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  1. Craigslist Chicago - babies listed
  2. 3 girls available in bay area, CA
  3. cavys need home in va
  4. any sows up for adoption near atlanta ga?
  5. Baby Puruvian needs a new home
  6. Looking for 2 sweet piggies close to AL
  7. Young Rabbit Needs A Better Home!
  8. Skinny Pigs up for adoption
  9. Question about quarantine and introductions.
  10. Bunnies in Pittsburg Need Foster Homes!
  11. 2 Babies That Were From A Store Pig
  12. More than twenty guinea pigs in Sonoma County
  13. New Chicago craigslist listings
  14. Two 1 yr old gray boars available in the bay area
  15. I have babies for adoption.....
  16. arkansas pigs
  17. Looking for a Female in GTA area.
  18. Dallas piggies
  19. Los Angeles area - two special sows
  20. A Teddy Satin in San Jose area needs good home!!
  21. 2 Females up for adoption in Dallas, TX
  22. Neutered Teddy in VA Needs Home!
  23. Wow, was looking to adopt
  24. SF ACC, 3 boars, 2 neutered. WE CAN'T SAVE THEM.
  25. We have lots of Cavies Looking for long time homes!
  26. Piggies for adoption in the Essex County Area
  27. Rescue Baby Pictures!!!
  28. Skinny pigs in PA for adoption
  29. Virginia Adoptables
  30. Pigs Available in Southern Ontario!
  31. Two cute males, Los Angeles Area
  32. 3 females at SFACC EUTHED TODAY if no adopters
  33. Massachusetts - baby pig needs a new home soon!
  34. 3 male pigs avalible to good home in wiltshire, uk.
  35. My baby male needs a home ASAP!
  36. Looking to adopt in Dallas
  37. Pls give me link for brreders of Finland.
  38. Petfinder Classifieds Illinois
  39. Transport from LI, NY to Connecticut for 10gal aqarium pig.
  40. Dallas Pigs
  41. Young female cavy for adoption in Greensboro NC
  42. Philly Craigslist- again
  43. Critter Corral in Chicago, IL Area?
  44. Crested Lady in San Diego
  45. MORE Dallas piggers
  46. Potential adopter needs help in Oklahoma
  47. Adoption Process
  48. Looking for young female pigger - Seattle area
  49. Two boys in Salisbury, MD
  50. Seattle-Looking to Adopt a Cutie
  51. Hairless Male for Adoption in CA (Bay Area)
  52. 150+ Pigs in the Seattle Area
  53. 2 dumped at Clayton County Humane Society (south metro Atl.)
  54. Any girls in Austin Texas?
  55. Two sweeties availible in New England
  56. Any piggies avalible in Australia??
  57. WANTED:guinea pig for my boy (IL, IN, KY, area)
  58. Okay, I'm stumped...breed?
  59. Piggie Available - TLC Shelter in IL
  60. Two sows need a home together in Louisville KY
  61. Mom and daughter up for adoption
  62. looking for piggies in sycamore il
  63. Abused bunny needs help!
  64. Many Available in NE Ohio
  65. We need a male friend!!-adoption
  66. No piggies in my area?
  67. Little Piggies need home
  68. Free guinea pig on Boston Criag's list
  69. Chicago Heights, IL shelter - close to IN
  70. 2 Piggies need home--Frisco, TX
  71. Guinea Pigs May Need a New Home, kennesaw ga.
  72. Grey female bunny in Lexington, KY
  73. Guinea pigs in need of new home (Maryland)
  74. Philly Craigslist
  75. New Jersey Craigslist
  76. Looking for Piggies in Alberta
  77. 2 Male Guineas Available for Adoption in Houston
  78. Good News, I am able to keep the piggies.
  79. B-utiful Piggys- San Diego Area
  80. New Cavy friend
  81. 4 Piggies that need a new home
  82. Permanent Foster Homes Needed in Connecticut
  83. Two cuddly sows, Los Angeles area
  84. Southern VT
  85. looking for a guinea pig. (male)
  86. Two free pregnant cavies in Orlando, Florida
  87. 113 pigs removed from Minnesota home
  88. Age and adoption
  89. 4 Guineas going to be up for adoption in Richmond, VA
  90. 3 pairs of oinkers at Oakville Humane, ON
  91. looking for a long hair female to add to my herd
  92. 4 guinea pigs at a Los Angeles shelter
  93. Four homeless piggies in Tallahassee
  94. Want to adopt spayed/neutered GP in Dallas, TX
  95. 2 Sows in southeastern CT need new home. (Lots of pics)
  96. Crisis in California, Humane Society Silicon Valley
  97. Bummers Lorvol
  98. 2 male guineas available in London, Ontario and surrounding areas
  99. looking for social piggy in Houston
  100. 3 Free females in Missouri/Illinois
  101. 4 girls in Colorado
  102. 2 Boars Edmonton, Alberta
  103. 3 Males in Daytona
  104. 1 Handsome Male Peruvian Guinea Pig for Adoption
  105. Adopt
  106. 4 female pigs in VA (2 are babies)
  107. Pigs available in Thibodaux, Louisiana
  108. I got an albino boar
  109. 4 free pigs in Chicago
  110. Looking for a male pig near Chicago
  111. Wanting to adopt
  112. 3 beautiful Texel baby boars: SF Bay Area
  113. Looking for a Rescue
  114. Amiable Animals Adoption Application
  115. I need to rehome my girls.
  116. this is sad. You can help if your in dallas tx
  117. Urgent train for SC pigs
  118. Plenty of pigs in SC
  119. I Have Two Mice To Give Away :(
  120. 2 pigs need a home or will go to pound tomorrow
  121. NC, VA, MD, NJ Transport Help Needed
  122. ISO girl in MN
  123. looking to adopt
  124. Shelter guinea pig in Illinois
  125. Craigslist redid their lists
  126. Piggy wanted
  127. young piggie wanted
  128. Piggie wanted in Baltimore, MD...
  129. 2 baby pigs available in Arizona! (pics)
  130. More pigs in VA
  131. Himalayan Guinea Pig wanted
  132. 3 sisters in MN need new home
  133. PA/MD/WV/VA/DE/NJ 4 with rex/rough/curly fur
  134. 4 pigs at West Valley shelter
  135. Looking for very young in PA
  136. Need a loving home for my 3 Pittsburgh Piggies
  137. I'm adopting a new piggie...
  138. Senior pig in northern, IL needs a forever home
  139. Canada / US rescue in Progress
  140. Looking for guinea pigs in lorain ohio
  141. Looking to adopt in florida
  142. Looking for an altered male
  143. Two pigs
  144. Rehome 2 Young Females Queens Ny
  145. Looking to adopt a second pig in the KY/WV/TN Area
  146. A friend in need
  147. Abyssinian boar born 06/10/06 available
  148. having to rehome in Pa
  149. Looking for young female guinea pig to adopt! Northern Fl.
  150. ...also looking for young male guinea pig! Northern FL.
  151. Rehome: 2-3 Male GPs-ND, MT, north ID, south WA, OR
  152. Need to rehome 2 females in MN
  153. Mama and 2 babies need homes in Richmond
  154. Two young Guineas need a new home
  155. Guinea at a shelter in SC
  156. Need to give up my babies. in Fl
  157. Looking to adopt in Louisiana
  158. Needed: New home for Memphis, TN. boar.
  159. UK People - Peter Gurney's pigs
  160. 5 pigs at Escondido Humane Society (North County San Diego)
  161. Breeders in MN
  162. Guinea Pigs in Jefferson City, MO
  163. Skinnys for adoption in SC
  164. 19 guinea pigs at LA County Carson shelter
  165. 1 female guinea pig looking for a home Boston MA
  166. Tennesse Boar has a home.
  167. Piggies need new home in SE MN
  168. Craigslist pigs
  169. 8+ pigs in VA
  170. I need 2 girl guinea pigs please!!!!!!
  171. Please Help : Momma & babies pigs in need!
  172. Help! PLEASE! 12 Piggies in SE MN NEED new home!
  173. 2 guinea pigs wanted in DE!!!!!!
  174. Two pigs in Thibodaux, LA
  175. Two girl piggies need home in Atlanta Georgia Area
  176. Pigs in Long Island
  177. Two males looking for home
  178. Young Boar in Nashville, TN Area Wanted!
  179. Two baby males, One baby female and an adult male need new homes in West Memphis AR
  180. Brownie + Blackie in Oceanside,California
  181. New Critter Corral listings on petfinder!
  182. 27 to die at shelter in SC
  183. Adopting in Manitoba
  184. More babies at the rescue,cute pics.
  185. Beautiful Piggies at San Diego Rescue
  186. Two guinea pig sisters
  187. any boys in texas up for adoption
  188. 2 active boys need good home in GA
  189. PA pigs are in need of desperate help!
  190. Looking for young male in Green Bay WI
  191. bunnies in Ann Arbor, MI
  192. PetHarbor.com National Animal Search Engine
  193. Overflowing in Virginia!
  194. Looking for young guinea pigs in/near Bethlehem (USA)
  195. Horrible Cage Of Neglect (pa)
  196. 52 guinea pigs dumped in bananabox's by the road looking for new home.
  197. Searching for Spayed Female in Detroit Metro Area
  198. Adopted Maci
  199. Two Female Cavies for Placement in Los Angeles
  200. Two Male Piggies Available in DFW
  201. Special Needs girl in CT/MA/RI
  202. Austin Guinea Wanted
  203. 4 females in Staffordshire, England.
  204. 2 lethals in Daytona
  205. Baton Rouge Louisiana 2 females
  206. Backyard breeder in Indiana -- 30 homeless pigs
  207. looking for young or baby female piggie
  208. Does anyone want two 4H pigs?
  209. Adoptions in NFLD??
  210. Two cuddly sows, Los Angeles area
  211. I'm looking for a young or baby female close to Palm Springs Ca.
  212. Overflowing in Virginia (yet again!)
  213. Houston, TX
  214. Chipinator retiring from the pig world
  215. Looking to rehome 2 girls in Greater Vancouver, B.C.
  216. Having to re-home in SC
  217. Bunny playmate
  218. Brighton, UK. Boar up for adoption
  219. looking for a friend for lonely girl piggie in Iowa
  220. Free 3 male GP & huge C&C cage IL St. Louis area
  221. pregnant dwarf hamster, eastern Iowa
  222. Snickers - sweet 2 yr old female @ petco for adoption
  223. Rabbit needs home in PA
  224. Lonely Dallas guinea.. seeks female companion
  225. special care rabbit in Pennsylvania
  226. should I let him adopt a guinea pig???
  227. degu
  228. Know any Pigs in Chambersburg?
  229. 2yr old male lop in South East england
  230. Looking for cavy in IN
  231. Looking for another pig in PA!!!
  232. looking for male GP in tn area
  233. My piggies need a new home
  234. Need help with transport in VA
  235. Detroit area pigs
  236. Rehome in NJ
  237. Male guinea pigs in FL need home
  238. Looking to adopt GP in Atlanta
  239. Pleae adopt/help a male guinea in Chino, CA
  240. Looking to adopt in Scotland (male)
  241. George is ready for an uncle in South Mississippi!!
  242. Looking for a home in SC
  243. Two guinea pigs available in Dekalb, IL
  244. Free Sow on Minneapolis Craigslist
  245. House rabbit needs a new home
  246. Female Guinea Pig
  247. Oahu, Hawaii
  248. Cross your fingers!!!
  249. Guinea pigs needing rescue from Yolo County SPCA in N CALIF
  250. 6 piggies (nc/sc boader