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  9. There is ?
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  18. 2 female guinea pigs free to good home
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  32. Bonded Female Guinea Pigs (Jacksonville, NC)
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  43. Adopt Trying to find the best home for someone very important to me
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  45. I have a few questions
  46. bonding two guinea males
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  48. A Question About Guinea Pig Adoption
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  51. Looking for pair to adopt in NC
  52. Adopt Young male guinea pig in Northeast AL
  53. Adopt WANT female guinea pig (Northern Ohio)
  54. Male pair of guineas available for adoption! Sarasota, Florida area
  55. Adopt Bambam & Zuzu, bonded and spayed, mother/daughter at Asheville Guinea Pig Rescue
  56. Female guinea pig about a year old.
  57. Adopt Two female Guinea's in Chambersburg PA
  58. Adopt Looking to adopt Guinea pig. Live in Columbus, OH. Area.
  59. looking to adopt two females would greatly prefer spayed! columbia,MO
  60. 2 boars, Seattle WA
  61. Adopt Bonded mother/daughter - AL with transport to NY available
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  63. 2 Cute Girlies
  64. 2 Ohio piggies need a good home
  65. Interested in adoption
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  67. Adopt HELP! Adopt 2 sweet boys in Southern Ontario! -So cute with great personalities!
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  69. Male Guinea pig up for adoption (Sacramento ca)
  70. Looking to adopt female guinea pig
  71. Adopt Two bonded female guineas for adoption in cleveland area
  72. Adopt Two 1yr. Old Females - MS, TN, SC, NC areas
  73. A question about what I should put on my ad...
  74. 3 older guinea pig boys need adopting soon! DFW METROPLEX, TEXAS
  75. Adopt Looking To Adopt (1) Healthy Male Guinea Pig For Companionship - Orlando, Florida
  76. Adopt looking to adopt bonded female pair in central PA
  77. Male Guinea Pig needs home in Oshawa, Ontario (comes with all his caring needs!)
  78. Male Guinea pig needs a home in Oshawa, Ontario or within the Durham Region
  79. Looking for a bonded pair in MA!
  80. Adopt Long Beach, CA area: 2 female guinea pigs [VERY URGENT]
  81. Adopt Two bonded young sows need home in Boston (URGENT)
  82. Adopt Pig-a-boo and Twitch
  83. Adopt Adorable & Young Abyssinian Female Up For Adoption in Seattle Area!
  84. Adopt Two Adorable Silikes DEN CO
  85. Adopt young girls need a new home
  86. ADPOT: Young Male Guinea Pig (Bellingham, WA, and Seattle area)
  87. REALLY WANT TO ADOPT FEMALE Piggy/piggies :) Illinois (Chicago area)
  88. Adopt Looking for a second Pig to adopt.
  89. Looking to adopt spayed female
  90. Adopt I have to little boy guinea pigs who up for Adoption! ♥
  91. Adopt Bonded female/neutered male in NY
  92. New to Guinea Pigs, New to This Forum!
  93. Adopt Two (2) Male Guinea Pigs for Rehome (Atlanta, GA)
  94. Adopt Guinea pig owner, needs home for her girls
  95. Adopt Bonded Male Pair Looking for a Forever Home (Western Massachusetts)
  96. please help me, student with sick pigs looking for home
  97. Looking for piggies for adoption in Ireland (Dublin area)
  98. Adopt Help we're moving and we can't have any pets.
  99. baby boys in western pa
  100. Adopt Not enough time for loving piggies :(
  101. Adopt Two Female Guinea Pigs for Adoption (South Suburbs of Chicago)
  102. Mom and Baby Girl for Adoption Sadly :( Colorado (Aurora)
  103. Adopt Looking for Single Male Guinea Pig in Southern SC
  104. Adopt Looking For Female Pig, Northern Wyoming
  105. Adopt Seeking in our area
  106. Adopt URGENT Honey, young female
  107. Adopt Female pig - Utah
  108. This sweet little boy needs a home ready to leave mom 1/25
  109. Baby boy ready to leave mom JAN 25th
  110. Adopt Looking For a Single Female Piggie Near San Francisco, CA
  111. Adopt Sweetest Son in the World Looking for a Good home! - Oxford, PA
  112. Adopt 4 yo female at Rescue (MD/DC/So PA)
  113. Adopt Looking for adult male in Kenosha, WI
  114. Adopt Male Guinea Pig Needs New Home in Bluffton, SC
  115. Adopt Needing to rehome 2 Guinea Pig Girls in WA
  116. Two Abyssinian Girls for Adoption in Chicago with all you'll need
  117. Adopt In need of new home for 2 two month old baby girls
  118. Adopt Looking for 2 young female piggies
  119. Adopt Looking for male baby guinea pigs in Nashville tn
  120. 2 Female Guinea Pigs in Utah(come with some supplies)
  121. Adopt Pairs available for adoption throughout Australia
  122. Adopt Looking for male piggies near Boulder, CO
  123. Rehoming Guinea Pigs in Southern Ohio
  124. Adopt looking to adopt bonded pair of females
  125. Beaufort County has 90 guinea pigs
  126. Guinea Pigs on Craigslist
  127. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs need rehoming near Niwot, CO
  128. Adopt rehoming Male Guinea Pig- inland empire
  129. Looking to adopt
  130. Looking for female pig near Calgary Alberta Canada
  131. Looking to adopt!
  132. Adopt 2 male guinea pigs looking for nice home. Bay area CA
  133. Adopt Are there any NYC area guinea pig shelters or rescues?
  134. Adopt Two sweet 3 week old boars will be available in sacramento soon to adopt
  135. Looking For Local Pet Shops To Buy From! (Chicago)
  136. 2 adventurous boys need homes!
  137. Rehoming 3 female guinea pigs Chicago
  138. Looking for bonded pair of Guinea's
  139. Looking for bonded pair of Guinea's
  140. looking for guinea pig
  141. Shelter in Chicago land area
  142. Rehoming Pigs - Ohio
  143. Adopt Three SPUNKY, Smart, and Loving Piggies Need a Home! TEXAS
  144. Adobtion
  145. Adopt Looking to adopt in Oklahoma :)
  146. Adopt Two baby American Crested Guinea Pigs for adoption in Quakertown PA
  147. Looking to adopt in Dayton area
  148. Adopt Need to rehome 7 piggies from Berlin, NJ (South Jersey)
  149. Adopt Baby females for adoption at Last Chance Ranch (Quakertown PA)
  150. High pitched squeaking when trying to pick up GP
  151. Adopt Looking to adopt in NY
  152. Adopt 2 males in Santa Ana need a home
  153. Looking for piggies near massillon ohio
  154. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs for Adoption w/ C & C Cage (South AL)
  155. Cute Adult Male for rehoming in Massachusetts
  156. Adopt Bay Area - Pregnant guinea pig. Trying to find 2/3 homes before birth.
  157. Adopt Adopt two male guinea pigs and supplies - $100 - Athens, GA
  159. Adopt (2) 3 1/2 yr old brothers for adoption !! Zebulon, Georgia $50
  160. Adopt Single MALE, Single FEMALE or Bonded Trio FEMALES (Help Rehome 5 pigs - FLORIDA)
  161. Adopt Two baby male guinea pigs for adoption (New York City)
  162. Looking To Adopt Kansas Area
  163. 7 guinea pigs in need of a home
  164. NYC - 2 Handsome adult male piggies seeking new home
  165. Adopt Adult female Guinea pig for adoption
  166. Adopt Looking to adopt, Sheboygan County, WI area
  167. Anyone in the Riverside California area? Or anywhere?
  168. Looking to adopt, rescue, foster in Tulsa Ok
  169. Adopt S. CA gp rescue!
  170. Adopt New york city neutered male and female pair for adoption
  171. I need to sell :(((
  172. Adopt
  173. Adopt Two Adult Male Guinea Pigs Looking For Good Home
  174. Adopt 2 MALE GUINEA PIGS ( SIBLINGS ), BOTH ARE A MONTH OLD and love interaction
  175. Adopt Male piggie in El Paso looking for new home to run around in
  176. Adopt Could Someone Help Out this Cavy on the Syravuse, NY Craigslist?
  177. South Chicago Area 2 Adult Males Ready for a Loving Home
  178. Adopt Female Guinea pig in Kansas
  179. Adopt Looking to re-home my single male in Cheshire, UK
  180. Adopt 2 Non-Bonded Males in Northeast Georgia
  181. Adopt Willing to Adopt in Chattanooga TN
  182. Selling. Don't judge.