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  1. 3 guinea pigs at SEACCA in Downey CA
  2. 2 boys for adoption in NJ!!!!
  3. Maine
  4. Wish me Luck
  5. Male Piggy in need of home!
  6. Skinny Pigs (hairless) for Adoption in NY
  7. Smokey's Home
  8. 3 Piggers Need New Home
  9. Looking to Adopt in Gainesville, FL
  10. Rescue
  11. Looking for 1-2 pigs in Indiana
  12. Seeking baby (or sweet) boar in North Florida
  13. 4 girls and 1 boy, need homes
  14. Anyone in the Tampa Bay area want to adopt?
  15. why is it so hard to adopt?
  16. Rabbit needs home in Toronto
  17. About Rehoming
  18. 1 adorable female needs home TAMPA
  19. thinking of giving guinea pig up :[
  20. Long Haired Sows in South West TN/North West MS area?
  21. 2 girls for adoption in NJ!!!!
  22. Want to adopt 2-3 in Tucson area
  23. Chinnymom are you still adopting?
  24. Pigs- Can, Ak, AZ, CA, Co, Fl, HI, IN, MD, MO, MI, NV, NC, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, VA, WI
  25. Adopting in OK
  26. Looking for a piggy
  27. Looking to adopt in SW Michigan, just north of Notre Dame (South Bend) Indiana area
  28. Lots of adoptable critters in Virginia!
  29. I want to adopt a piggie in Puerto Rico
  30. PA Barn Rescue! Help needed!
  31. Want to adopt a bird? 800 Confiscated from Breeder running a mill
  32. Looking to adopt in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
  33. FREE, 5 month old, semi long haired male GP
  34. Need to rehome 2 Male Guinea Pigs
  35. Very Special Rabbit in VA
  36. chocolate? male bay needs exceptional home
  37. Female GP on Portland OR Craigslist
  38. searching male teddy pig
  39. Fudge needs a home
  40. Where would all the animals go?
  41. pigs in the GTA
  42. Pair in High Point, NC - from petfinder classifieds
  43. How to best help people who need to rehome their GPs
  44. Mommy and Babies in Richmond, VA
  45. help me adopt
  46. URGENT- CA or Surrouning 16++ Hamsters Need Homes ASAP
  47. Looking for two baby sisters
  48. Adult female American at Norfolk Animal Management (VA, USA)
  49. Need help with transport !!- VA to AR
  50. UK rescue needs foster homes
  51. 2 little girls around Champaign IL
  52. Looking to Adopt in Richmond VA
  53. Want to adopt in Las Vegas, NV......
  54. 3 pigs(2 girls, 1 neutered male) looking for a new home in Kansas
  55. 3 Boys Need New Home In Michigan
  56. 2 boys in Pennsylvania
  57. want to adopt
  58. Cat looking for a home in Ontario
  59. Tennessee adoptables?
  60. 2 Male Piggies in Pittsburgh area
  61. Widowed male GP needing new home - Alberta
  62. Adopting far away.
  63. Distance
  64. 3 Gorgeous Boys in Southern CA Humane Society
  65. looking for a guinea pig
  66. I love my cavy, BUT...
  67. Adult Female in Hampton Roads
  68. Baby needs a home in SanAntonio,Tx
  69. Neutered Boy & Girl need home - New Jersey
  70. adopt in tennessee
  71. Need help transport in Roanoke!!!
  72. Oshawa OSPCA
  73. sketchy rescue place
  74. Hedge hogs available anyone?
  75. Looking to Adopt Two Young Female Pigs, Tamworth region (UK)
  76. Two Males For Adoption
  77. Peruvians in Maine
  78. Pigs on Richmond Craigslist
  79. Looking to adopt young male.Help enyone?
  80. Three brothers at CASPCA in Virginia
  81. 2 neutered males for adoption in NJ
  82. Macon area, GA: male desperately needs home or foster
  83. Male guinea pig in Maryland
  84. Free Guinea Pigs
  85. disturbing
  86. 75 guinea pigs seized by Animal Control in Southern CA
  87. Three Adorable Male Pigs in Chicago, IL
  88. 3 Males near Richmond VA
  89. Looking to Adopt ND
  90. Looking to adopt young male in Indy
  91. Up for adoption Coldwater, MS / Memphis Tn area
  92. 60 Guinea Pigs Need Homes!
  93. Foster homes needed in NJ/PA/DE/NY/DE for guinea pigs
  94. Someone PLEASE save these pigs- PA and Maryland
  95. one male, one female in tallahassee
  96. wanted: female american baby in central NJ
  97. Need to rehome 6 of my pigs
  98. Cute?
  99. Moving to Hawaii
  100. In need of a good home
  101. Looking for a young boar in NW Georgia area
  102. 2 Male Guinea Pigs Looking For New Home
  103. Sow in Nashville for adoption
  104. toronto spca
  105. Guinea pig and turtles need help asap
  106. Animals in need of homes!
  107. Need new home for my 2 girls!
  108. Look at these sweeties...
  109. Looking to adpot in NORTHERN VA (older males)
  110. Two sows in waverly tennessee
  111. Finding a new home for 2 Lethals
  112. Two boys for adoption in New Orleans, LA
  113. 4 Females need new homes.
  114. 2 more boys for adoption New Orleans area
  115. Pigs in Frisco, Tx *Please help*
  116. Adopting Out Cashew ;~; Southern California.
  117. Help!
  118. 150 Rabbits Need Help in Houston
  119. Want to Adopt in Mass.
  120. 3 Girls Need a Home
  121. Looking To Adopt On Long Island.
  122. Seeming Hopeless, split
  123. Seeming Hopeless
  124. Anyone looking for finches?
  125. long haired male in va beach, craigslist
  126. person looking to adopt in Las Vegas
  127. Two females in Indiana
  128. In the shelter :(
  129. 2 Boars Need A Good Home
  130. Illinois shelter - several 5 week old babies
  131. 2 females need new loving home--MN
  132. Just a cute pic of an adorable piggy for adoption
  133. Guinea Pigs for Adoption at the Atlanta Humane Society
  134. Looking To adopt a male guinea pig.
  135. Guinea Pigs and a Rabbit on Craigslist Fresno CA
  136. Craiglist
  137. yet another local ad
  138. Rescue Delima
  139. Beadle County HS, S. Dakota, needs help...
  140. Sow with two Sow Babies. Riverside, CA
  141. Boar in Dallas Area needs new home before June
  142. I am going to get a guinea pig or maybe two guinea pigs when I pass this school year
  143. What do you think?
  144. Okanagan people!
  145. Bunny for Adoption In Texas..plus story
  146. 2 cats for adoption
  147. Harry needs a home
  148. Charlie and Moe might have to go....2 Guinea Pigs in Ontario
  149. Another Sad Craiglist
  150. Anyone in VA looking for a boar?
  151. 105 guinea pigs at Nevada SPCA
  152. Skinny Pigs (Hairless Guinea Pigs) for Adoption in New York
  153. Sadly, Rehome Needed
  154. March = Adopt a Guinea Pig Month!
  155. Need rehome my last 5 piggies.
  156. Looking To Adopt in Central MO
  157. Youtube pigs need a home in So Cal/Nevada area
  158. looking to adopt :).
  159. Craig's List Ad-Wisconsin
  160. 2 Females need a new home in Georgia
  161. I want this piggy so bad!
  162. Need forever home for 3 males in Ore.
  163. has anyone heard of this rescue?
  164. Looking for a 3rd for my girls in Denver
  165. Two 1 year old Female Guinea Pigs
  166. My 4 dogs looking for great homes
  167. I need to find a good home for these 3 cuties!
  168. Adoption Event in Solana Beach 2/24
  169. looking to adopt in figerlakes region of central NY.
  170. there is a rabbit looking for a home...
  171. A classroom? Is she KIDDING ME?! Rrrr
  172. Looking in WV
  173. Looking for a gp in NJ
  174. Handsome boar in Memphis
  175. Foster Kids...
  176. Rehoming in Bloomington, Indiana
  177. Scottish peoples!
  178. Craiglist Add
  179. Finally became a foster parent - and pigs for adoption in Twin Cities, MN
  180. You have to read this:
  181. Baby piggies in WI!
  182. To Be EUTHANIZED: Sonoma County, CA, Black Male
  183. saw this and for some reason sent up a red flag to me
  184. sweet babies
  185. A new home for my piggy.
  186. What do children do to dogs?
  187. Pig for adoption in Fresno
  188. Would like to adopt OK
  189. Looking to adopt
  190. 2 male cavies: Starsky & Hutch
  191. Wanted Guinea pig
  192. A postaroo post
  193. Wanting another GP
  194. Guinea Pig for Adoption
  195. Please help me locate a pig!
  196. Where can I purchase another piggy in Chicago?
  197. Who doesn't want this piggy??!!
  198. I need some help
  199. My newest rescue
  200. 19 guinea pigs in the San Fernando Valley/ LA area
  201. My 4 guys
  202. Babies need home in KC
  203. In Summerfield, FL
  204. Two females in Nashville, TN
  205. 4 Girls in Dallas, TX
  206. Looking: (Netherlands) 1 Baby Female
  207. Advice on Giving Up for Adoption
  208. Two female guinea pigs in Ohio
  209. Sweet boy needs home in Ohio
  210. Oshawa
  211. 150+ piggies for adoption in NJ,PA,MD
  212. Rescues in my area?
  213. Austin, Texas
  214. St. Augustine, Florida: ADORABLE long-haired boy piggie for adoption
  215. More guineas on craiglist: Orange County,Ca
  216. Look at the babies!
  217. Free Piggie in Clarksville Tenn
  218. Long Hair Girlie in Texas
  219. Adult Male: Norfolk, VA
  220. 2 Bonded Males for adoption - Florida
  221. 3 Guinea Pigs for adoption in Florida
  222. Looking For a Guinea Pig in Buffalo, NY
  223. 2 Girls in Florida for adoption
  224. REALLY want to adopt a pig. But......
  225. O Man!
  226. I have 18 Wonderful Rescues in Florida Looking for Forever loving homes.
  227. Nuetered Male
  228. Bunnies & Piggies in FL
  229. In Ottawa, CA.
  230. Adoptable guinea pigs in OC & Los Angeles area
  231. Young or Old?
  232. Going out of country for 2 months! What to do with two pigglets in Seattle?
  233. I can take in 1-2 piggies in OH
  234. Looking for a boar in NC
  235. Finally!
  236. hairless rat
  237. Don't Know What to Do
  238. Looking for pigs in Indy
  239. Looking for Sow in TN
  240. Homeless hairless baby and friend - Los Angeles area
  241. Foster Parents In Texas
  242. Want to adopt...Can I?
  243. Many Piggies for adoption in Tennessee
  244. Pig in Twin Cities living in storage container
  245. How Do I Know?
  246. NEED help, Texas
  247. Gezz..
  248. PLease help!
  249. I want to adopt?
  250. piggies in Reading, PA need homes!