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  1. A mayor for the animals
  2. Deplorable "home" for pets
  3. "Good Samaritan" Breeder
  4. "Animals Kept in Vile Conditions" - USPCA
  5. Heroic guinea pig
  6. link to our local news
  7. Disgusting...
  8. Help STOP Petsmart from Selling Animals!
  9. PetSmart
  10. A Nice Story for a Change
  11. Hero, the German Shepard
  12. Country Junction fire
  13. Bird flu hits UK poultry farm
  14. Dog fur used in coats
  15. Just need to talk about it
  16. Over 1,000 Animals to be Euthanized!
  17. Horse Rescue
  18. Dolphin slaughter petition
  19. 176 rabbits confiscated in Illinois
  20. Scottish SPCA Anti-Puppy farming campaign
  21. Not in for the money
  22. GOOD news - shaggy dogs!
  23. Lackawanna Humane Society running out of room.
  24. An American Kitty in Australia (at the local RSPCA)
  25. Texas Rustlers GP Rescue Article
  26. Food Recall
  27. Goodbye Dillion!
  28. This stinks.
  29. Petitions online.
  30. Cruelty to Animal Acts
  31. UK: Pet welfare act coming into force
  32. Surrey Leader April 4, 2007 (BC, Canada)
  33. Article on new bill in CA
  34. Save horses...
  35. 300+ animals found in home of man selling them to local pet stores
  36. Pets in the Classroom: Barking up the Right Tree
  37. More news about contaminated pet food
  38. Buffalo-Sized Guinea Pig Revealed!
  39. "Targeted Guinea Pig Farm Closes"
  40. Animals spared the pain of testing in EU
  41. Bush signs against animal fighting
  42. 15 Guinea Pigs Dumped in a field
  43. Louisiana finally votes down legal Cockfighting
  44. UK: Distraught after theft of guinea pigs
  45. Canadians: It's Friends For Life Week!
  46. "Humane Society pushes to ban pet sales to labs"
  47. Chapelcross Power Station Demolition
  48. Horrible conditions kind of near me.
  49. Body Shop Gone BAD?!
  50. "States Cracking Down on Puppy Mills"
  51. Richmond BC bans caged eggs from restaurants
  52. Simply Horrifying
  53. Good news for a change
  54. "Cat and dog fur trade to be banned in EU"
  55. Why not to go to Peru
  56. California Pet-Fixing Bill
  57. Another idiot politician
  58. Animals Matter to Me Petition!
  59. Lush Products
  60. Rabbits/pigs together - ebay disaster - help
  61. Save the Earth; Don't Let a Cow Burp
  62. Pitbull accused of sexual assult
  63. Start writing your letters to Petsmart!!
  64. Crazy people...
  65. Reversible dog "neutering"
  66. Rabbit Rescue Group Outraged at Decision by PetSmart Sell Rabbits
  67. "Canine Case is Doggone Tough"
  68. Mike Vick involved in dog fighting
  69. Local Family's Pet Tortoise Stolen and Tortured
  70. What do you know... another pet store cruelty case
  71. Pet Shop Flooded: Around 40 animals die.
  72. Shared Dog Ownership?
  73. "America's Growing Pet Economy"
  74. Poor Kitties
  75. Guinea Pigs need our help!
  76. Petdumb breeding their own rabbits to sell.
  77. Yet another example of why NOT to house pets outside...
  78. Swap show with a twist
  79. Dolphin Species Goes Extinct Due to Humans
  80. No-Kill Animal Shelters
  81. Mansion of a hoarder
  82. National Homeless Animals' Day
  83. Doggy Heirs!?
  84. Another puppy mill shut down
  85. SPCA under funded
  86. Another local SPCA problem with cats
  87. Torture and Murder of puppy in Texas
  88. More bad news for pets in Texas.
  89. Vick defended on View??
  90. Please help the Guinea Pigs at Jimmy's Farm, UK
  91. Animal control...or lack there of...
  92. San Antonio Animal Cruelty
  93. Police Dog Kicked to Death
  94. UK: Ten guilty over vicious dog fight
  95. One of the reasons I'm against reptiles as pets
  96. The Wrong Way to Go About Things
  97. Texas puppy mill shut down
  98. Pet Store Displays 2 Headed Turtle
  99. University of Georgia Student
  100. Michael Vick's Dogs
  101. puppy mill closed and new law
  102. Dogs saved from puppy mill
  103. Is this true???
  104. RFID chips for pets?
  105. Pets thrown to their deaths
  106. Death Countdown Site saves dogs
  107. Skinny pigs - the new "designer" pet in the UK.
  108. 'Disney's Ratatouille gives kids taste for rats'
  109. Firefighter gives Cat CPR
  110. Puppy mills in Virginia
  111. This article is horrendous
  112. Pig abuse - please help
  113. Anyone in New York going to the long island pet expo?
  114. Former Animal Control officer charged with agrivated animal cruelty
  115. my company sends out a letter...
  116. Youtube promoting animal abuse by not removing this!
  117. So sad: Dogs stolen and shot to death
  118. This is beyond disturbing...
  119. Anyone in Wilkes-Barre want a cat?
  120. Please Help Farm Animals!
  121. Just because vet... piggy neglect is acceptable!!!!!
  122. Boycotting Mars Candy Co. Over Animal Cruelty
  123. Petsmart will stop selling bunnies!
  124. Idiots harrassing SSPCA staff in Scotland
  125. Faux fur, ask the rabbit how faux it is
  126. Pets being stolen
  127. USA Today recent post.
  128. Stealth Recall: United Pet Group Pet Treats
  129. Glowing Pigs Bred in Taiwan
  130. ASPCA Angel
  131. 1,700 - 3,000 lb Guinea Pigs?!
  132. PetSmart Suspends Bird Sales After Infection Scare
  133. Horse slaughter
  134. Just to spread the word!
  135. PETA Ad
  136. 2 dogs thrown from an overpass in St. Louis
  137. Every Guinea Pigs Dream
  138. petsmart under investigation
  139. The Four-Legged Victims of Foreclosure
  140. OK, how stupid can you get?!
  141. L'Oreal on the right track...
  142. Guinea Pig makes the news
  143. Pet Photo Contest
  144. Nasty beef recall - way too late!
  145. This is beautiful
  146. Do not buy from pets at home (uk) news article
  147. Paris Hilton claims to have 17 dogs, "they keep having babies..."
  148. Fire at Lake Elsinore Animal Shelter
  149. Soldier throws puppy off cliff...PETITION!
  150. Local puppy farm closing down!!!!
  151. 800 small dogs seized in AZ
  152. Petsmart Cruelty
  153. Newspaper discourages Easter Animals.
  154. 8 Dogs drown to death in Piedmont, MO
  155. Hot dog gadget
  156. Sick, Sick, Sick
  157. Crisis for Wild Swans (sad and shocking)
  158. Returning horses to the scene of the cruelty
  159. "Thanking the Monkey"
  160. Petsmart sued over infected hamster cause of 3 deaths
  161. dog curtly called art (WARNING: Disturbing Pictures)
  162. Puppy Lost at Sea--and Saved!
  163. New Swiss Laws - includes guinea pigs
  164. Helpless Sea Lions Shot to Death
  165. KFC Canada takes steps for a kinder future
  166. PETA Protest
  167. Mites infest house
  168. Dog Found 9 Days after EF5 Tornado
  169. FDA Requests Seizure of Animal Food Products at PETCO
  170. Another Case of Sick Individuals
  171. PetLand Protests in the NoVA area
  172. 100 Piggies From a Breeder/Rainbow Exotics
  173. New Swiss law
  174. Kill it..Skin it..Wear it
  175. Euthanasia Rate up to 70%
  176. it's finally done.
  177. Largest rescue in HSMO history. 360 + animals, absolutly sickening.
  178. Pedigree dogs exposed
  179. Owls at the suffolk owl centre been released!
  180. Four Paw Pimple Ball - Dangerous
  181. Another pet food recall
  182. Saving the Animals In Ike's Aftermath
  183. Super guinea pigs?
  184. Disney promotes Adoption and Rescue in New Film
  185. Pedigree dogs update - KC making changes
  186. Disection protester
  187. Use Dogpile to Help Animal Rescue
  188. Is This Site Real?
  189. Presidential dog, adopting a "mutt" from a shelter (?)
  190. The World's Ugliest Dog Dies!
  191. Mylicon Drops Recalled
  192. ~~**National pet store officially linked to puppy mills**~~
  193. 70++ pigs being rescued in Indiana
  194. 500+ Dogs and 100+ Cats in House!
  195. Sarah McLachlan's done it again! :D
  196. Rabbit Victory!
  197. 124 G-Pigs Dead in Peterborough, UK (Warning: GRAPHIC LINK)
  198. Sacramento man arrested for torturing and killing guinea pigs
  199. Disapointed in vice-president elect Joe Biden's support of dog breeders
  200. Yahoo!
  201. Australian Shelters at Crisis Point
  202. Bite brings kennel under scrutiny
  203. Man kills dog in metroparks
  204. Bedtimes Stories
  205. PIERCED kittens!
  206. Hurrican Katrina vicitms
  207. Bill to ban NYC horse drawn carriages
  208. Ringling Bros finally in court over Elephant Abuse
  209. Pet Store Pet store closed down!
  210. 1st Annual South Florida Guinea Pignic!!
  211. Animal Attack Travis, the murdered chimp
  212. Celebrity Socks, former Clinton cat, put to sleep
  213. Activism The "Green" Pro-Fur Campaign....ugh
  214. Pet Store Another baby-step in the right direction...
  215. Activism Are the products you use cruelty free?
  216. Animal Abuse "Blinders" movie - a must see!
  217. Pet Store Rents chicks for Easter
  218. Sad Saying Good-Bye Every Day
  219. Sad Lioness killed for walking out of enclosure at Australian zoo!!
  220. Pet Store Class Action Lawsuit against Pet Land!
  221. Activism Next week, the 2009 Canadian Seal Slaughter begins
  222. Activism OUTLAW ORGANIC FARMING BILL! hr875
  223. Animal Abuse Live dogs/cats used as shark bait
  224. Sad Dog dies horrific death
  225. General What Happened To His Babies??
  226. Sad Abandoned Rabbit
  227. Law The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act bans guinea pigs!
  228. General White House abuzz as first dog finally arrives
  229. Celebrity Bob Barker and animal rights
  230. Animal Abuse This is just insane...
  231. Law This law needs to be passed
  232. General Blind date goes charmingly well for two polar bears (and other cute animal photos)
  233. Sad 21 Polo horses dead/poisoned
  234. Animal Abuse Petition
  235. Entertainment G-Force Movie
  236. Activism Watch the full movie "Blinders" online
  237. Egypt orders slaugter of 300,000 [not guinea] pigs
  238. Law Victory For Seals! The European Union Bans the Trade in Seal Products
  239. Sad CBS story on the unwanted parrot
  240. Research Does Oxbow animal test?
  241. General Dog o' Matic dog "washing machine"...inhumane??
  242. Activism Has anyone heard of this?
  243. Heartwarming Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman and Child
  244. Heartwarming Nutty the squirrel and his human 'mum'
  245. Animal Abuse Woman Makes a Belt Out Of a Puppy!!
  246. Animal Abuse Thugs kill old woman's beloved pet and companion.
  247. Entertainment Guinea pigs on South Park
  248. Pet Store Petcetera Closing
  249. General Pet Airways
  250. Internet G-force puts guinea pigs atop pet list