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  1. Wood Pellets/Chips Pellets in the northeast?
  2. Recycled Paper Is shredded paper ink safe?
  3. Bedding Bedding Study Help
  4. Bedding Bedding Help - What to use?
  5. Fleece Vaccuming/sweeping help!
  6. Wood Pellets/Chips UGH!! What did I buy!!!
  7. Fleece Problems with fleece bed
  8. Carefresh does it smell quickly?
  9. Bedding looking for washable alternative to fleece
  10. Liners made some fun stuff.
  11. Bedding I need ideas for bedding in c & c cage
  12. Cleaning Binder clips
  13. Bedding Clean and Cozy. Does anyone use this? Thoughts?
  14. Fleece hay bag out of pj pants.
  15. Recycled Paper Yesterdays News as kitchen bedding
  16. Fleece What is fleece for cavies used for?
  17. Fleece Fleece pom poms!?
  18. Fleece TUTORIAL -Invertible & Stuffable Pillowcase Pad with fold over flaps
  19. Bedding Changing bedding, is this safe to use?
  20. Fleece No sewing talent or machine. DIY Cage liners?
  21. Bedding Pros & Cons of carefresh and fleece? + suggestions for toys, wood chews etc
  22. Fleece Fleece smells😫
  23. Fleece How to use fleece
  24. Fleece No sewing fun items!
  25. Fleece Made a new hidey that fits both piggies!
  26. Fleece How long does pee sit there before it wicks?
  27. Fleece Fleece Flipper Lifespan
  28. Fleece Made My First Fleece Cozy Sack!
  29. Liners Made a cage liner!
  30. Fleece Smell Issues
  31. Cleaning What kind of laundry detergent does everyone like?
  32. Fleece Beginning to think fleece wicking is a myth...
  33. Cleaning What is that peppery smell?!
  34. Fleece fleece sale
  35. Mattress Pad Help! Poop paws!!
  36. Bedding Are flippers worth it?
  37. Fleece Guinea pig newbie
  38. Bedding Thoughts on bedding?
  39. Fleece Anyone ever used this?
  40. Fleece Liner Help!
  41. Wood Pellets/Chips Wood pellets?
  42. Fleece Problem with my guinea pig burrowing underneath the fleece?
  43. Fleece Am I doing my "fleece math" correct for how often I would be doing a load of laundry?
  44. Fleece Eating his kitchen!
  45. Fleece New fleece!! Yay!
  46. Fleece Making fleece liners...need help.
  47. Fleece New wicking problem with fleece
  48. Bedding What EXACTLY happens during wicking
  49. Fleece Question about this fleece.
  50. Carefresh If you shop at petsmart and use carefresh you might want to head over
  51. Fleece Hancock Remnants! Save a ton!
  52. Mattress Pad Mattress pads?
  53. Liners A New Liner for Our Frankencage =)
  54. Fleece Wicking
  55. Fleece Good Ideas?
  56. Carefresh Natural vs. Ultra? Difference??? Other bedding??
  57. Fleece Fleece liners and flippers pictures please!! :)
  58. Fleece Oil Cloth?
  59. Towels how to maximizing use of bath towels w/ fleece topper
  60. Fleece what can i use for boning in a snuggle sack
  61. Fleece A couple of things I made today!!
  62. Fleece Do I need a waterproof layer with my liner
  63. Fleece Mill End Textiles going out of business!! (MN, WI, SD, and ND only)
  64. Fleece washing fleece in a HE machine
  65. Fleece please explain the basics ?
  66. Liners Best way to make absorbent cushions?
  67. Fleece Fabric Softener Fiasco! What can I do?
  68. Fleece I got a sewing machine! Questions about pee pads...
  69. Fleece Question about cuddle sacks
  70. Bedding Making Paper Bedding
  71. Fleece Washing fleece
  72. Cleaning Alternatives to A Happy Green Life?
  73. Fleece I just bought fabric... AGAIN! lol
  74. Bedding New fleece beds
  75. Fleece Would you make them?
  76. Fleece snow days and a sewing machine.
  77. Fleece New Fleece!!!!
  78. Fleece My first cuddle sacks
  79. Fleece Went Fleece Shopping - see my new cage bedding
  80. Fleece Fleece Wicking Gone Wrong?
  81. Fleece First attempt at new piggy tunnels.
  82. Bedding Making new beds
  83. Fleece Boning in cuddle cups/ sacks
  84. Fleece How large should a cuddle sack be?
  85. Fleece My hand sewn creations!
  86. Fleece Pee pad opinions?
  87. Fleece Cage Liner Questions
  88. Fleece How much do I need
  89. Fleece How to make cage liners
  90. Shavings Figuring out how much shavings I use. BEWARE! Math problem!
  91. Fleece sewing machines
  92. Fleece Does anyone here sell fleece to others or places to buy ready to use liners?
  93. Liners Pre washing
  94. Bedding yellowed hay as bedding for kitchen?
  95. Fleece Advice?! Fleece or Shavings?
  96. Fleece Any Fleece sales?
  97. Fleece Fleece & Uhual pad Smell
  98. Fleece Should I use fleece hides?
  99. Fleece fleece
  100. Puppy Pads How do YOU use Puppy Pads?
  101. Washing Fleece Items
  102. Fleece Joannes Sale
  103. Vetbed Vetbed...any good?
  104. Liners Can I use worn out Uhaul?
  105. Fleece Wicking Problems
  106. Fleece More Joanne's fleece
  107. Bedding Kitchen question; anyone used disposable cat boxes?
  108. Bedding Wood shavings
  109. Fleece Can I hang dry my fleece?
  110. Fleece anti pill.
  111. Wood Pellets/Chips Do they all turn to dust when wet?
  112. Fleece Preventing Burrowing
  113. Cleaning does hard water cause build-up?
  114. Fleece Realization for a fleece beginner...
  115. Fleece Does anyone have a piggy tunnel pattern with an emergency exit?
  116. Bedding Absorbant layer under a fleece blanket.
  117. Fleece No-Sew Liner Idea
  118. Fleece Why does uhaul pads need to be washed and dried several times before use
  119. Liners Question regarding flippers.
  120. Liners what do you use to make them?
  121. Fleece Impossible
  122. Fleece What to do with prep for fleece
  123. Bedding Suggestion: Oxbow BeneTerra Eco-Straw Litter
  124. Towels How to get poop stains out of towels?
  125. Mattress Pad Uhaul pad problems?
  126. Liners No uhaul pads on the uhaul website?
  127. Fleece What is your guinea pig's favorite fleece item?
  128. Fleece Burrowing, and almost none of the solutions are working...
  129. Fleece Alternative to piggy bedspreads?
  130. Blankets My older blankets don't control smell as well as the newer ones?
  131. Fleece Cleaning the fleece is a pain...
  132. Fleece My sewing skills are improving
  133. Bedding bedding question
  134. Fleece I think my boys hate the fleece
  135. Fleece Whew....he stinks!
  136. Fleece How much fleece?
  137. Cleaning Getting much better at changing out my 3 x 4 cage.
  138. Fleece Cage liners, burrowing and hand making
  139. Fleece Washable bed pads vs Uhaul pads
  140. Fleece Fleece/U-Haul Questions
  141. Fleece For those with wall-less fleece liners, I have a question!
  142. Fleece What detergent to use on fleece
  143. Fleece Help! I don't Know how much fleece I need.
  144. Fleece I need someone who knows about fleece.
  145. Fleece Hand-washing fleece blankets and towels?
  146. Fleece Got my fleece! What do you think?
  147. Fleece Fleece = fleas?!
  148. Fleece How to make Fleece Flippers?
  149. Fleece Stinky cage
  150. Fleece Fleece tip: Cozy sack!
  151. Fleece fleece snd store bought cages?
  152. Bedding uhaul with waterproof backing
  153. Recycled Paper Homemade Carefresh. Good or bad?
  154. Wood Pellets/Chips Good litter?
  155. Bedding Used Cats best litter and my guinea pig now has problem sniffing and finding his food
  156. Bedding Smell
  157. Fleece What's the Difference in Fleece?
  158. Fleece Finally picked out the fleece for the new cage
  159. Fleece Fleece question
  160. Bedding How Much?
  161. Fleece Foam for Hidey
  162. Fleece Difference Between Fleece Flippers & Liners???
  163. Carefresh Stuff in Carefresh bags
  164. Bedding Paper Bedding?
  165. Shavings Cleaning up aspen shaving on carpet
  166. Cleaning Fleece Cleaning Broom [Recommendation]
  167. Bedding Piggy cloud
  168. Bedding Fleece won't work for me; will pine shaving be okay?
  169. Liners Do you buy liners?
  170. Bedding What is the best bedding to use in the "kitchen" area?
  171. Liners u haul liner question.
  172. Fleece Need a temporary bedding to use until I make my fleece flippers!
  173. Liners Liner question
  174. Fleece Support a rescue and buy a liner
  175. Fleece Wick fleece without shrinking it?
  176. Carefresh How much bedding and a question about wooden pellets
  177. Cleaning Tips for fleece users, esp flipper users.
  178. Liners Washing uhaul pads.
  179. Fleece Fleece for large amount of piggies?
  180. Fleece Fleece problems!?
  181. Fleece Fleece cleaning and price
  182. Fleece Should I make the switch?
  183. Fleece How much Fleece do I need for two Midwests?
  184. Fleece Any alternative way with putting fleece in Washer ?
  185. Fleece Fleece Flippers...what to order?
  186. Bedding Getting a C&C cage and going with the Fleece route but what do I use under the fleece
  187. Bedding Using Disposable Bedding in a Large cage
  188. Puppy Pads Which goes first!?
  189. Liners got all the stuff to finish my cage today!
  190. Fleece I made a few cuddle cups!
  191. Fleece Making some new accessories, lets brainstorm!
  192. Bedding Chipsi bedding
  193. Mattress Pad PHOTOS! Please post your snuggle sacks or cute guinea houses!
  194. Fleece sewing goddesses I need you!
  195. Fleece Batting for Fleece Cozies?
  196. Fleece POLL: Your favorite of these fleece colors?
  197. Fleece Cozies, cozies, cozies! (Questions)
  198. Bedding Fibercore Eco bedding
  199. Smelly Fleece
  200. Cleaning plastic storage bins for easy cleaning
  201. Fleece Connection between fleece & UTIs?
  202. Fleece Bad luck with fleece need ideas
  203. Liners Buying two liners for 2x6?
  204. Cleaning Fleece vs bedding
  205. Bedding Ideas for fleece
  206. Fleece I had an idea for a fleece assessory. Any potential issues?
  207. Pine Kiln Dried Pine?
  208. Fleece I need to purchase fleece liners, can anyone recommend a quality seller?
  209. Fleece Does Fleece and/or U-Haul Pads have a "life expectancy"?
  210. Mattress Pad underpads
  211. Cleaning Best but least expensive handheld vaccum?
  212. Fleece Wicking fleece with cold water?
  213. Fleece POLL: Burrowing - Your Preferred Method?
  214. Puppy Pads Could this be used for an absorbent layer?
  215. Fleece How do I wash my fleece flippers? New to fleece.. help!
  216. Fleece My idea on how I'd like to use fleece flippers - will it work?
  217. Fleece fleece measurement
  218. Cleaning Larger cage = longer time between washing fleece flippers?
  219. Fleece Why fleece?
  220. Fleece Fleece flipper questions
  221. Fleece Sewing Machine Users, HELP
  222. Fleece Washing fleece for the first time
  223. Fleece Fleece Flippers?
  224. Bedding What do you think about this brand of bedding?
  225. Fleece really excited!
  226. Fleece Washing problem!
  227. Cleaning Hairy hairy fleece!
  228. Fleece What you use when washing fleece
  229. Fleece LICE!
  230. Fleece Diy fleece detergant
  231. Fleece How to??
  232. Liners Absorbent & smell free
  233. Fleece happy piggie!!!
  234. Fleece Wished I could sew :/
  235. Liners homemade fleece flipper help
  236. Fleece Considering using fleece flippers
  237. Fleece Tasty fleece forest
  238. Fleece New Fabrics Page on the Market
  239. Liners Questions about the uhaul pads
  240. Bedding Newspaper = carefresh?
  241. Fleece I bought new fleece
  242. Liners Found A Great New Cage Liner!
  243. Bedding Money saving bedding that will bring you joy!
  244. Fleece Fleece and Towel constantly smells horrible, any better alternative?
  245. Fleece Making a cuddle sack?
  246. Fleece Can you use fleece and carefresh in the same one level cage?
  247. Fleece First Tunnel!
  248. Liners Need sewing help, please
  249. Fleece Starting to get addicted to making fleece accessories!
  250. Fleece 1 more day until Fleece Flippers arrive!! :)