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  1. Gerbil needs a home in SW Florida!
  2. Rescue in Louisiana?
  3. Looking to adopt, Pittsburgh, PA
  4. Looking for a buddy for my new baby in the Northwestern Washington area!
  5. What do you think???
  6. Dallas, TX
  7. Rescues in Iowa?
  8. Shelters In Mass Area?
  9. Piggy up for adoption, Vancouver BC
  10. Piggies needing a home in NH
  11. Rabbit NEEDS a home
  12. Newest family member
  13. 30 guinea pigs at Riverside Animal Control
  14. Orlando Piggy Needs Home!!
  15. piggies looking for a home
  16. 8 pigs available in Bowling Green KY
  17. Colorado?
  18. I need some advice...
  19. Possibly looking for a pig in Southern PA.
  20. Female Piggie in Florida
  21. Dozer
  22. Rocky has arrived!
  23. I'm Keeping Jasmine
  24. I have 7 boars that needs a wonderful forever home
  25. Not a guinea pig.. But a female rat, two mother cats and kittens need to be adopted
  26. Long Haired Piggies North Florida
  27. Western IL - Eastern IA long haired female piggie?
  28. Piggy Wanted in Central Florida
  29. Looking for a male piggie in Arkansas
  30. I might need a friend for Porkchop
  31. Anyone in NH need to rehome their guinea pigs?
  32. Any Cavy Slaves in or near Tallahassee?
  33. Few guinea pigs to a good home only
  34. Can anyone in north FL help?
  35. Finding good homes for baby piggies
  36. Looking for a female Guinea pig in New Hampshire
  37. Houston-Temporary Help
  38. Free Pigs!
  39. Boar for Adoption
  40. Piggies need home in Washington
  41. Need to rehome baby gps
  42. Guinea Pig Shelters
  43. Female Skinny needs a home
  44. My piggy need new loving home, Vancouver BC
  45. Louisiana Lady Looking for Love
  46. Need homes for three boars in central PA.
  47. Two females need good home in spokane WA
  48. Transport needed Fort Erie Ontario Canada to the NY/MASS Border
  49. Female Peruvian for adoption in Louisiana
  50. We have room for a piggy...
  51. 6 Guinea Pigs in Louisiana Shelter
  52. I got my foster girls!
  53. Looking to more adopt-rescue neutered/unneuterd boy Pigs. southern California
  54. 2 males LI
  55. Four Males needing new homes
  56. Looking for some MI piggies
  57. HELP! It's a girl!
  58. Adopted Piggy
  59. Male pig looking for a friend in E. Washington
  60. We need homes-eastern Iowa
  61. 2 males Guinea Pigs Boston, MA
  62. Home Needed for two boys in VT
  63. 30 Bunnies in Honolulu
  64. baby male needs home in WA state
  65. Foster parent in Central Arkansas
  66. Adoptions Wanted!
  67. Need home for male piggy in NJ?
  68. Baby Female Piggie Wanted In Central GA
  69. Adopting 3 piggies! need ideas!
  70. Sad and lonely female seeks new home and companionship
  71. 2 Male Piggies need new home in Dallas, TX
  72. three babies need good homes
  73. Looking for 2 males
  74. Trio in PA
  75. Not Free to Good Home?
  76. 15 Guinea Pigs advertized in Arkansas
  77. looking for a Peruvian pig
  78. Adoptables in Central Arkansas - Angelwise
  79. one male needs a home
  80. Many guinea pigs available for adoption
  81. Central Illinois-Champaign
  82. Would like to adopt in NH
  83. 5 week old female in WA needs home
  84. Orange female available for adoption
  85. Babies needing homes
  86. looking for a young female in/near vancouver, washington
  87. Guinea pigs in/around Calgary Alberta?
  88. Looking for 2 boars
  89. Need a boy? I've got one!
  90. Texel
  91. Pigs available in Ontario?
  92. Los Angeles area - rescued piggies available
  93. 4 Males in Arkansas need homes
  94. 72 homeless pigs in Oklahoma shelter
  95. Lots of piggies in Washington!!!
  96. 3 females need new home in Georgia
  97. the cutest babies EVER in VA
  98. Females for adoption?
  99. two male pigs in DE need a new home
  100. Cavies available for adoption in Sydney, Australia.
  101. Cavies for adoption in Ohio!
  102. Guinea pig for SALE IN MELBOURNE!!
  103. Tons of Hamsters!!!! (VA)
  104. 2 babies and a young boar in Dallas
  105. 2 sows and 1 boar in Louisiana
  106. Hoarder in WI
  107. Older Female American calico needs loving home
  108. 2 Boars in WA, rescued and need home!
  109. GP to a good home in WA
  110. Rabbit!!!
  111. Any Scots looking for a piggie or two?
  112. Looking to get friend..
  113. Baby boy needs new family
  114. Also looking to get a friend...
  115. Anyone in Indiana looking to adopt a Male pup?
  116. Pair for adoption in Idaho
  117. 33 rescues need great homes, please!!!!!!
  118. Looking to Pair my Boar
  119. 2 males in washington need to be rehomed
  120. Male cavy in North Florida
  121. Looking for spayed sow
  122. Need Young Male in Arizona
  123. 1 boar/male in WA needs to be rehomed.
  124. 2 Piggys for Sale in the Windsor/Essex area, Ontario
  125. Female guinea pig, Eastern Iowa
  126. Is there anyone near Portland, IN who can foster a boar?
  127. Shelter in Chattanooga, TN in DESPERATE need of homes and foster care!
  128. Looking for piggies in Massachusetts area...
  129. North Jersey Guinea Pig Rescue
  130. My piggie needs a pal
  131. Looking for pigs in the Toronto area?
  132. San Francisco Bay area- 3 young piggies need a home
  133. 2 boars looking for new home in Indiana
  134. Want to adopt in Cincinnati
  135. Three sows Akron OH
  136. 2 Males in VA need a home (one neutered)
  137. Pig avail in AZ
  138. SE Virginia adoptables!
  139. Who could do a piggie train from Baraboo, WI?
  140. A piggie with special needs
  141. sad but have to listen to parents
  142. Looking to adopt in Montana
  143. Skinny Breeders?
  144. Looking To Adopt Young Female Queens Ny
  145. Looking for adoptions!
  146. looking for cavy in Memphis TN
  147. Pigs in a Petco in Waterford, CT
  148. Two Pigs Need a Forever Home, Wyoming
  149. North Bay, Ontario.
  150. Pigs in Ontario (London, but willing to deliver)
  151. 5 Babies Born Near Little Rock, Arkansas
  152. I need to re home my babies
  153. Two guinea pigs and an adorable bunny up for adoption in Sacramento, CA!
  154. Two in west Toronto
  155. Adoptables in Essex County
  156. Adoptable in MO?
  157. Baby Piggies Will be needing a home soon.
  158. New Home for my piggies.
  159. Looking for a rescue near Pittsburgh, PA
  160. Cuddly sow, Los Angeles area
  161. Guinea pigs available in Connecticut
  162. Looking for a boar in Sheffield, UK
  163. Looking for a boar in NM
  164. wanted:baby boar
  165. Guinea sisters in Illinois need new home
  166. Question on Looking to Adopt
  167. adopting another guinea pig
  168. Handsom boar in OC, CA
  169. Horrible guinea pig dump in Baltimore, MD
  170. Foster homes needed in NJ/PA/DE/NY for guinea pigs
  171. Central Iowa, seeking baby sow
  172. Guinea Pigs in South Florida need homes
  173. Seeking Guinea Pigs in Maryland
  174. I'm in love
  175. Seeking young male in Salem, OR
  176. Looking for a boar in Tyne & Wear, UK
  177. Amiable Animals Adoptables - NY and New England areas
  178. Babyfolks for adoption in North Georgia
  179. 3 females in southeast PA
  180. 2 Male GP in North Florida
  181. Question on adopting across the border?
  182. A little help?
  183. Looking to adopt in Sparks, NV
  184. Looking to adopt in Northern or Central NY
  185. Looking for a Silky
  186. 3 females in Massachusetts looking for a good home
  187. looking for young pair, South Jersey area
  188. Looking to adopt a male chin
  189. Adoptions
  190. Any Left In New Orleans?
  191. two males NY
  192. 2 males in AZ need a new home
  193. looking at adopting
  194. Looking to Adopt in Alabamie
  195. Florida Area Piggy Girls
  196. Home needed in Pittsburgh area
  197. New home needed in Pittsburgh area
  198. Piggies in Alabama needing a good home
  199. Hoarder dies in Brooklyn New York, pigs need help
  200. Adoption Network In South Florida....
  201. Do Not Adopt, Massachusetts
  202. Two lovely boys....
  203. Looking to adopt a pig in OKLAHOMA
  204. Deperate in NJ
  205. Two boars in San Diego
  206. 3 Little Piggies + 1 in Search of New Homes
  207. Wanted: Piggie friend (Virginia)
  208. Wanting To Adopt Spayed Sow In North Central Indiana
  209. Ohio Female Needs a Forever Home
  210. Virginia Adoptables!
  211. Need a loving home for two young Boars in NC.
  212. Looking for sows in MN
  213. Need New Home in Greater Vancouver,BC for 2 young females
  214. Need help transporting our 2 new adoptees from Tampa to Miami
  215. Just adopted
  216. Male piggy for adoption in New Hampshire
  217. Like to Adopt in Central NJ
  218. Free guinea pig on Chicago craigslist
  219. 9 guinea pigs at West Valley, So. CA
  220. Wanting to adopt in ESSEX
  221. Male Piggies in South Carolina?
  222. Baby boar at East Valley shelter
  223. Stratford Ontario Piggies
  224. Baby Boar in Raleigh, NC
  225. Young Male Cavy for adoption in Nor Cal
  226. Baby Pigs Looking For A Home In The North Of England!
  227. Two irish piggies needing a new home...
  228. male guinea needs a good home :) - SC
  229. Friendly Male guinea pig up for sale UK
  230. are there any in or near nebreska?
  231. Free male guinea to a good home :) - SC
  232. Three beautiful cavies need home/Central Florida
  233. wanting to adopt a male gp--missouri
  234. 2 male guineas in london, ontario
  235. Looking for a New Home for 2 Boars - MO/IL
  236. Can't afford all five - 1 boar, 2 sows DFW, TX
  237. Looking for home(s) for three male foster piggies in ND/MN
  238. Female wanted In Kansas City, MO
  239. Tricolor teddy sow at West Valley shelter
  240. 2 Boars in the Tx area!
  241. Have Room For More in Northern British Columbia
  242. Craiglist boar in minneapolis
  243. Looking For a neutered boar in California!
  244. 3 longhaired boars on craigslist baltimore
  245. Wanting to adopt a female in KY area
  246. Lots of free Guinea pigs on Craiglist Boston
  247. 2 or 3 Sows for Adoption, East Coast Canada
  248. How to find a new home
  249. Wanting to Adopt 2 long haired sows North Alabama
  250. Two girl piggies in Lexington, KY