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  1. Crusty Eyes New guinea pig: Crusty eye problem
  2. Sneezing Not sure if I should go to my vet ASAP?
  3. Feet Nail Trimming
  4. Mouth slimy mouth sores on bottom lip?
  5. Impaction How often do guinea pigs poop? (once in every...??)
  6. UTI issues - peeing blood
  7. Sick My Poor Marbles
  8. Infection Two sick pigs.
  9. Sneezing Ugh Ellie showing symptoms again
  10. Skin Problems Bald Spots
  11. Injury Limping with front leg
  12. Sick Green/Brown Gunk On Syringe x
  13. Parasites How long until lice is gone
  14. Injury My guinea pigs broken leg
  15. Medications Please help with live treatment
  16. Sick Please help!!!!
  17. Genitals Discharge - is it normal?
  18. Sick Quiet Piggy Now Squeaking. Problem?
  19. Scratching I need some help
  20. Skin Problems Unknown growth/lump?
  21. Conditions Signs for UTI and URI
  22. Lethals Lethal baby with crusty eye?
  23. Conditions Scab in ear and white dot on lip
  24. Parasites New piggy- Has Lice
  25. Injury Broken Toes?
  26. Lethals Is this a lethal?
  27. Diarrhea Panacur and misdiagnosis
  28. Eyes/Non-crusty I need some moral support :( My sonic may need eye removal surgrey :((((
  29. Sick breathing problem and not eatting alot
  30. Parasites Please Help! Larva/Maggots on Piggie's bottom
  31. Skin Problems Dandruff
  32. Eyes/Non-crusty enlarged blue eye, vet says scratch?
  33. Urine Change in urine
  34. Lethargy help, my piggys are sick and 2 died rapidly!
  35. Sick Sick...? Or I'm just worried
  36. Sick I need advice: my girl has red ears and mouth
  37. Lump Lipoma Changing Shape?
  38. Conditions Do my piggies weigh too much ?
  39. Hair Loss Bald spot!
  40. Vet First time Vet visit
  41. Conditions my pig has a patch on his nose
  42. Skin Problems Bellatrix has Dry Skin... Help!
  43. Teeth Malocclusion, help
  44. Conditions I think he's dying
  45. Scratching He's Still Scratching Like Mad!!!
  46. Hair Loss Help! Merlin's lost almost all his fur
  47. Eyes/Non-crusty question about my girls eye
  48. Conditions White pasty stuff in behind
  49. Infection Squirmy Piggy
  50. Impaction a month old with impaction?
  51. Injury Did she injure her leg?
  52. Sick Guinea pig ate Cat food :O help?
  53. Hair Loss hair loss
  54. Sick Can a guinea pig catch a cold?
  55. Wheezing Weird guinea pig lung and nose sounds
  56. Sick Blood!?
  57. Parasites Lice or mites? And why are they only on my piggy's butt?!
  58. Injury my pig fell 4ft!!
  59. Genitals Guinea pig and herpes?
  60. Teeth Is this the end of my Spocky Pig?
  61. Injury my piggie has a limp.
  62. Injury [With Actual Pictures] Wound under ear. Unknown cause
  63. Genitals Her butt seems sore?
  64. Wheezing Strange sounds... is something stuck in piggie's throat?
  65. Infection Eye removal
  66. Urine Bloody urine and strange poo?
  67. Conditions Can cat fleas spread to gpigs?
  68. Infection Are these medications safe? / dry skin?/ possible UTI?/
  69. Injury After eye injury, depression
  70. Eyes/Non-crusty Wet/ Mattery Eye
  71. Injury Favoring front leg
  72. Conditions Bind piggy???????
  73. Parasites Help! LICE! :(
  74. Sick red urine and wont eat help!
  75. Mouth Please help mouth sores worse
  76. Diarrhea Guniea Pig Blood
  77. Teeth White teeth
  78. Conditions Can a treated guinea pig just have dandruff?
  79. Eyes/Non-crusty Wondering how to tell if a pig is blind?
  80. Sick Weird guinea pig poos?
  81. Conditions Red spots in the cages?
  82. Parasites Help with Lice
  83. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How long should I expect him to be ill?
  84. Hair Loss Bald Patches
  85. Heart Issues Stethoscope - help please
  86. Abscess Please help me...
  87. Teeth HELP!! Overgrown teeth!!
  88. Feet Does my guinea pig have a foot problem?
  89. Injury Cut lip
  90. Mites Could my babies have mites?
  91. Heart Issues Opinions on Medication - relapsing
  92. Stones HELP with post op pig
  93. Neutering/Spaying Help got some neutering questions...
  94. Mites White bugs in fur and now black/brown in ears?
  95. Sick Piggy interested in food but struggling to eat it, I think he's in pain :( ?!?!?
  96. Teeth Vet says tooth problem now
  97. Medications Keeping Antiobiotics Cold [Baytril]
  98. Neutering/Spaying Debating
  99. Vet Costs Skin removal
  100. Lethals Koopa chewed on Polar pack
  101. Sick PLEASE HELP. Guinea pig is lethargic and won't eat or drink!
  102. Injury Shoot ! I feel so BAD ! I cut the quick...
  103. Genitals Penis keeps coming out =(
  104. Genitals A few Questions
  105. Skin Problems White flaky skin
  106. Feet Does this sound like Bumblefoot?
  107. Neutering/Spaying Should I prepare my male for the surgery in any way??
  108. Teeth Partially Grayish Upper Incisors - Maximus von Lichtenwalder
  109. Conditions 2 new piggies, behavior help
  110. Abscess Recurring abcesses?
  111. Sick Age and URI's?
  112. Conditions Help blood found on towel
  113. Abscess Calvin The Skinny Pig With A Possible Cyst
  114. Teeth Teeth Trimming? What to expect? Necessary?
  115. Hair Loss Hair loss on female piggy
  116. Sick concerned about waiting
  117. Sick Guinea pig not using back legs!
  118. Injury Limping Pig
  119. Feet Nail Clipping: How often?
  120. Sick Chest Congestion?
  121. Sick Not eating or drinking, might be dying
  122. Eyes/Non-crusty Liquid coming out of eyes - OH NO!!
  123. Skin Problems A few questions I need help with.
  124. Parasites Guinea pigs may have lice and I'm having trouble getting a vet appointment
  125. Sick Shampoo for Ringworm
  126. Skin Problems Brown specks - is it lice, mites, dandruff...?
  127. Vet Costs Solution Please???? Anyone?
  128. Lethals Need reassurance that they are not lethal
  129. Injury A cut near the eye, help?
  130. Injury Bite/scratch on back
  131. Sick Liver Disease
  132. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Breathing problems... anything I can do to help?...
  133. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Mud / Blood / Poop In Nose?
  134. Medications Anyone hear of TobraDex? (tobramycine and Dexamethasone)
  135. Lethals Lethal Baby?
  136. Coughing Bathing Accident
  137. Crusty Eyes crusty eyes and strange behaviour from her roommate
  138. Eyes/Non-crusty He won't take his medicine!!
  139. Wheezing 2 sick cavies
  140. Coughing Coughing, maybe choking
  141. Parasites Fleas!
  142. Urine UTI?
  143. Sick Something not right
  144. Skin Problems Not Ringworm or mites
  145. Injury Any ideas...
  146. Skin Problems Black Flakes?
  147. Vet Vet With Disciplinary Action On Her License? Red Flag?
  148. Sick Guinea Pig Suddenly Skittish??
  149. Injury Help!
  150. Conditions New pig, worm in cage?
  151. Weight Loss Is this too much weight loss?
  152. INFECTION - Recovery
  153. Skin Problems Extremely Displeased
  154. Sick Pink patches on ears?
  155. Sick URI/Chest Congestion and Wheezing
  156. Infection Stepping in their own poop
  157. Mites Not sure if it's mites?
  158. Not Eating One pig passed, the other pig is doing quite well.
  159. Sick Something is seriously wrong with Louie
  160. Eyes/Non-crusty Problems with Rosie's left eye!
  161. Conditions Male and Female Pigs Together for 6 Months with No Pregnancy
  162. Feet Guinea Pigs Hind Legs Look Raw?
  163. Skin Problems Lice questions, did something stupid
  164. Skin Problems Running lice or fur mites
  165. Hair Loss Enormous Loss Of Hair
  166. Hair Loss Several Health Questions
  167. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection 2nd Round of Antibiotics & other strange symptoms
  168. Feet Vet Visit
  169. Conditions Ringworm
  170. Conditions Boar- smells like gasoline?!
  171. Parasites Just hit me while I'm down.....
  172. Infection Quarantine: what to look for?
  173. Skin Problems Mites, fungus, wound? Not sure.
  174. Scratching The signs and symptoms of parasites?
  175. Hair Loss Wendy has a bald spot on top of her head.
  176. Sick piggy with wry neck
  177. Scratching I noticed today that she is scratching a lot
  178. Wheezing Please Help :(
  179. Weight Loss normal appetite but feels lighter
  180. Weight Loss Weight loss after surgery?
  181. Sneezing I think I heard a sneeze.
  182. Mites How do Guinea Pigs get mites?
  183. Feet Ben's Nails/Feet
  184. Infection Havok seems to be getting sick
  185. Not Eating NEED HELP: 3 weeks not eating, now on Critical Care hand feed
  186. Hair Loss Accident - hair pulled out
  187. Skin Problems There is a fungus among us
  188. Skin Problems Scabs and Dry Skin
  189. Ivermectin Where do I get Ivermectin?
  190. Mouth Both of my little piggies wet at their neck
  191. Eyes/Non-crusty Red buffy on one eye
  192. Vet First Vet visit today!
  193. Skin Problems ticks or skin tags + an extra toe
  194. Conditions Guinea pigs and colds
  195. Not Eating Broken tooth
  196. Advantage Please help really nervous about treating cavies
  197. Mouth Possible scurvy?
  198. Stones Stones again...nervous
  199. Skin Problems Lice and nits
  200. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI? Mites? Vet Visit?
  201. Scratching Very Itchy Guinea Pig
  202. Vet Vet Visits?
  203. Sick Stinky Piggy help!
  204. Need a second opinion. Major sexual aggression.
  205. Feet Some weird feet issues on the piggies....
  206. Stones Sludge, blood and any idea what this is?
  207. Coughing Coughing? Hacking?
  208. Vet Exotic vs Normal vet? please help!
  209. Ivermectin A couple quick questions regarding ivermectin
  210. Eyes/Non-crusty Sleeping With Eyes Open
  211. Scratching Mites
  212. Abscess What do I do till the vet visit?
  213. Medications I need some answers that I couldn't find here
  214. Teeth Wonky Teeth
  215. Congested Congestion
  216. Sick can i get my guineapig sick?
  217. Medications Probiotics Questions
  218. Conditions Could my shelter pig be a former lab pig?
  219. Teeth How to check the teeth? What should they look like?
  220. Not Eating sick pig....no answers from vet :(
  221. Conditions Piggy Poop Size
  222. Sick Blood from nose?????
  223. Conditions Pneumonia!
  224. Injury Fighting ended badly
  225. Lump Pedro's Lump
  226. Sick Help I think my piggy has mites!
  227. Conditions Hot Ears?
  228. Weight Loss My Old Princess
  229. Sick Tilting head and falling over
  230. Sick Death from Seizure
  231. Feet Concrete/ Slate?
  232. Infection Poor Tank is on 2 antibiotics and Gunner misses him.
  233. Hair Loss Bald spots
  234. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Will she get sick again?
  235. Feet scabs/callus on paws?
  236. Skin Problems White dots in fur, scratching... What is it?
  237. Abscess Recurring abcesses?
  238. Eyes/Non-crusty blindness
  239. Eyes/Non-crusty Some what swollen eye
  240. Eyes/Non-crusty I need help my guineas eye is really bad:(
  241. Scratching Mites?
  242. Advantage 2 doses of Advantage...now what?
  243. Coughing Should I be worried?
  244. Parasites A Lot Of Small Black Dots At White Fur
  245. Hair Loss Small Bald Spot (picture)
  246. Conditions blad spot under chin
  247. Injury small cut on the foot. any home remedy?
  248. Sick (cagemate died) is my pig just depressed, or sick?
  249. Diarrhea I just don't know!! So confused.
  250. Scratching lice and mites