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  1. Pigsitting Separate or together
  2. General Loads of fruit flies
  3. Bullying Problematic new comer
  4. Hiding Got new 2x4 cage and now they are scared
  5. Quarantine Can guinea pigs have their cage in the kitchen?
  6. Frustrated Can guinea pigs be Albino?
  7. Loss Sudden death, should I get another pig?
  8. General Pregnant Sows -
  9. Adopting Two pigs or three:which is better?
  10. Sexing Sexing my new pigs please help
  11. Adopting How soon till you can remove a litter from the mother?
  12. Bonding New Pigs with questions
  13. Frustrated I still don't know why my guinea pig died, please help
  14. Behavior Roof or No Roof?
  15. General She's pregnant and her bum is wet?
  16. Introductions Older guinea pig and younger guinea pig introduction
  17. Keeping Warm How to Keep an Older Male Guinea Pig Warm
  18. Aggression Cagemate Woes - Need Advice for Constantly Bickering Piggies
  19. Introductions New additions- Surprise Boy!
  20. Grooming Piggy Hair Cut
  21. Weight Overweight Guinea Pigs
  22. Behavior The bucking bronco
  23. General Using a stacked cage for separated guinea pigs, is it ok?
  24. Nails/Nail Trimming I found a black spot on my piggieís nail/nail skin.
  25. Bonding Male Guinea Pig Bonding Issues
  26. Adopting Is Craigslist ok?
  27. General Illness
  28. General Ideas For Names Please?
  29. General piggies wont eat vitamin c tablet??
  30. Bonding Help with my two guinea pigs
  31. Dominance Males Always Chattering
  32. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Rehoming
  33. General They're Terrific!
  34. Behavior Male guinea pig never fixed...but doesn't get females pregnant??
  35. General Brought new cavy home with ringworm, need help with settling in
  36. Behavior Picked up my new gp for the first time. Really worried I lost some of his trust
  37. Behavior Female inactive after pregnancy
  38. Introductions Not moving guinea pigs!
  39. Behavior Baby guinea pigs : want them to felel comfortable and make sure they eat hay and food
  40. Behavior Milky fluid near eye - mucus?
  41. General Surgery incision opened
  42. General Fungus or ?
  43. Chewing Guinea pig is eating weird. Potential dental issue?
  44. Bonding Best Method to tame boys??
  45. Frustrated Thinking about giving them up
  46. Bonding Bonding bags?
  47. Dominance Female Himalayan Guinea pig showing dominance or becoming attatched..?
  48. Behavior Tell me about your new pigs' behavior/experience
  49. Behavior Help! New behavior unwanted/abnormal?
  50. Fighting My guinea pigs got into a fight
  51. Fighting EMERGENCY My guinea pigs got into a fight
  52. Bonding Meet My New Boar - Bacon
  53. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Have a Guinea pig, want to get another so she isn't Lonely. Parents don't believe me
  54. Chewing Guinea pig drags teeth on skin but doesn't bite?
  55. Behavior Male pup crying for mother
  56. Behavior Need introduction tips
  57. What breed? Which breed is my Guinea pig ?
  58. Sexing Help Determining Gender
  59. Dominance Big question about behavior
  60. Fighting big fight over a sick boar?
  61. Dominance Tired of dominant guinea pig, do I give him away?
  62. Behavior Guinea Pig does nothing but stares
  63. Adopting So I've decided to adopt
  64. Bonding How to go about introducing a new pig to one that has always been alone.
  65. Allergies Give away or push through?
  66. Behavior female pulling others hair?
  67. Behavior Behavioral and sounds questions; females
  68. Introductions Introducing my boar and sow
  69. Behavior Guinea pig Shaking
  70. Behavior Wheeking and hopping all the time!
  71. Loss Preparing for loss
  72. Puberty White Milky Liquid
  73. Weight Guinea pigs have lost substantial weight - now stable, but still worrying...
  74. Behavior More of a dog than a pig
  75. General Dilberts Eye:
  76. Behavior To Separate or Not To Separate
  77. Behavior Trouble In Paradise
  78. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises A little shake and a squeak.
  79. Adopting Adopting a Long-Distance Piggy... Best way to manage the drive?
  80. Biting Potential behavior issue - constant nibbling now more biting down
  81. Behavior 14 weeks & agitation
  82. Introductions Introed My Two Pigs Today
  83. General Ears red
  84. General Protecting Hay
  85. Adopting Advice needed ... fostering or adopting and issues with surrenders
  86. How Many? Are there some cavies who LIKE living alone?
  87. Bullying Adopted older sow a week ago and she is bullying younger sow
  88. General Drinking a lot and dry poop
  89. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Guinea pig making a high pitched whistle
  90. Behavior My Guinea Pig Won't Play
  91. Introductions Two Boars Fighting During Intros
  92. Aggression Question about Female Aggression/Dominance?
  93. Hiding Spooked guinea pig????
  94. Adopting Advice needed about adopting male guinea pigs
  95. Bonding Introducing skinny pig: one or two babies?
  96. General Caring for newborn pigs
  97. Bonding Introductions/Future advice
  98. Bonding Does my guinea pig like me?
  99. Bonding Question about single guinae pig
  100. How Many? Can't Get a Second Guinea Pig
  101. General I have a piggy, and a mouse problem. Wife wants a cat. How do I keep my piggy safe?
  102. Behavior Newbie silkie owner here
  103. Rumblestrutting New owner/young brother males - rumblestrutting/teeth chattering
  104. General New Female Guinea Pig-Possibly pregnant concerns
  105. Introductions What to do with a month old skittish Sheltie
  106. Behavior My GP falls asleep on my lap
  107. Sexing Female or Male? Photos
  108. Grooming Recommended comb/brush for long haired pigs
  109. General Why do Guinea Pigs like brownies so much?
  110. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises What does it mean if my guinea pig makes bubble noises?
  111. Play Cage layout for 20 sq foot grid cage
  112. General How old is my guinea pig?
  113. Behavior My new ginea pig wonít drink or use his chew toy
  114. General Traveling without piggies
  115. Dominance New Guinea being chased
  116. General Bumps!
  117. General Timothy/Orchard Hay Mix
  118. Exercise Floor time help
  119. Behavior Hates lap time
  120. General How Can I make Sure My Single Pig Gets Enough Attention
  121. Behavior Guinea pigs only drink 1 out of 2 water bottles?
  122. Chewing My guinea pig ate yarn. What should I do??
  123. Behavior My piggy needs a Buddy
  124. Bonding 2 male pigs dislike each other
  125. Play Starting Floor time
  126. Bonding New cagemate
  127. General Beginner pig keeper here, please give advice!
  128. Introductions Introducing two bonded pairs
  129. Behavior Want to get a female guin guin but landlord already has a male bonded pair.
  130. How Many? Should we get our guinea pig a new cage mate after one passes away?
  131. Hiding How long should we wait to start holding her?
  132. Behavior Submissive behaviors to look for ?
  133. General Where to find safe wooden accessories
  134. General My guinea pig has pneumonia
  135. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises High Pitched Whistle
  136. General My guinea pig passed away, should I get a new cage for my future new friend?
  137. Bonding Reintroducing my Guinea Pigs
  138. Dominance Advice Please!
  139. How Many? Best age to add to young pair?
  140. Behavior Im confident my gp hate me. Should I lookfor new owner?
  141. General Lice Treatment- using Advantage
  142. Behavior New action from 1 of my guinea pigs
  143. What breed? Help identify color and breed! And bonding tips!
  144. Peppa's medical thread
  145. Bonding Tips for introducing cavies/finding a partner
  146. Grooming Recommendations for trimmers
  147. Chewing Guinea Pigs happy to destroy everything
  148. Bullying Can you help with Gender please
  149. Play Floor time needed w/ increased cage size
  150. Weight One of my guineas lost 2.5 ounces over three days
  151. Behavior My guinea pigs are frenemies
  152. Media Small Animal Abuse Report
  153. Bullying Found a blind guinea pig in the pet store -- is there anything I could've done?
  154. Play Teaching Pigs to Use a Cuddle Cup
  155. Fighting Please help: Keep working on bonding or separate?
  156. General Therapy Guinea Pigs
  157. General C&C cage
  158. General Finding calcium deposits on Guinea pigs fleece
  159. General Scented Wax Melts Safe Around Guinea Pigs?
  160. Frustrated No Tunnel?
  161. Bonding Guinea Pig Left Out...
  162. Behavior Potential Fighting?
  163. General Cleaning Cages & Playpen
  164. General Does ringworm or other fungal infections usually come back?
  165. Sad I took them back and now Iím not sure what to do
  166. Grooming Crusty ear on my piggie, HELP
  167. Quarantine Sign of labor breathing/ having cold. How long can he tolerate?
  168. Aggression My youngest male pig started biting my oldest(alpha) male all over his body
  169. Behavior I need Advice about Guinea Pig Behavior!
  170. Vision guinea pig question
  171. Joy Toronto Area Members - Check out the Spring Canadian Pet Expo!
  172. Introductions are 2 new pigs a good idea?
  173. General Advice for having 3 boars please
  174. Bonding Bond fallout after introducing a new piggie
  175. Sexing Would adding a baby boy to a heard of 3 ladies be a bad idea?
  176. Aggression Two Males Do Not Get Along
  177. How Many? Add Males or Females to my two Boar's?
  179. General New baby in the herd.
  180. Dominance Lunging at each other without fulling biting.
  181. Adopting Males and Females in Same Room?
  182. Behavior I need advice !
  183. General wood pellets for potty?
  184. Weight Guinea pig scales ?
  185. Aggression Guinea pig bites all the time
  186. General Neuter the male or spay the female?
  187. Hiding Male guinea pig living alone
  188. Behavior Rumble for mating going on for 15 days straight
  189. General No Vitamin C Drops!
  190. General Can pup really be seperated from mom at age of just 2 weeks?
  191. Chewing Hi everyone meet Chompie! Are these chew toys safe for him?
  192. Behavior Introducing new guinea pig to my other guinea pig
  193. Behavior New behavior: both pigs not drinking water
  194. Behavior Guinea pig's behaviour after cleaning their cage
  195. Behavior Worried about my three pigs after their sister passed away
  196. Aggression Screeching and attacking
  197. Fighting Fighting lead to separation, ok to leave one alone?
  198. Behavior Still new to guinea pigs and want to learn more about chewing
  199. Play Best materials for playpen?
  200. Aggression Need Tips for Seperated Guinea pigs to Interact with eachother
  201. Bonding Handling/lap time for newly adopted piggies
  202. Joy Need name suggestions
  203. Behavior Biting cage
  204. General White crust in ear ! Advice !
  205. Bonding Is adding a third guinea pig a good idea?
  206. Behavior New Pig and Itís Absolutely Terrified.
  207. Behavior Cute GP video!
  208. Dominance Too much female rumble strutting/dominance behavior? So worried!
  209. Fighting Help, sharing a cage with 2 female piggies and one of their pups!
  210. General Nesting Material
  211. Fighting Aggressive male - not sure what to do
  212. Adopting Recent Loss- should I adopt a new companion?
  213. Pigsitting Pigsitting needed in Minneapolis, MN
  214. Behavior Figuring Out Normal Piggie Behavior
  215. Bonding Skinny pig and newbie
  216. General Need tips for my first Guinea Pig
  217. General Guinea pigs traveling by Plane
  218. Behavior Please help
  219. Behavior New guinea pig is hiding/isn't eating veggies
  220. Frustrated Wild Snakes trying to eat my piggies?
  221. Behavior My guinea was instantly happier alone?
  222. General New pups have eye problems
  223. Behavior Very nippy guinea pig
  224. Adopting What to do with new pigs (never added before)
  225. Grooming Clean Guinea Bottom Tips
  226. Joy Niagara Pet Expo - June 15th and 16th
  227. Joy NYC/LI pig meet-up?
  228. Biting tore up ear
  229. General Looking for alternative chews and treats! And some advice on squeaks.
  230. Bonding Adopting a neutered male to companion with my lone boar
  231. Bullying Female bullying another female. New owner
  232. Behavior Old guinea pig with 2 new babies
  233. General Traveling Guinea Pig Mom
  234. Bonding New piggie fighting single piggie!!
  235. Fur Advice: Hard yellow fur under chin
  236. General Moving From WI to NV with Piggies
  237. Bullying Is it okay to separate my guinea pigs with cage divider?
  238. Behavior New baby guinea pig won't squeak!
  239. Dominance Dominate girl bullying the smaller girl
  240. General Awesome Guinea Pig site ( besides here )
  241. Biting Ear biting ????
  242. Quarantine Need Advice on how to handle extended quarantine
  243. General Eyewash as antiseptic for wounds
  244. Behavior Is my guinea pig okay??!
  245. Bonding Bonding four male GP
  246. Grooming Ear cleaning fluid?
  247. Bullying 3 male Guinea Pigs now seperated. Can they be reintegrated?
  248. Dominance Mickey is being obnoxious. Won't leave his brother alone.
  249. Behavior Taming guinea pigs and out of cage time?
  250. Grooming Grooming?