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  1. Adopt Cutest Piggies Ever Need Loving Home, seattle, Washington
  2. Adopt My Two Sweet Female Piggies Need New Home - Lawrence Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
  3. Adopt Adorable pigs free to a loving home, Spanaway, Washington
  4. Adopt Adorable pigs in Western Washington need new home
  5. Foster/Adoptive homes, as well as supplies needed in Florida
  6. Adopt Guinea Pigs need loving home, san jose, California
  7. Adopt COLORADO: Looking to adopt.
  8. Adopt Guinea pig for adoption!!!
  9. Adopt Loving Home Needed for Our Bonded Female Piggy Pair, Ridge, New York
  10. Adopt 2 year old Teddy guinea pig for adoption, Mount Vernon, Iowa
  11. Adopt Male Pig Needs New Home, Elkridge , Maryland
  12. Adopt I'm in Washington , Vancouver looking to adopt
  13. Adopt Henry needs a new home asap, apex
  14. Adopt Texas Rustler's Guinea Pig Rescue, Lewisville, Texas
  15. Adopt Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, Washington, District of Columbia
  16. Adopt Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue, Chatsworth, California
  17. Adopt Have A Heart Guinea Pig Rescue, Burlington, New Jersey
  18. Adopt Wee Companions, Imperial Beach, California
  19. Adopt 2 Young Males, Cibolo TX area
  20. Adopt Rabbit & Pocket Pet Adoptions, Reseda, California
  21. Adopt California Northern Cavy Rescue, Sacramento, California
  22. Adopt Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue, Hampton, Virginia
  23. Adopt The Critter Connection, Durham, Connecticut
  24. Adopt 4 Lil Pigs n Buns, St. Petersburg, Florida
  25. Adopt Cavy Care Inc., Aurora, Colorado
  26. Adopt Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue, Marietta, Georgia
  27. Adopt Patches Needs A Home ASAP, San Francisco, California
  28. Adopt Please give my babies a good home!, Maricopa, Arizona
  29. Want to adopt 2 females. Located in Sacramento, CA
  30. Adopt Looking for 1 more :)
  31. Adopt Two Sweet Male Guinea Pigs Need. a Good Home, New York, New York
  32. Adopt Sweet Male Guinea Pig, Houston, Texas
  33. Willing to adopt skinny pigs in So CAl
  34. Adopt 2 female guinea pigs, Mount Vernon, Iowa
  35. Adopt Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue, Pennellville, New York
  36. Looking to Give A Piggie or Bunny or Piggies a Home
  37. 2 female piggies need a home.. Washington, DC..
  38. Adopt BONDED MALES, Danville, Virginia
  39. Help help help!
  40. Adopt Jupiter (F) needs a new home, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  41. Female Guinea Pig in Nebraska
  42. Adopt 2 females and 1 males needing a good home, Bellmawr, New Jersey
  43. LGPR has guinea pigs seeking new homes! London, ON
  44. Adopt LGPR has guinea pigs seeking new homes! London, ON, London, Ontario
  45. Adopt Guinea Pig Babies , San Francisco, California
  46. Adopt Any one in the Detroit area looking for a pig?
  47. Adopt 2 Sweet Girls Need a New Home, Naples, Florida
  48. Adopt 2 beautiful girls need a new home!, Ellenton, Florida
  49. Adopt Two young females and a three week old male need homes., Capistrano Beach, California
  50. Adopt Sweet Male Guinea Pig needs a Good Home with another Pig, Dallas, Georgia
  51. Adopt 2 Yr Old Female Guinea Pig Looking for a new home, San Francisco, California
  52. Adopt Wanted: 2 young female guinea pigs; Nanaimo BC
  53. Adopt Two Female Guinea Pigs for Adoption - FREE, Chelsea, Alabama
  54. Adopt Two Female Guinea Pigs for Adoption, Chelsea, Alabama
  55. Adopt I think I might have to rehome
  56. Adopt Two Bonded females, St. Louis, Missouri
  57. Adopt looking to adopt in south Carolina
  58. Adopt 2 pigs for adoption in Lincoln Nebraska.
  59. Adopt Great Guinea Pig for Adoption, Little Elm, Texas
  60. Adopt 2 Adorable Sweet Female Guine Pigs- , Valencia, California
  61. Adopt 2 Sweet males to a good home, Midwest City, Oklahoma
  62. Adopt 3 ADORABLE MALE PIGGY'S, San Francisco, California
  63. Adopt Looking to Adopt in Central Valley of California
  64. Adopt Piggie Babies needing a home, Lexington, Kentucky
  65. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs for Adoption, Dallas, Texas
  66. Adopt Two Adult Males and Six Piggy Babies Need Loving Homes...PLEASE..., Lexington, Kentuc
  67. Adopt Guinea Pigs in Need of a GREAT New Home, Atlanta, Georgia
  68. Adopt Precious Critters Pet Rescue in Houston, TX, Houston, Texas
  69. Adopt Sweet Albino Male Needs a New Home, Rancho Santa Margarita, California
  70. Adopt Female Guinea Pigs in Houston, TX need a home!, Houston, Texas
  71. Adopt Male Guinea Pigs in Houston, TX, Houston, Texas
  72. Adopt Want to adopt a Himalyan Guinea Pig , san francisco, California
  73. Adopt Single Female Guinea Pig--Charlotte NC, Charlotte, North Carolina
  74. Adopt Single Male Guinea Pig--Charlotte NC, Charlotte, North Carolina
  75. Adopt Bonded pair of cute petite females, Eagan, Minnesota
  76. Adopt 2 Bonded Females in MN, Eagan, Minnesota
  77. Adopt 2 Adorable Baby Brother Guinea Pigs , San Francisco, California
  78. Adopt cute little guy needs a home, Honolulu, Hawaii
  79. Adopt Two Cuddly Females, Saint Charles, Missouri
  80. Looking to Adopt a Spayed Female Guinea!
  81. Adopt Two Bonded Females, St. Louis, Missouri
  82. Adopt Black and White Girl (3 years old), Westchester , New York
  83. Adopt 3 sweet guinea pigs looking for a home, Belleville, Illinois
  84. Adopt Looking to adopt in Southern Illinois
  85. Any other adoption websites?
  86. Adoption in Illinois?
  87. Looking for young female in North Queensland!!
  88. Adopt Looking for loving new home, Rancho Cucamonga, California
  89. Adopt 2 Bonded Male Guinea Pigs, both approx 1 year old, Brooklyn, New York
  90. Adopt I am too cute for words., Auburn, Washington
  91. Adopt Two Adult Male Guinea Pigs Need Seperate Homes, Lexington, Kentucky
  92. Adopt Perfect Pair of Bonded Girls , Lagrangeville, New York
  93. Adopt 2 two and a half year old sisters to adopt, Newcastle , Wyoming
  94. Adopt @ Guinea Pigs needs new loving home , Folsom, California
  95. Any rescues around Pittsburgh, PA?
  96. Grids in booval near brisbane
  97. Adopt Abandoned pig seeks loving home, Rochester , New York
  98. Adopt 1 year old male guinea pig!, Davenport , Florida
  99. Adopt Three sweet guinea pig sisters looking for a loving home, Smyrna, Tennessee
  100. Adopt Two females need loving home, San Ramon, California
  101. Male Guinea Pig up for adoption, South Jersey (New Jersey)
  102. Adopt The Cavy Corner Guinea Pig Rescue, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  103. Adopt 3 year old abby boar Edmonton, AB
  104. Adopt Sweet girl needs loving home, fort mill, South Carolina
  105. Adopt Bonded Female Guinea Pigs looking for new home - supplies included - FREE, Bethesda ,
  106. Adopt Two bonded boys looking for a new home, Yakima, Washington
  107. Adopt Baby and Mama ready to go, Yakima, Washington
  108. Adopt Lonely boy looking for a friend, Yakima, Washington
  109. Adopt Bonded Pair in need of new home (Virginia)
  110. Adopt Bonded Pair in need of new home (Virginia), Harrisonburg, Virginia
  111. Adopt Looking to adopt in Wyoming
  112. Adopt Wanted: Female Guinea Pig in Michigan
  113. Adopt Two Ladies to Loving Home, Mount Prospect, Illinois
  114. Adopt Bonded young female piggies. 1.5 years old w/ supplies, Dallas, Texas
  115. Adopt Beautiful Angora MALE Pig with some supplies, Dallas, Texas
  116. Adopt 2 young males with c&c cage, Albany, New York
  117. Adopt Single Female Guinea Pig "Kiwi" --Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolin
  118. Adopt Single Female Guinea Pig "Smudge" --Charlotte NC, Charlotte, North Carolina
  119. Adopt Looking for a Spayed guinea pig (female)
  120. Adopt Domino needs a new loving home..., Tulsa, Oklahoma
  121. Adopt Monkey needs a new loving home..., Tulsa, Oklahoma
  122. Adopt Two adorable bonded female guinea pigs in need of LOVING home! , Allen , Texas
  123. Adopt two adorable bonded female piggies in need of LOVING home!
  124. Looking for guinea pigs to add to my cavy family!
  125. Adopt looking to adopt special need guinea
  126. Adopt Looking for female guinea pig - Charleston SC
  127. baby guinea pigs for sale in utah or anywhere around/ or for free
  128. Adopt Baby guinea pigs born soon, need good future home ASAP., Draper, Utah
  129. Elizabeth, Colorado - Pig in urgent need of a home!
  130. Adopt Beautiful American Guinea Pigs for Re-Homing, Durham, North Carolina
  131. Adopt *$10 on craigslist* Houston, TX? 1 month old female guinea pig
  132. Adopt $25 craigslist female, memorial city hall, tx?
  133. Adopt Sweet boar needs a new home., Gwinn, Michigan
  134. Wanted: Female guinea pig
  135. Adopt Hampton Roads, Virginia Baby Boar (male)
  136. Adopt Two wonderful long haired sisters need a new home (Las Vegas), Las Vegas, Nevada
  137. Adopt Waiting for a New Friend
  138. Adopt Utah: baby guinea pigs born in march, orem/salt lake/draper/ sandy/ , Utah
  139. Adopt Terra-KCMO
  140. Adopt Illinois Folks: female guinea pig for adoption
  141. Adopt Dexter needs a new home, Erwin, Tennessee
  142. Adopt male looking for new home, lottsburg, Virginia
  143. Wanted! Female Guinea Pig in South Jersey
  144. Adopt female looking for new home, lottsburg, Virginia
  145. Adopt 2 Male Guinea Pigs Need A New Home, San Francisco, California
  146. Adopt Guinea Pigs for Adoption in Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama
  147. Adopt Found These Guys on Petfinder.
  148. Adopt Calling all Florida Residents...
  149. Adopt male guinea pig for adoption, surprise, Arizona
  150. Adopt 4 Female Pigs in Need pf Excellent Homes , Blacksburg, Virginia
  151. Adopt I have 3 babies for adoption...All Males
  152. Adopt Senior brothers in South Eastern Ohio, Athens, Ohio
  153. Adopt 4 Female Pigs in Need of Excellent Homes , Blacksburg, Virginia
  154. Three female piggies in wisconsin
  155. Adopt Looking to adopt some piggies in Pennsylvania.
  156. Adopt ADORABLE MALE short haired GUINEA PIG for adoption/rehomeing, ashburn, Virginia
  157. Adopt Charlene, a female piggy looking for a loving home!, Mt. Airy, Maryland
  158. Adopt Small Angels Rescue, Mt. Airy, MD, Mt. Airy, Maryland
  159. Adopt Garrick & Mateo - two bonded males, looking for a loving home!, Mt. Airy, Maryland
  160. Adopt Tony & Fizan- two males looking for a home!, Mt. Airy, Maryland
  161. Adopt Boston and Orlando- two bonded males looking for a home!, Mt. Airy, Maryland
  162. Adopt Small Angels Rescue, Mt. Airy, Maryland
  163. Adopt California Northern Cavy Rescue , Folsom , California
  164. Adopt Bonded Female Pair- Rehome in Alabama
  165. Adopt Rocky is looking for a new home!, Tampa, Florida
  166. Adopt 4 Lil Pigs n Buns, St. Petersburg, Florida
  167. Guinea Pig rescues in Massachusettes?
  168. Adopt Hope and Joy: bonded girls need a home, Lagrangeville, New York
  169. Adopt Faith and Love: 2 perfect bonded girls, Lagrangeville , New York
  170. Adopt Acorn, a playful male guinea pig, Richmond, Virginia
  171. Adopt Find Me Somebody to Love! (Edmonton, Alberta, CAN)
  172. Adopt Baby Tidbit (male), Lagrangeville, New York
  173. Adopt Looking to adopt.
  174. Adopt My Hope's In You Small Animal Rescue Inc, Lagrangeville, New York
  175. Adopt Looking for a loving home, Buffalo, New York
  176. Adopt 2 baby piggies in virginia beach
  177. Adopt Three Bonded Males Need Forever Home, Huntsville, Texas
  178. Adopt Wanted: Skinny pig
  179. Adopt Looking for a piggy friend for my rescue piggy
  180. Adopt Bonded female pair in need of new home, North Richland Hills, Texas
  181. Adopt Example of good Craigslist ad!
  182. Adopt Genni, sweet female needs forever home, Duluth, Georgia
  183. Adopt Francis the baby (young adult), Carmichael, California
  184. Adopt Sweet Piggie Babies Need Caring Homes!!!, Lexington, Kentucky
  185. Adopt Baby Sisters Need Loving New Home, Olathe, Kansas
  186. Adopt Sweet Baby Boy is Looking for his forever home. Boyertown, PA , Boyertown, Pennsylva
  187. Adopt Super cute male piggie needs home, Hudson, Florida
  188. Adopt Hello, I"m looking for a rescue where the spay/neuter all their animals....Help?
  189. Adopt bob and tom, new york, New York
  190. Adopt Long Hair Guinea Pig, Durham, North Carolina
  191. Adopt Maximus "Max" Needs a Forever Home, Brampton, Ontario
  192. Adopt Ignacio "Nacho" Needs Forever Home, Brampton, Ontario
  193. Adopt New Home for Snickers and Latte, Clarence, New York
  194. Adopt 2 Female Guinea Pigs for Adoption, Bethel, Pennsylvania
  195. Adopt Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue, Markham, Ontario
  196. Adopt Looking to resue 4 piggies.
  197. Adopt Two baby guinea pigs
  198. Looking To Adopt Skinny Pigs In Fredericton, New Brunswick
  199. Watch out for fake ads on craigslist
  200. Adopt Okaloosa County Ad (legit Cavy mom wanting to re-home)
  201. Looking To Adopt Skinny Pigs In Fredericton, NB (Where Are All The Rescues?)
  202. Adopt 2 Female Guinea Pigs for adoption, Charleston , South Carolina
  203. Adopt 2 Female Guinea Pigs, Shalimar, Florida
  204. Adopt Northern IL (Rockford Area) guinea pig and rabbit for adoption
  205. Adopt Bonded Sisters- Rehome to Cavvy Savvy Home ONLY, Montevallo, Alabama
  206. Adopt Sisters need a new forever home, Lake Forest, California
  207. Adopt need to find new home for 5 beautiful girls, Guelph, Ontario
  208. Adopt Bonded, Healthy, 1 Year Old Male Guinea Pigs Need New Forever Home, Philadelphia, Pen
  209. Adopt Lonely Little Boy... 6 weeks old, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
  210. Looking to adopt 1 male in Virginia
  211. Adopt Bailey is looking for a new home, Tampa, Florida
  212. Looking to adopt young guinea piggies (Brooklyn, NY)
  213. Adopt Minnie Needs a Home, Newton, New Jersey
  214. Adopt 2 Super-size females (one is "cuy") , La Honda, California
  215. Adopt 3 Sweet and Funny Bonded Females, San Jose, California
  216. Looking To Adopt Skinny Pigs In Fredericton, New Brunswick
  217. Adopt Two Super Sweet Bonded Young Females, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
  218. Adopt Sweet Black & White Guinea Pig, "Buddy" needs a loving home, Flower Mound, Texas
  219. Adopt 2 guinea pigs for sale. , plainfield, Illinois
  220. Adopt They need a Great Home!, Land O Lakes, Florida
  221. Adopt Chipper Friendly Boy! Needs a friendly home, Oakland, California
  222. Adopt Bonded Pair of Females Need New Home, Olathe, Kansas
  223. Pigs Needing Urgent help in Orange County, CA
  224. Adopt 2 Adorable Baby Male Guinea Pigs Need a New Home!, San Francisco, California
  225. Adopt Mother & Daughter Pair In Need of A Home, San Francisco, California
  226. Skinny Pig in Longmont, CO
  227. Rubypig needs a home in Saint Louis
  228. Adopt One fun pig needs a home in Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Missouri
  229. Looking for a nic male in Houston, Texas
  230. Adopt "Namtan"- Sweet TSW Satin female, La Honda, California
  231. Adopt Arnold & Almond Joy : Sweet bonded males, La Honda, California
  232. Adopt Professor & Cinnamon - Very sweet bonded males, La Honda, California
  233. [Looking]For GuineaPigs, NYC
  234. Adopt Lucy, very sweet and social in San Francisco, CA, San Francisco, California
  235. Adopt Crazy Cavies Rescue, Pretoria
  236. Adopt Young Guinea Pig Boars up for adoption, Pretoria
  237. Adopt Promoting my sweet little boy Xanax. Coon Rapids, MN
  238. Adopt Two adult Guinea Pigs, FREE to a GREAT home., Coatesville, Pennsylvania
  239. Adopt Lila-- 2+ Years Old-- NEEDS A HOME SOON!, Muskegon, Michigan
  240. Adopt Shadow and Nibbles need a new home!, Arlington, Texas
  241. Adopt 3 adorable male baby piggies need a home, Somerville, Massachusetts
  242. Adopt Need to rehome two sweet, bonded guinea pigs, Olympia, Washington
  243. Adopt Two sweet male guinea pigs up for adoption, Hamilton, Ontario
  244. Adopt Teddy & Anders Need A New Home, San Francisco, California
  245. Adopt Two Texel Guinea Pigs, San Francisco, California
  246. Adopt 2 little girls for adoption, accessories included, Springfield, Missouri
  247. Looking to adopt Rex/Teddy guinea pigs Lubbock,TX
  248. Adopt Two 4 Month Old Female Guinea Pigs-Cockeysville, MD, Cockeysville, Maryland
  249. Adopt Two adorable four-month-old female guinea pigs for adoption, Marysville, Washington
  250. Almond needs a forever home (loc: Toronto, Ontario)