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  1. Conditions What is this???
  2. Skin Problems What is this??
  3. Tumor debunking a tumor
  4. Vet Know a good vet in the Milwaukee area?
  5. Impaction Vitamin B for impaction pigs?
  6. Skin Problems Is this a ringworm?
  7. Impaction Bowel Impaction Question.
  8. Injury Has trouble walking
  9. Conditions Piggy sounds kind of squeaky when she sniffs?
  10. Crusty Eyes Normal eye 'gunk'?
  11. Conditions This might sound completely wierd... but i need HELP!
  12. Injury First Aid for minor scratch?
  13. Bloated Sick with bloat.
  14. Vet Little coal Deodorizer thing, toxic to animals?
  15. Conditions Weight loss, high glucose
  16. Crusty Eyes Crusty eyes
  17. Hair Loss Bald patch above the nose
  18. Sick carefresh allergies
  19. Medications stronghold to pups
  20. Mites I can't beat these mites!
  21. Sick Sick piggie, diarrhea, please help
  22. Skin Problems found a scab on my pigs side
  23. Injury Augustus bloodied his own nose
  24. Sick Help Urgent What Is Wrong With My Piggy?!?!
  25. Sick Sick piggie runny nose
  26. Vet Guinea pig insurance?
  27. Sick Pinkish-Red Urine due to medication
  28. Conditions Can guinea pigs catch a cold?
  29. Congested Possible URI (AGAIN!!) - Probiotic in the UK?
  30. Injury Small bite after introducting - How to clean it up properly?
  31. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection *sigh* Possible URIs
  32. Urine Blood in urine
  33. Feet scaly feet?
  34. Infection Red/irritated nipple?
  35. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Restistant URI-Skunkie
  36. Neutering/Spaying Cost of Neutering
  37. Mites Question about piggy mites
  38. Mites Possible mites?
  39. Medications Experience of vet and convenia
  40. Lump Albon for CL
  41. Vet Costs price
  42. Hair Loss Could it be mites/ovarian cysts
  43. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI suspected - signs to watch until vet appointment
  44. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Do I need to be concerned?
  45. Conditions Small Piggie, and other Questions
  46. Urine Sample Diet for a sludgy pig
  47. Skin Problems White scaly stuff on ears
  48. Bloated Gas bloat and stupid out of town friends
  49. Feet It happened so fast, I didn't even notice it!
  50. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Signs of URI?
  51. Conditions Nail trouble with a black Guinea Pig
  52. Lump Lump...
  53. Conditions My guinea pig has no voice...?
  54. Conditions Itchy Skin - Allergic?
  55. Sick Help! White poop and crusty white pee spots!
  56. Injury Bite Wound on face
  57. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Vitamin C for URI (Petco advice)
  58. Sick Squeaking whenever my piggie poops?
  59. Neutering/Spaying Earliest date to neuter a boar?
  60. Conditions guinea pig refuses to drink anything?
  61. Eyes/Non-crusty Please read! Cloudy eye!
  62. Urine Not sure what to do
  63. Vet Vet recommendation in Toronto
  64. Conditions Piggy Scratching..not sure mites, lice, infection...
  65. Scratching Scratching.
  66. Sick Not sure if Dexter is ill.....
  67. Eyes/Non-crusty Charlie's strange cataract
  68. Parasites What kind of bug/parasite is this?
  69. Conditions Piggies on Ivermectin...
  70. Conditions Allergies
  71. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI emergency care??
  72. Abscess Need advice please--Abscess!
  73. Sick Random Death? =[
  74. Not eating pellets!
  75. Injury Scratch on eye lid
  76. Feet Yellow nails?!?
  77. Hair Loss Bald Spots? Please help!
  78. Genitals Time to find out
  79. Medications How Much Revolution for Mites?
  80. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Can a URI Jump Between Species?
  81. Crusty Eyes Eye Redness and Discharge
  82. Vet Go ahead with neuter or not??
  83. Conditions butt has scabbish thingy??? I think??
  84. Injury Guinea pig dizzy like it's drunk?
  85. Stones Post-Invasive Procedure questions
  86. Impaction smaller poops - should i be concerned
  87. Sneezing Sneezing
  88. Medications best place to buy ivermectin?
  89. Conditions Nose bleeding!
  90. Urine white spots on the bottom of cages
  91. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Ben's URI
  92. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URIs?
  93. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Should I go ahead and treat?
  94. Conditions Can They Get What I Have?
  95. Conditions New boar Need advice
  96. Hair Loss Bald patch on neck, not crusty, looks like there is a tiny cut
  97. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Mocha's medical issues
  98. Weight Loss ADVICE PLEASE!!!! - Poorly Pig
  99. Conditions Mites or Fleas or Other???
  100. Feet What am I supposed to do?
  101. Sneezing Wet Sneezing
  102. Injury Willow Twig Hideys Dangerous to Piggy Mouths?
  103. Skin Problems Fungus Question
  104. Injury Help! Piggie limping/ wont put weight on foot!!
  105. Sick Just got back from the vet...tumors..euthanasia?
  106. Urine How to tell if there is a problem?!?
  107. Impaction Impacted Piggy
  108. Medications Preparing & Administering Ivermectin
  109. Injury Flickers ate string! Advice please!
  110. Crusty Eyes Question about my pig
  111. Mites Wondering
  112. Vet Pocket Pet Health Day for Bay Area CA
  113. Hair Loss Help guinea losing hair
  114. Sick Guinea pig farts? Help.
  115. Sick Help! We are bleeding!
  116. Conditions Normal Breathing?
  117. Skin Problems Crusty white belly
  118. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Heavy Breathing?
  119. What is this? Something on her foot.
  120. Weight Loss Weight loss possibly due to one guinea pig hoarding food
  121. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sneezing?
  122. Feet Please help!
  123. WORRIED! Can't take to vet!!!! Please reply!!!!
  124. Urine Blood in Urine, Quinn Might Have UTi
  125. Vet Take both to the vet when only one needs to go?
  126. Sick White poops?
  127. Scratching Does hair loss cause itching?
  128. Neutering/Spaying Pregnant Guinea Pig
  129. Hair Loss not so fluffy
  130. Sick Worst Night Ever....
  131. Sick Need advice!
  132. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Dwindling Piggies
  133. Conditions Nails
  134. Conditions New piggle, how to know if she is ok?
  135. My guinea isnt getting better, please help!!!!
  136. Sick Big lump on side if pig?Help!
  137. Skin Problems What's that behind his eye??
  138. Feet Swollen toe? Am I just paranoid?
  139. Neutering/Spaying Nervous about tomorrow
  140. Wheezing URGENT: Worried about heavy breathing and half open eye
  141. Conditions PLEASE HELP!!Uncertain guinea pig mental issues
  142. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible Breathing issues
  143. Conditions Red hairless left two feet?
  144. Conditions Convulsions/spasms.
  145. Sick Vomiting due to burges nuggets help???
  146. Urine Smell and Color
  147. Sick Guinea pig is sick already, please advise
  148. Conditions sexing a cavy
  149. Vet Nothing I Can Do
  150. Sick Caring For A Really Sick Piggy
  151. Feet Front foot limp
  152. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Worried!!!!!!
  153. Urine Confused, Too much calcium?
  154. Teeth Need help with teeth
  155. Conditions Crusty vagina
  156. Vet Question Regarding Health
  157. Conditions piggy ears
  158. Conditions GI tract issues, soft stool and gas
  159. Coughing Coughing/Sneezing?
  160. Conditions What can be done if a pig chokes?
  161. Hair Loss Tufts of fur gone and a little scabbing what to do?
  162. Bloated My Guineapig's tummy is bloated?
  163. Conditions Both girls have cuts on their ears
  164. Scratching How Much Is Too Much?
  165. Scratching Please read! Patches!
  166. Sick Guinea Pig recovery from Bladder Flush / Low-Calcium Diet
  167. Skin Problems piggy ears
  168. Mouth :( going to the vet ASAP
  169. Crusty Eyes Hair loss and crusty white stuff around one eye.
  170. Skin Problems Hair thinning or am I being paranoid?
  171. Injury My 2-week-old guinea pig isn't moving! HELP
  172. Eyes/Non-crusty Abraded cornea?
  173. Uri? Uti?
  174. Not Eating Eating less, acting different- help?
  175. Sneezing Sneezing?
  176. Sick Please help urgent pig ear infection...
  177. Sick Fungal infection?
  178. Parasites Is it worms?
  179. Feet Is there a problem?
  180. Injury Guinea Rescue...mites?
  181. Infection Guinea pig poop..
  182. Mouth Cheek Pockets?
  183. Crusty Eyes Twix,squinted eye?
  184. Urine Brown Urine
  185. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Lung Scarring?
  186. Lump There's a lump on the side of his neck.
  187. Blood in Poo
  188. My Piggie is sick
  189. Injury Bloody nail?
  190. Conditions Bacon is acting odd
  191. Lump Strange grape sized lumps!!!
  192. Sick Weird greenish-brown pimple, might be cheilitis.
  193. Itchy!
  194. Mites Guinea pig mites and other pets?
  195. Urine Which cavy is having a problem?
  196. Sick URI antibiotics seemed to have 0 affect
  197. Urine *warning* icky pic of very odd urine. worried!
  198. Injury Squinting her left eye
  199. Sneezing Occasional sneeze
  200. Conditions Very nervous :/
  201. Vet X-ray for 1st visit
  202. Mites mites
  203. Impaction Sac Flushing?
  204. Mites Is this ok for my boys?
  205. Congested Congested breathing
  206. Skin Problems White crust under chin???
  207. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Baytril not working?
  208. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Bacterial species?
  209. Sick Do guinea pigs sneeze?
  210. Neutering/Spaying To neuter or leave intact?
  211. Diarrhea What should I be looking for?
  212. Sick Small poops and air bubbles?
  213. Sick URI????
  214. Impaction Impaction problems? Anal Plug?
  215. Sneezing A little help from friends?
  216. Vet So nervous!
  217. Congested At my wits end!
  218. Feet Peeling Feet
  219. Sick Crusty eyes & little bit of sneezing
  220. Sick Duff was fine last night
  221. Sick Senior Pig--Ill??
  222. Mites Please help! EAR MITES?!?!?!
  223. Sneezing Is this normal sneezing?
  224. Conditions Flabby Skin? Fat flabs?
  225. Feet What is on my pigs foot?!
  226. Sick URI please help!
  227. Feet Guinea's feet
  228. Sick Vet says Vitamin C?
  229. Vet Somethings wrong...
  230. Skin Problems Advice for a new owner please
  231. Conditions Calcium deposits in urine?
  232. Feet Sore feet bumble foot????
  233. Sick worried that my pig might be seriously sick
  234. Not Eating Home treatment for weight gain??
  235. Teeth Is his tooth broken?
  236. Feet Foot/Nail Problem
  237. Sick mom pig died.
  238. Conditions Crusty Eyes + Hanging Scab Thing!
  239. Sick Sneezing! Please help?
  240. Injury Swollen and sore back foot
  241. Mites Please help with mites -- urgent!!!!!
  242. Hair Loss Hair Loss on Guinea Pig's Nose
  243. Lump Scampers' lump, surgery, and recovery
  244. Vet Costs How often does your GP have a costly emergency?
  245. Bloated Worried About Bloated Pig
  246. Sneezing Sneezing Piggie?
  247. Mouth Post molar surgery care-- help please!!
  248. Coughing Darwynn coughed last night...
  249. Skin Problems Rash behind Oliver's ear
  250. Weight Loss Hello I am new to the forum and need some advice for my sick piggy