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  1. Introductions Am I doing this right?
  2. General Hurricane Irma
  3. Aggression Reese Pushes Abby Around...
  4. How Many? 3 guinea pigs - thoughts?
  5. General Evacuating with 2 Guinea Pigs; 7 Hour Car Trip
  6. Fur shedding for winter coat?
  7. Nails/Nail Trimming Tips on cutting black nails?
  8. How Many? Would a Male or Female Pig Be Ideal For This Group?
  9. What breed? New to the board!
  10. Fighting Two male piggies having trouble living together....
  11. Introductions introductions
  12. Exercise floor time & treats
  13. Joy Cage has been moved - such Happy Piggies!
  14. Introductions Roommates vs. Neighbors: benefits of either setup?
  15. Hiding Omg I Freaked Out When I Saw I Have A Missing Guinea Pig!
  16. Frustrated Adoption ended in male piggy not female piggy, what to do now?
  17. Bullying How do I stop one guinea pig from bullying the other?
  18. Fur Guinea Pig has one single black hair?
  19. Rumblestrutting a whole lot of rumblestrutting - 2 adult bonded females
  20. Fur Help! Dried fur near his mouth
  21. Rehoming i really don't know what to do.
  22. Behavior Brand new pig and want to make sure this behavior is normal
  23. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises What does all the squealing mean?
  24. Sexing baby pig approx 4 wks Male or female?
  25. Bullying My winnie is being picked on :( should i keep her alone? Forever?
  26. General Guinea Pig Health??
  27. Behavior New Rescue Owner
  28. Aggression Wound above eye
  29. Sad Curious about statistics on pigs illness/ longevity
  30. Introductions introducing two males different sizes
  31. Rescues Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue
  32. Behavior Guinea pig won't stop wasting food!!!
  33. Allergies Conflicted about weather to keep, or rehome
  34. Biting Skinny Pigs and Bickering
  35. Bonding One of my piggies died
  36. In Heat Girls in heat? Is their behavior THAT different?
  37. Fur Bald Patch
  38. General 5 yr old female guinea pig hard lump tip of nipple
  39. Behavior New cagemates
  40. Dominance 2 female guinea pigs; bonding problems?
  41. Bonding From neighbors to roomates
  42. Hiding How to tame a shy/skittish female piggie?
  43. Behavior 1 pig wont come down from loft, but they have been cage buddies for a year already
  44. General Can I put kitty litter in my Guinea Pig cage?
  45. General Is my piggie pregnant?
  46. General Is my Jinx okay? [Poop Warning!]
  47. Behavior Pig who favors paper bedding
  48. Bullying New cage setup to avoid bullying/fighting-I need some advice.
  49. Bonding No touchy!
  50. Behavior Mario and Yoshi have been separated :(
  51. Biting Bath time
  52. Sexing Newborn piggie genders?
  53. Weight Newborn piggie weight
  54. General Thoughts on guinea pigs and dogs
  55. Introductions Separating a baby...
  56. Behavior why do my guinea pigs smell so bad?
  57. Grooming baths & nail trims
  58. Behavior New Guinea Pig owner needs some advice.
  59. Rescues Meet the Trio
  60. Allergies Husband allerigic
  61. Introductions How I properly introduce my trio into a herd of 9 sows
  62. General Babysitting help
  63. Loss Death from falling
  64. Loss Pneumonia in piggies
  65. Bathing Bathing Piggies
  66. Introductions Introducing pups into the herd/ When to do it/ How to do it?
  67. General Oops I Did It Again
  68. Behavior Guinea pig is acting weird, I don't know what to do
  69. General teeth grinding
  70. General guinea pigs outside
  71. General Top must have items
  72. How Many? Boys or girls
  73. Dominance after weeks of quiet, lots of chasing and humping
  74. Loss Advice for helping solo pig
  75. Rehoming rehoming :(
  76. Behavior Please help! New pig not getting along with others!
  77. Introductions Inders intro to possible new cage mates
  78. Quarantine Guinea Pigs dry skin or mites?
  79. Joy Welcome Home!
  80. Behavior My guinea pigs wont let me sleep! :(
  81. Bonding Introducing Your Guinea Pigs to a NEW HUMAN?
  82. General Testicle Size?
  83. General New owner - Scared of every little thing
  84. What breed? Is this pig a lethal or a PEW?
  85. Behavior Mario and Yoshi having a quiet moment together
  86. Bonding Question on Introducing Guinea pigs (unique Situation)
  87. General Will the pigs scent the dead mouse and go crazy?
  88. Bonding Advice bonding three males
  89. Fur My guinea has a spot of hair whish is short
  90. Behavior Scared the dickens outta me!
  91. Behavior Guinea pig chewing on cage bars
  92. Behavior Odd Behavior after handling
  93. Behavior Dropped My Guinea. Is he injured?
  94. Allergies Tested negative for guinea pigs and timothy hay, still get rhinitis when cleaning
  95. Sexing Is my guinea pig male or female?? *photos for assistance*
  96. General 1 guinea pig from Petsmart died, should we get the other one back?
  97. Bonding How do you bond two pigs together
  98. Dominance Guinea pigs females fighting
  99. Rescues LA Guinea Pig Rescue has 400+ guinea pigs -- Emergency!
  100. Dominance How compatible are 3 male guinea pigs?
  101. Grooming Cleaning genitals?
  102. Bonding moving recently reintroduced boars to another cage?
  103. Biting Aggresive toward my wife ?
  104. Weight Overweight Piggie! What to do?
  105. Bonding 24 hours after introduction and still fighting advice?
  106. Bonding Should I let my guinea pigs have floor time?
  107. Behavior New guinea pig owner--is their behavior normal for a new environment?
  108. Weight I just got a new pig and he walks funny.
  109. Popcorning Is Abaddon Popcorning????
  110. Fighting Guinea pigs fighting HELP
  111. Sad Although it breaks my heart, I am forced to rehome Batman
  112. Fighting New companionship NOT working out .. please help.
  113. Bonding Introducing baby Guinea pig?
  114. Nails/Nail Trimming Clipping nails of piggies who are still scared to be touched?
  115. Behavior Possible neglectful mother
  116. Behavior Guinea Pigs acting slightly odd?
  117. Introductions Advice on getting a new friend for Mollie after her sister died
  118. Dominance Peruvian Sow & Neutered Boar getting aggressive with dominance.
  119. Frustrated Do I worry too much?
  120. Bonding Dominance Issues For A Year
  121. Fur Itchy patch boy is always biting
  122. Photos Post bath time trio
  123. Bonding New Pig
  124. How Many? Giving away
  125. General Need a little more advice for a newly rescued pregnant pig
  126. General More Piggies
  127. Photos Happy Halloween!
  128. Behavior Third sow left out
  129. General pregnant !!
  130. Fur Mite?! Vitamin C problems??
  131. Bonding Bonding/introducing new guinea pig with first guinea pig, sows, please help.
  132. Behavior The pigs are barricading their hideout with hay
  133. Bonding New piggie let me pet him tonight!
  134. Dominance removing hidey?
  135. Behavior Sleeping outside of his hut?
  136. Play Floor time/ Snack time
  137. Dominance New Cagemate troubles!
  138. General Cleaning scared new pigs cage?
  139. Dominance Neither of my guinea pigs are dominant
  140. General Is Moving Stressful on GPs?
  141. General Guinea Pig Pee~ Smelly????
  142. Dominance 2 female guinea pigs rumblestrutting, again
  143. Introductions New adoptions
  144. Behavior Guinea won?t let me hold her I?ve had her since April 2016
  145. Adopting Happy pigs
  146. Introductions Introducing a new blind guinea pig
  147. Behavior is this normal
  148. Sexing Not sure about the gender....
  149. Behavior Active and Skittish Guinea Pig Suddenly Docile
  150. Behavior Crying When Picked Up?
  151. Keeping Warm Is this a safe and good way to keep my piggies warm?
  152. General Food & Hay
  153. General Can anyone tell me the age of my piggy via really badly taken photos?
  154. General Care and essentails for new owner
  155. General What are veggies I can give my piggy
  156. Hiding Stressed new guinea pig.
  157. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Help?
  158. Behavior Pig is being unusually docile for some reason...
  159. Behavior Do Loud noises Make guinea pigs go deaf?
  160. Dominance Guinea pig bonding help!
  161. Play Scared my pig during first floor time. What next ?
  162. What breed? What breed is my pig?
  163. Behavior Biting
  164. Photos Angel
  165. Pigsitting Should I leave her or try to take her with me?
  166. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Where should I get my guinea pig??? Pet store or Humane Society??
  167. Behavior Incessant Shirt Biting?
  168. Fur Guinea pigs frequently scratching.
  169. Play had to share this video...
  170. Fighting Fights and blood
  171. What breed? Is Leon the Guinea pig actually a potato?! :O
  172. General Baby veggies
  173. Behavior Does my guinea pig remember me?
  174. Dominance My two young male piggies seem more aggresive towards eachother than usual
  175. Bonding How to interact with guinea pigs?
  176. Aggression Do I separate?
  177. Bonding Mom made a hay hanger and this happened :D
  178. Bonding Booping my hand and pig size
  179. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Best Guinea Pig music?
  180. General Db
  181. General can I leave them alone for a few days?
  182. Play Horrible odor coming from male/female pair???
  183. General Puppy pads with attractant
  184. General Is there any way to make a stand for your GP cage out of C&C grids?
  185. Bonding Abby and Raven bonding: does this look promising?
  186. Quarantine new guinea pig owner, need help in regards to new piggie meeting first piggie
  187. Play Are my pigs bored?
  188. Behavior guinea pig is lethargic?
  189. General Guinea Pig is flipping on his side.
  190. Aggression Females will not get along
  191. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Preparing for Piggies
  192. Pigsitting Looking for sitter who can hand feed
  193. Frustrated Taming Problems
  194. Behavior Would Getting Another Pig Do More Harm Than Good?
  195. General Any idea what this is?
  196. Fur Bathing my guinea pigs
  197. Bonding Should i introduce my 3 month old F to my adult male?
  198. Behavior Changing Hygiene habit
  199. Behavior I need an a opinion on my guinea pigs? behaviour with one another
  200. Adopting Please help me decide whether to adopt!
  201. Behavior New guinea pig owner tips
  202. Introductions Introducing a third piggy: need cage advice and introduction advice
  203. Play Entertainment
  204. General Guinea pig poop
  205. Play Guinea pig toy question
  206. Loss One of my two guinea pigs passed away, what to do next???
  207. Photos Christmas time!
  208. General Dog and Guinea Pig co-living?
  209. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Strange sound, like a squeaky toy & bully guinea.
  210. Dominance Male & female fight:
  211. General Happy 2nd Birthday to my boys
  212. General Happy Holidays from Georgia!
  213. Behavior My Ginny pig
  214. Sad Dead babies):
  215. General Could my guinea pig have allergies?
  216. Behavior Strange things
  217. Behavior Im getting mixed signals from my boars!!
  218. Joy I finally got them.
  219. Bonding Dogs and guinea pigs
  220. Behavior Saw popcorning for the first time
  221. Chewing Chew Toy String
  222. Behavior My gineapig
  223. Introductions Adding to a herd
  224. General Suprised!
  225. Fighting Help! My pigs just can't get along
  226. Allergies Dry skin on the ear
  227. Behavior Cat & Guinea Pigs Questions
  228. Introductions First time guinea pig owner
  229. General My little miss guinea has a boo boo
  230. General My piggy won?t let me get her
  231. Behavior 1 year old & babies
  232. General A few unique questions about guinea pigs from a beginner
  233. Weight Is the average weight for a female guinea pig really 700-900 grams?
  234. Behavior Behavior
  235. Loss Bye Cocoa
  236. Photos Christmas gifts for piggies!
  237. Behavior Small nipping and worried about Reese?
  238. Biting Guinea pig biting and scratching others
  239. Fur Fur greasy stuck together, but way above grease gland
  240. Rehoming Rehome or compromise?
  241. General May not be able to clean cage as often - Health Issues?
  242. General What would happen if a guinea pig is in a car ride for about 30 mins to an hour?
  243. General Going to get a guinea pig soon
  244. Videos Wishing you ALL the very best for Christmas and 2018, from our fur babies to yours <3
  245. Loss How long to wait before getting another pig?
  246. Added a third pig, things not going well
  247. Behavior Guinea pig won?t stop hiding!
  248. Behavior It's such a hard life...................
  249. General New cage!
  250. Joy You know you?re a crazy Guinea Pig parent when...