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  1. Need help with a sick Guinea Pig
  2. Lethargy Remaining in one hidey a lot?
  3. Hair Loss uh-oh - just noticed this!!
  4. Sick Gi stasis
  5. Sick Breathing problems/not as active
  6. Injury Mikus bit the flesh out of Charlie...humping led to fighting!!!
  7. Conditions what to do..?
  8. Sick Big Scab on the back of the head, helpp me !
  9. Sneezing Sneezing?
  10. Medications Probiotics and Vitamin C with Baytril
  11. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How Long for URI to Show Up?
  12. Skin Problems Scabbed sore/mites
  13. Congested pigs to the vet
  14. Abscess Young male guinea pig has cysts and a respiratory infection... need advice :/
  15. Skin Problems Crying when brushed?
  16. Eyes/Non-crusty Swelling in left eye
  17. Skin Problems What is wrong with my Coconut?
  18. Abscess Going through the seven circles of hell, some experience advice needed please...
  19. Wheezing Harley has allergies
  20. Pip seems to have a problem breathing - she's rasping
  21. Urine white powder?
  22. Urine Blood in urine!? UTI? Uterine problem?
  23. Ivermectin Is this the correct dosage?
  24. Feet Extremely Lazy
  25. Teeth PLEASE help Aslan! He doesn't seem to be in pain, but his teeth? One is MISSING!!!!!!
  26. Coughing Coughing and cannot stop
  27. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Pertussis/Whooping Cough
  28. Neutering/Spaying Is it worth getting my boy guineas neutered?
  29. Vet Costs Possible Mites (About Vet Costs and Treatments)
  30. Parasites Question about Species Specific Parasites
  31. Skin Problems Lice treatment & hives when handling piggy
  32. Skin Problems Itchy Piggie
  33. Abscess Will Wibble hate me? :(
  34. Sneezing Taking our 3 lil girls to the Vet..tomm !!
  35. Injury not sure what this is...
  36. Bloated gassy pigs
  37. Parasites Carpet Beetles?
  38. Coughing Freddy has been coughing and im worried :(
  39. Impaction impacted rectum help!
  40. Urine White calcium spots on cage.
  41. Conditions A question on red eye guinea pig
  42. Diarrhea Rescued guinea pigs poop
  43. Feet Something on Ginger's Foot-HELP!
  44. Conditions Can pigs catch human flu or cold from us?
  45. Feet Pads-Too pink?
  46. worming help
  47. Conditions Found bump on his back
  48. Congested Breathing Sounds, Should I Worry?
  49. Sick Puffed up pig
  50. Eyes/Non-crusty Scratch
  51. Scratching How much is too much?
  52. Conditions NEED ADVICE****Stressing over my pigs might have mites!!!!!
  53. Vet Costs More boar stuff...
  54. Mites Mites? No Hair Loss, Signs Of Discomfort, But ITCHY!
  55. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye Issues...Help !!
  56. Wheezing Guinea Pig breathing loudly
  57. Vet traumatized!!!!!
  58. Feet Are These Nails Too Long?
  59. Sneezing "Sniffs" and some coughing
  60. Sneezing So I got 2 new piggies, unfortunately from a pet store, & I noticed one is sneezing
  61. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Is this the Sound of Illness?
  62. Lump does she need to see a vet?
  63. Coughing What is this "Jerking Head" type Movement?
  64. Genitals Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?
  65. Feet Missing nail!
  66. Injury Swollen lip and bite? - Questions
  67. Conditions Thank Goodness I Rescued Him
  68. Vet Dumb neutering question
  69. Injury Ted's toe nail has come off!
  70. Genitals Brown discharge
  71. Stones Old Guinea Pig with a Bladder Stone
  72. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Diet Changes I can make to help her get better?
  73. Mouth Malocclusion advice please?
  74. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Coconut has a UTI !! :(
  75. Injury Guinea Pig being attacked
  76. Feet My little guy has dry, rough, scaly feet?
  77. Conditions One of my guinea pigs would sometimes give off this strong smell, is it normal?
  78. Urine Brown urine....UTI ????? SOS
  79. Weight Loss Purchasing Critical Care - Link no longer works
  80. Injury Bloody bedding???
  81. Sick Prayers for Chewy.
  82. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in eye
  83. Medications Paralyzed hind legs, can I give her TriFlex liquid?
  84. Sneezing Sneezing: Allergies or something sinister?
  85. Injury open/ scabby wounds on lower back area
  86. Wheezing Wheezing Sound while Grooming Himself?
  87. Weight Loss Skinny pig and fat pig?
  88. Conditions HELP?? Sulfodene "dog" ointment for guinea pigs??
  89. Lump Piggie will be okay?
  90. Conditions bumblefoot, impactions, etc
  91. Vet Costs Pet insurance / VPI
  92. Injury limping
  93. Mouth my poor piggy
  94. Mites Treatment length????
  95. Conditions Stress and digestive upsets
  96. Lump Help!
  97. Vet worried about my girls eyes, going to the vet soon help!! quick!
  98. Ivermectin Where to find in Ontario?
  99. Advantage HELP!
  100. Neutering/Spaying Just got my Guinea Pig neutered Monday, now not acting right...
  101. Parasites Lices and baths
  102. Conditions Spring has sprung and so has the Bugs ...
  103. Crusty Eyes crusty eye, drinking a LOT - possibilities?
  104. Parasites Question about lice infested pigs with wooden accessories.
  105. Bloated Something odd going on here.
  106. Skin Problems Skin Issues
  107. Vet Smelly discharge in new pig
  108. Parasites Possible Lice? Treatment options?
  109. Lethals Just need to know if my male ridgeback "Mateo" has the Roan gene....
  110. Diarrhea Not sure if this is diarrhea - any advice?
  111. Mites Do my Pigs have Mites?!?!
  112. Scratching Nizoral Shampoo: How Often?
  113. Conditions Safe Way to Get Rid of Mice That Won't Bother Guinea Pig
  114. Teeth Incisors Repeatedly Breaking
  115. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Persistent URI
  116. Skin Problems WORRIED open sore please advise!
  117. Scratching Bald spot on my pig's head
  118. Sneezing Hazel sneezed :(
  119. Diarrhea Is this diarrhea?
  120. Mites Could this be mites?
  121. Wheezing HELP Please!
  122. Sneezing Help please!
  123. Sick Stupid question?
  124. Lethals is every all white guinea pig with pink eyes a lethal?
  125. Skin Problems fungus
  126. Glitch's medical thread
  127. Eyes/Non-crusty Droopy lower eyelid
  128. Conditions Weight
  129. Skin Problems Worrying over back petting cause a little Spazz
  130. Conditions Bleeding from rectum - Fall
  131. Possibly hurt! Lila not using back legs + twitching!
  132. Lethargy A rescue pig,
  133. Sick One of our new babies is sick
  134. Feet I just pulled off my guinea pig's extra toe!
  135. Skin Problems Help please. Guinea pig dandruff?
  136. Vet I want to find a vet that will do check ups for little or free :/
  137. Not Eating 5.25 Year Old Male Not Eating
  138. Vet Irritated Scent Glands & Mass
  139. Hair Loss Trudy has some hair loss on her butt..
  140. Mouth Guinea pig might have eaten tortilla chip?
  141. Conditions I dont know what it is
  142. Sick One thing after another
  143. Injury Help for Nugget, Please
  144. Conditions Large flat Black Flakes on guinea pig
  145. Infection Guinea pig peeing blood! UTI?
  146. Conditions Healthy Body Temp
  147. Injury Lost teeth?
  148. Eyes/Non-crusty Eye lid injury
  149. Conditions Broken in half poops??
  150. Sick Puffed Piggies... Oh no, I didn't think it was bad...
  151. Vet Costs Understanding Veterinary Pet Insurance
  152. Infection Cheilitis?
  153. Skin Problems Dry Skin
  154. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Guinea pig breathing really loudly?
  155. Medications Miconazole
  156. Sneezing Oh No! Penny is Sneezing!
  157. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How do I know if my guinea pig is actually getting better?
  158. Vet Finding a Vet
  159. Feet Diego's Foot Feet Problem
  160. Sick Isolating sick piggie and questions
  161. Conditions Terrified guinea pig
  162. Skin Problems Missing hair
  163. Urine Yellow Wee
  164. Sick Rapid death in guinea pig
  165. Conditions A Few Health Questions About The Pigs
  166. Mites Rough Coat
  167. Skin Problems ringworm & totally stressing
  168. Sick Hey need some HELP!!
  169. Lump Guinea Pig Lump On Chin/Neck Area
  170. Skin Problems New guinea pig has bold patch with dry blood spots, possibilities? Worried :(
  171. Infection When do I throw out the cage toys? What should I allow in his cage during treatment?
  172. Abscess How long can a guinea pig have an abscess?
  173. Urine Red urine? :(
  174. Sneezing Because of hay?
  175. Neutering/Spaying To Neuter or Not to Neuter?
  176. Urine White Urine.
  177. Neutering/Spaying EMERGENCY!!! I think our Oliver has been accidentally overdosed!!!!!
  178. Vet I lost my Valentine today
  179. Mites Ivermectin Treament
  180. Sneezing Help?
  181. Eyes/Non-crusty Possible eye infection?
  182. Skin Problems Treating with nirzoral but getting worse? HELP!
  183. Hair Loss Help - advice sought. Possible fungal infection??? I'm a newbie to cavy care.
  184. Lump Lump..abscess?!
  185. Injury Guinea pig bitten on hand and now white spots (like acne) on hand
  186. How can I get her to stop
  187. Revolution How to treat for Fleas! HELP!
  188. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Preventing Guinea's getting URI?
  189. Mouth Scab between Nose and Lip
  190. Lump Is it possible for my piggie at 8 weeks to still have a small dry umbilical stump?
  191. Eyes/Non-crusty One Eye Closing...?
  192. Injury Injury from fighting boars. Need advice!
  193. Conditions Coco
  194. Genitals Hard crust
  195. Conditions Not walking, and "Rising up"? Help!
  196. Conditions Dwarf Hamster Fur loss and itchy skin
  197. Teeth Missing 1 upper tooth!
  198. Tumor Guinea pig to possibly have surgery this Thursday... catheter or no catheter?
  199. Conditions small white specks
  200. Sick Ate half the buttons on my remote...?
  201. Neutering/Spaying Will spaying a female and letting her join a herd of boars work?
  202. Genitals Sheading
  203. My lil sow is pregnant
  204. Weight Loss Uh oh...Fat Albert lost 12 grams!!
  205. Stones Guinea pig and bladder stone for 4th time..
  206. Sneezing Sneezing pigs - URI or allergies?
  207. Medications How to change time of Metacam dosage?
  208. Abscess Guinea pig having his abscess lanced.
  209. Vet What do I need to bring?
  210. Wheezing A little wheezing?
  211. Skin Problems Scab thing
  212. Vet Blah, blah.
  213. Sick Help!
  214. Urine White sticky discharge/urine?
  215. Mites Rory has mites, I have no money
  216. Mites How old do pigs have to be to be treated with Ivermectin?
  217. Medications How to administer through syringe?
  218. Scratching Itchy Piggy!
  219. Weight Loss Weight loss - but NOTHING else?
  220. Cyst Midnights getting surgery
  221. Medications How to get the ear drops IN the ears?
  222. Weight Loss What Do You Use?
  223. Sick My Guinea Pig making a cough / hiccup sound?! (tell me if petco is gonna scam me)
  224. Hair Loss Hair loss on Rex Guinea Pig! Please help!
  225. Conditions squeaking while pooping
  226. Feet Super Glue accident with Guinea pig
  227. Skin Problems It Might Sound Silly, But is Cat Spit Toxic?
  228. Conditions When 3 URIs is actually a heart condition...
  229. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How do URI's develop?
  230. Sneezing my piggi is she sneezing?
  231. Not Eating When should I syringe feed them mashed pellets?
  232. Sick Breathing Problems
  233. Neutering/Spaying Oldest you ever neutered a boar?
  234. Impaction Is this impaction
  235. Feet I need shoe design help for my pig.
  236. Diarrhea wet, long, misformed mushy poops
  237. Urine Someone please help!!!!
  238. Sick Weird poops?
  239. Advantage Aaaaaahh!!! My piggies have lice and I'm completely freaked :(
  240. Not Eating Anyone out there able to help with advice for Fizz
  241. Conditions Lice Or Fleas?
  242. Mites V-Shaped Hair Loss Video: Mites?
  243. Conditions I think my guinea pig has LICE /FLEAS or anger issues?
  244. Vet Costs Guinea pig raspy breathing?
  245. Injury My poor baby
  246. Sick Little guy sick
  247. Urine Does this urine look normal? (picture)
  248. Neutering/Spaying Rictor is going in on Tuesday
  249. Not Eating Post Eye Removal
  250. Infection Had to take Piper to the Emergency clinic