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  1. Cleaning Vinegar?
  2. Fleece Help narrowing down options on liners
  3. Fleece Storing
  4. Fleece Fleece/supplies storage photos
  5. Bedding I need cheap bedding ideas!
  6. Liners Quilted uhaul blanket
  7. Fleece Can I use glue to hold fleece together?
  8. Fleece Switched my girls to fleece!!
  9. Bedding Any suggestions?
  10. Fleece Who uses Fleece Flippers?
  11. Fleece What to wash fleece flippers with?
  12. Cleaning how do you guys spot clean?
  13. Cleaning Handheld vacuum preferance
  14. Fleece Fleece not wicking!!!!
  15. Fleece Fleece Flippers :)
  16. Fleece Hey guys! I made a thing!
  17. Fleece Fleece Flippers are here!!!!! :D
  18. Bedding What bedding do you use? How do you guys clean it?
  19. Fleece Fleece Flippers are AWESOME!
  20. Bedding Hand washing fleece
  21. Fleece Piggy won't stop burrowing!
  22. Fleece Good Websites For Fleece Items?
  23. Fleece Good places to find fleece?
  24. Bedding uhaul pads and towels
  25. Fleece Fleece Flippers - Does anyone use puppy pads underneath?
  26. Fleece Fleece Smells Horrible!
  27. Fleece Urine Stain Removal for Light-Colored Fleece?
  28. Wood Pellets/Chips Pine/letting pine scent 'breathe'
  29. Cleaning bed sheets for easier cleaning?
  30. Cleaning hand vac
  31. Fleece Piggies keep Burrowing
  32. Fleece Pee between fleece flippers..having to change very often
  33. Fleece Fleece items shops?
  34. Fleece can i use foam, sponge material for bedding??
  35. Fleece Needle Size
  36. Cleaning Bissell Pet Handheld Vacuum
  37. Blankets Uhaul Pads
  38. Bedding Smartbedz
  39. Bedding i really need someone to hold my hand in this bedding thing.
  40. Fleece Where to buy liners?
  41. Bedding Anyone try Flaxbed?
  42. Bedding Will this be ok to make cage liners & cuddle cups??
  43. Fleece Anyone bought just the coro for flippers for the market and done the rest yourself?
  44. Bedding Ideas about bedding
  45. Liners Do I have to wash the Uhaul pad first? I'm in a pinch...
  46. Cleaning How To Clean Fur/Poo Off Teddies/Blankets?
  47. Bedding Help with different quality fleece and absorbent padding.
  48. Fleece OxiClean?
  49. Fleece Fabric I could but between the fleece and the uhaul that would have no effect?
  50. Fleece fleece bedding questions...?
  51. Fleece I use fleece in my piggies little box... Do others?
  52. Bedding Bedding Ideas for a Weak Respiratory
  53. Fleece Stinky cage
  54. Fleece Made a new fleece blanket for the pigs!
  55. Bedding which bedding should I choose
  56. Shavings which shavings?
  57. Bedding Home makeable litter until I can get more?
  58. Bedding Drain Boards
  59. Fleece Odor Won't Come Out of Fleece-Family Complaining, Any suggestions please?!
  60. Fleece What's your thoughts on Fleece Flippers?
  61. Fleece Custom ordered fleece flippers?
  62. Fleece Switching to fleece, but it won't wick!
  63. Liners First Time Making Liners
  64. Fleece I'm a newbie with lots and lots of questions! Educate me!
  65. Fleece Poop everywhere!
  66. Bedding What disposable bedding do you have? Will you take a picture?
  67. Fleece Fleece Questions
  68. Wood Pellets/Chips wood pellets
  69. Fleece Alternative for u-haul pad
  70. Bedding Question about using fleece or towels
  71. Fleece I recently switched to Fleece
  72. Bedding Wood Pellets Online?
  73. Bedding I need lots of advice on bedding! Please!
  74. Fleece Tired of fleece and the problems it gives me
  75. Fleece Are there any cheaper fleece that have absorbent padding in the middle?
  76. Wood Pellets/Chips Bought the wrong wood pellets??
  77. Fleece Fleece accessories question
  78. Wood Pellets/Chips wood pellets in the litterboxes
  79. Just wanted to share...
  80. Bedding Bedding in the kitchen, not a huge fan... Fleece instead?
  81. Fleece Washing new fleece, I made it worse! try vinegar?
  82. Fleece Looking for tunnel tutorial
  83. Fleece Switching BACK to shavings from fleece? Help Deciding.
  84. Fleece How do I Put My Fleece In??
  85. Cleaning Potty training with fleece flippers ?
  86. Cleaning Sifting litterboxes
  87. Fleece Getting excess soil out of fleece
  88. Fleece Should I buy fleece flippers?
  89. Fleece Advice for "converting" to fleece?
  90. Fleece Nervous about fleece
  91. Liners advice deciding what to put in my girls litter box.??
  92. Fleece What absorbent layer do you use under your fleece?
  93. Fleece Bedding vs Fleece
  94. Fleece My vet said fleece is bad?
  95. Bedding Yesterday's News- Original vs Softer?
  96. Fleece How to make a fitted fleece cage liner
  97. Fleece Wicking and drying fleece
  98. Fleece Do I have to wash the u-haul pad in HOT water first?
  99. Liners Uhaul pad types
  100. Fleece Fleece won't wick? ):
  101. Fleece Confused About Fleece
  102. Bedding Still getting used to bedding, or is it mites?
  103. Fleece Fleece won't wick!!!
  104. Fleece Fleece on it's own
  105. Puppy Pads Absorbant Layers In Cage?
  106. Bedding For those who don't use fleece, what do you use and why?
  107. Fleece How to keep mt pigs from burrowing
  108. Fleece Tips for a first time fleece user?
  109. Bedding What to use in litter area? Eating pelleted bedding
  110. Bedding UHaul Pad Liners
  111. Fleece Could we have a patterns sticky?
  112. Bedding Our new fleece-lined cage stinks - why?
  113. Bedding Bell Pepper Bed
  114. Mattress Pad I'm in love with washable bed pads
  115. Fleece Prepping fleece
  116. Bedding Kitchen area - using a hooded litter box - pic attached
  117. Bedding Alternative beddings advice?
  118. Bedding All Living Things Paper Bedding
  119. Wood Pellets/Chips Wood pellets in the whole cage
  120. Fleece Not sure how big to make the liners, I am delaying expanding the cage until after I m
  121. Bedding Bedding questions
  122. Fleece Help on fleece flippers
  123. Fleece Few comments and question on using a fleece blanket
  124. Shavings Kiln Dried Spruce and Fir Shavings
  125. Fleece New to fleece and need help
  126. Fleece Dirty feet with Fleece Bedding
  127. Fleece Fleece sale!!!
  128. Fleece I want to see your fleece!
  129. Cleaning Air purifier recommendations?
  130. Bedding Question for those who use their own washing machine
  131. Fleece New idea. Feed back please
  132. Carefresh Carefresh Natural versus Carefresh Ultra?
  133. Fleece Washed, but not wicking
  134. Liners How many U-haul pads will I need?
  135. Liners Dampness/residue in liners
  136. Shavings Aspen shavings?
  137. My bedding story, finally found the perfect solution!
  138. Fleece How do you make fleece flippers?
  139. Wood Pellets/Chips Which woods are best for Piggies?
  140. My liners, need conversion advice please.
  141. Bedding Help with bedding?
  142. Fleece Not yet wicking: can I use it yet?
  143. Towels My towels under the fleece get really damp! please read more
  144. Liners One big fleece flipper????
  145. Fleece My first time using it
  146. Fleece What is a good online store for cheap fleece beds
  147. Fleece Wash fleece in cold water?
  148. Fleece Tips on cutting fleece for liners?
  149. Wood Pellets/Chips Are these wood pellets safe?
  150. Bedding How to use UHAUL pads
  151. Bedding Is this bedding safe?
  152. Fleece New to fleece with a 2X6 cage
  153. Fleece Made some new fleece things!
  154. Liners picnic blankets
  155. Fleece Complete Newbie here
  156. Fleece What did I do??!!!
  157. Fleece The boys got a new fleece today!
  158. Fleece UHaul Alternative in the UK/Ireland
  159. Bedding uhaul blanket help dampness?
  160. Fleece Fleece with sewn in uhaul versus separate layers
  161. Fleece Fleece in Classroom
  162. Fleece Cute easy idea. Piggie cuddle chair.
  163. Liners Best place for liners?
  164. Bedding Would this pine bedding be ok?
  165. Bedding Using Printed Paper as Wallpaper for the cage?
  166. Fleece Guinea pig burrowing in fleece - is it okay?
  167. Fleece Differences Between Layers And Liners?
  168. Pine kiln dried pine pellets smell?
  169. Fleece Foam in hidey huts?
  170. Fleece Hidey Hut Tutorial?
  171. Fleece making fleece wick?
  172. Cleaning Softener free or not?
  173. Bedding Disposable bedding questions
  174. Fleece Fleece not wicking!
  175. Fleece What about the thread? Homemade cozies etc aren't a hazard?
  176. Fleece Venting
  177. Carefresh Is Carefresh Shavings Plus safe?
  178. Fleece What about felt?
  179. Bedding Can't decide what I should do
  180. Fleece Fleece adjustment period??
  181. Fleece Fleece cleaning and care
  182. Bedding Fleece or Paper?
  183. Fleece Fleece (Blizzard Brand) Sale at Joanns
  184. Fleece Is it possible for a wick fleece to unwick?
  185. Bedding Are these wood pellets safe?
  186. Cleaning Peeing in cozy cave!
  187. Fleece Does this need to be wicked?
  188. Fleece Noob Question about Fleece Liners and pads
  189. Fleece Fleece Pros and Cons, and Litter Box training tips?
  190. Fleece Fleece In An L-Shaped Cage?
  191. Liners What sewing needle do you use?
  192. Fleece Stinky fleece - thank you for the tips re. HE washers, will try pellets too
  193. Fleece Fleece
  194. Recycled Paper Plastic bottles???
  195. Fleece Lets see your Fall fleece!!
  196. Fleece Good shops to buy cozy items and liners from?
  197. Fleece Bleach Question
  198. Fleece Should I buy Flippers or Liner?
  199. Fleece Types of fleece?
  200. Bedding Hammocks
  201. Fleece How to make a fleece cage liner?
  202. Cleaning Hand vacuum sucks up fleece
  203. Wood Pellets/Chips I'm now in love with the wood pellets/fleece topper - thank you!
  204. Fleece Fleece wicking after ONE wash?!
  205. Blankets No fleece, can i use towels until i can get fleece??
  206. Cleaning Uhaul wet?
  207. Fleece Sewed corner pockets & matching hidey covers!
  208. Bedding Polyester hockey socks for bedding?
  209. Fleece Best bedding?/fleece?
  210. Fleece can you use flannel for the bottom layer of a cage liner?
  211. Fleece question about joann's fabrics and over-charges-please help
  212. Fleece Giunea pig igloo.
  213. Fleece Anti pill fleece deal!!
  214. Fleece how to tell which type of fleece
  215. Fleece Cuddle cup stuffing options
  216. Fleece How about Shamwow as a liner for potty pads?
  217. Fleece Any sewing ideas for fleece scraps?
  218. Fleece How long should it last?
  219. Wood Pellets/Chips How much?
  220. Wood Pellets/Chips Is this Wood Pellet Safe?
  221. Fleece new to fleece cage liners
  222. Fleece Are fleece items mandatory?
  223. Liners Anyone sew well?
  224. Fleece Fur on fleece clogging up washing machine.
  225. Fleece Couple fleece questions
  226. Fleece Uhaul or hemp fabric as the absorbent layer???????
  227. Fleece Winter Fleece!
  228. Puppy Pads General Consensus on Attractant and Pheromones?
  229. Fleece Fleece over layer
  230. Fleece Good Sewing Machine for Fleece?
  231. Fleece JoAnn's Black Friday Deals on Fleece
  232. Fleece FROZEN movie fans- LOOK!
  233. Fleece question about stuffing fleece cuddle cups and sacks
  234. Cleaning Fleece in the Winter?
  235. Mattress Pad Uhaul pad questions
  236. Shavings Eating bedding? Shavings
  237. Fleece Wick Test(Still no results after the 5th wash)
  238. Fleece How to get fleece ready for pigs!
  239. Fleece Anti-pill fleece is on sale for 70% off at Joann's
  240. Shavings Changing aspen shavings
  241. Fleece Litter Box Training? (And Litterbox Questions)
  242. Fleece Soft N Fluffy and Ultra Cuddle fleeces OK to use?
  243. Bedding Your Input on Guinea Pig Bedding?
  244. Bedding Cloth diapers short term?
  245. Fleece Making a fleece liner! Advice!
  246. Fleece boars and scent marking on fleece
  247. Fleece Fleece flipper pads?
  248. Bedding Fleece over pine?
  249. Bedding Switched for a while
  250. Cleaning Batting in cuddle cups