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  1. Fur Himalayan
  2. Behavior Tips on taming baby boars?
  3. General New Here :-)
  4. Introductions Companions or no
  5. General Piggies
  6. Behavior New pig nipping
  7. Joy Share Your Favorite Guinea Pig Treat Recipes
  8. Bonding 6 week old piggie needs a friend - best age to introduce one?
  9. In Heat 2 pregnant @ once
  10. Play High jumping guinea pig!
  11. General probably pregnant guinea pig, thoughts?
  12. Fighting Piggys fighting - Please help!
  13. Sexing Boy who was thought to be a girl...
  14. Rumblestrutting My Sow is rumblestrutting
  15. Bonding Should I introduce a new female guinea pig to my sow who recently gave birth???
  16. General Which fresh vegetables should be fed to newly born babies and their mother
  17. General my guinea is pregnant help me please im stressed
  18. Behavior Little Chirps while cuddling on my shoulders
  19. Behavior Aggresive Male Guinea pig
  20. Introductions Injuries after introductions, can they be left together?
  21. Bonding Happy camper!
  22. Introductions New by here but love this Forum! New arrivals for us pretty soon ❤️
  23. Bonding Introducing opposite genders/ Pregnancy
  24. General Smelly boys?
  25. General Cage setup
  26. General Uh oh....
  27. General Need to give away my C&C cage
  28. Bathing Bella stains
  29. General Random tossing?
  30. General Adding a 4th piggy
  31. Behavior Swimming piggies?
  32. Grooming Ringworm??
  33. Exercise Anybody seen these leashes-harness's
  34. Keeping Cool Can you keep Guinea pigs outside?
  35. Bonding x2 unaltered male with x1 altered female?
  36. Weight Ceasar's Medical Thread
  37. Joy Success!!
  38. Biting scab on lip.
  39. Behavior Living in filth, trying to stop.
  40. General If one pig needs to go to the vet, should you bring its cage mate(s)?
  41. Bonding best time to introduce new friend?
  42. How Many? Is It Okay To Wait?
  43. Adopting Kijiji Rescues
  44. Exercise What can I do to exercise my pigs?
  45. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Guinea pig wheezing
  46. General Phat Ginger's Medical Thread
  47. General Health
  48. Bonding My guinea pigs always fight but when they are separated want to see each other
  49. Behavior Guinea pig wheeking question
  50. Sexing Guinea Pig Sexing, boy or girl?
  51. Keeping Warm Does replacing pigloo with hidey hut provide warmth and better ventilation?
  52. Loss Do guinea pigs know when one has died, if they arent shown the body?
  53. General I need some advice/help.
  54. General Wanting to get a second guinea pig
  55. Dominance I'm not sure I should leave them together
  56. Mounting Sister/Cagemate Mounts Another
  57. General How to keep food seperate
  58. How Many? Just curious:
  59. General Bought Local Hay. Please help me pick!
  60. Rescues Need to find a rescue near Omaha or Denver
  61. Fighting New onset of fighting
  62. Bullying I dont know what to do
  63. Aggression 2 Female being aggressive
  64. Fighting My 2 male guinea pigs are fighting since I got a new baby guinea pig
  65. Fighting Can guinea pigs live in a seperated cage and remain happy?
  66. General Smores Mysteriously Became Pregnant!?!?
  67. General Are my guinea pigs healthy??
  68. General constipated guinea pig
  69. Behavior suddenly my piggies are biting??
  70. Behavior i need help
  71. Dominance Dominance behavior; Oldest pig and new pig
  72. Frustrated Guinea Pig Names Needed!
  73. Bullying New guinea pig bullying my older pig
  74. Rehoming Not sure where to post this, or how, but, I am unable to keep my beloved piggies anym
  75. General Wood shavings or paper bedding!!!????
  76. Play Fun things to do with your guinea pigs to keep them entertained-any ideas?
  77. General Pregnant Piggys
  78. Loss Dead female
  79. Want a Guinea Pig(s) I DESPERATELY want to rescue my neighbors piggy from her!
  80. Bonding Adding third pig?
  81. Bullying Introducing Boars
  82. What breed? Crested guinea pig breed
  83. Behavior Piggy behaving weirdly
  84. Behavior Had to buy a StayBowl.
  85. Bathing Foaming Pet Cleanser- Enough to Replace Baths?
  86. Bullying Trouble the piggie is a bully?
  87. General Travel from US to Europe
  88. Behavior Guinea pig freaking out at night.
  89. Behavior Aggressive Piggy
  90. Biting ~2 month old baby aggressively biting while holding
  91. Bonding Seeking numbers advice on pigs' best interest.
  92. Weight Am I worrying to much?
  93. Behavior New pig won't eat until I'm home
  94. General Hamster.. Questions, etc.
  95. Biting Formerly abused guinea pig bites
  96. Behavior Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive
  97. Behavior New guinea pigs introduction
  98. General Need information
  99. Behavior How do I know if my guineas are getting along?
  100. Behavior I need tips for bonding with guinea pigs!! Please So I just
  101. Behavior I need to understand why my guinea is doing this!
  102. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Scary noise violet made D:
  103. Bathing Guinea Pig bathing question
  104. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises My guinea pig sounds like a chicken?
  105. Exercise How to get my guinea pig to move around more during floor time?
  106. Chewing How much chewing/is hay enough?
  107. Behavior Taming Guinea Pigs
  108. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Purring? Good or bad
  109. General Guinea pig spines and feeding bowls?
  110. Bullying New young pig bullying older pig
  111. General Strange black ghost FLOWER :(
  112. General I want to show my pig and have some questions
  113. General Guinea pig is suddenly sick and I am unsure why. Seizure maybe? Heart attack?
  114. Dominance Adopting a third (baby) boar
  115. Mounting When Introducing,is Mounting bad?
  116. General Hay contamination?
  117. Behavior Mom snapping at baby
  118. Behavior Piggie picking at my skin...
  119. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Help, guinea pig is making a really weird noise?
  120. Introductions Introduced a 3rd boar and not sure what to do
  121. Bonding Issues with bonding
  122. Introductions Introductions, URIs, and 3 or 4 girls?
  123. Biting Guinea pig biting on nipple
  124. General New Pigs, Name ideas!?
  125. Behavior Are guinea pigs supposed to chew everything?
  126. Behavior advice on bonding
  127. Vision Leroy?s Eyes...
  128. Bonding Dominance/adolescence/bonding and when to give up
  129. Behavior Does his mean she is happy?
  130. General New pigs not eating hay!?
  131. Rehoming Piggy train needed between Houston and Corpus Christi
  132. General Introducing Esther
  133. Aggression Territorial Agreesion Towards Me?
  134. Behavior Bonding 5 year and 2 month old (never have met)
  135. Behavior My new guinea pig hides all the time
  136. General First post, new GP mom with general questions
  137. Biting Nibbling too hard
  138. In Heat Do longer nipples mean she is in heat?
  139. Sad How do I tell if my pig is in pain?
  140. Adopting How to tell how old a guinea pig is?
  141. Behavior Bonding 10 week old baby with 5 1/2 year old
  142. General I Need Help Convincing My Mom to Get Another Piggy
  143. Play Alternative Play Toys
  144. General Drooling - not teeth issue
  145. General Toys/Hide ideas!?
  146. Bonding Introducing two boars and floor time questions
  147. Behavior Same sex pairs
  148. General Weaning Babies:
  149. Behavior Digging enrichment?
  150. Fighting Uh - Oh
  151. Sexing Help did i misgender my piggy and now he(or she) mated!!
  152. Bathing Getting first texel guinea pig!
  153. What breed? Is pregnant rescue a roan?
  154. Sexing Guinea pig gender
  155. Introductions Re-pairing Guinea Pig
  156. Behavior New piggies question
  157. General Need advice on how to keep my babies cool and happy during camping
  158. Bonding Help - will a fourth sow help fix the dynamics?
  159. General 3rd sow added to the mix!
  160. Behavior How is herd behavior different?
  161. Behavior Will my guinea pigs get more comfortable around me?
  162. Behavior attitude problem?? Flipping her house every time i put it right side up.
  163. General need advice on building an outside play area/garden for the piggies!
  164. Behavior My new Guinea pig wont eat from my hand and its the 3rd day
  165. General Hack for buying guinea pig bedding and hay and food additions
  166. Exercise What do you do to keep your piggies in shape?
  167. General Air filter noise helps cover up guinea pig noise at night
  168. Behavior Guinea pig suddenly acting out. Why?
  169. Behavior One pig is a bully. Had to separate because of illness now they wont get along.
  170. Allergies Should people with allergies try oat hay?
  171. General Definitely in need of some help!!!
  172. Dominance Older bonded GPigs bickering suddenly
  173. Behavior Piggy puffy like a porcupine
  174. Vision Watery eyes?!
  175. Introductions Is there an minimum age before introductions?
  176. Introductions New Friend after Loss
  177. General Dwarf Rabbits and guinea pigs
  178. Sexing Is my piggy pregnant?!
  179. Sexing Sexing three pups (3 weeks old)
  180. General Fleece bedding
  181. General Need help with rescuing a mistreated piggy
  182. Behavior I don?t think my guinea pigs like me anymore
  183. Bonding Seeking advice on introducing guinea 2 pigs and whether to get another guinea pig
  184. Bonding Bonding and getting guinea pigs fixed
  185. Adopting 3 Boars - Should I separate them?
  186. Fighting Guinea Pigs Fighting.
  187. Mounting 1 and a half week old babies mounting?
  188. Behavior Chewing bars
  189. Behavior Guinea Pig Sneezing
  190. Bullying Angry Popcorns? Piggie PMS?
  191. Introductions Minniesmom's Pigs
  192. General Typical me...
  193. Vision anyone else notice an eye color change over time? (not due to injury/illness)
  194. General does anyone know if my piggies are pregnant?
  195. Behavior Weird behavior.
  196. Behavior One of my guinea pigs randomly goes into what we call "statue mode"?
  197. Dominance Power Struggle
  198. General Guinea pig and rat housing question
  199. Bonding Guinea pig gave birth and the cage is really big with the rest of the herd, separate?
  200. Behavior Took in a sickling
  201. Behavior Trouble Picking Up My Guinea Pigs
  202. Behavior Handling
  203. General Guinea Pig not eating Hay
  204. Behavior Can my Guinea Pig be Compatable with other guinea pigs?
  205. General CAge decorations...wood and paper question
  206. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Constant wheeking
  207. Behavior Is urine spraying normal for females?
  208. Behavior Guinea Pig Staying on Upper Level
  209. Media Liners to the US?
  210. Fighting Floor Time
  211. Photos So happy & proud !
  212. Rescues C&C Cage Demonstration
  213. Bonding Boar Losing Weight After Bonding
  214. Bonding Introducing my two boars, need help
  215. Joy Happy birthday, boys!
  216. Aggression My two sows just started fighting
  217. Sexing Help sexing baby guinea pigs
  218. Rescues Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue
  219. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Need help going over future guinea pig owner buying list that I have created.
  220. Bonding Separately feeding adult and baby?
  221. How Many? My guinea pig just gave birth to babies and it started eating them.
  222. Rescues Emotionally neglected? Need advice
  223. Introductions Adding a neutered male?
  224. General curious
  225. General URI?
  226. What breed? sex?s?
  227. Behavior A Mellow Piggy, Personality or Symptom?
  228. Rescues concerned piggy parent
  229. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Please Help Guys I need your opinion on this
  230. Fur Help not sure what this is !
  231. Behavior Guinea Pig all of a sudden back limb problem?
  232. Sexing Need help sexing babies
  233. Behavior Screaming????
  234. General Clean cages
  235. General Caring for older boars
  236. Loss Cagemate died, how to keep pig company?
  237. Adopting Best Gender Pairs?
  238. Fighting 3 Males Fighting!
  239. Introductions Kristoff is here! 😁
  240. Behavior Peeing in their Food Bowl
  241. Loss One out of three guinea pigs died- what to do now?
  242. Introductions Should I introduce new pig to group?
  243. Behavior Hi there! Guinea Pig loves to burrow.
  244. Dominance "Bonded" Pair of male pigs now fighting
  245. General Difference?
  246. Introductions Introducing 2 new pigs! Help!
  247. Bonding Don't know if what im doing is wrong
  248. Behavior Quick question
  249. Fur Is my Guinea pig okay?
  250. Pigsitting Separate or together