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  1. Feet Something wrong with the nailbed area of the foot???
  2. Conditions Is it okay to use Africare 100% Mineral Oil to clean a piggie's ear?
  3. Teeth Colian's Teeth
  4. Eyes/Non-crusty Hair on Cupcake's eye
  5. Eyes/Non-crusty Her left eye has been squinted all day.
  6. Injury HELP! Guinea is cut and vet is not in until the morning.
  7. Feet Should I Be Worried?
  8. Mites Mites?
  9. Neutering/Spaying Baby Piggs!! (pics)
  10. Neutering/Spaying Neutering/Spaying
  11. Parasites Help, is this lice?
  12. Crusty Eyes Sick piggie
  13. Vet Exotic Vet wants to microchip?
  14. Medications Neomycin?
  15. Coughing Very thankful for this forum
  16. Vet 1st vet visit and summer's coming
  17. Skin Problems Possible fungal infection (pictures)
  18. lice?
  19. Teeth One of my boars fell and I think his tooth chipped off.
  20. Sick Questions about URI
  21. Sick Help! Malnourished Guinea Pig! Please Help Patches!
  22. Lump I found a lump!
  23. Genitals HELP! Boy or Girl?
  24. Sick Lethargic withdrawn piggy
  25. Sick Sounds like a cold?
  26. Lump Black Lump appeared on baby Guinea's face
  27. Medications Dosage of Baytril?
  28. Conditions Piggie infection spread?
  29. Sick Possible ingestion of wax!
  30. Sick with Pneumonia and Bloat
  31. Eyes/Non-crusty Drooping/Watery Eyes
  32. Hair Loss Belly Hair loss
  33. Not Eating my guinea pig isn't drinking/eating
  34. Bloated But still eating and drinking...
  35. Vet Which vet would you choose?
  36. Lump HUGE!!!! Lumps help! Vet said they would go away but haven't!!
  37. Injury Bite turned a bit pussy :(
  38. Medications Probotics? How often?
  39. Mites Cupcake has mites :(
  40. Skin Problems How long after treating fungus to end quarantine?
  41. Vet Guinea Pig after sickness and medication... and Amoxycillin treatment.
  42. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Concerned about possible URI
  43. Diarrhea Mushy poops?
  44. Urine URGENT Please read, bloody urine
  45. Heart Issues Irregular Heartbeat
  46. Skin Problems Which fungal shampoo will be the best choice?
  47. Vet Costs Anybody live in southern wisconsin area?!
  48. Hair Loss Hair loss after treatment for mites??
  49. Injury Flickers not walking on back leg
  50. Eyes/Non-crusty Sore looking red lump near eyes
  51. Ovarian Cysts Nervous and Confused about Spaying
  52. Mouth I think Thumper has a cut on his lip.
  53. Wheezing 1 piggy is wheezing and the other is sneezing :(
  54. Urine Blood in Urine
  55. Parasites New piggie Mom with Lice problems
  56. Parasites Dumb question
  57. Feet Is it normal for new mother to limp?
  58. Sick Gooey eyes, not eating :(
  59. Conditions Flaky/scabby skin?
  60. Conditions Adopted a guinea pig with alopecia
  61. Vet Good news (sorta)
  62. Conditions Blind and partially deaf
  63. Injury Limping back leg
  64. Feet Nail Clipping?
  65. Neutering/Spaying Nervous :/
  66. Skin Problems Dry skin around eyes.
  67. Lethals Sudden Death
  68. Sick Dragging back legs
  69. Not Eating Giving Critical Care
  70. Eyes/Non-crusty gray eyes
  71. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Are these signs of a URI? Urgent
  72. Diarrhea Does this look like sick guinea pig poop?
  73. Hair Loss Uh what are those?
  74. Wheezing Odd breathing
  75. Sick Bloat? URI? Something else? Even vet is stumped.
  76. Conditions Bumble Foot
  77. Wheezing Hooting/monkey sounds - heart? And, vets in northeastern IL?
  78. Skin Problems Little brown bugs
  79. Mites Sensitive Piggies?
  80. Sick I think Bobo is sick
  81. Eyes/Non-crusty Runny, cloudy eye
  82. Genitals Not sure I cleaned him right.
  83. Skin Problems Worried mum found some scaly skin on her boy this morning
  84. Urine Anyone ever see anything like this before???
  85. Sick Any Idea What This Could Be? *Warning Gross Description*
  86. Sick Frequent Pneumonia/URI's
  87. Injury weird scab
  88. Coughing I think it's coughing...
  89. Teeth Help! My Pierre has his top teeth very loose
  90. Mites Possible Mites
  91. Genitals Awesome video on how to clean the Anal Sac
  92. I have a sick piggie and I'm not sure what to do for her.
  93. Not Eating Spoiling a piggy ?
  94. Ivermectin Dosage?
  95. Tumor Mammary Gland Tumor causing all these symptoms?
  96. Conditions Guinea Pig having seizures.
  97. Conditions Questions about first and new GP (Help please?)
  98. Urine Okay, Piggy Experts, Is this considered "gritty" & and is it serious?
  99. Sick Depressed pig or wanting a pity party.
  100. Teeth Frequently Breaking Teeth
  101. Eyes/Non-crusty I hope he's not poorly
  102. Lump Small lump on abdomen
  103. Abscess Pinky now has the same abscess!
  104. Neutering/Spaying The cost of neutering a male (Glasgow-Scotland)
  105. Sick Pigs have odor
  106. Revolution Should I seek medical attention for my pig? She seems like she might be in pain
  107. Feet Filing nails
  108. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nala's URI
  109. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection weeing a lot?
  110. Hair Loss Help - Hair loss in our nearly 5 year old female pig
  111. Urine Our piggy has some white pee!!
  112. Conditions Toxic burning metal smell?
  113. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Guinea pig going downhill. How often to hand feed?
  114. Teeth Guinea pig got teeth caught on C&C cage
  115. Sick Urgent, Snuffling Noises
  116. Eyes/Non-crusty Blocked eye duct
  117. Vet What to carry them in?
  118. Sick storing medications for future use
  119. Weight Loss I need some advice - Possible URI and looking for a vet
  120. Sick Help! Dexter is sick! :(
  121. Genitals I did it!
  122. Mites Update on Hunnie and Bae-Bae
  123. Vet Costs Neuter cost
  124. Conditions I have adopted two piggies with head tilt - one more severe than the other. Care?
  125. Parasites black dot-like bugs on piggies feces??
  126. Injury Bleeding Foot
  127. Mouth red piggy lip
  128. Medications Teatree oil
  129. Eyes/Non-crusty Watery eyes or am I just paranoid?
  130. Conditions Scab under chin?
  131. Heart Issues When should I take my suspected heart pig to the vet?
  132. Injury guinea pig fight
  133. Feet Whats this? Shes favoring her front foot...
  134. Lump Boar with swollen nipple?! Please Help!
  135. Feet Is this a fungus or something?
  136. Skin Problems Peeling Sores??? Help!
  137. Skin Problems Coconut oil - is this brand ok?
  138. Neutering/Spaying Vet says NOT to Neuter?!?
  139. Genitals Help with young guinea pig's swollen genitals.
  140. Not Eating Newly adopted boy not doing well
  141. Tumor My guinea pig has ovarian cancer
  142. Teeth Guinea pig ate his own tooth
  143. Scratching Itchy Flair Ups, oily patch
  144. Crusty Eyes Cleo's eye
  145. Weight Loss Oreo has lost 1 oz for the first time ever!
  146. Sick Guinea pig very sick
  147. Conditions Poor Piggie
  148. Vet Simon's a little wheezy
  149. Neutering/Spaying Things to ask a vet about neutering?
  150. Infection Help asap!
  151. Abscess Guinea Pig with Pulmonary Abscess
  152. Coughing I think Cuddles ate some packing tape, now she's coughing
  153. Scratching Itchy Pig But Treated for Mites Recently
  154. Teeth Broken tooth....Vet trip?
  155. Mites Whats this? Worried mummy. With pictures
  156. Diarrhea Hi, all! New here with a quick question
  157. Eyes/Non-crusty White liquid
  158. Scratching Do my boys need to see a Vet?
  159. Crusty Eyes help?
  160. Urine My Poor Mandy! Stones Again.
  161. Weight Loss Sick Guinea Pig! Don't know what's wrong need help ASAP!
  162. Sneezing Just need a heads up to what it could be...
  163. Conditions New Pig,
  164. Sneezing Is it normal for piggies to sneeze after grooming themselves?
  165. Conditions Odd behaviour?
  166. Mites Mite Treatment question
  167. Skin Problems dark crusty patch above bum
  168. Not Eating Not eating vegetables
  169. Neutering/Spaying Can I feed my guine pig right before getting them neuterd
  170. Ivermectin How to Give Ivermectin to the Girls?
  171. Mouth Trouble eating, possibly molars?
  172. Sick loose stool
  173. Sick I must need to be my own Vet!
  174. Ivermectin Dosage for Noromectin
  175. Sneezing possible allergies, still trying to find a vet
  176. Not Eating Guinea Pig was treated for UTI, now isn't eating, pooing etc. on Critical Care
  177. Teeth Teeth problem or not???
  178. Ovarian Cysts Ovarian cyst-treatment??
  179. Ivermectin Ivermectin in Canada
  180. Vet Found an Exotics Vet only 45 minutes away!
  181. Sneezing Sneezing. Should I be worried?
  182. Vet Questioning A New Vet, Hope All Goes Well!
  183. Lump Lumps :(
  184. Conditions Cause for Concern?
  185. Urine Whitish yellow urine
  186. Parasites Suspected Guinea Lice
  187. Vet question after we came home from first treatment for mites.
  188. Vet Questioning a New Vet - Need advice
  189. Hair Loss Bald spot on nose (pics included)
  190. Hair Loss Growing back in a different color?
  191. Injury Anyone have experience with sprains?
  192. Sick Infection- any hope of recovery?
  193. Infection Persistant drainage from ear
  194. Injury Back Leg Limping... how do I treat a sprain?
  195. Urine Found blood in mr Pig's urine today.
  196. Sick Deep Breathing from time-to-time
  197. Diarrhea Bout of diarrhea
  198. Lump Lipoma surgery
  199. Conditions Am I just paranoid?
  200. Lump What's normal?
  201. Skin Problems Dry Skin?
  202. Baby Pig with a hard lump
  203. Vet North West Arkansas Veteranarian?
  204. Sick Should my guinea pig be on a pro biotic? other questions too.
  205. Conditions Thank you to everyone in this Vet forum!
  206. Parasites Grass
  207. Neutering/Spaying Any way to tell if boy has been neutered?
  208. 4 Week old boy with a couple sores on him
  209. Urine Possible UTI, but other causes?
  210. Feet broken nail
  211. Skin Problems Small scab in fur?
  212. Vet Ovarian cancer in my 4 year old pig
  213. Genitals I think my 'male' guinea pig may be pregnant?
  214. Parasites what kind bug can you see crawling, on
  215. Feet Swollen Toe?
  216. Conditions YIKES! basil ate plastic litter pan
  217. Sick Signs of URI and UTI?
  218. Neutering/Spaying Helpppp -- vet needed in Massachusetts
  219. Urine Is it okay to feed cos (romaine) lettuce
  220. Hair Loss Mystery hair loss -- mites?
  221. Conditions Mushy Poop ..?
  222. Sick Very sick - not eating (much) / drinking
  223. Urine Calcium deposits in urine
  224. Feet Is this normal? (Pic attached)
  225. Feet Growth on foot
  226. Bloated Stomach is tight and is swollen; possible bloat?!
  227. Sick New Antibiotic for my Piggy, feeling a bit lost...
  228. Injury Bite injury
  229. Sick Please help!
  230. Conditions What to do? Orphaned pups :(
  231. Hair Loss Causes of Self- Barbering
  232. Neutering/Spaying When can Otto go back in with the boys?
  233. Not Eating My piggy is unable to eat after a teeth filing from a vet ?
  234. Sick comatose guinea pig no emergency vet available
  235. Sick Piggy Allergies? Need help :(
  236. Conditions What gives? Pig not eating after antibiotics :-(
  237. Lethals Questions?????
  238. Weight Loss Buying a scale to weigh my guinea pig
  239. Teeth Broken both front tooth at the gums. Help!
  240. Conditions my guinea pig has allergies: please help
  241. Eyes/Non-crusty Slight eye swelling (maybe a URI?)
  242. Sick E Cuniculi in my Piggy
  243. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection New Piggie Owner Needs Help
  244. Teeth Foster pig with overbite/malocclusion
  245. Skin Problems Fur with clump of dandruff
  246. Vet Skin scraping...
  247. Skin Problems Possible Fungal Infection?
  248. Ovarian Cysts my female guinea pig has suspected ovarian cysts
  249. Mites Mites?
  250. Crusty Eyes Crusty eye, normal?