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  1. Hair Loss grrr...has mites...starting a URI?
  2. Feet Leg sticking out
  3. Urine Gritty compounds?
  4. Infection Snickerdoodle Has UTI
  5. Injury Little fight.
  6. Ivermectin It's Lice
  7. Vet Costs Guinea Pig Insurance!!!!!!
  8. Sick Diagnosed with Cancer this Morning
  9. Diarrhea White spots on fleece and possible diarrhea
  10. Not Eating Pig can't seem to swallow
  11. Conditions OMG I think one of my boys had a stroke!
  12. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Just checking
  13. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Little bit just died 10/19
  14. Vet Costs Pet Insurance?
  15. Vet check up?
  16. Eyes/Non-crusty Red Thing In Eye?
  17. Sneezing sneezes&laying on her side
  18. Help! i think my abyssinian have UTI..! T.T
  19. Injury My poor baby!
  20. Not Eating Treating for abscess and stopped eating
  21. Weight Loss Too much?!?
  22. Feet Scally/Flaky
  23. Medications Ears/Eyes Cleaning + Question about red feet
  24. Skin Problems Just adopted a guinea pig, but...
  25. Weight Loss What kind of scale should I buy to weigh pigs?
  26. Teeth Top Tooth is Chipped!!!
  27. Injury HELP!!!!!!
  28. Genitals extra care for males
  29. Medications "Blood Stop Powder" -- Safe to use for GP?
  30. Vet Any good vets in the San Diego area?
  31. Weight Loss Is this normal?
  32. Sick This might just be silly
  33. Coughing Coughing or choking sound only when eating?
  34. Congested my pig keeps sneezing
  35. Sneezing How much is normal?
  36. Hair Loss Help! possible Scurvy?
  37. Scratching Scratching And Red Sore
  38. Sick Think he's passing away
  39. Infection How to administer ivermectin
  40. Mites Bugs?! :( Help?
  41. Sneezing Allergic to newspaper?
  42. Conditions E. coli scare
  43. Coughing Emergancy!!! Baby
  44. Feet nail clipping. with what? how short?
  45. Feet Nail trimming?
  46. Skin Problems How to Give a Guinea Pig a Bath
  47. Not Eating Solomon the guinea pig is sick
  48. Mouth Eddy Pig's bottom lip is hanging down
  49. Injury Help! Piggie injury...
  50. Congested Hazel does not sound so good...
  51. Urine How much is above normal for urination
  52. Abscess Abcess lanced & flushed today but.......Advice please X
  53. Vet Do you take them in every six months for a check up?
  54. Conditions Lice on pregnant sow. Help please...
  55. Teeth Does my guinea pig need his teeth trimmed?
  56. Sick Slow Labored Breathing? Or am I paranoid?
  57. Impaction Help.. new rescued piggie...
  58. Feet Her paws are peeling
  59. Conditions Rate of growth.... ????
  60. Conditions New piggy has white spots/harder skin on the ear
  61. Mites I have a poorly boy :(
  62. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Question
  63. Bloated Not positive, but I believe my piggy might be bloated?
  64. Conditions Possibly has scurvy?
  65. Infection Strange blister ontop of head.
  66. Vet Costs Why so expensive!
  67. Skin Problems Dandruff and Scabs?
  68. Crusty Eyes My GP's eye is getting worse
  69. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Does he really have pneumonia?
  70. Genitals How to sex a guinea pig
  71. Mites Mites?
  72. Mites Revolution 6% or Revolution 12% ?
  73. Sneezing Allergy?
  74. Conditions New guinea pig's nails grow upward
  75. Infection Fungus infection
  76. Vet Finding a good vet
  77. Vet Insurance in the USA
  78. Skin Problems white spot? help!
  79. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection UPI or Kennel Cough?
  80. Wheezing Progression of URI's.
  81. Lump Lump under my baby's throat
  82. Weight Loss Can an underweight pig gain TOO MUCH in one day?
  83. Conditions White Spots
  84. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Emergency!
  85. Bloated i think my piggy has bloat!!!!! but im not sure
  86. Conditions Twitching Ear
  87. Scratching Diatomaceous Earth safe for pigs?
  88. Conditions year and a half old guinea pig with back pain?
  89. Injury HELP! Im afraid my pig may have eaten a staple!
  90. Vet Estimating Baytril Dosage
  91. Conditions My guinea pig is making a strange deep noise like he's in pain
  92. Sick My guinea pigs are sick.
  93. Sick I think Ben's got a URI
  94. Conditions Hiccuping or something more serious?
  95. Feet Black spots on feet
  96. Sick Large Poops?
  97. Not Eating WHY.
  98. UTI/Urinary Tract Infection What causes a UTI?
  99. Lump Pet Sitting a SICK Pig??!!!
  100. Skin Problems adopting piggy
  101. Conditions Possible pregnant female by neutered male
  102. Weight Loss what do you think the best scale to buy for weighing my pig?
  103. Teeth I need help with a dental issue.
  104. Bloated Baytril and probiotics
  105. Eyes/Non-crusty My piggie scratchs her one eye!
  106. Tumor Cancer :(
  107. Parasites I think my new guinea pigs have Parasites
  108. Bloated Could this be bloat?
  109. Parasites My dog has fleas, do my guinea pigs also?
  110. Conditions Hey can someone help me and Teri we'd love some answers
  111. Loss of hair around the eyes
  112. Not Eating GI Stasis or Stones in Bladder?!
  113. Impaction Impaction Prevention Procedures?
  114. Bloated Jordy has a blockage
  115. Conditions Help! The vet doesn't open for another 6 hours!!
  116. Stones My guinea pig has a bladder stone for the 3rd time..
  117. Conditions First Vet Visit?
  118. She might die..
  119. Bacterial infection???
  120. Sneezing So much sneezing!
  121. Revolution For Lice?
  122. Skin Problems Very flakey skin & crusty ear?
  123. Hair Loss Mites or Overreacting?
  124. Abscess Massive gland abscess with pus and blood... :( anything else than antibiotic?
  125. Sick Just got my guinea pig 4 days ago..
  126. Eyes/Non-crusty Can cavies lose their eyesight with age?
  127. Tumor Success!
  128. teeth problems?
  129. Conditions Could I give my cold to my GP??
  130. Conditions Sticky fur and a bump on the back?
  131. Sick Laying on back/PLEASE HELP!
  132. Coughing he is coughing
  133. Lump Swollen lymph nodes?
  134. Infection Fungal infection update/question
  135. Parasites Ear twitching?
  136. Scratching Cavy scratching often and fur loss towards rear end
  137. Sick Possibly a URI??
  138. Tumor Surgery tomorrow, worried
  139. Vet happy-- I think I found a good vet (in Vancouver)
  140. Eyes/Non-crusty Pea Eye Appearing Suddenly?
  141. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Little Mushu still has an URI.
  142. Wheezing Return of wheezing 2 months after antibiotics.
  143. Lethargy Gunner slept all day and he's being a bit... off.
  144. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How did I save my pig?
  145. Diarrhea Mushy poops with veggies?
  146. Conditions My guinea pig ate a leaf or two of a philodendron
  147. Injury What is this?
  148. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Baytril for young guinea pig? How bad?
  149. Sick Eye Injury or URI!?!?
  150. Injury Losing skin on her front paw?
  151. Sick Pig not growing, acting strange?
  152. Abscess We have our first vet appointment...
  153. Parasites Lice - Best treatment? Vet or no vet?
  154. Impaction normal?
  155. Medications Doses?
  156. Conditions I Think Pedro had a Stroke
  157. Genitals Red-Brown String-y Discharge?
  158. Feet Cookie is missing part of a toe.
  159. Crusty Eyes Eye Issue
  160. Diarrhea soft stools?
  161. Sneezing but already on antibiotic and no other symptoms?
  162. Injury Ripped a nail off!
  163. Eyes/Non-crusty Do his eyes look fine?
  164. Hair Loss need a little help....
  165. Hair Loss My piggie is losing hair....
  166. Eyes/Non-crusty Pig has a weird liquid coming from on eye
  167. Weight Loss Our Carmel is losing hair, weight, and kinda wheezing/coughing
  168. Sick Yellowish-Green discharge?
  169. Impaction At A Loss
  170. Urine Calcified?
  171. Skin Problems What is this???
  172. sneezing
  173. Sick Sick pig again!
  174. Feet Pink Piggy Feet
  175. Feet Pink Piggy Feet
  176. Help! Ring worm!!
  177. Teeth He is so frustrating its cute?????
  178. Injury Piggies walking on elbows- How to help
  179. Sick Does she have a tummy ache?
  180. Feet Missing toe nail on front paw
  181. Injury Guinea pig Fall
  182. Injury Ahhhh... BOYS... our first real battle wound....
  183. Crusty Eyes Watery red eye
  184. Vet Disease??
  185. Injury Guinea pig hopping. Back leg/back problem? Help
  186. Mouth Guinea Pig Has A Black Lump in His Mouth?
  187. Genitals Help with Baby Piggies!
  188. Injury Help, shes not moving!
  189. Skin Problems Large 'bald spots' on newly adopted guinea's back?
  190. Neutering/Spaying Potentially neutering our piggie
  191. Conditions My piggie sounds like a frog!
  192. Eyes/Non-crusty Buldging/protruding eyes?
  193. Sick Ate a piece of Andes Candy Peppermint Crunch
  194. Vet Did I do the right thing? Whos at fault??
  195. Congested Is dry air harmful for piggies?
  196. Not Eating Suddenly stopped eating hay?
  197. Urine Calcium in the urine?
  198. Crusty Eyes Crusty discharge near and in corner of 1 eye of 5yr old gp
  199. Genitals Impacted boars with raw genitals (Warning graphic)
  200. Feet Bumblefoot - Pododermatitis
  201. Teeth PLEASE Help Me! :(
  202. Conditions Weekly Weigh Ins
  203. Injury Poor Cedric is gasping for air, injured, and the vets are closed. Any ideas?
  204. Skin Problems Maybe Fungus infection? Weight loss/balding tummy & hips.
  205. Skin Problems I think my daughter's pigs have a fungus. Pics inside.
  206. Teeth Broken tooth and grey streaks on the corners of his mouth.
  207. Abscess Elvis
  208. Injury Broken toe :(
  209. Infection The Invader Zim Boys-Possible infections?
  210. Skin Problems Fleas!
  211. Lump Tiny lumps behind ear
  212. Lethargy Piggy not active or talking
  213. Eyes/Non-crusty Likely Pea Eye
  214. Diarrhea Soft lumps of poo
  215. Vet Expired Antibiotics
  216. Conditions Head Tilt
  217. Sick Is my guinea pig sick? whats wrong with him?
  218. guinea pigs with mange mite
  219. Urine Milky white fluid?
  220. Injury My guinea pigs has a poorly leg
  221. Feet Curved toe nails??
  222. Lump Lump under neck...guessing abcess...NEED ADVICE!!!!!
  223. Vet Possible mites, not sure what to do.
  224. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Please help. I just dont know what to do!
  225. Mites Bathing while on Revolution?
  226. Conditions Bleeding?
  227. Infection Treating fungal infection! HELP?
  228. Congested Piggy cries while pooping?
  229. Hair Loss Are mites or fungal infections always itchy?
  230. Genitals Should i neuter/spay?
  231. Teeth Dental Spurs
  232. Sick Is he ok?
  233. Lump My poor little man has a lump on his throat :(
  234. Impaction Impaction at a young age; should I be concerned?
  235. Not Eating New Piggie is not eating!
  236. Hair Loss Bald patch seems to be growing? Advice please!
  237. Squeaks has surgery thursday
  238. Conditions Twix's wheek sounds weird.
  239. Skin Problems NEED URGENT HELP AND ADVICE!!! what's wrong with her?!
  240. Vet How do I trim my piggy's nails without him freaking?
  241. Impaction If not impaction, then what could it be?
  242. Tumor my boys tumor is back
  243. Neutering/Spaying Lots of questions
  244. Skin Problems Treating fungus without vet?
  245. Skin Problems White patch above the eye... Help Please!!
  246. Vet What are your thoughts?
  247. Feet Help, gross foot issue!!
  248. Diarrhea i don't believe this is diarrhea, but the poops are small and somewhat misshapen.
  249. Coughing Coughing fit... should I be concerned?
  250. Conditions My piggies choke on water!