27. Conditions Bloody "sac" found in poo
  28. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Whooping Cough and Guinea Pigs.
  29. Injury Nina has a eye injury/issue
  30. Conditions dandruff in Teddy piggies
  31. Wheezing Wheezing
  32. Conditions I'm not sure if my guy is sick or not
  33. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Ella needs help
  34. Injury Beware when using the the grids as a corner bunk bed!!
  35. Urine Super smelly pee???
  36. Mouth Bite wound in mouth!
  37. Not Eating Tips on feeding critical care?
  38. Conditions Hereditary cateracts?
  39. Sick Piggy with slightly runny nose?
  40. Eyes/Non-crusty Urgent Eye help?
  41. Teeth How to tell if teeth are too long?
  42. Eyes/Non-crusty Blinking more in one eye
  43. Coughing Guineapig eye?
  44. Sick Guinea pig breathing weird ....
  45. Conditions Guinea Pig lost ability to Wheek
  46. Vet Costs Neutering costs
  47. Eyes/Non-crusty What could it be?
  48. Sick Don't know if he's sick
  49. Conditions Honking sound?
  50. Lethargy Post antibiotic lethargy after abscess removal
  51. Infection strep throat - contagious for pigs?
  52. Conditions What is that in the photo?
  53. Genitals Abbysinssn Guinea Pig Need Clipped near no-no area?
  54. Sneezing Sneezing
  55. Urine Wee colour - what's normal please?
  56. Sneezing Possible URI?
  57. Urine Creamy substance from female
  58. Conditions Anyone else have a special needs guinea pig??
  59. Feet I think Twix has a spur...
  60. Lump Open Wound, Lump around
  61. Neutering/Spaying Most likely pregnant 2-3 month old female :( Spay now, or later?
  62. Conditions I adopted a pregnant guinea pig and I am concerned
  63. Injury Small cut
  64. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Vet in St Paul, Minnesota. Possible URIs with 2 piggies
  65. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Trouble passing stool and blood in urine
  66. Vet Moving and I Need a Vet!
  67. Injury Huge medical problems showing up on my piggies :(
  68. Scratching maybe mites?
  69. Conditions poorly piggy but i dont know whats wrong?!?!
  70. Genitals Male or Female?
  71. Sick Oink has leukemia
  72. Ivermectin Ivermectin and Mites
  73. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Preventing URIs?
  74. Skin Problems Dry Skin
  75. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Looking for advice for pig recovering from a URI
  76. Coughing Speedy McVivi
  77. Lump Lump on the middle of her back
  78. Abscess Yogurt and Critical Care questions
  79. Conditions Couple health questions?!
  80. Parasites worms?
  81. Ivermectin How much do you use?
  82. Sick White discharge from my guinea pig's private! I think this is serious!
  83. Neutering/Spaying Vet recommendations near Lancs/Bolton/Manchester? UK.
  84. Impaction How old should a pig be when it gets its first cleaning?
  85. Vet Took Niko and Henry to the vet!
  86. Feet Muffin bites her nails?
  87. Injury This wasnt there a few days ago
  88. Lethals One of Guinea Pigs is dead - can somebody give advice...
  89. Coughing Random Coughing
  90. Eyes/Non-crusty Possibly partially sighted?
  91. Conditions Blind piggy
  92. Sneezing My piggy has been sneezing....
  93. Crusty Eyes Tiny crusties in upper corner of left eye.
  94. Ivermectin Heck yeah!
  95. Genitals Cleaning Grease gland???
  96. Conditions What's wrong with my guinea pig?
  97. Injury scratching scab under arm pit and its getting bigger
  98. Weight Loss Whats do you think is wrong with my Guinea pig?
  99. Injury I hate black claws
  100. Sick Ate a piece of synthetic rope?
  101. Lump What are we doing wrong?
  102. Advantage Advantage 2?
  103. Vet URI - treatment in progress!
  104. Diarrhea Guinness has diaherra :(
  105. Injury Scratch or bite
  106. Eyes/Non-crusty Possible Cataract
  107. Conditions Heart disease or!?
  108. Urine BLOOD red urine?
  109. Urine Blood in urine takes how long to stop after antibiotic is started?
  110. Mites I'm sure my guinea pig has mites, I have medication, but
  111. Genitals Coming into season?
  112. Injury Another Eye Injury
  113. Mites Medicated, how to deal with cleaning?
  114. Skin Problems Do you have pictures?
  115. Neutering/Spaying Spaying guinea pig
  116. Sick GPS and ringworm??!!
  117. Ivermectin Possible Mites
  118. Medications Is this the same as Malaseb?
  119. Skin Problems Scab on guinea pig
  120. Genitals Wait how many days???
  121. Most probably an URI :(
  122. Conditions Sick or just can't pass waste?
  123. Sick Odd behavior?
  124. Skin Problems Is this ringworm?
  125. Vet Is it necessary for a skin scarping for lice on a guinea pig?
  126. Ivermectin baby guinea pigs with mites?!
  127. Medications Clotrimazole
  128. Conditions !!!Help!!! Crusty Ear
  129. Diarrhea Charlie -Chronic soft droppings
  130. Injury Guinea pig fell 5 feet and not walking
  131. Sick I think my little guy is ill- advice/thoughts please!
  132. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Has KMS 2nd cut timothy hay caused anyone any problems?
  133. Parasites Using Lice N Easy to treat Lice?
  134. Diarrhea Diarrhea..Help??
  135. Urine Calcium in urine
  136. Medications Guinea Pigs and Cat Flea Collars
  137. Sick Can't get over respiratory issues?
  138. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Probable URI - Can't get to vet until tomorrow.
  139. Feet Strange attachment on the foot..
  140. Parasites Black bug in fur
  141. Sneezing Help! Is it the Hay, Bed, or something Serious?!
  142. Medications Which antibiotic works best for URI's?
  143. Medications "All Natural" Flea Control - Opinions?
  144. Conditions Arthritic guinea pig
  145. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Weight Loss and Nasal Discharge
  146. Neutering/Spaying Guinea will be having his surgery on the 15th!
  147. Eyes/Non-crusty Possible bulging eye?
  148. Hair Loss Bald spots behind ears
  149. Conditions Intermittent stasis?
  150. Abscess Is there a cause of abscesses?
  151. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Can't get into cavy savvy vet until tomorrow
  152. Lethals How do I know if my pig is a lethal?
  153. Vet I have a pretty awesome vet!
  154. Eyes/Non-crusty Is my boy blind?
  155. Skin Problems what is this?
  156. Vet Costs Cavy emergency vet funds?
  157. Conditions I think my Guinea Pig May be pregnant. Please help.
  158. Sick I think my guinea pig is sick, please help!
  159. Urine Unable to get rid of white spots in urine
  160. Wheezing Baby having difficulties breathing
  161. Sick It's never ending with these boys...
  162. Conditions Twitching???
  163. Genitals Is she in heat?
  164. Eyes/Non-crusty How to help a one eyes guinea pig?
  165. Conditions Is she a lethal white or not?
  166. Injury Broken legs from jumping out of arms?
  167. Lump My guinea pig has a lump on her back?
  168. Neutering/Spaying Neutering a baby
  169. Parasites Lice! HELP!
  170. Vet Pregnant guinea pig?????
  171. Conditions GuineaPig rabies??? Or freaking out???
  172. Diarrhea A very sick Bagel!
  173. Sick Help??!! Baby pig's head turns to the side
  174. Injury Guinea pig is walking weird. help?!
  175. Lethargy Quiet, listless guinea pig after successful(?) bonding w/another male this afternoon
  176. Mouth What is on Pickle's Lip?
  177. Conditions Help! What do i do??!?
  178. Sick Advice on Syringe Feeding?
  179. Weight Loss Lexi- Vitamin C Deficiancy
  180. Hair Loss Does this look normal?
  181. Bloated Diet/Bloat Questions
  182. Lethals Are my pigs lethals?
  183. Hair Loss Patchy, scabby spot above nose
  184. Medications Can you overdose on probiotics?
  185. Sick URI - Not able to get to the vet until Wednesday Morning!!!
  186. Ivermectin giving second round of Ivermectin
  187. Conditions pregnant guinea pig
  188. Mites Mites?
  189. Vet Well, vet trip on Thursday
  190. Revolution I gave my pigs medicine and they still have lice?!
  191. Injury HELP! New pig with an injury
  192. Congested Fenella sounds snotty
  193. Coughing Guinea pig is huffing and coughing?
  194. Feet Callus looking thing on pad of foot
  195. Congested Nala is Grunting/Snorting!?
  196. Impaction Was he impacted or not
  197. Parasites Lice! Help!
  198. Injury guinea pig hurt need advice
  199. Mouth Treaments for Temporomandibular Joint Problems?
  200. Medications Left Baytril out of fridge
  201. Skin Problems Sensitive skin
  202. Injury Advice?
  203. Coughing Coughing up food??
  204. Vet General Care I think... xD
  205. Bloated Bloat help!!
  206. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI Update
  207. Vet Really happy with new vet
  208. Genitals Anal Sac HELP!
  209. Eyes/Non-crusty 1 week old and eyelids are NOT open?!
  210. Conditions White = Lethal ?
  211. Sick Vet in Central PA?!
  212. Sick How to help my guinea pig to eat on her own?
  213. Urine Yellow Discharge!!!
  214. Genitals Someone please help!!!
  215. Injury Boys fighting... Wiggles hurt, please help!
  216. Diarrhea Unknown Substance In Cage
  217. Conditions Guinea Pig poo
  218. Sneezing please advise on medications
  219. Sick is my piggy depresseed?
  220. Allergies?
  221. Medications Which probiotic?
  222. Medications Bene bac quantities?
  223. Bloated Stomach turning inside out?!
  224. Scratching Mites?
  225. Conditions Please help !
  226. Conditions Not Pooping
  227. Sick Lethargic guinea pig
  228. Scratching EXTREMLY CONFUSED! Guinea pig scratching a lot but no signs of parasites????
  229. Lump Piggy Fat Roll
  230. Urine Weird pee?
  231. Scratching Can't tell if my guinea pig has mites! Could Ivermectin hurt him if i tried it out?
  232. Scratching Fungus
  233. Weight Loss Hand feeding advice?
  234. Sick Please Please Help my pig can't hear
  235. Conditions Poops look pinched?
  236. Lethals 6 month old DEW- lethal or not?
  237. Vet Worried sick!!!! Calcium spots in cage
  238. Injury Muscle Spasms When Sleeping or Almost Sleeping?
  239. Ivermectin dosing: help!!
  240. Sick Everything gone wrong- questions!
  241. Feet Question about nails
  242. Mouth Something stuck in my guinea's mouth...
  243. Conditions Is this normal for poop?
  244. Parasites Flea prevention?
  245. Scratching *NEED DEFINITE ANSWERS* Does piggie have mites or not?
  246. Vet A few Medical questions!
  247. Diarrhea Lucy just getting over nightmare diarrhea.
  248. Medications Baytril or Bactrim?
  249. Sick Guinea Pig suffered and died from a 10hr long seizure. Please provide some insight.
  250. Feet Chip not using back foot