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  1. Adopt MILITARY family moving overseas! Pinky Pie NEEDS you!, HANSCOM AFB, Massachusetts
  2. Adopt Really upset
  3. Adopt Beautiful Adult Female needs new home., Denton, Texas
  4. Adopt Very Friendly Female needs new home, Denton, Texas
  5. Adopt 2 Bonded Sisters need new home soon., Denton, Texas
  6. Adopt Two Beautiful bonded Female Guinea Pigs, Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Adopt Beautiful Female, 8 months old needs new home, Waterloo, Ontario
  8. Adopt Lovable male guine pig, Canton, Georgia
  9. Adopt Very sweet male guinea pig, Canton, Georgia
  10. Adopt 3 amazingly awesome guinea pigs, Corona, California
  11. Adopt Peanut and Honeybee are looking for a loving homeare looking for a loving home, Wauwa
  12. Adopt 2 awesome boars up for adoption, Stone Mountain, Georgia
  13. Adopt Gorgeous Pig with Multi-Colored Eyes, Everett, Washington
  14. Adopt Young female and Baby female, Dexter, Missouri
  15. Adopt Baby Guinea Pigs Need New home, Linden, New Jersey
  16. Adopt unable to take due to moving, fairfield, California
  17. Adopt "Simba" needs a home! He's in Greeley, CO!
  18. Adopt male guinea pig needs a forever home, albany, Kentucky
  19. Adopt Baby Guinea Pigs, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  20. Adopt Sweet 3-year-old needs home, New York, New York
  21. Adopt 2 Super Sweet/Cute Female Guinea Pigs Need Good Home in Minnesota or Wisconsin, Coon
  22. Adopt 4 guinea pigs , Emporia, Kansas
  23. Adopt Bonded Pair of Sweet Females, La Honda, California
  24. Adopt One month old pups, one boar and two sows weaned and pop-corning!, Jackson Heights, N
  25. Adopt 2 Guinea Pig boys, include cage and lot of accessories., New York, New York
  26. Adopt 3 bonded brothers want experienced guinea pig home, Taunton, Massachusetts
  27. Adopt Bonded Pair of Females , FLower Mound, Texas
  28. Adopt I need advice on giving two of my guineas up for adoption
  29. Adopt Family of 3 Sweet Female Guinea Pigs, Spring Hill, Tennessee
  30. Adopt Bonded pair of male guinea pigs about 1 1/2 years old for adoption, Chuckey, Tennesse
  31. Adopt Adorable female guinea pig needs a new home!, Washington, District of Columbia
  32. Adopt Two Female Guinea Pigs to good home, oxnard, California
  33. Adopt Female 2 years old Needs Good Home, Puyallup, Washington
  34. Adopt Two Sweet Guinea pigs for adoption, Channahon, Illinois
  35. Adopt Two beauty guinea pig for adoption, park city, Illinois
  36. Adopt One female guinea pig in need of loving home, Ocean Pines, Maryland
  37. Adopt Kevin the Guinea Pig is looking for a home with friends, Katy, Texas
  38. Adopt Two Beautiful Girls for Adoption, Tega Cay, South Carolina
  39. Adopt Female Guinea Pig, young under 6 months, Waseca, Minnesota
  40. Adopt Maple needs a new home soon, Henrico, Virginia
  41. Adopt One 6-12 Month Old Female in Need of New Home , Santa Rosa Beach , Florida
  42. Adopt Snooky is looking for a new home, Brooklyn, New York
  43. Adopt 2 beautiful girls for adoption--Honey and Patches, Houston (north west side), Texas
  44. Adopt Bruce Needs a Home!, Olney, Maryland
  45. Adopt 2 Sweet Guinea Pig Girls in Need of a New Home, Centralia, Washington
  46. Adopt Cute lovable guinea pig babies, Fallbrook, California
  47. Adopt Flower(Male) cute and playful, Fallbrook, California
  48. Adopt 3 guinea pigs for re-homing, Roseville, California
  49. Adopt 3 month old boy needs new home, El Centro, California
  50. Adopt Mouse needs a new home, El Centro, California
  51. Adopt 12 Week Old Abyssinian Boy - Port Perry, Ontario Canada, Port Perry, Ontario
  52. Adopt Guinea Pig Needs forever home, Sacramento, California
  53. Adopt 4 Cuddly pigs in need of a home, Bismarck, North Dakota
  54. Adopt 6 week-old American Guinea pig needs rehoming! (Extremely desperate), San Jose , Cali
  55. Adopt Two sweet bonded females need a new home ASAP, Bloomington, Illinois
  56. Adopt 9 guinea pigs + 1 Rabbit for sale, Edmonton Alberta Canada
  57. Adopt Want to Adopt - SW Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio
  58. Adopt Looking to adopt a piggy, Albany, New York
  59. Adopt Adorable piglets looking for loving slaves!, Annapolis, Maryland
  60. Adopt Bonded pair, female shorthairs, Stevensville, Maryland
  61. Adopt two lovely ladies looking for a new home; cage & supplies included, Allen, Texas
  62. Adopt Klaus the Guinea Pig, rockford, Illinois
  63. Adopt Female Cavys for adoption , Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  64. Adopt Piggy Bros Looking For A Loving New Home [ASAP], New Bern, North Carolina
  65. Adopt Adoption
  66. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs - Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn, New York
  67. Adopt Two sweet females less than a year old, Orlando, Florida
  68. Adopt Four Guinea Pigs Looking for Good Homes, Cincinnati, Ohio
  69. Adopt Bonded Pair of Males - Young and Playful, East Troy/Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  70. Adopt 2 bonded brothers 6 months old, Janesville, Wisconsin
  71. Adopt Cute, healthy 1 year-old guinea pig for adoption, Newton, Massachusetts
  72. Adopt Male guinea pig hoping to go to good home. (Cage, water bottle, bowl included), Valle
  73. Adopt 2 bonded boys looking for a new adventure, Novato, California
  74. Adopt 2 Courageous Boys Looking for Their Next Adventure!, Novato, California
  75. Adopt 2 boys for adoption in Indiana
  76. why can't I post on guinea pig zone?
  77. Adopt 2 spunky boys need a loving piggy home Muncie Indiana, Muncie, Indiana
  78. Adopt Two Adorable Guinea Pig Brothers Need New Home - Shreveport, LA, Shreveport
  79. Adopt Buttercup and Carmello need a forever home!, Lemoore, California
  80. Adopt 2 adorable females for adoption, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey
  81. Adopt 2 Female Pigs Looking for New Home!, Brampton, Ontario
  82. Looking for a MALE guinea to adopt in Saskatchewan, Canada
  83. Adopt TWO MALE GUINEA PIGS FOR ADOPTION, Pasadena , California
  84. Adopt Wanted: One Friendly Female Guinea Pig, Jamaica, New York
  85. Adopt Guinea Pig for Adoption, Cypress, Texas
  86. Adopt Loving Guinea Pig Girls, Torrington, Connecticut
  87. Adopt nice female 1-year old guinea pig, davis, California
  88. Adopt 4 Sweet Guinea Piggies, Clay City, Kentucky
  89. Adopt 2 Bonded Males- Cage and accessories included, Valdosta, Georgia
  90. Adopt 2 Bonded Males, C&C cage and all accessories
  91. Adopt Rehome, rockford, Illinois
  92. Adopt Two Bonded Male Albino Pigs to a loving home, burleson, Texas
  93. Adopt 2 Guinea Pig Sisters For Adoption, Brooklyn, New York
  94. Adopt Sweet American Guinea Pig in Need of new Home
  95. Adopt Four Female Piggies & Huge C&C Cage - Needs New Home, Ledyard, Connecticut
  96. Adopt Cute Guinea Pig, Savannah, Georgia
  97. Adopt Single Female Guinea Pig, Ogden, Utah
  98. Adopt female guinea pig, Abbeville, Louisiana
  99. Adopt 2 Piggies in need of a new home, Duluth, Georgia
  100. Adopt Timon and Pumbaa, Madison, Wisconsin
  101. Adopt Cosmo and Markle, Madison, Wisconsin
  102. Adopt Howl and Lupin, Madison, Wisconsin
  103. Adopt Soto, Madison, Wisconsin
  104. Adopt 1 Male (4 months old) Guinea pig + Supplies (Twin cities, MN)
  105. Adopt Couple of bonded Guinea Pig males for adoption , Hialeah, Florida
  106. Adopt Lucy and Kuddles need a new home!, Kennesaw, Georgia
  107. Adopt Still looking for a home after 3 Years...
  108. Adopt Lilo and Nala need a new home! , Weston, Connecticut
  109. Adopt Bella needs a new friend, Lawrenceville, Georgia
  110. Adopt Mollie and Maddie need new homes! , West Haven, Connecticut
  111. Adopt Two girl Guinea pigs need a home, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  112. Adopt Two Sweet Boys Need A New Home, Monrovia, Indiana
  113. Adopt 2 male guinea pigs need forever home, Dallas, Texas
  114. Adopt boy needs new home, unknown, California
  115. Adopt boy needs new home 2, El Centro, California
  116. Adopt Beautiful young pigs need urgent new a new forever home , Sligo, Sligo
  117. Adopt Beautiful Peruvian needs a new forever home!, Circle Pines , Minnesota
  118. Adopt 2 sweet bonded boars need a new forever home!, Circle Pines , Minnesota
  119. Adopt two bonded male guinea pigs need right home in Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
  120. Adopt Lily and Lola need a new home!, Newark, Delaware
  121. Adopt Two beautiful females need loving home, Pittsford, New York
  122. Adopt Loving Male and Female Guinea need a new home, bonney lake, Washington
  123. Adopt Two sweet females, Neosho
  124. Adopt bonded pair needs new homes fast, Moses Lake, Washington
  125. Adopt bonded pair needs home fast, Moses Lake, Washington
  126. Adopt Two male guinea pigs available for adoption, Gainesville, Florida
  127. Adopt Please Adopt Us!, Skillman, New Jersey
  128. Adopt Adorable, friendly male piggy needs new home, Tempe, AZ, Tempe, Arizona
  129. In search of adoptable guinea pigs near Savannah, GA!
  130. Adopt 3 Babies for Adoption together or seperately, Baltimore, Ohio
  131. Adopt Sweet Jasmine Looking for a Potential Home, Tampa, Florida
  132. Adopt Two female guinea pigs need new loving home, Gainesville, Florida
  133. Adopt Looking for a forever home for my 2 sweet girls. , Lititz, Pennsylvania
  134. Adopt My Wonderful Guinea Needs a New Home, Detroit, Michigan
  135. Adopt Guinea Pigs, Tampa, Florida
  136. Adopt Texel Curly Haired Baby Guinea Pig + Friend, Los Angeles, California
  137. Adopt Pancho, Madison, Wisconsin
  138. Adopt Trinity and Poliwag, Madison, Wisconsin
  139. Adopt Steelix, Madison, Wisconsin
  140. Adopt Rapidash, Madison, Wisconsin
  141. Adopt Mew, Madison, Wisconsin
  142. Adopt Jigglypuff and Melody, Madison, Wisconsin
  143. Adopt Eevee, Madison, Wisconsin
  144. Adopt Daisy, Madison, Wisconsin
  145. Adopt Zeus, Madison, Wisconsin
  146. Adopt Tanto, Madison, Wisconsin
  147. Adopt Guinevere and Mrs. Bennett, Altona, Illinois
  148. Adopt Precious Baby Boy Guinea Pig, Rohnert Park, California
  149. Adopt Two very cute boars needing a new home!! , Saginaw, Michigan
  150. Adopt 3 sisters, cage and accessories up for adoption, Seattle, Washington
  151. Adopt Guinea Babies, puyallup
  152. Adopt Want to adopt near w. Hartford, ct
  153. Adopt Teddy, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  154. Adopt Butternut, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  155. Adopt Three lovely, compatible girls!, Ventura, California
  156. Adopt Charlie Brown and Snoopy in WA State, Auburn, Washington
  157. Adopt Buttermellow and Sterling in WA State, Auburn, Washington
  158. Adopt George and Herman, West Point, California
  159. Adopt 2 Beautiful sows looking for their forever home!, Fletcher, North Carolina
  160. Adopt Starbuck and Apollo, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  161. Adopt Sweet Baby Brothers for adoption, Albany, Oregon
  162. Adoptable Guinea Pigs Need Furever Homes!
  163. Adopt Guinea Pig Mother/Son Pair, Florence, Kentucky
  164. Adopt Chins n' Friends, Union, Kentucky
  165. Adopt 2 male guinea pigs need a new loving home together, canton, Georgia
  166. Adopt 3 adorable female piggies for adoption!, eau claire, Wisconsin
  167. Adopt 1 Adult Male Guinea Pig seeking forever home., Elkhart, Indiana
  168. Adopt Two Guinea Pigs Need a Forever Home!, Urbana, Illinois
  169. Adopt Two females for adoption, Grapevine, Texas
  170. Adopt Two bonded male guinea pigs for adoption, Davis, California
  171. Adopt 2 Adorable Male Piggies!!, Tustin, California
  173. Adopt Need a Forever Home for a adorable Male piggie, Madison, Wisconsin
  174. Adopt Sweet 4 month old female guinea pig and accessories, Fletcher, North Carolina
  175. Male guinea pig in Sheboygan County Wisconsin
  176. Adopt Young, Long-haired Male Looking For A New Home, Miramar, Florida
  177. Adopt Sweet girls need a new home! Bonded pair females (1 and 2 yrs), orange, California
  178. Adopt Looking for a better home for 2 guinea pigs, Houston, Texas
  179. Adopt Momo, Madison, Wisconsin
  180. Adopt Two male Guinea Pigs for Adoption, Cullowhee, North Carolina
  181. Adopt Looking to adopt peruvian
  182. Adopt Male Guinea Pig looking for new home , Hialeah, Florida
  183. Adopt Two Male Guinea Pigs for Adoption, Martinsburg, West Virginia
  184. Adopt Mother and Daughter American Short Haired, Werribee, Melbourne, Victoria
  185. Adopt 2 Brothers Need A Home, Werribee, Melbourne, Victoria
  186. Adopt Guinea pig for free, bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  187. Adopt 2 adorable brothers need amazing home!, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  188. Adopt Male Skinny Pig & Male Mini Yak plus CC Cage, Odessa, Florida
  189. Adopt Adopt madison & emma
  190. Adopt American Guinea and Albino Teddy- Dallas, TX, Dallas, Texas
  191. Adopt Guinea Pigs Up For Adoption- Dallas, Texas
  192. Adopt Female Guinea Pig Adoption , Rock Hill, South Carolina
  193. Adopt Nibbles and Cookie, Two Female Guinea Pigs, seek new loving home, Seattle, Washington
  194. Adopt Adopting a piggie
  195. Adopt Miss Piggie needs a patient home, Portland, Oregon
  196. Adopt Lily and Daisy Need a Loving Home and a Spacious Cage!, Wake Forest, North Carolina
  197. Adopt Two adorable Males-Puffy and Buster need a new home!, Wake Forest, North Carolina
  198. Adopt Calista Willow and Rosemary-Two Big-Boned Sisters Needing a Home!, Wake Forest, North
  199. Adopt Female Guinea Pig Adoption , Rock Hill, South Carolina
  200. Adopt Babies and adult male/female in CT, unknown, Connecticut
  201. Adopt I have (3) Guinea Pigs with habitat, pads, water bottle, toys and carrying cage. , Lo
  202. Adopt Three adorable guinea pigs and accessories, San Francisco, California
  203. Adopt Two baby males, Rochester, New York
  204. Adopt American Cream Male 2yr Very cuddly and lovable, Warren, Rhode Island
  205. Adopt Needing to rehome 2 boys, not paired.
  206. Adopt Zola and Lola need a happy home., Carlsbad, California
  207. Adopt Lucy and Kuddles need a new home!, Kennesaw, Georgia
  208. Adopt Sweet adult female needs loving home, Brooklyn, New York
  209. Adopt Need a home for a happy guiana pig. , Norcross, Georgia
  210. Adopt Sweetest Abyssinian Boar needs home! NY, NY
  211. Adopt Sweetest Abyssinian Boar need home!, New York, New York
  212. Adopt Almost 3 week old Male Guinea Pig for Adoption, AJ, AZ
  213. Adopt 3 week old Male Guinea pig for adoption, Apache Junction, Arizona
  214. Adopt Looking for a new home., Sardinia, Ohio
  215. Adopt 2 Beautiful Piggy Ladies Need New Home, Carlsbad CA, California
  216. Adopt Snickers (male, 7yo) GP with items (cage, fleece, KMS hay&pellets), Houston, Texas
  217. Adopt One Year Old Black and Brown Abyssinian Pig in Dallas Area
  218. Adopt 2 Female Guinea Pigs-Concord, NC
  219. Adopt Buddy needs a home!
  220. Looking for a youngester
  221. Adopt Handsome Silkie boar in Illinois
  222. Adopt Free Craigslist Piggy
  223. Adopt Female pair Fort Myers FL
  224. Looking for a Boar in northeast Ohio
  225. Adopt Two adult sows and two baby sows for adoption! Fort Worth TX area
  226. Adopt 2 sweet Abyssinian boars need new home - Phoenix area - AZ
  227. Adopt Free to Loving Home! - Rockville, MD
  228. Adopt 2 males for adoption Muncie Indiana
  229. Adopt Cute, Sassy Guinea Pig Needs New Home!, Perris, California
  230. Adopt 3 year old long haired male GP needs sweet home, Helotes, Texas
  231. Adopt 2 great gals looking for a great home, North Richland Hills, Texas
  232. Adopt Urgent! Guinea Pigs Need Homes Now!
  233. Adopt 2 5 month old males and an awesome Midwest cage, Kent, Washington
  234. Adopt Nine Neglected Male Guinea Pigs In PA/NJ
  235. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs, Strawberry Point, Iowa
  236. Adopt Our Loving OREO!! She needs a home!! , Franklin square , New York
  237. Adopt Two Adorable Piggies Need A Home, Silver Spring, Maryland
  238. Adopt Sweet Boy Looking for a New Home, Lawrenceville, Georgia
  239. Adopt Portland, Oregon now has a GP rescue!, Portland, Oregon
  240. Adopt Sweet Sibling Guinea Pigs Need A New Home , Houston, Texas
  241. Adopt Need a home for a happy guiana pig.
  242. Adopt Guinea pig for free
  243. Adopt Chins n' Friends
  244. Adopt Wanted: One Friendly Female Guinea Pig
  245. Adopt Want to Adopt - SW Ohio
  246. Adopt Error
  247. Adopt Bruce Needs a Home!
  248. Adopt 4 guinea pigs
  249. Adopt Chins n' Friends
  250. Adopt Wanted: One Friendly Female Guinea Pig