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  1. Mites Ugh. Ivermectin
  2. Conditions Just adopted Abyssinian tongiht,I am worried about his condition...
  3. Sick Bayril for URI
  4. Mouth Chewing on shower curtain?
  5. Ivermectin Can I use the cat's ivermectin on my guineas?
  6. Urine Spotted some white spots.... Course of action?
  7. Skin Problems what do you think this is?
  8. Sick Please help, my piggy is sick & vet has no openings until Wednesday
  9. Hair Loss I don't know what's wrong :(
  10. Injury Oh my please help me please
  11. Scratching but no hair loss
  12. Conditions No Squeaks!Help!
  13. Crusty Eyes Is This Crusty Eye?
  14. Parasites What in the world is this?
  15. Skin Problems Poor itchy piggies!
  16. Sick My little Newt.
  17. Sick My pig just ate plastic. :O
  18. Coughing I seriously need help, I don't know what's wrong with my boy!
  19. Diarrhea What happend and should we go to the vet??
  20. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI?
  21. Scratching My guinea scratches a lot!
  22. Diarrhea After ruptured chin abscess
  23. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Texel Getting over Pneumonia - Need Advice Please!!
  24. Sick inability to swallow, drooling, stillness, very ill pig
  25. Hair Loss Hair loss-White flakey with patches of red?
  26. Wheezing Is he sick? Iam really worried
  27. Ivermectin Back home from the vet!
  28. Skin Problems Dry skin
  29. Scratching I need help
  30. Hair Loss little hair clumps coming out
  31. Neutering/Spaying Neutering my boar Romeo Thur, need luck and info
  32. Crusty Eyes Could be URI?
  33. Weight Loss dandruff/ crusty/watery eyes/loss of appetite help!
  34. Vet help
  35. Sick Sleepy pig
  36. Feet spurs: questions re:care +bedding?
  37. Conditions Lost piggie to pneumonia....Need advice.
  38. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How do Drafts Cause URIs?
  39. Neutering/Spaying Hernia/general aftercare?
  40. Parasites Will be aquiring piggies, need some lice advice.
  41. Skin Problems sore red skin
  42. Conditions Guinea Pig Allergies
  43. Lump Whats this on Bubbles Tummy?
  44. Vet Little help. >.<
  45. Medications Help with force-feeding the medication?
  46. Impaction We had been told a girl but after impaction not sure
  47. Diarrhea Baytril and Soft Stool?
  48. Sick HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Trixie's medical thread
  50. Skin Problems Impatient mummy not sure she's doing things right
  51. Not Eating How many syringes ? Pre-surgery nervousness.
  52. Hair Loss my guinea pig has a bald spot
  53. Hair Loss Crusty patch and hair loss!
  54. Eyes/Non-crusty Don't know what to think
  55. Sick My pig is going in for surgery to remove lump tomorrow and feeling blue
  56. Feet Strange Growth?
  57. Conditions Freaked out about lice! HELP!
  58. Impaction What is it and should I be conserned?
  59. Injury Seizures!?
  60. Infection Ivermectin application video - Is this how?
  61. Impaction How to clean
  62. Posible Mites!!! Please help!!!!
  63. Urine Urine color?
  64. Revolution Revolution help please!!
  65. Conditions Vanek's medical thread (input? opinions?) (pictures included)
  66. Lump back to the vet.
  67. Injury Sore foot
  68. Scratching Would it hurt to pretreat?
  69. Conditions Kinda freaked out
  70. Infection Mites or Fungal infection?
  71. My guinea pig cries when she poops help?
  72. I'm new here and need help:)
  73. Weight Loss Bullying, weight loss, hair loss.... wire floor on outdoor cage?
  74. Crusty Eyes Crusty eye boogers?
  75. Infection Guinea pig died
  76. Conditions My Sophie had lymphoma.....
  77. Lump Kwee has cervical lymphadenitis
  78. Impaction Coconut oil for butt cleaning
  79. Vet Our Cupcake has diabetes
  80. Sick where to buy Critical Care
  81. Weight Loss How much till I should be worried?
  82. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI recovery stories?
  83. Cyst Sophie's Ovarian Cyst
  84. Conditions Normal ear wax?
  85. Parasites I think my boys might have mites. Can I treat them myself with Ivermectin?
  86. Conditions Ringworm.
  87. Bloated Gas
  88. Vet Costs Just wondered if anyone could help with my pig's operation.
  89. Lethargy HELP. answer asap please.
  90. Revolution parasite prevention?
  91. Weight Loss Pedialyte?
  92. Feet Poor Peaches and Mom
  93. Sneezing AC making guinea pig sneeze??
  94. Vet Costs Sick piggy, vet costs getting too high..
  95. Feet Split nail or 2 nails on one pad?
  96. Lethargy What could be wrong?
  97. Sick Just started drinking ALOT of water...
  98. Sick Am I doing the right things??
  99. Conditions New baby piggies going to live with us - help with re-homing needed
  100. Weight Loss this forum may have saved my pig's life
  101. Lethals Lethal Whites
  102. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How long does it take for a pig to recover from URI?
  103. Skin Problems HELP! skinny pig has allergies? red bumps and rash!!
  104. Medications Administering Oral Medication
  105. Sick White poop? PLEASE HELP!!!
  106. Sick Possibly sick?
  107. Abscess Help! Guinea pig's abscess came back
  108. Sick Is Gizzy just TOO sick?
  109. Urine Sweet-smelling Urine
  110. Not Eating Not pooping!
  111. Genitals How Should You Hold A Piggie When Cleaning Genitals?
  112. Lump Bump on back?
  113. Teeth Do His Teeth Need Clipping? (Photo Included)
  114. Medications Subcutaneous Injections - (Fluids)
  115. Diarrhea Fresh Poos=Soft poos?
  116. Sick Guinea pig is spazzing out!
  117. Vet A Good Vet and a Sick Pig
  118. Vet Help!
  119. Vet 2 babies going to vet tomorrow. What are some things to clear up with the vet...
  120. Conditions Cysts?!?!
  121. Diarrhea What causes diarrhea?
  122. Genitals Neutering
  123. Vet Gir's first visit
  124. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection was supposed to be 15 days?
  125. Sick Can Someone Please Please Please tell my why he died!
  126. Infection Is it mites?
  127. Infection Inner ear infection/back leg paralysis
  128. Skin Problems Baby boar has dry skin
  129. Sick Guinea pig had or has URI?
  130. Injury Uh-oh... Marble got bitten.
  131. Mites Ivermectin Vs. Revolution for Mites
  132. Conditions What do you use to wash your boar’s grease gland?
  133. Conditions what can this be?
  134. Urine Blood in pee?
  135. Sick URGENT! dont know whats wrong..
  136. Medications How should one store Critical Care?
  137. Conditions I think Spike may have bumblefoot
  138. Skin Problems Panpan's Pimple-like bump
  139. Conditions Possible wry neck?
  140. Conditions question about newborn piggies....pics included!
  141. Sneezing Potential sneezing issue?
  142. Conditions Low muscle tone?
  143. Conditions Reesie is making a weird sound.
  144. Mouth Guinea pig is fine but is randomly drooling?
  145. Injury 4 month old got scared and hurt leg
  146. Lump What causes it and how to treat
  147. Sick Vet is Out of Town and I have Sick Pigs
  148. Sneezing Allergies from in my carpet??
  149. Scratching Need some advice please
  150. Mites Is this ivermectin (horse paste) okay to use?
  151. Feet Gibbs Limping
  152. Mites New Guinea Pig Fiver has mites, what to do?
  153. Revolution Ughhhh annoyed
  154. Conditions Drinking too much water... Is it good or bad?
  155. Urine White Pee stains!!! :( :( :(
  156. Bloated Supposedly Bloated Guinea pig?
  157. Diarrhea One of my pigs has diarrhea and I need some advice...
  158. Injury oohh, i feel soooo bad!
  159. Not Eating Appetite is waning... weight loss
  160. Eyes/Non-crusty One eye is open really big... :( HELP
  161. Ivermectin Itching more after fist ivermectin dose?
  162. Conditions Feral Cat Diseases
  163. Sneezing Baby Memphis, Sneezing at floor time
  164. Feet HELP ASAP found my 6 week old piggie with a cut to her foot
  165. Conditions Screaming!!!
  166. Urine Very hard water and urine stains
  167. Hair Loss Milo is losing hair!
  168. Parasites Contaminated food
  169. Sick PLEASE HELP! Not eating, not drinking, not moving... possible impaction?
  170. Scratching My Guinea Pigs might have Ringworm
  171. Urine Clear discharge and brown urine.
  172. Sneezing I think hes sneezing????
  173. Sick Possible UR, need advice
  174. Vet Costs Dad hates the veterinarian?
  175. Skin Problems Does Molly have a skin problem?
  176. Injury My guinea pig suddenly starting limping.
  177. Not Eating tried several pellets
  178. Vet NYC or Long Island vets
  179. Parasites URGENT: Maggots!!
  180. Lethargy not active
  181. Conditions Drinking - He doesn't seem to have drunk anything...
  182. Conditions What's wrong
  183. Eyes/Non-crusty White liquid from eyes?
  184. Lump Nora has a lump...
  185. Sneezing Guinea pig very allergic to carpet?
  186. Feet Toe Nails spiral in on itself
  187. Medications Critical Care, Cheap place to buy online.
  188. Urine Discharge coming from girly parts
  189. Ivermectin major shedding?
  190. Sick I'm sick!!!
  191. Sneezing Allergies to my guinea pig?
  192. Ivermectin Using Horse Paste/Storage
  193. Urine Blood in Urin and not getting better
  194. Skin Problems What is this?
  195. Urine Is it the pellets, lettuce or parsley??
  196. hooting???????
  197. Eyes/Non-crusty Cloudy eye
  198. Lump My cavy has a few sores on his rump
  199. Feet Bumblefoot and weight
  200. Lump Concerns over lump removal
  201. Injury Guinea pig mouth ulcer?
  202. Sick aggitated??
  203. Urine white spots...
  204. Sneezing Do guinea pigs noses make sounds at all?
  205. Ovarian Cysts Concerned father of piggie who seems to have ovarian cysts.
  206. Conditions Stomach problems?
  207. Sneezing Mommy knows better.
  208. Teeth Misaligned Teeth
  209. Urine White urine?
  210. Diarrhea More like soft poop instead of diarrhea but...
  211. Skin Problems Toby
  212. Urine Blood in my guinea pigs cage
  213. Sneezing Worried about Noah
  214. Mites Need help with how to treat!!
  215. Diarrhea My pig may have licked a laxative.
  216. Eyes/Non-crusty Red sclera and pupil yellow
  217. Skin Problems White on Ear
  218. Urine Constant Urination
  219. Sick Something weird: PLEASE READ AND HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!
  220. Hair Loss How to stop barbering?
  221. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Getting worried about Elmo :(
  222. Vet baytril
  223. Lethargy Do guinea pigs mourn?
  224. Conditions Everyone is scratching
  225. Medications Compounded Baytril
  226. Weight Loss Lilly's Medical Thread
  227. Sick Is my guinea pig sick or am I just over reacting?
  228. Sick Baby GP (Fudge) with URI...scared!
  229. Parasites Question about lice
  230. Weight Loss Harley, lost 76g in 11 days...
  231. Teeth Juarez has a Broken front tooth!
  232. Sick Impacted cecum
  233. Wheezing Guinea Pig around a lot of pot?
  234. Urine sow makes farting like sounds when urinating
  235. Injury Swollen foot/toe!
  236. Sick Raspy sounds
  237. Sick Please Help - Piggie Breathing Problems & More
  238. Sick Two GPs sick
  239. Mouth Korra's Crusty Nose
  240. Medications Oral antibiotics and probiotics advice please
  241. Infection Sadness vs. sickness??
  242. Mouth Fungal? I'm worried.
  243. Eyes/Non-crusty Whites of eyes look grey?
  244. Conditions sexing my cavy
  245. Eyes/Non-crusty Jojo swollen around and under 1 eye, red and teary???
  246. Worried about piggies :( Slight sneeze?
  247. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Need urgent help confirming some treatment details.
  248. Wheezing Wheeze with Cough/Sneeze/Hiccup?
  249. Conditions Guinea pig URI symptoms?
  250. Mites First time dealing with mites