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  1. Adopt HUMERUS & ALEX, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  2. Adopt 2 Adorable Piggy Looking For A Forever Home, Conroe, Texas
  3. Adopt Pip & Taz , augusta, Georgia
  4. Adopt Trio of Bonded Females Up For Adoption, Los Alamitos, California
  5. Adopt Bonded Boys Looking For a Forever Home, Fullerton, California
  6. Adopt abby, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  7. Adopt sophie & anna, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  8. Adopt sherlock & holmes, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  9. Adopt Female Piggy Hoping For a Forever Home, Los Alamitos, California
  10. Adopt Brigid and Maura, Fullerton, California
  11. Adopt Captain Jack, Fullerton, California
  12. Adopt american tan guinea pig male baby, Grinnell, Iowa
  13. Adopt miracle, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  14. Adopt Baby boy, 12 weeks needs good loving home., Palm Harbor, Florida
  15. Adopt 2 female guinea pigs & large cage , El dorado hills, California
  16. Adopt Julian needs a new home, Jamestown, California
  17. Adopt 2 female guinea pigs for adoption, Arlington, Texas
  18. Adopt Adoption: 1 year old peruvian
  19. Adopt Koda and Kenai need a new home , Dallas , Georgia
  20. Adopt Two Male Bonded Pigs (head tilt)
  21. Adopt Chubby male needs a forever home, Greenville , North Carolina
  22. Adopt scrappy, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  23. Adopt charlie & snoopy, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  24. Adopt molly, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  25. Adopt scooby, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  26. Adopt willow & ivy, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  27. Adopt hillary, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  28. Adopt Male long haired albino needs a good home., Andrews AFB, Maryland
  29. Adopt 3 friendly girls looking for great home, Shallotte, North Carolina
  30. Adopt Guinea Pig Herd looking for homes! (7 Piggies - Boars & Sows), Cincinnati, Ohio
  31. Adopt Bonded Females Up For Adoption, Fullerton, California
  32. Adopt 2 female guinea pigs - 1 year old- sisters for good home, Burleson , Texas
  33. Adopt Rosa is up for adoption!
  34. Adopt Rescue Skinny Pigs for Adoption in Col. Ohio
  35. Adopt mable, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  36. Adopt hancock, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  37. Adopt harvey, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  38. Adopt Carly & MooMoo, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  39. Adopt Panda & Rajah, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  40. Adopt Pooh, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  41. Adopt Young Male Guinea Pig with Cage and Accessories , hollywood, Florida
  42. Adopt Mother and Daughter, chico, California
  43. Adopt Lola and Buttercup in Reno NV, Reno, Nevada
  44. Adopt Amazing young adult female piggy wants a new herd, Carlisle, Ohio
  45. Adopt Male Skinny Pig Needs Adopted :) , Columbus, Ohio
  46. Adopt No Money=No Hay, Female Guinea Pig Looking For New Home, La Mesa, California
  47. Adopt TOFFEE & MOCCA, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  48. Adopt Sweet, Sweet Boys In Need of a Fabulous Home!, Macomb, Michigan
  49. Adopt please! 2 sweet female piggies, Rockwall, Texas
  50. Adopt Two bonded males. Sheltie and American/Abyssinian mix. , Greenville, Texas
  51. Adopt Bonded boys need a home, Gloucester, Massachusetts
  52. Adopt 2 Playful Male Piggies Looking For Love!, Owensboro, Kentucky
  53. Adopt 2 Bonded Boys For Adoption, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  54. Adopt ADORABLE guinea pigs NEED new home!!!!!, fitchburg, Massachusetts
  55. Adopt Bonded Females Up For Adoption, Barre,, Vermont
  56. Adopt coco & geekers, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  57. Adopt lincoln & jasper, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  58. Adopt Bonded Males Up For Adoption, Elliottville, Kentucky
  59. Adopt 2 Gorgeous boys need a forever home!, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
  60. Adopt Sweet boy for adoption, Juneau, Wisconsin
  61. Adopt track, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  62. Adopt PHOENI\, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  63. Adopt Sweet brothers need a home, Kansas City, Kansas
  64. Adopt sophie, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  65. Adopt anna, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  66. Adopt hillary, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  67. Adopt paprika, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  68. Adopt batman & robin, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  69. Adopt Cute Baby Boys!! , Columbus, Ohio
  70. Adopt Harold Needs A Good Home, San Pedro, California
  71. Adopt Super Cute Piggy needs Loving Home!, Canton, Michigan
  72. Adopt Bonded females Pepsi and Cora, Vancouver, Washington
  73. Adopt Sweet one year old girl piggies with cage rehoming fee $25.00, Upland, California
  74. Adopt Rehome Guinea pigs, Smith station , Alabama
  75. Adopt 3 bonded sows looking for forever home, Duluth, Minnesota
  76. Adopt Guinea Pig for Adoption, Naperville, Illinois
  77. Adopt Chester is a little sweetpea looking for a loving home!, Fullerton, California
  78. Adopt Appa is a handsome little devil looking for a loving home - he loves people!, Fullert
  79. Adopt Chester loves people!, Fullerton, California
  80. Adopt Kembra is a big, shy squish of a girl!, Fullerton, California
  81. Adopt Appa loves being a spoiled only pig!, Fullerton, California
  82. Adopt Two sweet, bonded girls looking for their forever home!, Fullerton, California
  83. Adopt Cogburn likes the single life!, Fullerton, California
  84. Adopt Sweet bonded sisters Clair and Catherine looking for a good home, Fullerton, Californ
  85. Adopt Andy and Buzz - these handsome brothers are looking for a loving home, Fullerton, Cal
  86. Adopt Bonnie is a sweet, calm girl, looking for a friend and a family!, Fullerton, Californ
  87. Adopt Flower and Lucky are two very sweet, very bonded girls , Fullerton, California
  88. Adopt Ellie and Glinda - two of the tamest, sweetest girls EVER!, Fullerton, California
  89. Adopt meet George - an awesome pig who needs a friend and a family!, Fullerton, California
  90. Adopt Adelade and Emmeline - sweet and shy, would do great in an adult home, Fullerton, Cal
  91. Adopt Dahlia and Beauty are affectionate BFF's who will do well in any home, Fullerton, Cal
  92. Adopt Louie is a total lover boy - and look at that gorgeous face!, Fullerton, California
  93. Adopt Leap wins the popcorning gold medal!, Fullerton, California
  94. Adopt Layla and Annabelle are BFS's (Best Friend Sows!) looking for a family to love, Fulle
  95. Adopt Kenneth and Kramer will steal your heart!, Fullerton, California
  96. Adopt Looking for a snuggler? Josha is a great lap pig!, Fullerton, California
  97. Adopt Affectionate mama and daughter looking for a great family to love, Fullerton, Califor
  98. Adopt George is an absolute SWEETHEART, Fullerton, California
  99. Adopt Chrissy and peaches are GORGEOUS girls who need an adult home, Fullerton, California
  100. Adopt Cookie-Dough and Oreo are great with kids!, Fullerton, California
  101. Adopt Hurley and MJ need an adult home to call their own , Fullerton, California
  102. Adopt Haru and Minnie are two beautiful little girls looking for a loving home, Fullerton,
  103. Adopt These sweet sisters would be great in a home with kids , Fullerton, California
  104. Adopt Calm and loving Flower and Lucky would do great in a home with children , Fullerton,
  105. Adopt Appa loves the single life!, Fullerton, California
  106. Adopt Miles and Scout are two handsome devils who need a loving home, Fullerton, California
  107. Adopt Hatsuharu and Pierre, two gorgeous boys looking for love!, Fullerton, California
  108. Adopt Brothers looking for a home!, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  109. Adopt Looking for same sex cavies in East San Diego, lakeside, California
  110. Adopt Two cute guinea pigs for sale, Buckeye, Arizona
  111. Adopt Bonded Males Up For Adoption, St Paul, Minnesota
  112. Adopt Brothers Up For Adoption, St Paul, Minnesota
  113. Adopt Sisters Up For Adoption, St Paul, Minnesota
  114. Adopt guinea pig - male, rare teddy, so cute!, Wilmette, Illinois
  115. Adopt Bonded Pair of Female Cuy Guinea Pigs, La Honda, California
  116. Adopt Casey - Young Adult Female Guinea pig; , La Honda, California
  117. Adopt Two sweet girls looking for a good home, San Francisco, California
  118. Adopt Young female guinea pig needing new home, Ben Lomond, California
  119. Adopt Seeking To Do The Right Thing, Cut Bank, Montana
  120. Adopt Webster and David in need of a new home!, Duluth, Georgia
  121. Adopt Coastside Cavy, Pacifica, California
  122. Adopt Oreo, Florence, Kentucky
  123. Adopt Guinea pig to good home! With cage!, hyattsville, Maryland
  124. Adopt Two baby males up for Adoption, Ofallon, Missouri
  125. Adopt 2 female Guinea Pigs both under 1 yr. old and everything you need, Costa Mesa, Califo
  126. Adopt Looking for a snuggler? Louie LOVES lap time! , Fullerton, California
  127. Adopt Mocha escaped being snake food and needs friends and a family!, Fullerton, California
  128. Adopt Kembra and Callie have a really fun story!, Fullerton, California
  129. Adopt Gorgeous jet black boars, Hugo and Ralph, looking for their family!, Fullerton, Calif
  130. Adopt Violet was saved from becoming snake food! Wheek!, Fullerton, California
  131. Adopt Flower and Chipper are two lovely ladies looking for their family!, Fullerton, Califo
  132. Adopt Guinea Pigs: Perfect New Holiday Addition!, Stanford, California
  133. Adopt jingle, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  134. Adopt sophie, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  135. Adopt mickey, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  136. Adopt rue & katniss, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  137. Adopt hope & candice, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  138. Adopt sophie, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  139. Adopt "Snickers" needs a new home, Longview, Texas
  140. Adopt Um.. Saw this on Ebay.. Anyone in KY want a new piggy??
  141. Adopt Two Adorable Piggies for Adoption - Owner Moving Across Country , brooklyn, New York
  142. Adopt Carrie, Palatine, Illinois
  143. Adopt 2 Female guinea pigs need a good home, Lincoln, Nebraska
  144. Adopt Pepper is a shy, sweet snuggle-bug!, Fullerton, California
  145. Adopt Rufus and River are two black & white heartbreakers! Look at those faces!, Fullerton,
  146. Adopt Skylar and Gingerbread are a bonded pair of gorgeous boars looking for a loving home,
  147. Adopt Pierre and Hatsuharu are two curious, friendly boars looking for a family!, Fullerton
  148. Adopt Carmel Is Hoping For A Forever Home, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  149. Adopt Bonded Boys Hoping For A Forever Home, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  150. Adopt Peanut - Needs A New Home, Mooresville, North Carolina
  151. Adopt Desperate--5 pigs need loving homes, Battle Creek, Michigan
  152. Adopt Proud mama Ginny and her beautiful daughters Jenny and Payton are looking for a lovin
  153. Adopt Bonded Males Hoping For Forever Home, manchester, New Hampshire
  154. Adopt Female guinea pig in Central Florida needs amazing home, Orlando, Florida
  155. Adopt 3-4 month old baby guinea pig up for adoption!
  156. Adopt TWO guinea pigs need a new home. I can adopt them seperately. , Indianapolis, Indiana
  157. Adopt 3 Bonded Guinea pigs (texels) for adoption , Minneapolis, Minnesota
  158. Adopt Lulu & Bella, Ramsey, Minnesota
  159. Adopt Joshua is one sweet, calm guy looking for a loving home!, Fullerton, California
  160. Adopt Juniper and Rufino - two sweet boys looking for a loving home!, Fullerton, California
  161. Adopt 2 highly lovable brothers in north Alabama seeking great home, Huntsville, Alabama
  162. Adopt Veruca and Alex were saved from snakes! Now they need a loving home!, Fullerton, Cali
  163. Adopt 2 boars - less than 1 year old - no charge, Garland, Texas
  164. Adopt Hayden and Daisy are two beautiful, friendly BFF's looking for a loving home!, Fuller
  165. Adopt the "3 Amigos" needs a new home, miami, Florida
  166. Adopt Hope is a darling, sweet girl who loves TV lap time!, Fullerton, California
  167. Adopt cosmo -triana & peanut, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  168. Adopt burt, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  169. Adopt bob, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  170. Adopt bear, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  171. Adopt baily, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  172. Adopt jasmine, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  173. Adopt timone & pumba, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  174. Adopt simba, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  175. Adopt penny #2, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  176. Adopt penny #1, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  177. Adopt otis, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  178. Adopt nala, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  179. Adopt emma, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  180. Adopt molly, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  181. Adopt dolly, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  182. Adopt Pablo and Pepito are two friendly boys looking for a loving family!, Fullerton, Calif
  183. Adopt Wonderland Rabbit Rescue, Melvindale, Michigan
  184. Adopt Moo and Reese need a loving home!, Melvindale, Michigan
  185. Adopt Adorable Female Guinea Pig, Chappaqua, New York
  186. Adopt 2 Female Guinea Pigs for Adoption! , Land O Lakes, Florida
  187. Adopt Father and daughter - 1 year and 4 months, San diego, California
  188. Adopt Handsome Piggy Hoping For A Forever Home, Buffalo, Minnesota
  189. Adopt 2 year old Female Pig seeks non-allergic owner!, Potomac, Maryland
  190. Adopt Bonded Female Pair Need A Home, Lexington, Kentucky
  191. Adopt Loving Female Pair Need A Home, Lexington, Kentucky
  192. Adopt Looking for some Cavies, Little Falls, Minnesota
  193. Adopt 1yr old female pair in need of home, Peachtree City, Georgia
  194. Adopt 1 year old white female Abyssinian, Monroe, Georgia
  195. Adopt Two Male Guinea Pigs; Sheltie and American/Abyssinian Mix , Greenville, Texas
  196. Adopt 2 year old guinea pig needs new family, Elk Grove, California
  197. Adopt sweet male guinea pig , plano, Texas
  198. Adopt Two Male Guinea Pigs to a good home, Lodi, California
  199. Adopt 2 Bonded Sisters in SE London, 1 year old, with custom house, London, Kent
  200. Adopt Wallace is a sweet little ball of fluff!, Fullerton, California
  201. Adopt Molly is a calm little darling who loves chin scratches!, Fullerton, California
  202. Adopt I am having to rehome my males
  203. Adopt Female Baby Guinea Pig, Oak Grove, Kentucky
  204. Adopt Two male 1 year old pigs, Oak Grove, Kentucky
  205. Adopt Mama Bear & Papa Bear need a home., Colton, California
  206. Adopt Female sweet piggie, marietta, Georgia
  207. Adopt "Chance" - A survivor looking for a great future, Birmingham, Alabama
  208. Adopt "Bruiser" - boar with rough start needs experienced home, Birmingham, Alabama
  209. Adopt "Bucky" - Survived URI and broken teeth, needs loving home., Birmingham, Alabama
  210. Adopt Two beautiful pigs for adoption, Boynton Beach, Florida
  211. Adopt 3 pairs need new homes. , Columbus, Ohio
  212. Adopt Oreo needs a new home ..., Kennesaw, Georgia
  213. Adopt Two male guinea pigs in need of a new home!, Leawood, Kansas
  214. Adopt Cora is adora (ble), Auburn, Washington
  215. Adopt Joshua and Oscar are two handsome devils, looking for their family!, Fullerton, Calif
  216. Adopt The Baxter Boys will steal your heart!, Fullerton, California
  217. Adopt Elphaba and Glinda are very sweet, curious girls. , Fullerton, California
  218. Adopt Love a great big pig?? Check out Miles and Scout!, Fullerton, California
  219. Adopt Blythe is THE cutest little puff-ball!, Fullerton, California
  220. Adopt Daine and Lady! Two beautiful girl Piggies!, New Paltz, New York
  221. Adopt Sweet Loving Guinea Pig!!, San Diego, California
  222. Adopt 3 beautiful females for urgent adoption, Downey, California
  223. Adopt Teddy Guinea Pigs, 8 weeks and 9 months, Mukilteo, Washington
  224. Adopt 2 Sweet Piggie sisters caught up in a bad situation, Delta, British Columbia
  225. Adopt Three guineas 1 male and 2 female in need of home, all inclusive, La Mirada, Californ
  226. Adopt 1 yo female, Burlington, New Jersey
  227. Adopt Patty is a sweet little snugglebug!, Fullerton, California
  228. Adopt Timmy is calm and loves lap time - a great pig for a family with kids!, Fullerton, Ca
  229. Adopt Peter B is a sweet, gentle boy looking for a friend and a family, Fullerton, Californ
  230. Adopt Summer and Lilly will light up your life!, Fullerton, California
  231. Adopt Dash and Jack-Jack are curious, active boars looking for a great family!, Fullerton,
  232. Adopt Logan and Spike came from a high-kill shelter - they are so sweet!, Fullerton, Califo
  233. Adopt Ada is a little ball of adorable!, Fullerton, California
  234. Adopt Rehoming male guinea pig, Holland, Michigan
  235. Looking for a new friend.
  236. Adopt Adoption, Texarkana, Texas
  237. Adopt Two Female Guinea Pigs for Adoption , London , Ontario
  238. Adopt caramel mia and safire, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  239. Adopt Two Female Guinea Pigs (6-12 months) looking for home, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
  240. Adopt Hope Ranch in Winter Park, FL
  241. Adopt Hope Ranch Animal Rescue, Orlando, Florida
  242. Adopt Pigs n Buns Small Pet Rescue, Saint Petersburg, Florida
  243. Adopt Crazy Cavies, Coral Springs, Florida
  244. Adopt Thinking of Fostering...Throw All Info at Me!
  245. Adopt Nice Guinea Pig in need of new home, Middle Village, New York
  246. Adopt 5 month old sweet guinea for adoption, cocoa beach, Florida
  247. Adopt Two sweet baby sisters looking for a good home. , Baltimore, Maryland
  248. Adopt Very lovable mother and daughter, Costa Mesa, California
  249. A sweet girl for adoption in south east Houston
  250. Adopt 2yr old Male guinea pig needs a home, Highland village, Texas