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  1. Adopting a baby when already having a 3 months old
  2. 1 female from NC-Needing to Re-Home
  3. Lethal male in need of a home
  4. Two bonded females in Michigan
  5. Would you adopt from these people?
  6. Adoption Event Tomorrow: North San Diego County
  7. Any red flags in this ad?
  8. A baby guinea pig
  9. about to adopt and few questions..
  10. We found some piggies to adopt!
  11. Looking in Columbia MO
  12. I'm heartbroken
  13. My 5 guinea pigs need to be re-homed- St. Petersburg, Florida (pictures)
  14. Alvin & Franklin need a better home...
  15. Pair of rescued pigs in need of a new home
  16. 2 bonded females--Charlotte NC
  17. My girl Ariel needs a new home URGENT
  18. Adding to the family...
  19. How about these rescues???
  20. Emma and Bella - Eastern Massachusetts
  21. Advice Needed!!
  22. GTA Piggers!
  23. Rehoming advice?
  24. Piggies need new home in Las Vegas, NV area
  25. Pair of recued girls in need of a home!
  26. Long haired piggie in Michigan
  27. Four young males need homes ASAP
  28. Looking for 3 girls Northern NJ location
  29. A male and a female in Akron,OH area
  30. Male Guinea Pig in South Jersey?
  31. Rescues in Toronto
  32. Craiglist guinea pigs?
  33. 2 males in central IL
  34. I need a friend for little Archie!
  35. Foster Pigs ADOPTED!
  36. Craigs list piggies. Should I adopt them?
  37. need advice for adopting...
  38. Probably going to need to rehome...
  39. Anyone in FL looking for a pig/pigs?
  40. Many pigs&small animals looking for homes
  41. adopting is better
  42. wanting a Peruvian or a Texel guinea pig
  43. Anyone looking to adopt in Wellington area NZ?
  44. /Advice: 3 girls w/huge cage in Boston, will travel to NY
  45. Adopting to someone on Craigslist
  46. Two 10 Month old Females Need New Home
  47. 2 male guinea pigs in need of a new home
  48. found a beautiful boy!
  49. Need another Male piggy in NC
  50. questions about adopting...
  51. in South Africa
  52. Bonded Male Pair (NW AZ)
  53. Hamster Babies - Texas!
  54. Adoption Application
  55. Home visit question
  56. Adoption Event: San Diego
  57. Need to find good new homes for my guinea pigs
  58. Teddy Bear hamster babies
  59. Two baby girls in Kazoo
  60. How lucky
  61. Two lovely older Peruvian gals
  62. Looking to rehome 1 6 month girl in NE Ohio
  63. Two Male Piggies Need New Home
  64. Taking SIX pigs in Thurs. in IL - need homes!
  65. 2 brother guinea pigs needs a home Texas
  66. 1 Peruvian Female
  67. Looking for a female GP or 2
  68. Looking for a couple of guinea pigs in Georgia
  69. Application Submitted!
  70. 4 year old female needs good home!
  71. A Charcoal Brindled Male Guinea
  72. 2 Beautiful Girls in Sioux Falls, SD
  73. Looking for a new pig to add to my herd!
  74. Two guinea pigs-Females young/babies
  75. Found a new piggy to adopt BUT.....
  76. Male pig for adoption near Houston Texas
  77. Two adorable piggies need a new home
  78. Sad guinea pig on craigslist Portland OR may have special needs
  79. Found a piggie on Craigslist!
  80. Piggy needs home near West Burlington, Iowa :(
  81. Looking for a young female guinea pig!
  82. Would you pay this rehoming fee?
  83. Can't find a rescue center?
  84. Craigslist ad
  85. Several Pair of female Piggies
  86. Several Pair of female Piggies
  87. Babies and adults for adoption
  88. I can't keep my girls...
  89. Two Males Near Charlotte NC
  90. One approx. 7-8mo female needs rehomed. NE OH
  91. Seattle--ready to adopt guineas pigs
  92. Boston/Cape Cod
  93. Critter Corral Guinea Pig Rescue Adoption Event
  94. Looking for a Male - NYC Area
  95. Looking for a female guinea pig in Washington state!!
  96. Wanted : Female GP around 24060
  97. Looking to adopt a neutered male for our herd!
  98. Mom and three babies in bad conditions OR./SW WA.
  99. Two adult males with cage in Houston, TX area
  100. Looking for a female in Nebraska
  101. Many Pigs need Homes ASAP-found this ad
  102. A Very Young Male Within 100mile of 06484!
  103. 2 Male Guinea Pigs need new home. Must be separate due to fighting.
  104. wants to adopt a female or nuetured male
  105. Abyssinian babies (New England)
  106. 2 Females in Louisiana
  107. Three Nebraska boys need a new home
  108. Where can i find a skinny pig?
  109. Can you Keep Her on Hold?
  110. Little Bumble girl to rehome!
  111. Saturday Adoptions: San Diego
  112. 2 beautiful girls in Iowa
  113. Rehoming Idea
  114. 3 female bonded pigs!
  115. I'm really set on three but...
  116. 2 Adult Males in Portland OR with an awesome cage!
  117. 2-3 Guinea Pigs.
  118. Female piggy in Western Washington
  119. 3 Beautiful New Babies in Gig Harbor, WA
  120. Do you think this is a breeder?
  121. Near Daytona Beach Florida
  122. Anybody want a cute piggy in Alabama
  123. Need advice
  124. 1 year old looking to rehome
  125. Husband Detests the Pigs
  126. Looking to adopt f. pig in Toronto, Ont.
  127. Looking for 1 or 2 in Sioux Falls, SD Area
  128. I am looking to adopt, and have a concern-
  129. 2 Guinea Pigs
  130. Two boys for adoption in SW Virginia
  131. Where to put it?
  132. Considering getting a companion for my little male piggy, but I'm a little nervous
  133. Looking for a friend for my boar
  134. I am interested in adopting/buying a Himalayan, Texel or Peruvian from NY. Any leads
  135. Abbys and others in the Northeast
  136. Texel babies in ohio.
  137. [2] Same-sex Guinea Pigs (New Jersey)
  138. Female, adult piggy (maybe)
  139. Female, adult piggy (maybe)
  140. Several piggies in Portland, OR area
  141. Anyone in Long Island want to adopt a female?
  142. Hmm thinking about new piggie.
  143. Bonded Male Pair in San Antonio, Texas
  144. 2 male gpigs +cage/misc (Canada)
  145. Re-Homing 2 girls - Mt. View, Ca.
  146. need to rehome in Canada
  147. 2 Females in Need of Good Home
  148. Southern, WV
  149. 2 bonded (prefer females), Indianapolis, IN; pick-up after 8/15
  150. Want spayed female
  151. Bonded Pair (any gender)
  152. Two loving girls...
  153. Is is bad to adopt from a feedstore?
  154. Adopt Two Gentleman Guinea Pigs seeking loving home!, San Ramon, California
  155. Adopt Lovely Cavy Rescue and Sanctuary, Sauk Centre, Minnesota
  156. Three guinea pigs in Florida
  157. Emergency!!! Adoption..
  158. Adopt Loving Bonded Pair of Female Piggies Need A Home, Norfolk, Virginia
  159. Adopt Loving 2 yr old female needs new home near Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  160. I want two guinea pigs male and female babies thanx
  161. Adopting 2 new piggies!!
  162. Critter Corral Guinea Pig Rescue Adoption Events
  163. Three 2 year old male guinea pigs, Charleston , WV area
  164. Adopt Two male guinea pigs, Waukesha, Wisconsin
  165. Adopt Male guinea pigs looking for new homes., White City, Oregon
  166. Adopt 2 Female Pigs Must Find New Home ASAP, Wahoo, Nebraska
  167. Adopt Crazy Cavies Guinea Pig Rescue Inc., Coral Springs, Florida
  168. Adopt 2 Short Haired Amazing Female Guinea Pigs need a new home, brooklyn, New York
  169. 1 2 yr old cavy
  170. Adopt 2 yr old Male cavy, Casco, Wisconsin
  171. Need to rehome 3 great girls ASAP
  172. Adopt I have 3 great girls I need to rehome ASAP, Windsor, California
  173. Cutest Guinea Pigs For Adoption in Poughkeepsie NY
  174. Female Piggie in Michigan Tri City, MI Area
  175. Looking for Female Piggy Companion
  176. Adopt 3 months old guinea pig male, south los angeles, Ca.
  177. Adopt 4 Adult Guinea Pigs Ready for good homes!!, Winter Garden, Florida
  178. Two females, one male for adoption in NY
  179. Adopt 2 Happy Females in North Carolina Need New Homes!, Charlotte, North Carolina
  180. Adopt 2 spayed females, 1 male need homes in NY, Syracuse, New York
  181. Adopt 2 spayed females, 1 male need homes in NY, Syracuse, New York
  182. Adopt 2 Happy Females in North Carolina Need New Homes!, Charlotte, North Carolina
  183. Adopt 4 Adult Guinea Pigs Ready for good homes!!, Winter Garden, Florida
  184. Adopt 2 yr old Male cavy, Casco, Wisconsin
  185. Adopt 2 Short Haired Amazing Female Guinea Pigs need a new home, brooklyn, New York
  186. Adopt Crazy Cavies Guinea Pig Rescue Inc., Coral Springs, Florida
  187. Adopt 2 Female Pigs Must Find New Home ASAP, Wahoo, Nebraska
  188. Adopt Male guinea pigs looking for new homes., White City, Oregon
  189. Adopt Two male guinea pigs, Waukesha, Wisconsin
  190. Adopt Lovely Cavy Rescue and Sanctuary, Sauk Centre, Minnesota
  191. I'm Sellling my Guinea Pig
  192. Edmonton, Alberta Canada - 2 abandoned female pigs need a home
  193. Looking to adopt in Ohio
  194. Adopt Rescue of 13 Necessary; to any Colorado cavy lovers
  195. Adopt 4 week old female available for adoption in Greece
  196. Adopt two females need new homes 6 months old, Oakland, California
  197. Adopt Neutered Texel Pig For Adoption
  198. Adopt Neutered Texel Male Guinea Pig, Odenton, Maryland
  199. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs, Parrish, Florida
  200. Adopt Rabbit & Guinea Pig Welfare, Rugby, Warwickshire
  201. How to rehome your guinea pig quickly and well!
  202. TIPS for Creating a GREAT GUINEA PIG AD!
  203. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs for Adoption - plus all supplies needed, Ronkonkoma, New York
  204. Interested in adopting a Male guinea Pig...Pasadena, MD
  205. Adopt Guinea Pig Family, Apsley, Ontario
  206. Adopt Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue, Auburn, Washington
  207. Adopt Valerie Funk, snohomish, Washington
  208. Adopt Valerie, Snohomish, Washington
  209. Adopt 2 Guinea Pigs to a Good Home, Free!, Issaquah, Washington
  210. Adopt 2 Guinea Pigs to a Good Home, Issaquah, Washington
  211. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs in Glen Burnie, MD, Glen Burnie, Maryland
  212. Adopt Three female guinea pigs for adoption. Extremely bonded, MUST GO TOGETHER!!, Havre de
  213. Adopt Two male guinea pigs with all gear looking for new home, Los Angeles, California
  214. Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs Need Rehomed -- Texel, Peruvian, Elkins, West Virginia
  215. Adopt Guinea Pigs Thumper and Otto Oakland CA 94619, Oakland, California
  216. Adopt Piggie Poo Arizona's Small Animal Rescue, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona
  217. Adopt Popcornin' Piggies Rescue, Toronto
  218. Adopt 2xMale 1.5YO + Huge C&C cage + accessories free to good home, Heswall, Cheshire
  219. Adopt 2xMale 1.5YO + Huge C&C cage + Accessories , Heswall, Cheshire
  220. Looking to adopt in louisiana
  221. Adopt Two Male Guinea Pigs Free To Good Home, St. Louis, Missouri
  222. Adopt Abby/Peruvian guinea pig needs a home, Burnsville, Minnesota
  223. Adopt Looking to Adopt in Ashland, Ky or surrounding areas.
  224. Adopt wanting to adopt!
  225. looking to adopt female, hoping for a texel near jackson mi
  226. Adopt Three short-haired tricolors, born 10/3, Athens, Georgia
  227. Best place to adopt?
  228. Adopt Patches and Max looking for fur-ever home!, Fort Dodge, Iowa
  229. Adopt Two Amazing Guinea Pigs, Litter trained and Awesome, San Francisco, California
  230. Adopt Oliver needs a new home!, Clinton, Michigan
  231. Adopt Two Male Guinea Pigs, St. Louis, Missouri
  232. Adopt 2 Bonded Female Guinea Pigs, St Louis, Missouri
  233. Adopt Oliver the Great !!, Pacifica, California
  234. Adopt Oliver , Pacifica, California
  235. Adopt Oreo and Nilla , Pacifica, California
  236. Adopt Two sweet female guinea pigs, Durham, California
  237. Adopt 7 month male guinea pig. Grey/White Agouti, Maryville, Tennessee
  238. 2 free male guinea pigs needs a good home.
  239. Adopt Frances and Bean - Two Female guinea pigs in Austin, TX, Austin, Texas
  240. Adopt Young guinea pigs looking for new homes, Geneseo, New York
  241. Adopt 2 Beautiful Bonded Males, Phoenix, Arizona
  242. Adopt A Pair of Beautiful Bonded males, Arizona
  243. Adopt Sweet male guinea needs a home!, Cypress, Texas
  244. Adopt Very sad...
  245. Adopt My girls need re-homing :(, Toronto
  246. Adopt Guinea Pigs need a GREAT Home, Atlanta, Georgia
  247. Adopt Re-homing my three girls- with cage- Kansas, Solomon, Kansas
  248. Adopt Winston and Dudley looking for a Forever Home!, Brimfield, Ohio
  249. Adopt Two Female Texel Guinea Pigs, geneva, Illinois
  250. Long Island rehome