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  1. Crochet Cuddly Cavies for adoption
  2. How to build an alternative C&C type cage.
  3. Common Misconceptions about Guinea Pigs and their Care
  4. NEWBIES- Please Read This Post FIRST!!!
  5. This is how to build a second story
  6. Disasters, Evacuations and Animals
  7. Petstore, Breeding, Care and Housing Disaster Threads
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  11. Do my pigs need Salt Wheels or Mineral Licks?
  12. Should I put Vitamin C drops in Water or can I put Tang in the water?
  13. My pig has white pee/I'm seeing white spots in the cage, what should I do?
  14. What is Rescuing and Adopting
  15. Summer is coming. Should you house your GP outside?
  16. Ovarian Cysts in Guinea Pigs
  17. Can I feed my guinea pigs fresh grass, dandelions, and other forages?
  18. Can I feed petstore treats?
  19. Pigs Not For Kids: True Story
  20. Please read this post first!
  21. ALERT! New Target grids are dangerous! PLEASE READ!!
  22. ALERT! New Target grids are dangerous!
  23. Do not EVER use these on cavies
  24. Do NOT ever use these for cavies either
  25. Making a cuddle tunnel
  26. Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)
  27. Instructions: How to make a Corner Hammock
  28. Instructions: How to make a Hanging Bed
  29. Coroplast hay rack instructions
  30. New Cozy Bed Instructions
  31. Breakthrough! Getting Along with Your Guinea Pig