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  1. Mites Mites?
  2. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Medicine
  3. wounded
  4. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How long do antibiotics take to work for guinea pigs?
  5. Conditions Lack Of Water = Dusty Poos?
  6. Medications Meds affect on bonding?
  7. Ivermectin $300 dollars later Harley STILL has lice.
  8. Ovarian Cysts Finally, symptoms of ovarian cysts.
  9. Lump GP Anatomy
  10. Pudding's medical thread
  11. Sneezing Runny nose
  12. Injury Two sows have dry feet and one of their's is really bad.
  13. Conditions My boar does this freaky thing with his eyes when he sleeps
  14. Injury Percy has an eye injury! :'(
  15. Coughing Is it normal for a guinea pig to cough every now and then?
  16. Bite injury
  17. Cyst Chewing out Stitches - vet unhelpful
  18. Infection somthings on my little boy:( please please help!!!
  19. Sick I think Peanut is dying.
  20. Diarrhea Guinea pig is pooping normal again, is it safe to feed her veggies?
  21. Skin Problems Mities
  22. Urine White pee
  23. Conditions Piggies and Shingles
  24. Diarrhea Poop Shoes
  25. Impaction Possible Impaction
  26. Squeekie's med thread
  27. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea pig CRACKLY breathing, coming from NOSE
  28. Genitals Grease gland...?
  29. Conditions My guinea pig has a smell
  30. Sick Important and I need help!!
  31. Teeth Malocclusion and heart murmur---help!
  32. Skin Problems 99.9 percent sure my boys have a fungal infection.
  33. Diarrhea Soft Poos :/
  34. Lump Lumps and Bumps :(
  35. Infection Buddy diagnosed with pneumonia
  36. Conditions Items Needed for First Aid Kit, Starting Out/Neutering (NOT Emergency
  37. Teeth beware zip ties
  38. Vet Costs Quick question- how much do vets generally cost for small pets?
  39. Hair Loss hard hair is now missing hair?
  40. Parasites Does anyone have experience with coccidia?
  41. Impaction Skin Irritation
  42. Vet For a dye test...
  43. Feet What do sore feet look like?
  44. Heart Issues help?
  45. Injury Rumbling has turned into fighting, which turned into bloodshed!
  46. Sneezing More of a Snuffly sound
  47. Injury I found a teeny scab on Marble.
  48. Feet perfect paws for bumblefoot?
  49. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How to tell if my guinea pig doesn't have URI any more?
  50. Hair Loss Help
  51. Skin Problems Ringworm please help!!!
  52. Lethargy Lethargy, soft stools, sludge in urine?
  53. Feet Black nails... What should I do?
  54. Infection how do you treat spurs???
  55. Diarrhea Brown Mushy Poop-Like Stuff in Food Bowl???
  56. Neutering/Spaying Had my boy snipped today!
  57. Feet really red feet?
  58. Urine ?
  59. Mites Is It Mites?
  60. Neutering/Spaying Spay or Not to Spay?
  61. Urine Has anyone ever used FUS-SOL Drops?
  62. Skin Problems Small dry patch on Shadow's belly - HELP!
  63. Heart Issues Are these signs of heart problems?
  64. Injury Is this a cut?
  65. Feet Nail Trimming Again! Nicked The Quick......
  66. Vet Costs Anyone from NH? I think I need a new vet...
  67. Conditions Need help with a partially blind guinea pig
  68. Feet Styptic powder, alternatives?
  69. Feet Spurs?
  70. Feet Deformed foot
  71. Flaky White Stuff?
  72. Skin Problems Scared Help Me!
  73. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Shelly needs help!
  74. Injury possible "nip" marks what to do?
  75. Conditions One pig, one thread - please
  76. Coughing "C-hack!"
  77. Skin Problems Dry, Flaky, Bald Patch With Tiny Sores ??
  78. Feet is he hurt? :-(
  79. Coughing Coughing
  80. Lump My newest addition has a lump on her side! please help!
  81. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection What to Do Until An Appointment Can Be Made/Source of Infection
  82. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Cause of URI
  83. Urine Normal colour?
  84. Coughing Coughing, Hiccups, Choking noises?
  85. Vet Advice on finding a vet
  86. Scratching Occasional itching?
  87. Infection UTI- May be urgent
  88. Stones Old Guinea pig with multiple problems, advice please
  89. Sick Early intestinal blockage
  90. Parasites Earwigs!! HELP!
  91. Sneezing Was sneezing, now it has stopped. Dust? Allergies?
  92. Feet black spots on nails
  93. Feet Ellie is missing her toenail and part of her toe.
  94. Conditions Random signs of crusty eyes, sneezing
  95. Weight Loss Worried about my baby not eating
  96. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection What are the symptoms of a URI ?
  97. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Breathing Problems???? Help please.
  98. Neutering/Spaying Should I?
  99. Sick Was that a seizure??? Help!
  100. Lump Something is wrong with Frank...Freaking out a little bit
  101. Conditions Black spots on each side of nose
  102. Lethals soooo amazingly happy and excited, but need help . . .
  103. Injury noticed blood on a bell pepper after he nibbled
  104. Sneezing Sneezing AGAIN
  105. Conditions Weird Ear Scabs PLEASE HELP!
  106. Urine Pepper's bottom is dirty!
  107. Conditions Is she old? Please help!
  108. Sick Cheilitis? or too much fruit?
  109. Wheezing Weird breathing noises and coughing
  110. Skin Problems itchy skin
  111. Genitals Strange Genital
  112. Hair Loss Half-Bald Piggie!!
  113. Vet anyone in nj?
  114. Infection UTI won't go away
  115. Anya due anyday???
  116. Sick Keeping my piggies healthy while I am sick?
  117. Injury Pigs got into fight, blood was drawn. Need Help!!
  118. Conditions Worried about my ageing boar
  119. Skin Problems Crusty hair above my guinea pig's nose? [pics inside]
  120. Ivermectin lice
  121. Genitals Is my piggie a boy or girl?
  122. Ovarian Cysts What causes Ovarian Cysts and is there a way I can prevent it?
  123. Vet Cavvy Savvy Vets in MS?
  124. Skin Problems Two guinea pigs spotted behind the ears?
  125. Skin Problems Should my friend be worried?
  126. Lump Male guinea pig needs help!
  127. Feet What should I use on my piggies
  128. Sick What should I do if Heatstroke
  129. Coughing My Prim started coughing this morning?
  130. Injury Trip to the vet first thing this morning for eye injury
  131. Sneezing New pig--bedding dusty?
  132. Neutering/Spaying Ollys a new man!
  133. Sick HELP! Piggy not eating!
  134. Parasites Lice from the Shelter and Treatment Question
  135. Feet I think my new guy has Bumblefoot
  136. Weight Loss Rapid Weight loss :(
  137. Lethargy Piggy acting VERY funny PLEASE HELP
  138. Sick I need quick advice
  139. Neutering/Spaying Help!
  140. Skin Problems Problem with my pair
  141. Scratching Sick Piggies...
  142. Hair Loss Excessive shedding?
  143. Flicker's Medical Thread
  144. Sick Our 5 year old piggie has lice
  145. Conditions New Pig is acting odd
  146. Not Eating Affected by weather?
  147. Skin Problems Wierd patch on Charlies nose
  148. Impaction Nibbled some plastic? What are warning signs?
  149. Scratching Two male guinea pigs...
  150. Conditions Whiteing Fur?
  151. Sneezing Sneezing. Is there something wrong?
  152. Sneezing Sneezing piggies due to smoke from Fires???
  153. Vet Boston area vet
  154. Bloated Meg may have bloat
  155. Coughing Ro Dah Coughing and Sneezing?
  156. Hair Loss In front of the ear and eye.
  157. Eyes/Non-crusty Odd Shaped Pupil
  158. Diarrhea Guinea Pig Not Pooping!
  159. Sick My Guinea Pig is acting strange and I don't know what to do.
  160. Diarrhea Mushy Poo - not liquid yet... help!
  161. Conditions Need Advice on Post-Op Care!
  162. Stones Ways to prevent bladder stones?
  163. Medications Medicating my pig, but now she HATES me--will it last?
  164. Wheezing Odd noise. Worried about a possible URI or heart disease.
  165. Urine white urine stains?
  166. Impacted Piggie
  167. Penny's Med Thread
  168. Ivermectin Invermectin Dosage and Syringe
  169. Mouth Pimple???
  170. worried about Dash's weight loss!!
  171. Infection Can guinea pigs carry the strep virus?
  172. Vet Violet - First Vet Trip Antibiotics and approval of environment/bedding change
  173. Not Eating Problem with a new adopted guinea pig.
  174. Genitals Aren't you supposed to clean a male guinea pig's glands?
  175. Lump Urgent...
  176. Heart Issues Stethoscope
  177. Sick wheezing
  178. Conditions Please Help
  179. Genitals Had no idea how much work a boar was!
  180. Parasites Lice
  181. Vet Good Vet Option?
  182. Sick Scared...handled a pig with fungus and then my too!
  183. Injury Scabbed ear..
  184. Urine Is this normal? Redish brown urine
  185. Wheezing Wondering about a well established infection??
  186. Lump Curly has a lump on her neck/chin
  187. Urine Help please :(
  188. Skin Problems What does fungus healing look like?
  189. Not Eating new KMS hay
  190. Parasites Worm/mite/lice treatments
  191. Genitals Anal Sacs And Age
  192. Injury Umm. I'm Not a Bad Mommy, Right?
  193. Lump MiMi has got a lump. :(
  194. Feet Red feet
  195. Not Eating Not a good day for Bela
  196. Conditions Not Squeaking Right
  197. Sick Is she ok ?
  198. Vet Costs Diabetes
  199. Hair Loss Cavi cutting his own hair
  200. Feet Swollen foot? PLEASE HELP!
  201. Skin Problems What does this look like?
  202. Feel so bad for him!
  203. Coughing Worried - heart condition?
  204. Genitals superfetation???? came across an article and it cought my eye!
  205. Sick Sneezing
  206. Conditions Revolution and fleas?
  207. Urine UTI/Blood vs. Oxidized
  208. Infection Terra is sick
  209. Scratching Behaviour Changes
  210. Lethargy Worried about George..
  211. Skin Problems Skin on Ear looks dry :(
  212. Parasites Contracting/Spreading Mites Prevention?
  213. Sneezing Can pigs be allergic to timothy hay?
  214. Hair Loss Sudden hair loss around one eye, no other symptoms
  215. Eyes/Non-crusty Luke's eye has some strange discharge??
  216. Wheezing Guinea pig has sudden outbursts of wheezing?
  217. Injury Broken leg due to a dog bite
  218. Injury guinea pig fell!!
  219. Abscess Ruptured Abscess
  220. Parasites Is It A Mite Problem?!
  221. Urine Blood in Urine~ What Should I Do?!
  222. Feet Flakey skin on her feet ?
  223. Conditions guinea pig diet
  224. Mouth Hand Feeding w/ Syringe
  225. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection No vets in my area :/
  226. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Advice please.
  227. Sick Can guinea pigs catch the flu?
  228. Skin Problems What is this?
  229. Bloated My guinea pig was bloated earlier today
  230. Sneezing New 5 week old sneezing a lot
  231. Sick Antibiotic question (Tmps)
  232. Conditions What's this?
  233. Teeth black-ish top teeth.
  234. Conditions unexpected pregnant guinea pig! so scared!
  235. Skin Problems Could she have fungus?
  236. Conditions Why is he doing this?
  237. Conditions What happened to my guinea pig's nose? HELP
  238. Injury 5 days after surgery: Can I take my guinea pig outside if I hold her?
  239. Sick Is this normal ?
  240. Sneezing sneezing guinea pig!
  241. Sick Rose is acting strange
  242. Injury Guinea pig wound question?
  243. Injury Worried about antibiotic "Convenia"
  244. Vet very annoyed right now :(
  245. Parasites Freaking out - Saw a roach
  246. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Vet wait: how long is too long?
  247. Parasites Emrgenacy
  248. Sick Choking, Bloat, and Eventual Death
  249. Teeth Help! Guinea Pig dental emergency
  250. Crusty Eyes Is this considered the start of a crusty eye?