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  1. Skin Problems Help needed Urgently!!!!
  2. Conditions Question about piggy
  3. Wheezing Izzie hooting?
  4. Vet Costs We regularly see a vet, and boyfriend thinks I'm overboard... Thoughts?
  5. Conditions Treatment for bladder sludge?
  6. Sneezing Freaking out! Suika did 3 wet sneezes! N is a bit wheezy...
  7. Skin Problems crust on skin
  8. Mites Can stress cause an outbreak of mites?
  9. Sick On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
  10. Infection Possible infection on lips and grease gland?
  11. Scratching I swear Noah always has something up...possible mites?
  12. Impaction anal sac cleaning
  13. Feet One foot looks a little red?
  14. Sick Pig? advice...?
  15. Urine White urine? Calcium build up or something else??
  16. Diarrhea Sudden onset Diarrhea: Sugar
  17. Sneezing Help I can't get the medicine into my pig
  18. Medications Would these Vitamin-C drops be good for guinea pigs?
  19. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Pink pee! Help!
  20. Urine Funny Coloured Urine
  21. Feet Nails Not Growing?
  22. Sick My dad is sick, can the pigs catch it?
  23. Medications Orbifloxacin?
  24. Sick Help! Suddenly not eating, lethargic, shivering
  25. Genitals Uh oh. Healthy penis?
  26. Ovarian Cysts Suspecting cysts: Willow
  27. scabs on guinea pig
  28. Not Eating Help, piggy not eating.
  29. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Freaking out... What more can I do?
  30. Not Eating HELP! Vet closed until morning. Anything else I can do?
  31. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Urine spraying creating URI symptoms?
  32. Neutering/Spaying Neutering Questions.
  33. Sick Soft stool
  34. Sick Blood in the Litter
  35. Hair Loss bald spots behind the ears.
  36. Sick Long term care after a stroke?
  37. Weight Loss Is this weight gain plausible?
  38. Impaction To poo or not to poo...
  39. Sick URIs in two piglets
  40. Urine urine color
  41. Urine Brown-ish Urine?
  42. Lethals Does an all white guinea pig always have LWS?
  43. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection *sigh*
  44. Sick Round 2 /probiotic
  45. Medications Two issues; Bactrim and Baby carrots
  46. Conditions Genital abnormality?
  47. Sick URI and bald spot?
  48. Hair Loss 3 week old pig with skin condition
  49. Vet Baytril as treatment for head tilt?
  50. Genitals How can I tell if his sac needs cleaning?
  51. Skin Problems Scent Gland: Gummy
  52. Not Eating George - Didn't eat his dinner
  53. Feet strange toes?
  54. Sick Phneumonia and Cardio Myapathy..
  55. Teeth Malocclusion from any brand of bagged hay!?
  56. Mites Places to find ivermectin?
  57. Teeth Grinding down teeth - hay vs. grass - chewable toys
  58. Neutering/Spaying Should I neuter?
  59. Lump Lump-like thing on her side?
  60. Injury Scratch?
  61. Heart Issues Asthma or heart condition?
  62. Crusty Eyes Darwynn's eye is all red and milky! Help me please
  63. Revolution Mites, uh oh?
  64. Sneezing Went to the vet today for checkup, best probiotic?
  65. Ivermectin Dosing
  66. Urine Mandy (5yrs) Had a stone removed
  67. Skin Problems Resuced Pig, Dry ear with little hair
  68. Injury Fell onto her back!
  69. Feet What's wrong with her feet? And should I take her to the vet for it?
  70. Stones Please help, is this is stone, or what?
  71. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Sneezing?
  72. Not Eating My vet suggest multivitamin instead vit.C
  73. Vet How many surgeries?
  74. Ivermectin Another mites question, ivermectin
  75. Mites She isn't getting better after treatment ?
  76. Mites Li'L friends Mites & Lice Spray.
  77. Coughing Just coughed 6 times!
  78. Urine Sporadic blood in urine - been to the vet 3 times!
  79. Injury Something is wrong with her eye! I'm so scared.
  80. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Cupcake Medical Thread
  81. Scratching Should I be worried about my piggies scratching?
  82. Sick Scrappy-drooling
  83. Hair Loss What is this?
  84. Conditions How many nipples? Seeing 3
  85. Sick Euthanasia- Would it Be Best?
  86. Weight Loss Are they too thin?!
  87. Vet Costs Check-up costs?
  88. Vet Is there a good exotic vet in the St. Louis area?
  89. Conditions How to make Fine Grind-Type Critical Care?
  90. Sneezing Vitamin C - Help?
  91. Injury Help, fighting, abcess X2 and toe amputation
  92. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI?!?! Help please!
  93. Skin Problems Does Anyone Know What This Is?
  94. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Ways to get piggy to take meds
  95. Not Eating Spice isn't eating
  96. Ovarian Cysts Diagnosed with Ovarian Cyst
  97. SOS ... URI Precautions?
  98. Weight Loss Something's very wrong
  99. Lump Lump on Chest Need Advice
  100. Not Eating Uri and not eating
  101. Vet anyone used this medicine from vet? i won my case against PETCO ;)
  102. Diarrhea Soft Stools..
  103. Tumor My poor little girl
  104. URI Treatment
  105. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Poor piggy has an Infection
  106. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I need help with finding a vet.
  107. Conditions Question
  108. Neutering/Spaying Boar getting neutered on monday so worried asvice please?!
  109. Vet Help i think they gave my boys penicillan
  110. Injury Just some advice for people-never give up with your pigs :)
  111. Help! Flea attack
  112. Neutering/Spaying Going to vets in an hour wish me luck!
  113. Mites Suspected Mites
  114. I thought mites and have treated but now found this
  115. Conditions Rescuing a senior pig from poor conditions...
  116. Sick My poor little Gizmo
  117. Moose and Bear
  118. Feet trimming nails
  119. Injury Rescue ***Sad Images***
  120. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nose bleed
  121. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possibility of URI, Occasional wheezing
  122. Weight Loss Weight loss during ilness
  123. Urine Think My Piggy Is Sick :(
  124. Hello! I need help again, with a health issue.
  125. Vet Vet's - recommend good vets in your area
  126. Parasites My crest is brings all the lice to the yard and they're like, we're here to stay...
  127. Ovarian Cysts Spaying my 6 year old Guinea Pig, large cysts
  128. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nadia is sick
  129. Genitals Protruding Penis
  130. Hair Loss bald patch appeared all of a sudden
  131. Sneezing Sneezing piggie
  132. Lump Should I worry?
  133. Conditions My darling Tufty is so sick, don't know what to do!
  134. Lethargy Strange behavior - Is my bird keeping my guinea pig awake?
  135. Sneezing What can pigs be allergic to?
  136. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Severe chest infection, need help
  137. Sick EMERGENCY!!!!!! Revolution Overdose?
  138. Urine Urine drying white and chalky?
  139. Teeth Syringe-feeding help!? What am I doing?
  140. Stones Bladder stones issue
  141. Eyes/Non-crusty Help plz!!!! Guinea pig has a white spot on the eye and its bleeding/red?
  142. Tumor Help! My poor guinea pig.
  143. Skin Problems Hair loss- What is this?
  144. Non-veternarian remedies for possible cold/respiratory infection? Advice appreciated!
  145. Feet what is this?
  146. Parasites How did my Guineas get Lice!!!
  147. Diarrhea Concerned about my new pig
  148. Revolution Dosage help for each piggie
  149. Fungal Infection?
  150. Medications Bit off plastic tip to benebac tube
  151. Injury Poor Lexi had a bad fall.
  152. Sick Just got back from the vet!
  153. Genitals Boy or a Girl? Please help!
  154. Conditions Possible mites?
  155. Diarrhea The stress called Diarrhea
  156. Hair Loss Guinea pigs missing hair??
  157. Hair Loss Hair mising behind ears?
  158. Conditions Aging Pig Care
  159. Scratching Does scratching = fleas?
  160. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Frustrated, Confused, and Worried
  161. Heart Issues signs of aspiration?
  162. Conditions Does gas make a clicking noise?
  163. Post-op complications
  164. Hair loss and scratching
  165. Sneezing Hay in Nose
  166. Injury Vet overlooked? Cannot stand up now...
  167. Conditions What Is Causing This?!
  168. Sick Scared
  169. Mites Ivermection/Revolution questions
  170. Diarrhea Should I have let Momo eat her diarrhea?
  171. Advantage Does Advantage kill the nits?????
  172. Skin Problems Question about Scurf
  173. Sneezing Sneeze or Cough
  174. Hair Loss Sheldon and his bare butt!
  175. Lump Help-elongated/swollen nipple
  176. Scratching Am i allergic to my guinea pig??
  177. Ivermectin How/Where to Apply
  178. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection 4 week old baby is sick
  179. Skin Problems Scab = mites or fighting?
  180. Injury Oreo's ear
  181. Sick Sick guinea pig, please help!!
  182. Mouth My guinea pig has cheilitis, any suggestions on how to treat it?
  183. Vet Vet Recommendations?
  184. Sick One bratty pig
  185. Neutering/Spaying Both boys have surgery this morning
  186. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Squeaking is getting weak
  187. Vet Politely Declining a Skin Scraping
  188. Skin Problems Pimple like thingy
  189. Injury Poor Andy!!
  190. Lethargy I think my old guinea pig might be dying.. how long does he have?
  191. Weight Loss Is my male underweight?
  192. Treenie's swollen feet
  193. Vet Dumb Vets
  194. Sick HELP!
  195. Wheezing Sudden Loss of noises from my Pig. Please Help!
  196. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Protecting my new piggie!! How do I know if something is wrong with a six week old?
  197. Injury I am the WORST Guinea Pig Mom EVER!
  198. Ovarian Cysts Clear discharge from piggies.. "lady parts"
  199. Sick Two of my poor girlies have a URI :(
  200. Conditions Lost Voice?
  201. Sick Squeaking when pooping/peeing?
  202. Vet Taking Lucy to the vet tonight
  203. Hair Loss Three year old going on bald
  204. Lump Strange lump on stomach
  205. Infection Urgent advice needed on eye infection please
  206. Injury Tweet's eye...
  207. Sick Sick Piggy! Help figuring it out?
  208. Neutering/Spaying Having a spay done on Tuesday!
  209. Injury Help!! Guinea pig not walking straight and twitching her head?
  210. Teeth Three Broken Teeth!
  211. Infection Bobo has Trichomonas caviae, still
  212. Vet I think Ace might have mites??
  213. Mites I think my guinea pig has mites
  214. Diarrhea What could possibly be wrong? Took Guinea Pig to vet.
  215. Ivermectin Online sites for Ivermectin
  216. Conditions Eating tinsel
  217. Sick Please someone help!
  218. Not Eating Clumpy Poo: Boo Hoo
  219. Crusty Eyes All my guinea pigs have dried up crust on their eyes?!
  220. Neutering/Spaying Is two weeks enough?
  221. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection My poor CHASE!
  222. Diarrhea Is his poop supposed to be thhis small?
  223. Infection Guinea Pig has huge lump above his bottom
  224. Sick Urgent help with guinea pig please!
  225. Conditions Health issue or not?
  226. Medications Is it safe?
  227. Skin Problems Hard thick "thing" found stuck in my piggie's hair...what is this?
  228. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection A valuable lesson learned!
  229. Not Eating how do you know the babys are drinking moms milk
  230. Ovarian Cysts Most Humane?
  231. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Colds vs. URIs
  232. Weight Loss Undersized guinea pig with unknown history?
  233. Sick Think my Guinea Pig is dying...pretty devestated
  234. Vet Initial Vet Visit (Not Sick): What to Expect?
  235. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Pneumonia question
  236. Sneezing Runny nose from dusty hay or possible URI?
  237. Infection Nipple Issue?
  238. Sick Pig still getting sick after 3 2+week rounds of antibiotics.
  239. Sick Stiff back legs???
  240. Abscess Captain Noodles and his abscess
  241. Cyst Sebaceous cyst
  242. Conditions Nosebleed and Hiccups?
  243. Not Eating Barely eating pig and weight loss
  244. Vet What to look for in a vet.
  245. My Guinea Pig is Constipated! Please help!
  246. Sick Please help my cavys and me!
  247. Conditions What is this???
  248. Skin Problems What is this??
  249. Tumor debunking a tumor
  250. Vet Know a good vet in the Milwaukee area?