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  1. Adopt 4 ADORABLE baby guinea pig *pairs* looking for forever homes!, San Marcos, California
  2. Adopt Loving girl looking for a new home, Deer park, Texas
  3. Adopt Peter and Timmy are sweet and gentle boys looking for a home!, Fullerton, California
  4. Adopt Patty is a doll! Look at that gorgeous face!, Fullerton, California
  5. Adopt Summer and Lilly are so cute!, Fullerton, California
  6. Adopt Male Adult Guinea Pig Need will trade for female, Ellenboro, North Carolina
  7. Adopt Piggies need help in Montreal Quebec
  8. Adopt Twinkie, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  9. Adopt Lupe & Lucy , Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  10. Adopt Buddy and Pumpkin, bloomingdale, Illinois
  11. Adopt Teddy is up for Adoption, Dallas, Texas
  12. Adopt Coffee and Frappe need a loving home together, fresno, California
  13. Adopt 3 sweet babies need a forever-home (litter trained, & neutered with all needed items!
  14. Adopt Beanie and Chewie need a new home. C & C cage and fleece flippers included., Federal
  15. Adopt Sunshine Coast Guinea Pigs Need Homes!
  16. Adopt Peanut the Guinea Pig , Lagrangeville, New York
  17. Adopt Turtle the Crested Guinea Pig, Lagrangeville, New York
  18. Adopt Espresso the Teddy Guinea Pig, Lagrangeville, New York
  19. Adopt Johnny the sweetest guinea pig, Lagrangeville, New York
  20. Adopt 2 Beautiful Sisters, Hockley, Texas
  21. Adopt Barnaby and Frasier can't help but make you smile, Missouri City, Texas
  22. Adopt Two young females, Buena park, California
  23. Adopt Female Guinea Pig Needs Good Home, Fort Worth, Texas
  24. Adopt Two male guinea pigs for sale that need a loving home!, Gainesville, Florida
  25. Adopt tom, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  26. Adopt jason, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  27. Adopt john, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  28. Adopt jay, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  29. Adopt flash, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  30. Adopt penny, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  31. Adopt dolly, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  32. Adopt nala, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  33. Adopt jasmine, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  34. Adopt madison & joy, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  35. Adopt millie & squeaks, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  36. Adopt hero / derby / cricket, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  37. Adopt curley & moe, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  38. Adopt freckles & patches, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  39. Adopt franklin / owen, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  40. Adopt Lionel and Eduardo are very cute and sweet, Fullerton, California
  41. Adopt Puff loves her "mommy" Darla and follows her everywhere!, Fullerton, California
  42. Adopt Rufus and Hollice are available as a bonded pair of sweet boars!, Fullerton, Californ
  43. Adopt Chappel is a fuzzy little ball of energy!, Fullerton, California
  44. Adopt Beatrix and Helen need a grown-up home. , Fullerton, California
  45. Adopt Elsa loves zoomies!, Fullerton, California
  46. Adopt George is a WONDEFUL daddy boar to little Stokes!, Fullerton, California
  47. Adopt Calm, sweet little Burton needs a friend!, Fullerton, California
  48. Adopt Pedro and Cricket are two very friendly and calm boys, Fullerton, California
  49. Adopt Samy and Dean are the sweetest boars!, Fullerton, California
  50. Adopt Tinkerbell is just the cutest thing ever, and so sweet!, Fullerton, California
  51. Adopt Jessica LOVES people, and is very curious and sweet., Fullerton, California
  52. Adopt Looking for a little pig with a BIG personality? Meet Clive!, Fullerton, California
  53. Adopt Buttercup and Trixie are very sweet, bonded girls, Fullerton, California
  54. Adopt Alex and Veruca were saved from snakes and are now sweet little divas!, Fullerton, Ca
  55. Adopt Chip and Jamal will add fun to any household with their silly antics., Fullerton, Cal
  56. Adopt Maisey would love a "mommy " to call her own!, Fullerton, California
  57. Adopt Hadley is very calm for a baby, and loves to take naps with her nanny pigs., Fullerto
  58. Adopt Three's company! Bidoof, Eevee, and Theodore are a sweet bonded trio. , Fullerton, Ca
  59. Adopt Peter and Tipper are awesome bonded boars looking for a family!, Fullerton, Californi
  60. Adopt Laney would be a great friend for a lonely older piggy - playdate, anyone?, Fullerton
  61. Adopt Porky would love a forever home, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  62. Adopt Sheldon , Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  63. Adopt Pip is a sweet boy!, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  64. Adopt Grayson needs a new furever home! , Columbus, Ohio
  65. Adopt Two Male Guinea Pigs, Frodo and Samwise, need re-homed!, Bradenton, Florida
  66. Adopt Ohio- Anyone willing to adopt some piglets?
  67. Adopt penny, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  68. Adopt Badger and Junior need a new home , Columbus, Ohio
  69. Adopt Beautiful Baby Boy up for Adoption, Watertown, Connecticut
  70. Adopt Need to rehome 3 bonded females: allergies at home. Cage and all accessories!, Mason,
  71. Adopt Amazing Male and Female (neutered and spayed) Abyssinians up for adoption, New York,
  72. Adopt Male Skinny Pig and American Bonded Pair, Rockledge, Florida
  73. Adopt Gorgeous Cookie would like a new home , Columbus, Ohio
  74. Adopt sydney, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  75. Adopt beethoven, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  76. Adopt ireland / holland / paris, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  77. Adopt emmit & andy, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  78. Adopt Moo Moo & Brownie need a new home. Cage and accessories included!, Tuscola, Illinois
  79. Adopt coco-beans, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  80. Adopt jazz / pucheka, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  81. Adopt 2 newborn worth parents, Costa Mesa, California
  82. Adopt julie and julia, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  83. Adopt oliver, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  84. Adopt smudge and katie, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  85. Adopt cindy, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  86. Adopt jan, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  87. Adopt marsha, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  88. Adopt Rehoming 4 female guinea pigs together, or in pairs of 2, Mandeville, Louisiana
  89. Adopt Single White and Tan Female Seeks Good Time with Other Young Single Female, Houston,
  90. Adopt Handsome Male Guinea Pig Needs a Forever Home, albany, Kentucky
  91. Adopt Male Guinea Pigs looking for home, Plymouth, Michigan
  92. Adopt Two Girlies for Adoption!, Dublin, Ohio
  93. Adopt We need a loving home!, Daytona Beach, Florida
  94. Adopt Male guinea pigs looking for homes, Plymouth, Michigan
  95. Adopt Two adult male guinea pigs looking for home, Plymouth, Michigan
  96. Adopt 2 beautiful male rescued guinea pigs , johnson city , Tennessee
  97. Adopt Two beautiful girls needing a home, Carlisle, Ohio
  98. Adopt Widowed Female guinea pig. Come with cage, CNC cages, toys, bedding and supplies., Ea
  99. Adopt adoption + cage & lot
  100. Adopt Rajah would love a buddy & a forever home :), Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  101. Adopt Anakin & Stinson, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  102. Adopt Graceland Farms, Knoxville, Tennessee
  103. Adopt Skinny Pig looking for the right home, Knoxville, Tennessee
  104. Adopt Special Needs Piggy wants forever home with no kids, serious inquires from a devoted
  105. Adopt Daisy and Lilly need a good home, Alpharetta, Georgia
  106. Adopt Two Sweet Girls Need New Home in Missouri , Columbia, Missouri
  107. Adopt ~*Cute Male Tricolor Abyssinian Guinea Pig*~, Vidor, Texas
  108. Adopt Silky/ Sheltie male 3-4 year old piggy in Northern California!
  109. Adopt Silky/ Sheltie male 3-4 years Northern CA, Oakland, California
  110. Adopt Elphaba and Glinda are beautiful, sweet girls, Fullerton, California
  111. Adopt Adelade and Emmeline are a loving mommy and daughter looking for a home, Fullerton, C
  112. Adopt Eevee and Bidoof are sweet, gentle girls who deserve a loving home, Fullerton, Califo
  113. Adopt Cogburne is a handsome devil!, Fullerton, California
  114. Adopt Casper is a silly monkey!, Fullerton, California
  115. Adopt Buttercup and Trixie are sweet bonded sows lookign for a family to love, Fullerton, C
  116. Adopt Bettina has big beautiful eyes, Fullerton, California
  117. Adopt Layla and Annabelle will steal your heart!, Fullerton, California
  118. Adopt Baily and Jun are shy lap piggies looking for a loving home, Fullerton, California
  119. Adopt Jessica loves the single life and needs a person to love!, Fullerton, California
  120. Adopt Chip and Jamal are two handsome boars looking for a loving home, Fullerton, Californi
  121. Adopt Beatrix and Helen are looking for a loving, adult home, Fullerton, California
  122. Adopt Heidi is a people loving diva pig!, Fullerton, California
  123. Adopt King Rupert is needing a loving home!, Havelock, North Carolina
  124. Adopt Rufus and Hollice are sweet bonded boars looking for a home, Fullerton, California
  125. Adopt Opposites attract! Outgoing Ruffio and shy Kanda are best friends!, Fullerton, Califo
  126. Adopt Peter B is calm and good with kids!, Fullerton, California
  127. Adopt Chrissy and Peaches are two beautiful girls looking for love!, Fullerton, California
  128. Adopt Theo and Van Gogh are shy boys deserve a loving home, Fullerton, California
  129. Adopt Shelby and Zoey are two very bonded sisters looking for a loving home, Fullerton, Cal
  130. Adopt Winky the one-eyed wonder pig and his best buddy Max need love!, Fullerton, Californi
  131. Adopt Timmy is calm and sweet - and LOOK at that gorgous face!, Fullerton, California
  132. Adopt Molly loves her (neutered!) big brother Theo!, Fullerton, California
  133. Adopt Sklyer and Leonard are very sweet and gentle - great for a family with kids!, Fullert
  134. Adopt Rehome 2 male guinea pigs, Louisville, Kentucky
  135. Adopt 2 Adorable Guinea Pigs Looking for Loving Home, Westfield , New Jersey
  136. Adopt hancock, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  137. Adopt eve, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  138. Adopt recess & smores, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  139. Adopt scrappy, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  140. Adopt scooby, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  141. Adopt track, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  142. Adopt Porkchop needs a home :)
  143. Adopt Nibbles, Magnolia, Texas
  144. Adopt Bonded Trio Of Female Guinea Pigs , Mobile, Alabama
  145. Adopt Chick fil A & Ernie are looking for a new place to explore, Houston, Texas
  146. Adopt Lots of pigs needed for adoption in NJ
  147. Adopt Bonded Pair of Male Guinea Pigs Needs to be Rehomed
  148. Adopt A Bonded Pair of Male Guinea Pigs, St. Paul, Minnesota
  149. Adopt Sweet and curious young female piggy, Hastings On Hudson, New York
  150. Adopt Young Female Cutie Pig, Hastings On Hudson, New York
  151. Adopt Fun and Lively Young Female Pig, Hastings On Hudson, New York
  152. Adopt Should I know anything before seeing if i can get this piggy?
  153. Adopt Blue Ridge Humane Society, Edneyville, North Carolina
  154. Adopt ringo, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  155. Adopt neenah / hope / sadie, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  156. Adopt ginger, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  157. Adopt rain / dewdrop / sadie, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  158. Adopt paul, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  159. Adopt buttons, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  160. Adopt chad, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  161. Adopt lilac, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  162. Adopt Two guinea pigs for sale, Montgomery, New York
  163. Adopt Piggy Bros Looking For A Loving New Home, New Bern, North Carolina
  164. Adopt Penelope needs a great home!, Havelock, North Carolina
  165. Adopt URGENT! Guinea pig on ebay in Arlington Heights, Illinois
  166. Adopt My Financial Situation has Drastically Changed for the Worse :-(, Norristown, Pennsyl
  167. Adopt Cinnamom and Spice are two beautiful girls looking for a home!, Fullerton, California
  168. Adopt Peter and Tipper - two handsome boys looking for a home!, Fullerton, California
  169. Adopt Bogart & Porky, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  170. Adopt Simon: 2 year old male, Valrico, Florida
  171. Adopt 2 sweethearts need a forever family!
  172. Adopt 2 Bore Guinea Pigs For Adoption, Longmont, Colorado
  173. Adopt 4 female guinea pigs , Mandeville, Louisiana
  174. Adopt This is breaking my heart... bonded pair of females, Emma and Ella, available in MA o
  175. Adopt guinea pigs, Fremont, Nebraska
  176. Adopt Mo needs a new home, Northville, Michigan
  177. Two girls need a new home, Humble, Tx
  178. Adopt guinea pig needs to go, everett, Washington
  179. Adopt Two Sweet Sisters Need New Home in MO, Columbia, Missouri
  180. Adopt Two Guinea Pigs, Frisco, Texas
  181. Adopt Guinea Pig Sisters for Adoption, Brooklyn, New York
  182. Adopt 3 female piggies need good homes, Santa Cruz, California
  183. Adopt Mileena is lonely and needs a new home!, Shafter, California
  184. Adopt 1-year-old boar in need of furever home, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  185. Adopt 2 Guinea Pigs and C&C cage for adoption, Dumfries, Virginia
  186. Three adorable babies for adoption, sadly mom and dad must go as well. (Webster, MA)
  187. Adopt Males 3 months old, de kalb, Mississippi
  188. Adopt 2 male Abyssinians with cage , Lawrenceburg/ Louisville, Kentucky
  189. Piggy Needing to be adopted (State of Maine)
  190. Adopt Sad to say my two piggie babies need a new forever home :(
  191. Adopt cocoa, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  192. Adopt george, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  193. Adopt justin, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  194. Adopt clyde, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  195. Adopt jenna, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  196. Adopt claire, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  197. Adopt mike, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  198. Adopt sasha & susie, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  199. Adopt tom & jerry, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  200. Adopt molly & sage, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  201. Adopt Sad to say my two piggie babies need a new forever home :(, Falcon, Colorado
  202. Adopt Twinkie, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  203. Adopt A bonded female pair! Momo and Kiwi. :), Auburn, Washington
  204. Adopt 2 Sweet Guinea Girls Free, Grand Ledge, Michigan
  205. Adopt Twixzy's House-Guinea Pig Rescue, Florence, Kentucky
  206. Adopt Guinea Pig family for adoption, Winter Haven, Florida
  207. Adopt Charlee Titan, Smyrna, Tennessee
  208. Adopt Rehoming a Male Bonded Pair, St. Paul, MN, but willing to drive across state
  209. Adopt Two baby Guinea pigs and stuff, Ankeny, Iowa
  210. Adopt Casper and Ned are sweet boys looking for a loving home!, Fullerton, California
  211. Adopt Pochi and Pokey bring their own cage and toys with them!, Fullerton, California
  212. Adopt Patty and Annabelle are the sweetest pigs you'll ever meet! , Fullerton, California
  213. Adopt Mary and Poppins are looking for an adult home to love!, Fullerton, California
  214. Adopt Lucky Baby is SUCh a cutie - just look at that little sweetheart!, Fullerton, Califor
  215. Adopt Logan and Skut are mellow sweethearts who adore exploring, Fullerton, California
  216. Adopt Leonard and Dusty are two cool dudes looking for a family to love!, Fullerton, Califo
  217. Adopt Leap has SO much personality!, Fullerton, California
  218. Adopt babies need new homes, El Centro, California
  219. Adopt babies need new homes, El Centro, California
  220. Adopt babies need new homes, E Centro, California
  221. Adopt babies need new homes, El Centro, California
  222. Adopt 3 Little Girls need friendly new home!, Columbus, Georgia
  223. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs for Adoption, Corona, California
  224. Adopt 2 Beautiful Female Guinea Pigs For Adoption, San Jose, California
  225. Adopt Chaidez and Ramirez are two bonded boars looking for a loving home, Fullerton, Califo
  226. Adopt 2 male bonded babies, Davenport, Iowa
  227. Adopt 4 male baby guinea pigs for adoption, Columbus, Ohio
  228. Adopt Need to Rehome, Decatur, Illinois
  229. Adopt Young and Baby Guinea Pigs, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  230. Adopt Rehoming Female Guinea Pig (Not Spayed), Richmond, Virginia
  231. Adopt 2 bonded girls, 2 bonded boars for a new home!, Las Vegas, Nevada
  232. Adopt 2 FEMALE Guinea Pigs available for adoption, Palo Alto, California
  233. Adopt one male baby brown and white scruffy fur in northeast ohio
  234. Adopt one Male Baby scruffy brown fur (pics!) Northeast Ohio, north olmsted, Ohio
  235. Adopt Two female guinea pigs to loving home, Suwanee, Georgia
  236. Adopt Two female guinea pigs looking for a loving home, Medford, Massachusetts
  237. Adopt guinea cuties need a new caring home, Saratoga, California
  238. Adopt Miss Texas needs a home!, Lewisville, Texas
  239. Adopt Foxy & Chloe, Ridgewood, New York
  240. Adopt Two 1 year old boars, in separate C&C cages , Albuquerque, New Mexico
  241. Adopt Guinea Pigs needing new home ASAP, Colleyville, Texas
  242. Adopt Single Solid black Female straight fur looking for rehome, north olmsted, Ohio
  243. Adopt Need GOOD home or homes, Pompano, Florida
  244. Adopt Searching for Female guinea pig, Richlands, North Carolina
  245. Adopt 4 Adult Female Guinea Pigs Need A Forever Home (Can Split To Pairs), Staten Island, N
  246. Adopt Gwen-female looking for new home, Huntley, Illinois
  247. Adopt 5 female guinea pigs for adoption, Trumbull, Connecticut
  248. Adopt Two male Guinea Pigs in PR need a new home, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  249. Adopt two adorable female guinea pigs, Olathe, Kansas
  250. Adopt Male Peruvian needs a good home, Kansas City, Missouri