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  1. Pet store or breeder?
  2. One of the worst...
  3. Is this bad???
  4. OMG this is appauling!
  5. Bad Local Pet Shop
  6. Zoo's and farms
  7. Pet store
  8. First ever visit to a breeders house....(Long)
  9. yet another ebay cage
  10. Disposable Pets...
  11. Bad petstore + hot weather = dead piggy.
  12. this is just rong
  13. More horrible cages - this time for rabbits!
  14. Ugghhh I hate Petco
  15. Chinchillas on eBay
  16. remember?
  17. PETITION agenst the sale of live animals over the internet
  18. It's no wonder kids don't know any better...
  19. Couldn't wait one day...
  20. Wearing fur coats . . .
  21. I need your help! Breeder!
  22. Whats wrong with showing?
  23. Ebay considering live pet auctions
  24. Pet shop talk
  25. Appalled: Children breeding.
  26. Piggies as presents
  27. How long to Quarantine
  28. Terrible breeder
  29. How do Petsmart get thier pigs?
  30. false info on website
  31. Can an entire boar ever really be considered "sterile"
  32. America's Funniest Home Videos sinks low
  33. Should unwanted guineas...ever go back to breeders?
  34. zoo's
  35. The stupidity of some people astounds me...
  36. Dumb Guinea Misconceptions
  37. Pet Food Companys
  38. Hi i got a Question on showing
  39. eBay Again...what can we do?
  40. Animals in Movies and Television
  41. SO mad at pet store!
  42. All that feline predatory instinct!
  43. Absolutely Appauling case of abuse ( warning graphic pics )
  44. Petco Pigs
  45. Lethal/PEW?
  46. People are just so Ignorant.
  47. New Petstore guinea pig abuse case ( with photos )
  48. Fur Promoting Site
  49. This was on craigslist- help get it off
  50. Piggies DO NOT belong in balls and wheels! Please help!
  51. Help please, byb
  52. What can you do? Sometimes people just won't listen.
  53. New here and You are totally not going to believe this!!
  54. Guinea pigs, remains and where to draw the line (A bit gruesome)
  55. I knew there was a reason why I hated Christmas.
  56. Big cheer for 'pets at home' near me!
  57. Am I Just Being to Picky??
  58. Ebay & this time it's Australia
  59. What kind of chinese food are you REALLY eating?
  60. 40 pigs in 4 days
  61. Why California?
  62. Lethal Pigs Suggestion
  63. Getting Along Tired of Excuses
  64. I hate this petstore
  65. Arg
  66. Ordinance Update
  67. Petsmart vs. Petco
  68. Adoptions... does it end with animals?
  69. Looking for Quality Breeders in Florida
  70. BAD website info
  71. Ignorance is bliss... for whom?
  72. Petstores need to learn
  73. Finally!
  74. Some people!
  75. Stupid pet store.. is anyone surprised?
  76. Great News!!!
  77. All I can do is shake my head...
  78. Vets
  79. Pet Peeve!!!!!!
  80. A rescue?
  81. More bad breeders! WARNING: Graphic pictures in links
  82. Petland
  83. Sick act of cruelty
  84. HEAPS of longhair guinea pigs at local rspca shelter! how to NOT let longhairs end up
  85. *Sigh* Another stupid SPCA
  86. Pet Toys Made From Fur
  87. New legislation in Scotland
  88. Peta
  89. "dumped" pets at petstores
  90. A Do It Yourself Guide to Passing an Ordinance
  91. PETA - I repeat....
  92. This is a bad influence...
  93. A relativly bad breeder
  94. Starter Package
  95. bad owners
  96. Excellent Pet Store Experience
  97. Maybe Petsmart is learning...maybe...
  98. Dumb question about mills
  99. Where I adopted my piggies from...
  100. OK, this made me SICK!!! *Warning: Very Graphic*
  101. Now THIS is SICK! ( warning very graphic content )
  102. What is wrong with advertising execs? Disturbing video
  103. Has anyone ever emailed the large Pet Stores or Contacted their Representatives?
  104. People are so ignorant!
  105. Other Cavy Sites
  106. somebody knows about shows?
  107. This is horrible-right in my neighborhood
  108. Gestation Crates
  109. Wal-Mart/Sam's Club
  110. Want large super guinea pigs
  111. 4H ? is that bad as well?
  112. Ebay listing, Hamster Cage being sold for Guinea pigs too!
  113. *fumes silently*
  114. "Swap 3 baby guinea pigs for a baby budgie"
  115. Overpopulation in Europe
  116. Collie Dog Set On Fire....
  117. Live Guinea pigs on Ebay!!!
  118. Please help! New babies, first time momma.
  119. Mr Wiggles ( guinea pig video )
  120. Stupid Pet Store
  121. How could they?
  122. Weird Pigs:Warning Graphic content
  123. The Grand National
  124. Genetic Engineering and Breeding
  125. Euthanising Vs Nature
  126. Have you seen the "new" PetCo?
  127. 250+ Guinea Pigs
  128. showing-just curious
  129. I am so angry
  130. 15 litters of kittens!!
  131. Scary Numbers
  132. I'm very concerned about these pigs
  133. Pet Shops
  134. This is Just Horrible!!!
  135. Weaning
  136. Poor dogs
  137. Breeders and this forum
  138. One of the worst setups Ive ever seen
  139. Appauling Horse Cruelty in Turkey
  140. An absolute must watch
  141. Please report this ebayer!!
  142. My pigs
  143. Jarrods Guinea Pig
  144. Daycares having pigs!
  145. I know its not much but....
  146. Stupid pet store!
  147. Don't feed the Trolls
  148. I hate this...
  149. Where do they go???
  150. Can't believe I've never read this before!
  151. Chilling video
  152. Breeder in own family.
  153. Possible New Pet Policy!!!
  154. Missing toes should I buy
  155. Help out hoarder pigs in SC
  156. Pet shop Laws
  157. Breeders
  158. Questions without answers
  159. Help needed. :)
  160. Some people... this is suicide.
  161. Good ole BAD Petco
  162. 98 Guinea Pigs, 84 Cats, 27 Dogs in Hesperia, CA Home
  163. I have to have a rant about this pet shop!
  164. My Run Ins
  165. I wish i could take in another animal
  166. Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano
  167. Iffy subject.
  168. Could you tax pet shop purchase of animals?
  169. hi, i just had to share my beautiful pig!
  170. Dying Cow
  171. Designer dogs
  172. Pet Store
  173. Where Should I buy my Guinea Pig?
  174. Crocodile farming.
  175. ellensburg animal shelter and boo boo. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  176. Amazing pets?! yeah right!!
  177. Victory!
  178. I Am Getting A Cavy!!!
  179. Do something useful today, help stop piggie cruelty in Paris
  180. The "new" Petco
  181. Next City - please help
  182. ALERT- California Legislation Needs Your Help
  183. 32 mistreated guinea pigs rescued! Our latest case! ( Warning graphic photos )
  184. I am getting a piggy from Pet Smart
  185. Rhesus Monkeys Tested On
  186. Those horribe conditions!
  187. I was speachless...
  188. Im a breeder
  189. So there are no abused/rescue pigs in the UK?
  190. Is there anything he can't do?
  191. The not so cavy savy vet horror stories.
  192. This story blew me away.
  193. Irresponsible GP Video!!!
  194. Cavy Rescue
  195. Registered Breeders and rescues
  196. Poor pig
  197. Can you believe this?
  198. Is this ok?
  199. Your Thoughts on Impulse Buying
  200. Yet another petstore.
  201. My sister thinks its ok...
  202. What's the pet store owners motive?!
  203. Rodeos, Cavy & Rabbit Show, Stealing a Rescue Logo
  204. Was It Adoption Or Just Breeder Support?
  205. Good news
  206. Is it wrong to get dogs or cats from breeders?
  207. Pets As Gifts
  208. alfieiheartu is banned
  209. This Blows Me Away
  210. How did you become aware of the homeless cavy situation?
  211. Pet Store Question
  212. Fashionable GP's
  213. Animal testing and the like
  214. OMG very disturbing small animal cage/auction on ebay
  215. Petco
  216. How do you feel about the Circus?
  217. How to form a rescue??
  218. Cavy cagers... we have a problem...
  219. Horrible!
  220. I didn't know where to put this... please read...
  221. Our local shelter... Good News !
  222. Argh! The Ignorance of Some People!!
  223. Not sure where I should post this
  224. Because someone wanted to see it
  225. Craiglists strikes again
  226. Need info on Pregnant women who own guinea pigs
  227. New face of PetSmart?
  228. I got a new guinea pig!
  229. Why can't breeders breed and rescue?
  230. I knew they would dump this piggie soon!
  231. People are just sick
  232. So angry
  233. Amazon.com lawsuit
  234. PetCo "Adoptions"
  235. Guinea pig Breeding and abuse continues...
  236. Guinea pigs on ebay!
  237. If all Breeding were to be Halted?
  238. Should people own animals?
  239. My turn to vent... local humane society issue.
  240. Breeding tangent from cage safety thread
  241. A true story of a pet shop assistant
  242. GraphicW, Overpopulation & Pet Stores
  243. Breeding for food.
  244. Breaks My Heart !!!!!!!
  245. Dilemma
  246. Look at this cruel act (video)
  247. Worried about petshops in the Netherlands
  248. saw a pet store yesterday...
  249. Seen it all now ~Stud boars for rent!
  250. How Crude!