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  1. Mites Help- Pregnant pig with mites?
  2. Hair Loss Strange pattern in Charlie's fur
  3. Crusty Eyes Crusty eye, polysporin eye drops?
  4. Urine HELP! ohh nooo....
  5. Injury Hurt leg
  6. Genitals Romeo's Medical Thread
  7. Feet Inch long nails!!
  8. Sick ? Advice needed please
  9. Wheezing Over Reaction?
  10. Sick Change in guinea pig poop
  11. Neutering/Spaying Veterinarian Options?
  12. Genitals VERY smelly boar!
  13. Vet Costs Neutering males
  14. Sick Wet sneezes
  15. Skin Problems Chaz has a pimple/scab near his nose.
  16. Urine Pink/Reddish Urine
  17. Sick Guinea pig not eating food nor medicine. Any advice?
  18. Sick We JUST moved last night...and he seems sick. Should I be worried?
  19. Conditions HELP! Possible Mange Mites
  20. Sick How quickly do GP's get really sick?
  21. Vet Anyone located in NWI? Have a vet recommendation?
  22. Parasites PIGGIE HAS FLEAS!!!!! please help ASAP!!!!
  23. Sneezing Possible Bacterial Infection?
  24. Sick Possibly sick newborn guinea pig?
  25. Sick guinea pig head tilting
  26. Injury Leg/chest injury?
  27. Feet Possible Bumblefoot?
  28. Conditions Am I being unfair to him by keeping him alive?
  29. Sick Really Strange Poop + Squeals When I Pet Her! (picture)
  30. Conditions I'm worried about this. What can it be?
  31. Medications Administering Meds
  32. Infection Impaction pus? (not for the faint of heart)
  33. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Can someone please tell me what the signs of dehydration are??
  34. Coughing Coughed While Eating
  35. Impaction 3.5 y/o Male Guinea Pig- Build Up in Perenial Sac?
  36. Mouth Brown Saliva?
  37. Sick Creature may have kidney failure
  38. Conditions Romaine and Kidney Stones
  39. Conditions Guinea pig with a head tilt and scaly feet
  40. Conditions Arthritis experiences/ramps/supplements
  41. Skin Problems help?! my piggie is sick!
  42. Vet Costs HoLy cow! Harry was neutered today!
  43. Sick Sick Piggy? Vet appointment Thursday...... too long to wait?
  44. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Urine Crystals
  45. Skin Problems my guinea pig has a white area forming around a skin tag on the ear
  46. Sick Heavy Breathing?
  47. Sick I'm sick!
  48. Sick Help! does anyone know anything about hamsters?!?!?
  49. Guinea pig bloated, but eating and pooping?
  50. Urine White Compounds-Help!
  51. Neutering/Spaying Steve neutered in San Diego
  52. Stones Pooping/Peeing blood, 3 possible illnesses, & a few other questions for you guys..
  53. Revolution Male dominance and age
  54. Eyes/Non-crusty one watery eye: should I worry?
  55. Parasites My guinea pig has fur mites and also a possibly incompetent vet...
  56. Guinea Pig URI. NEED ASAP?!
  57. Crusty Eyes My guinea pig received treatment for URI 3 weeks ago but still has crusty eyes?
  58. Medications Treating 3 boars with Advantage -
  59. Sick HELP my pig is swollen ?
  60. Neutering/Spaying Stories of ones who nuetered their pigs
  61. Feet found something on sheldons foot..help?
  62. Wheezing popping sound?
  63. Skin Problems White flaky bits on Tobi's ear and feet??
  64. Injury Strange cut/ hole in back (picture included)
  65. Stones Bladder stones starting to form
  66. Vet Seeking a cavy savvy vet but I have a dilemma here..
  67. Crusty Eyes Is this normal?
  68. Sick Vomit or Diarrhea???!!
  69. Sneezing Sneezing? Sighing? What??
  70. Conditions Help! My guinea pig twitches her head!
  71. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Advice on UTI
  72. Skin Problems Help? possible mites I got this Ivermectin stuff but I am scared to dose please help
  73. Medications Urgent Question...please help
  74. Sneezing Can guinea pigs have allergies??
  75. Conditions Possibly Bumblefoot?
  76. Conditions Please help, even vets don't know what's wrong. :( Blood in urine.
  77. Hair Loss Bald patch on nose
  78. Medications Baytril question
  79. Lethargy Strange behavior on journey home
  80. Urine Strange urine color
  81. Lethals guinea-pig babies! are they lethal???
  82. Feet Diagnosed with Bumblefoot :(
  83. Sick Help my piggies have lice!!
  84. Neutering/Spaying PLEASE: Help me help Auggie thru this.
  85. Vet Need a Cavy Savvy Vet on Oahu
  86. Diarrhea HELP - SEVERE DIARRHEA mushys poops
  87. Tumor mammary tumor questions
  88. Sick Mites/Lice
  89. Hair Loss This or that? Confused.
  90. Medications Ciproflox for URI?
  91. Skin Problems Bald Spot
  92. Hair Loss MJ has a bald spot on her nose.
  93. Stones Bladder stones and peppers
  94. Conditions My guinea pig possibly had a seizure
  95. Injury Treating a bitten ear
  96. Feet Blood? Please help!
  97. Conditions Poopzies black?
  98. Sneezing Help! I'm a new piggie mommy and I'm lost at what to do
  99. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Piggy had a slightly wet nose
  100. Vet First Checkup Questions
  101. Skin Problems what can i do about my pigs' skin?
  102. Conditions Chewed Power Cord
  103. Sick New baby pig not eating
  104. Hair Loss possible barbering?
  105. Injury Sore leg
  106. Diarrhea my pigs feet are covered with clumps of poop.
  107. Feet Favoring front foot/limping
  108. Mites Treatment Side Effects? Any experiences with this?
  109. Vet What should I do?
  110. Skin Problems Fungus vs Fighting Wound?
  111. Infection Can I apply anti-fungal cream around the eyes?
  112. Feet Missing Nails
  113. Conditions Piggy - Fungal nose and white eye questions (with pictures)
  114. Scratching worried about level of scratching
  115. Hair Loss Excess shedding
  116. Teeth Sharp long teeth.
  117. Eyes/Non-crusty Blind Baby Guinea Pig
  118. Sick are guinea pig pellets toxic for cats??
  119. Abscess Eddy pig has a big abscess
  120. Urine Blood in Urine.. Help! stone for 3rd time.
  121. Vet Costs euthanization
  122. Vet How awful are banfield vets?
  123. Sick Dealing with Pneumonia
  124. Sick People who suddenly can't take care of pets if they get sick.
  125. Conditions To all you wonderful problem solvers out there!
  126. Hair Loss total hair loss
  127. Injury Help: Accidently cut the quick...
  128. Not Eating Treatment of G.I. Stasis
  129. Help my piggie!
  130. Vet Less is not more when sending poo to the vet
  131. Vet First Veterinarian Appointment!
  132. Conditions Sow with large, clumpy poop -- impaction possible in sow?
  133. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection What the symptoms
  134. Sick I took Sage to the vet!
  135. Vet Head turned to the side
  136. Sick Help please-Benjamin ATE his bed!
  137. Sick I think my pig might be sick.. :(
  138. Sick Hair Loss? Possible Barbering?
  139. Sick Mites, I need help!?
  140. Hair Loss Hair Loss: Little Spot
  141. Parasites Found a Crawly on Sheldon
  142. Diarrhea Soft piggie poo! What do I do??
  143. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Baytril not working??
  144. Infection Infection Next to Eye? (Pictures)
  145. Infection How long should a new guinea's quarantine be?
  146. Feet Foot Soaks?
  147. Impaction Straining to poop...
  148. Ivermectin Injection of ivermectin today piggies very quite.
  149. Skin Problems Thanks forum!
  150. Injury Shaking Fleece OH NO!
  151. Sick I think Oreo might be sick
  152. Ivermectin Treating mites
  153. Benjamin's medical thread
  154. Conditions Painful Poopin
  155. Sneezing Oreo's vet visit
  156. Skin Problems Sunny's Skin
  157. Skin Problems Guinea Pig Dandruff
  158. Vet Tips for an easy vet trip?
  159. Lethargy New guinea pig owner with a sick piggie
  160. Vet What To Bring?
  161. Scratching treated for mites, still itchingl
  162. Injury Can a paralyzed guinea have a good life?
  163. Teeth Hi
  164. Abscess treatment question
  165. Eyes/Non-crusty Bulging eyes in new piggy..
  166. Sick still worried
  167. Sick First Vet visit tomorrow URI?
  168. Post-Op Care.. Tips please!
  169. Impaction HUGE blockage - cause?
  170. Conditions Want to know more-what is BLOAT?
  171. Bloated How does bloat look like?
  172. Conditions Cataracts in a "young" guinea? And curly toenails!
  173. Vet First Vet Appointment: SUCCESS!
  174. Medications Fleas?
  175. Injury Fall of 14 inches and a broken leg:(((
  176. Skin Problems Boar glue
  177. Diarrhea Not really diarrhea, but very soft/wet pellets
  178. Vet Took Nugget To The Vet...
  179. Sick Hiccups??? Any ideas??
  180. Conditions Moaning sounds
  181. Parasites is it lice or pieces of pine shavings?
  182. Sick Guinea pig not drinking?
  183. Mites Stubborn Mites
  184. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection My poor little Oliver
  185. Diarrhea Possible Diarrhea, VERY Smelly Poops....... WORRIED!
  186. Conditions Croaking
  187. Urine Blood in the Urine??
  188. Mites Seems to be mites but not sure?
  189. Vet Costs Neutering a male.
  190. Coughing Can guinea pigs be allergic to certain types of hay?
  191. Genitals Crusty genital area?
  192. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection What can I do differently to prevent this in the future?
  193. Sick Diarrhea and Sneezing
  194. Sick does mites infection look like this?
  195. Sick sick pig, on the mend??
  196. Sneezing Sneezing/nipping
  197. Mites just great- mites!
  198. Sick help! guinea pig will literally only eat veggies
  199. Weight Loss Anorexic guinea pig! [Rather urgent.]
  200. Sneezing URI vs Cold Virus
  201. Mites Possible mites
  202. Impaction Not sure if this is impaction
  203. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection This may sound stupid, but I have URI
  204. Conditions Help-I feel so bad :(
  205. Conditions Possible Brown Recluse Problem and use of Raid
  206. Skin Problems First time having a guinea pig
  207. Parasites How to treat fleas on pigs?
  208. Infection Is this something to worry about?
  209. Weight Loss 10g weight loss, should I be worried??
  210. Infection URGENT: Friend's Guinea Pig! HELP!
  211. Skin Problems What is this?
  212. Sick Overweight piggie...
  213. Mites Revolution for treatment of mites?
  214. Crusty Eyes Is this an infection?
  215. Sick URI, Thanks Petco!
  216. Conditions Anyone have advice on what might be going on.
  217. Skin Problems Does anyone know what this is?
  218. Mouth Scabs around mouth - advice please - lots of info in post
  219. Lethargy Please help!!!!!
  220. Eyes/Non-crusty Holly has us worried...
  221. Conditions Possible Mites or Fungus?
  222. Skin Problems Ring worm (Bald spot)
  223. Infection Skittles has infected nipple (staph infection)
  224. Vet How often do i need to take them to the vet?
  225. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Poop soup or Benebac?
  226. Injury Bloody weeping sore on her shoulder & she's pregnant! Help! Emergency!
  227. Skin Problems Guinea pig makes strange sound :(
  228. Eyes/Non-crusty Dent in eye?
  229. Conditions Special Needs Pig, so many issues
  230. Sick White solid peed out
  231. Vet Skittish Piggies and the Vet
  232. Conditions Touchy about stomach?
  233. Eyes/Non-crusty Hay stuck in eye?
  234. Ivermectin Can it be shipped to Canada?
  235. Skin Problems Fungus?
  236. Injury My poor Whistles :'( ....foot injury?
  237. Sneezing Sneezing and Breathing Problem Help please
  238. Skin Problems Ringworm - How Did Your Piggy React to Hibiscrub/Canesten
  239. Lump Shaggy's ordeal
  240. Urine Orange Powdery Pee Stain
  241. Injury A sore?..
  242. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Natural Alternative to Anitbiotics
  243. Impaction Is there anything you can do to prevent/help impactions in very impaction prone pigs?
  244. Vet Beyond angry and need to vent!
  245. Urine My Poopr Mandy
  246. Scratching treated for mites, seen by vet, what the heck?
  247. Mouth Choking?!
  248. Wheezing Funny Nose Sounds
  249. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Pepper has a URI I think. med questions.
  250. Feet Scabs and rough