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  1. looking for a guinea in texas!
  2. Milwaukee Wisconsin Craigslist
  3. Looking for a guinea pig in the Nashville area.
  4. I would like...
  5. Looking for a GP rescue in my area
  6. Rehoming 2 females in Ontario
  7. Looking for Guinea Pig in Ny
  8. adopting from craigs list and spreading the word!
  9. Small pet immigration?
  10. Help needed-- Piggy train.
  11. Adoption in the Philippines
  12. 3 Female Guinea Pigs in upstate, NY
  13. Two boys need a loving new home. UK Yorkshire.
  14. What to ask/look for when adopting?
  15. Brain damedged pig needs retirement home!
  16. Have-A-Heart guinea pig rescue
  17. Need To Rehome Boar Long Island New York!
  18. Questions to ask
  19. 2 sweet girls looking for home in Michigan, Brighton area
  20. Piggy train!
  21. May have found a pair...
  22. Two Pairs of Pigs Need New Homes
  23. I can't believe it.....
  24. Looking to adopt in Ontario, Canada
  25. Frustration
  26. Looking To Adopt
  27. Denver, CO - Looking for 2 spayed females- do not have to be bonded
  28. Rehome 2yr Male in Madison, WI
  29. 6 guinea pigs at SEAACA Animal Shelter in Downey, CA
  30. My Name Is Benson
  31. Two adorable girls at Humane Society of Pike's Peak Region
  32. Easton, PA
  33. Pike County, PA
  34. Adoptables in VA/DC/MD/WV/PA/NJ/NY
  35. Looking for female in Oklahoma
  36. Gorgeous boar in Kansas City area looking for home!
  37. Guinea Pig for Adoption in WNY
  38. I am looking for Guineas in Ohio.
  39. For Adoption
  40. Need to rehome due to move... willing to financially support
  41. 1-1/2 Old Female For Adoption Queens Ny
  42. 2 girls in Detroit Mi need new home
  43. looking to adopt in ohio
  44. SoCal: lots of guinea pigs on craigslist, some free
  45. Considering adopting
  46. International Move
  47. Pig Train?
  48. Looking to adopt 2 sows in Harrisburg, York PA area
  49. North Georgia Guinea Pig Rescue
  50. North Georgia Guinea Pig Rescue
  51. North Georgia Guinea Pig Rescue
  52. 1 male and 1 female in Ohio
  53. Portland, OR area, 1 male, 4 females for adoption
  54. 2 Bonded Females for adoption in Florida
  55. Craigslist: Two Guinea Pigs (Dousman) WI
  56. Craigslist: Guinea Pig needs adoptoin (UMD)
  57. Craigslist: Young male guinea pig (Lake Villa/Gurnee)
  58. Craigslist: guinea pig and cages (janesville) WI
  59. Craigslist: Free guinea pig to good home (Urbana)
  60. Craigslist: Free guinea pig to good home (Urbana)
  61. Craigslist: Free guinea pig to good home (Urbana)
  62. Craigslist: Guineapigs, two looking for a good home (Palmyra)
  63. Craigslist: Guinea Pig for sale. (Middleton)
  64. Friendly Guinea Pigs - 1 Male, 1 Female (North Madison)
  65. Anyone between TN and NC?
  66. Craigslist: Male Guinea Pig (DULUTH)
  67. Craigslist: guinea pig (Crystal Lake)
  68. sorry-not a piggie thread
  69. Craigslist: 3 males in Western Mass
  70. Obi-Wan Guinobi
  71. Any adoptables or rescues in San Antonio TX??
  72. 2 boys for possible rehome Wyoming / Colorado
  73. Looking to adopt in GA
  74. This poor little guinea on Craigslist....
  75. Maine females on Craigslist
  76. 2 Guinea pigs, 1 Rabbit
  77. 2 sweet Males/Boars in Northern VA
  78. Washington Females on Craigslist
  79. Looking for M & F Guineas- OHIO
  80. Question about adopting Guinea Pig on Craigslists
  81. Looking to adopt in San Antonio TX
  82. MS/AL - Need to rehome my two gals
  83. The Lackawanna County H.S. FINALLY has their guys on Petfinder!
  84. Wilkes-Barre, PA
  85. Baby or Older Guinea Pigs?
  86. Indiana help
  87. 2 Female Guinea Pigs in Idaho
  88. 50 Guinea pigs dumped, Buffalo, NY
  89. Two Boars For Adoption in Georgia
  90. Females in Crescent City, California classifieds
  91. Two females for adoption.
  92. Females in Portland - really need a good home
  93. Forrestville, MD-EUTH ALERT-Three year old female
  94. Michigan City Shelter
  95. Kentucky adoptables
  96. Adopt a Guinea PIG PLEASE!! $20 (WI)
  97. Can anyone help me find a piggy?
  98. Very sweet boys needs a home!!!
  99. Anybody have pigs ready to adopt in NM?
  100. Two female guinea pigs in GTA area
  101. How to prepare?
  102. Can't find Guinea pigs!
  103. Looking for a young, spayed female.
  104. Adopting Piggies.
  105. Anyone in Oklahoma? Looking to Rehome 2 Girls
  106. Question on Rehoming.
  107. Can Anyone Help This Poor Baby?
  108. Peruvian & Abyssian Girls - Lexington, KY
  109. Looking for 3 cavies, all male or female, not mixed
  110. Indian Trail, NC, female
  111. Long hair girl wanted!
  112. Two female guinea pigs for adoption in Douglasville GA
  113. Male Piggie in need of help
  114. Adopting a sick guinea.....
  115. looking for two pigs in Cali
  116. Two girls near St. Louis
  117. Adopt a piggie in DFW!!
  118. Two boys in need of home!! (CANADA)
  119. I Want A Peruvian So Bad
  120. 2 Males Need A Great Home In Vermont
  121. Last minute request...
  122. Adorable Piggies for Adoption!!! WNY
  123. Piggie Brothers for Adoption!!! WNY
  124. Rehoming my pigs... Oregon
  125. Donovan and Baxter in Edmonton, AB
  126. Piggie Brothers for Adoption!!! WNY
  127. Guinea pigs wanted (WI)
  128. Three babies and Mama in MI
  129. Just some questions about a new piggie
  130. Sweet looking male piggy available in Troy, NY
  131. Adopting
  132. Need to Rehome 4 piggies in West Texas
  133. Home for one female pig in the uk
  134. 2 females (bonded) looking for new home in MA area
  135. Looking to rehome two boys in the Bay Area, CA.
  136. Two girls to a good home...
  137. 3 girls and 1 boy for adoption in Kansas City!
  138. re home 2 girls in queens
  139. URGENT! Home needed!
  140. Female pig in Western Mass
  141. Need home for 2 bonded young girls - Ohio
  142. Craigslist: FREE GUINEA PIG ** Pending Pick Up** (Hales Corners, WI)
  143. Craigslist: Young Guinea Pig (west bend/kewaskum)
  144. Craigslist: guinea pig with cage and supplies (West Allis)
  145. Craigslist: Guinea Pig - $5 Adoption Fee (Green Bay)
  146. Craigslist: MaleE Guinea Pig Needs A Home (Maple In Evanston)
  147. Craigslist: Guinea Pig Needs a Home!! (East Peoria)
  148. 11 Guinea Pigs in San Diego
  149. Male in Central Arkansas
  150. 2 Male Piggies need home - Central Wisconsin
  151. Wanted
  152. NY (spec. Long Island) Rescue or shelters?
  153. female in MI needs home...running out of time!
  154. Help me Decide if I should get her
  155. Guinea pigs in the uk
  156. Bonded males need a new home
  157. Should I get another one?
  158. Looking to Adopt More than Two
  159. Unbonded boys need home - MI near Detroit
  160. Looking for a boy near Cheshire, CT? Ad found on craigslist
  161. Another boy found on craigslist - Wallingford, CT
  162. Adorable male and female found on craigslist - New Haven, CT
  163. Craigslist - male guinea pig in Dayville, CT
  164. 2.5 year old female in Wauregan, CT (craigslist)
  165. 1 year old female in Bristol, CT found on craigslist
  166. Anyone in Brooklyn?
  167. Guinea Pigs Needing a New Home In Dorset UK at MGFT!!
  168. A gorgeous little guy in LI (Craigslist)
  169. Since the kids have "graduated up to a puppy", this boy needs a home (Bridgeport, CT)
  170. 2 females found on Craigslist - Monroe, CT
  171. Professor neutered, but still needs Mary Ann
  172. found on craigslist New Hampshire
  173. Large male guinea pig Blacksburg va
  174. Looking for a male guinea pig Orlando,fl
  175. Chinchillas
  176. Can anyone in the Boston area save some piggies?
  177. URGENT! 4 pigs in New Rochelle, NY need help tonight!
  178. 2 pigs in the Boston area need a home
  179. Two bonded males, one long hair in Michigan
  180. Vet and adopting question
  181. Cute little guy in North Kansas City
  182. Peter
  183. Craigslist, poor pigs...MI
  184. My sweet little baby boy needs a forever home
  185. 2 Pigs in Dallas GA (found on craigslist)
  186. GP's on craigslist - Frederick/Middletown, MD
  187. Looking to adopt in Manhattan
  188. Craigslist
  189. 2 female piggies need a loving home
  190. Female Piggy on Craigslist!!
  191. Very cute male piggy (also a hamster) in Canterbury, CT
  192. Two males in Clinton, CT
  193. Mom, dad, and 2 babies in Milford, CT
  194. 2 males in Enfield, CT
  195. Adoption in Surrey UK
  196. Looking in AR
  197. Urgent! I need somewhere good to give my guinea pigs...
  198. This poor pig.
  199. Rehoming in Nashville area
  200. Four females at Charlottesville VA SPCA
  201. I Need To Find a Home for two Baby Cavies!
  202. Houston Texas: Baby piggies to good home
  203. guinea pigs to good home
  204. 10 month old brother and sister in Atlanta, GA
  205. Pair of young male piggies in Casper, WY
  206. 2 Texel Baby Males with Special Needs in PA
  207. FOUR female guinea pigs--oxford,ma
  208. Tri color needs home
  209. Where to buy a piggy?
  210. Adopting/Rescuing
  211. Two Boars for new home
  212. Thinking about adopting 2 new girls from Petfinder.
  213. WANTED: Advice for introducing piggies to each other
  214. Adopting a third piggie?
  215. Beautiful Female in the Hudson Valley searching for GP home
  216. Possibly Adopting Boy #4 Advice on Intake, Please
  217. Looking to adopt in CT.
  218. Pig in New york
  219. Is quarantine for three weeks necessary?
  220. Baby piggies in Indiana
  221. Adoption help needed
  222. not working with my new piggies, help?
  223. They need our help..please!
  224. *Considering* adopting a 4th guinea pig *Asheville, North Carolina*
  225. Looking to adopt in S.E. Ohio
  226. Beau needs a friend in MN
  227. dropped off by the garbage cans
  228. Atlanta Ga piggies need new home!
  229. Want to adopt in Jacksonville, FL
  230. 11 year old in minnesota
  231. Want to adopt 2 piggies in Houston, TX area
  232. I want to adopt!
  233. Piggy in Chas. SC for adoption
  234. Looking to adopt!
  235. Should I get a boy or a girl?
  236. I need help finding another piggy. Also are petstore piggies really all that bad?
  237. Are there shelters that have GPs in AR?
  238. 3 -4 Yr Old Boar Needs New Home
  239. Blind Guinea Pig
  240. cute little piggie at the Riverside Cochella Shelter (CA)
  241. Four female pigs w/lots of extras. N. MI
  242. opinions needed
  243. craigslist female in MN
  244. 2 cute boys criagslist w/pic /Ann Arbor, MI
  245. Pigs in Oregon
  246. Looking to adopt female Piggy in, or around, Des Moines, Iowa.
  247. Looking to adopt, Medway area,Ohio.
  248. Questions/help with finding Guinea Pig
  249. Looking for a new pig in Atlanta.
  250. 2 wonderful, bonded boys Upstate New York